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Frederick shone in the evening glow. Three people were speechless in the Grand Duke’s office.


[Cafe MIRO, 


On Wednesday at 2 PM.


I would wait for the first and last time. ]


Reukis, who was reading Merria’s cold reply, closed his eyes with dismay.


Harriet bowed his head in shame, but Kalix wasn’t so pessimistic.


“Wasn’t it a good thing that she agreed to meet you though?”


Kalix tilted his head and glanced at the letter in Reukis’ hand.


He glared at Kalix and laid the letter down helplessly on my desk.


“Couldn’t you see how short the letter was? I’m sure she hasn’t forgiven me at all. Harriet, didn’t you say that sending gifts was good to appease someone?”


“I’m sorry, my lord.” Harriet’s face turned dark.


I couldn’t figure out how to get through this difficult situation, even if I rub my throbbing head no solution came to mind.


But when I think about giving up Merria, I become thirsty every time I recall the peace of mind and that comfortable sleep of that day.


It would have been better if I didn’t know. Once I knew there was a way out of this pain, I didn’t want to live the way I used to.


The air in the office sank into a gloomy atmosphere.


“There’s nobody who knows a woman’s heart better than Milo. Why don’t you try to ask for advice.”


Kalix decided to use the last resort.


Originally, Reukis’ secret was only known to his close aide. If so, in any way, all he had to do was to act as if he was courting lady Merria Rackester.


Due to Reukis’ persuasion, Milo, who had been in training with swords in the field, had to be dragged to his office without understanding what was happening.


Milo, standing with a puzzled expression, has a likable appearance with dull blond hair and cool features.


In addition, with his dimples and friendly way of speaking that appear when he talks and laughs, it was clear that he was a man who would tickle the hearts of many women.


Reukis felt a sense of trust at once. He spoke briefly, without mentioning anything about his rampage or the identity of Merria.


“What can I do to win a woman’s heart?”


Milo, who has a wide information network, recalled rumors that fit the situation perfectly. His Majesty, Grand Duke Frederick courts Lady Rackester.


‘Finally, his Majesty has a lady in his heart!’ 


Milo, who felt an unidentified sense of mission to accomplish, gave numerous tips from his experience. Milo’s advice began in that way and continued until late at night.



A few days later, the two people who became famous from the rumors sat face to face in a quiet cafe.


It was a small cafe where I talked with Karina until evening on our first meeting. It was the hideout that Karina willingly lent to me when I told her I needed a quiet place to talk.


A remote place owned by Karina was perfect because nobody would know that Reukis and I had met.




Merria silently lowered the hot tea. It was a signal that she was feeling upset.


At that time, I said we shouldn’t even run into each other.


Merria’s cold eyes stare at Reukis.


“I’m so sorry to see you again.”




Despite my thorny words, Reukis replied indifferently, seemingly unconcerned about what I said before.


“I don’t have any regrets about what happened then. Seriously.”




“So stop apologizing for that ridiculous thing.”




For some reason, Reukis responded softly.


I rolled my eyes and felt embarrassed, I became hesitant to give him a peevish attitude.


‘Are you just trying to apologize?


Merria took another sip of the tea, thinking he has a weird personality.


As I have achieved my greatest goal of this meeting, there’s no need to sit around here anymore.


As soon as she finishes the tea, Merria with a smile on her lips said,


“Then, I hope I won’t see you again anymore.”


It could have seemed arrogant for the way she spoke to the Grand Duke, but she had nothing to worry about because she didn’t want to look good to him anyway.


It was also because Reukis, whom she met, seemed to be far contrary to her expectations, from a rude brute or having a bad personality.


‘He doesn’t look like a mad killer at all.’


Merria’s mouth bent smoothly, but her eyes were honest.


Meanwhile, Reukis was at a loss of what to do with Merria, who stared at him with eyes like an angry cat.


Of course, there was no time for any distractions.


“Your Highness.”


When Reukis didn’t say anything, Merrua pressed him one more time.


I wanted to give him a good farewell because I couldn’t wait to go home and continue reading.


“Don’t you remember me…?”


Reukis raised a question other than to answer her. Merria sighed at his unexpected words.


The only people in this Empire who don’t know this man were probably those who lived out of this Empire and escaped into forest caves.


Merria tilted her head and raised her eyebrows.


I gave him an innocent answer with an expression of why he asked such a question.


“Of course, I know. The only Great Warlord, the Knight Commander of Altairs, and the mighty Dark Wizard… You’re one of the top three famous people in this Empire. How could I not know?”


“That’s not what I meant.”


“Hah… How long do I have to answer these meaningless questions, your Majesty?”


Reukis bit his lips when Merria’s question became sharper again.


For him, his hands became sweaty at the thought of putting the word about the ‘nightlife of a Lady’ in his mouth.


It was hard to say it easily even though I knew that I would look pretty stupid many times.


Merria glanced at Reukis insensitively and slowly moved her fingers on her lap.


‘1, 2, 3…’


I was counting the numbers in my head thinking of leaving him when the count reaches 10.


‘9, 10.’


Merria, who had decided that she no longer needed Reukis’ answer, raised herself, and at the same time, Reukis’ mouth opened.


“Don’t you remember that you spent the night with me?”


Don’t you remember, remember?


His words resonated in the room. And like a lie the room became quiet.


‘Are you crazy?’


Merria swallowed a question that she never had in mind before, forgetting that she was in a cluttered position.


As I stared at Reukis, who claimed to have spent a night with me that I didn’t know of, futile laughter came out of my mouth.


The person who brought up the words about a ‘night spent’ was rather rigid like a patient waiting for a doctor’s answer.


Closing his eyes tightly and holding his breath even made him more nervous.




Merria relaxed her legs while she was about to stand up but sat down again.


I think he was mistaken, so it was to show my last mercy.


“Your Highness?” Merria couldn’t hide her absurd heart, and she called him.


Reukis loosened his tightly closed eyes and slowly opened them.


She spoke with a picturesque friendly smile before Reukis’ eyes opened completely.


“I don’t know if there’s anything wrong with—”


“The party that was held at the Fernando Mansion that took place on the 14th.”


However, Merria’s words were cut off by Reukis.


No one else could know that I went to that party except for Lilith, but why does this man know.


Reukis, who noticed her confused expression clenched his fist.


From the first meeting that only Reukis remembers to the second meeting that failed.


Now changing his first impression was already out of the question. But expectations of finding a cure shook him.


Then he decided to revise his plan to arouse sympathy from her, even if it was lame.


‘Because Milo said that women are weak against those who stimulate sympathy.’


Although it was a recommendation from Kalix who was tactless, I decided to trust Miko at least once because his sad appearance and rather ostentatious speech seemed reliable.


“I’ve been looking for you Lady, all this time, eagerly.”


A mournful voice came out naturally. He looked at Merria with sincere eyes.


“Why me…?”


She glanced at Reukis with a confused face. Then suddenly, her face crumpled and her mouth became twisted.


“Wait, you weren’t in the capital back then, were you?”


“At that time, it was kept as a secret, but I had returned to the capital first before other knights under the order of His Majesty Altheon. If it’s a lie, how could I ever know where I first met you Lady Merria?”


Come to think of it, I was not aware at that time, but I had previously encountered a man that was a lieutenant of Reukis.


“…let’s say that’s the case. So, why did you look for me?”


Her expressionless face was so beautiful that the cold feeling intensified.


Reukis, with his shaking pupils, answered quickly as if he was determined.


“That night, the Lady took my first.”


Somehow, his ears turned red.




When she tried to listen more, Merria’s eyes became colder as the man in front of her only talked nonsense.


‘I’ve never even held a stranger’s hand, let alone kiss someone. Ah…wait a minute…’


The only man I met that night was the man who was sleeping by my side while holding my hand tightly.


She thought his hair was black because of the potion that they drank at the party.


Merria looked frigid and nervous at the thought she didn’t want to know.


“At that time, didn’t you drink a potion? Then you won’t be allowed to enter and join the party.”


“I drank it, but it didn’t work because my power was stronger.”


It wasn’t nonsense that Reukis, who ruled the strong darkness, wouldn’t be affected by a disposable magic potion.


Merria let out a deep sigh. She asked questions such as what room it was, what dress she wore, and so on, but he didn’t hesitate to come up with a smooth answer.


“Excuse me for a moment.”


Merria eventually got up from her seat and walked to approach the other side of the table.


It was embarrassing to deny it more, but I was about to make a final confirmation with a hint of hope.


She walked in front of Reukis, who sat neatly, repeating ‘Please no, please no!’ in her mind.


I grabbed my trembling fingertips at once, loosened them, and slowly stretched out my hand.


Reukis, who had been observing Merria’s expressions shrewdly, immediately flinched at the shadow that covered his eyes.




This, he was that man. Reukis was indeed the man on the bed.


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