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In many other novels, the male protagonist would endure a dreadful life until he met the female protagonist.


And that applies to all the main characters of this world.


Altheon left for battle at the age of 17 and was only 22 years old when he returned.


It was more pitiful than I thought to face a person who endured extreme situations at a young age in front of me. It was time when I listened to Atheon’s story, I poured out swear words and resentment toward the author in my heart.


Once again, the servant blew a trumpet to announce the appearance of the main character.


“Your Royal Highness, the little sun of the Empire.”


As the door on the other side opened with a loud sound, the uniformed knights entered in a row.


The Knights of Altairs, dressed in black uniforms, paved the way among the nobles gathered in the center.


Soon afterward, Altheon with an insensitive face appeared among the knights. His face under his half-length blond hair, anchoring the symbol of the Imperial Family, Altheon walked slowly.


Wearing a white uniform that matches the purple cape that only the crown prince could wear.


Among the people at the banquet, none of them did know that the prince left for the battlefield as if being chased by the Emperor.


Such Altheon became victorious and returned after five years. So it was natural for people to look at him with curiosity.


The nobles glanced at him with their heads down all at once, raising their eyes only.


Altheon, moving forward without hesitation, stopped on a red carpet under the podium where the Emperor and the Queen were located.


Altheon said, kneeling on one knee in his modest gesture. “Altheon Walter Tristan meets His Majesty the Emperor.”


“Congratulations on your return. It’s a banquet to celebrate you and your knights who brought victory to the Empire, so enjoy it.”


“Thank you for your consideration.”


The knights who stood in line with Altheon’s words at the forefront also expressed their respect at once.


“Thank you for your consideration. Your Majesty.”


Merria was looking at the Knights moving without an error with a mysterious eye.


Among the knights in all the same black uniforms, a handsome man in a black cloak with extraordinary decorations was seen.


He was a pitch-black man from his hair color to his clothes as if he had cut the night sky.


‘If you have that kind of appearance next to Altheon, it’s probably Reukis.’


Merria was the only one who recognized him, and other nobles whispered to each other while keeping their eyes fixed on him.


After the death of his parents, the cursed Grand Duke left for the battlefield in desolation after living enclosed in his Duke Castle.


I thought he was dark and gloomy when I read about him in the novel.


Reukis was looking at the floor with a calm expression. With his five senses developed, he seemed indifferent as if he was not interested in the situation even though he would hear all the whispers of the aristocrats about him.


‘Did Reukis live like such a lifeless doll before he met Shannon?’


Because I knew his situation, I was forced to show sympathy.


However, Merria soon furrowed her brows and blocked emotions. ‘No, a dark past doesn’t mean everyone was trying to rebel. There’s no need for sympathy.’


Merria turned her head without even looking at his face.


“Everyone, raise your head.” The Emperor spoke to the Knights and Altheon in a dignified tone.


Queen Helena, sitting gracefully, arose and walked forward.


She spoke with a smile like a benevolent goddess. “I was also impressed by the victory that you gave your life to. I hope that today you would be the main character of the banquet, and you would be free for all your hard work.”


Altheon and the Knights remained expressionless, but the nobles around them looked at the Queen with warm eyes.


Helena has always been like that. The lady from a poor count who lost her lover to a neighboring princess.


A flower-like woman who was satisfied with being loved by the Emperor.


She seemed to be happy with just love. However, Helena stole and manipulated the Emperor’s heart, while behind it she was constantly working behind the scenes to make Dominique the Emperor.


Even now, she still has a lot on her mind, her plans when to kill Altheon.


“Let’s start the banquet.”


The Emperor marked the beginning of a true victory banquet.


As the band began to play calmly and the Emperor and Queen sat down, the nobles who had been waiting for the right time gathered below them.


Helena left the Emperor in moderation, perhaps annoyed by the situation in which Altheon was the main character for the gathering.


Afrion also disappeared behind Queen Helena.

(N: Afrion the Emperor’s name)


When the two left the banquet hall, Dominique, who had been hidden by the emperor and his wife, was surrounded by the nobles of the Second Prince faction.


Karina asked as she glanced at some of the young nobles who had a passionate glance behind Merria.


“Merria, do you want to dance?”


I could hear Karina’s words, and I could see Noble’s ears twitch at her words.


But, not knowing that expectation, Merria shook her head answering Karina’s words.


“I don’t like to dance. Karina doesn’t need to take care of me.”


At Merria’s answer, Karina nodded her head lightly.


“Lady, you were here?”


Merria, who was looking elsewhere, turned to the next call. The person who appeared in front of me was the prince who I wanted to avoid so much.


Merria’s pupils trembled. Altheon passed her and walked straight in front of Karina.


Merria took a deep breath while looking at him, with far more deadly beauty than she had seen from a distance.


The sword-shaped white uniform created a strange tension with his neat appearance.


“I greet the little sun of the Empire.”


Karina gently grabbed the hem of her dress and slightly bent her knees.


“… I greet you.”


Only then did Merria come to her senses and sloppily bent her knees.


Merria wasn’t in his sight anyway, and Altheon didn’t point out her lack of attitude.


Altheon asked Karina to dance politely. Karina responded to his offer with elegant gestures. The two lightly held hands walked to the middle of the banquet hall.


The band playing a light song started a slow waltz according to the conductor’s gestures.


Karina and Altheon twirled, continuing their natural movements like flowing water.


Soon the first song was over, and the two greeted each other in a manner that appeared in the book of etiquette until the end.


As the two moved out of the center, the people around them also found a pair and took a pose.


The band played a song with a faster tempo than a little while ago. Young nobles gathered around Karina, who returned to the outskirts of the banquet hall.


“Karina, the appearance of the two of you and dancing standing was like a picture!”


“Yes, it was so beautiful.”


“How elegant and gorgeous you are…”


Her followers stamped their feet and praised her, but Karina responded roughly and hurried to the terrace.


Merria, worried if she had heard something bad, followed her. Merria closed the curtains carefully and approached Karina on the railing, just in case she was seen from the outside.


“Karina…? Did his Highness say something bad…”


It was hard to check Karina’s expression because she looked forward and hurried to the terrace.


Eventually, Merria stretched her head forward and carefully called Karina.




Then Karina raised her head and looked at Merria.


Seeing the look on her face, I had no choice but to pause for a moment.




Contrary to her worries, Karina’s face was bright red like a tomato.




At that time, Lilith’s voice was heard over the closed terrace door.


Lilith, who was on the other side of the banquet hall, followed her after seeing Merria’s back toward the terrace.


She knocked on the door once again when she could not hear an answer.


“I’m coming in.”


Lilith casually opened the door to the terrace.


Of course, I did it because I thought Merria would be resting alone.




Lilith stopped her feet seeing the view through the curtains.


It was because there was another person by Merria’s side. Lilith paused after seeing Karina, and Merria walked to the door.


“Come on in.”


Merria quickly grabbed Lilith and closed her curtains again. Lilith was dragged in with a puzzled look


“Lady Delphi?”


Lilith glanced at the unexpected combination and looked as if asking what was going on in this situation.


Merria felt fresh and curled the small corners of her mouth.


She enjoyed the situation for a while because it was usually up to Merria to be embarrassed when the two were present.


When Lilith, who couldn’t stand it, asked Karina directly, she approached with a friendly smile.


“It’s been a while since I saw you at the tea party last time.”


“Yes, lady Lawrence. Come to think of it, you two were cousins, right?”


“That’s right. But did the two of you know each other?”


It’d be nice if we had enough time to chat.


Merria sits on a chair on the side of the terrace, straightening her body, which leaned on the railing.


“We met in Miolo’s dressing room. Karina advised me about my dress.”


“Because I’m very interested in designing… Merria tends to stimulate my desire to decorate.”


Suddenly, Karina, whose face color returned to her as usual, smiled satisfactorily and glanced over me.


After hearing that, Lilith’s eyes widened, and clapped her hands a little.


“Oh, did you think so, too? Because she always wears only dresses without decorations on gorgeous events.”


“She tried to cover her neck with such a pretty thing, so I boldly got rid of it.”


“It looks so good on Merria.”


Lilith checked Merria’s slender neck and asked mischievously.


“I was always excited about it, but did you listen to lady Delphi’s words well?”


“It’s thanks to Merria’s willingness to accept my request. I heard that the fabric and design were chosen by lady Lawrence, but the light purple color was an excellent choice.”


The increasingly exasperated conversation between Lilith and Karina lasted quite a while.


“It’s the first time since Miolo that someone recognized and understood my intentions like Lady Lawrence. Everyone was busy praising my looks rather than my dress. I think lady Lawrence and I could get along pretty well.”


“The same was true of me. I have a different taste from Merria, so I sometimes solved it by talking with Miolo, but I would have to reserve a room often in the future. If it’s okay, could I call you Karina? Please also call me Lilith.”


“Of course. Lilith.”


The two people with strong tastes quickly became close to each other as if they were very happy to meet, like a person who spoke to each other after a long time.


At the suggestion of Lilith to drop formalities, Karina hesitated for a moment before speaking.


“The two of you aren’t engaged yet?”


“Right,” Lilith answered first.


Then Merria blurted her words shamelessly.


“My mother brought up the subject of engagement. She told me to look for a noble to be my fiancé today, but to do that, I’d like to start with the rumors…”


“Rumors?” Karina opened her eyes round and asked back.


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  1. I really hope this doesn’t come off sounding rude because I really don’t mean it to. I’m just honestly curious and confused. Why do so many translators mistake when to use Your Majesty/Excellency/Royal Highness/etc vs His/Her? The Royalty belongs to the individual, the individual does not belong to the 3rd parties. In this case, the Crown Prince, the status is His. He does not belong to the crowd. When announcing his entrance you say “His Royal Highness”. The ONLY time you use “Your” is if the speaker is directly addressing the Crown Prince (in this case). Not talking *about*, but only talking *to*. It’s starting to become a pet peve lol but more than anything, I’m curious as to why so many different translators do it. If you’re all referencing the same information source, then you should let them all know to stop using it because it is incorrect. I appreciate all the work that goes into bringing these stories to those of us who do not read these languages. Thank you very much.

  2. It’s only because I’ve seen it so many times lately. I’m sorry for making such a long post! I’m really getting impatient for when Merria and the Duke meet and realize they were together that night!!! 😬😬😬