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Merria quickly changed her clothes and put the robe that was placed on the sofa around her shoulder.


“Oh, and could you change this?”


She asked, pulling out some of the gold coins she had brought from her pocket.


The employee seemed familiar with this as well, handing over a pouch containing the copper coins without saying much.


“Thank you.”




Meanwhile, Reukis, who was all dressed, walked out of the curtains.


He looked good with a shirt and pants without any decorations.


“Are you okay with it?”


Merria was asking Reukis, who might be uncomfortable wearing clothes like this, but Reukis accepted her question and thought Merria was asking about how she looked.


He enthusiastically answered. “I think the beige dress looks great on you.”




Only then did Merria notice the different ways of interpreting the questions and burst into laughter.


“You also look great in a white shirt.”


Compliments were best paid back with compliments.


Merria lightly complimented him and headed out.


“But have you ever been alone?” Merria felt excited for no reason.


Reukis thought for a moment and then shook his head. “Well… No.”


As if she knew it, she nodded in moderation.


Merria found a candy skewer that could be seen nearby and dragged Reukis.


“Do you want to try that? It’s my favorite.”


Reukis nodded, storing her favorite things in the corner of his head.


Merria approached the cheerfully touting girl and said.


“Can I have two fruit skewers?”




A child who tied her orange hair in pigtails wrapped a paper under the skewer and then handed it to Merria.


“It’s one copper.”


While Merria pulls a copper coin after the girl’s words, Reukis was already paying the price.


A sparkling gold coin was on top of Reukis’s hand.


I couldn’t believe he gave out gold coins after we changed our clothes to disguise.


As expected, the girl’s eyes turned quickly.


“Oh, hey, wait a minute. Change…”


A single gold coin was a unit that ordinary commoners would never touch.


However, at such a street vendor, the Grand Duke, who does not know the world, gave out gold coins.


As Merria passed over Reukis’ hand and handed the girl a copper.


“I’ll pay with this.”


“Thank you!”


The girl picked out a copper coin with a long face.


“Please enjoy it and come again.”


Leaving the girl greeting brightly from behind, Reukis stared at the gold coins placed in the palm of his hand.


“I was going to buy…”


“As I said, you couldn’t spend gold coins in places like this. It’s too much money for a commoner.”


Merria replied, cutting off his words.


As she ate her skewers, red juice leaked through the hardened sugar.


“It’s sharp on the outside, so eat carefully.”


Reukis raised his eyebrows to the very usual appearance of Merria


Knowing in advance that she was reluctant to socialize, Reukis has so far thought that Merria was a person who didn’t enjoy going out.


But what are these behaviors of hers that seemed familiar with these things?


‘Of course… it’s better to skip that information.’


It was the moment when Kalix’s ability to gather information was reevaluated within Reukis’ standard.



Merria put Reukis to stand beside the wall, saying she would buy something to drink.


There was a stall on the street where you could see it right away, so it was quick to buy a drink from there.


“Are you alone?”


A tout single-handedly approached Merria, who walked to Reukis’ place with a bottle of drinks in one hand.


Merria ignored him and walked forward, and another tout stood in front of her that blocked the way and quarreled.


“Uh, why don’t you come here?”


Somehow, the rude man said while holding a pretty fancy flyer.


Reading the paper in the man’s hand, it looked like a place for a drink.


“I already have something to drink.”


When Merria waved the non-alcoholic drink in her hand to answer, the man burst into laughter.


“I’ll give you something much better than such a drink.”


The tone and behavior of the man were arrogant and rude, unlike the words he wanted to serve to a guest.


I’ve never spoken informally before.


“I just made up my decision. I should go here, not there.”


Before buying a drink, Merria took out the paper she had received, waved it, and smiled leisurely.


She did not read the content and accepted it, but she thought it would be better than a bar like that because it was given by a man with a true and humble impression.




When he saw her figure while passing by, the man intervened with a big smile.


The brown-haired man with glasses was the man who handed her a flyer earlier.




Merria nodded, the mean-looking man’s expression crumpled.


“You! Can’t you see it’s my first guest?”


“No, she’s coming to our store…”


The man wearing glasses waved his hands with innocence, but he did not care about the impoliteness.


“Are you stealing customers without respecting others? Do you want your business to stop today? Huh?”


The conversation between the two men, with different tones, gradually became rougher.


When Merria, who didn’t want to be involved in this argument, tried to leave, the rude man shouted.


“I told you to come with me. Where are you going!”




At the blatant accusation, Merria opened her eyes round in surprise and tilted her head.


Merria had enough of his impoliteness, such rude remarks to a Duke’s daughter.


It seemed that if I pressed him with my identity, the vase would fly first in front of me.


“I’m sure you said you weren’t going.”


The man raised his hand when Merria answered in an irritated voice.


‘I’m so easy, aren’t I?’


Merria’s eyebrows crumpled as the man acted as if he would hit her at any moment, but failed to hit her.


He must have thought that Merria would get scared and run away, but Merria didn’t want to end this situation easily.


There was an appropriate alternative for this man who lives with his ears closed.


‘As expected, I have no choice but to pressure him with my position.’


(N: Being a daughter from a Duke Family)


For these single-celled commoners, who were evaluated for their strength and age, the best thing to do was to reveal and scare them as noble. It’s been a while since I’ve been out, so I’m a little sad, but…


It was when Merria was forced to reveal her identity.


“What’s the matter?”


With a familiar voice, Merria glanced out, and Reukis was seen standing behind the men.


Merria took a step back keeping the corners of her mouth from lifting seeing him standing behind the rude man.


The man’s hand shook in the air and soon stopped, caught by something solid.




The man grabbed his arm and looked back with a crumpled face.


Reukis held the man’s arm strongly without changing a single expression on his face.


“What, what?”


The man tried to pull out his arm but couldn’t move.


“Who are you!”


Reukis easily defeated the two men in defenseless places.


Reukis, who stood in front of Merria and bound the man’s hand with one hand, shouted with an unpleasant expression.


“I think you’re too greedy to wish my lover a safe return after all this rudeness.”


“Wha-what… What, what is this…”


The man who tried to respond at the end of Reukis’ words suddenly stuttered.


It was because the darkness in Reukis, which rose from his arm in contact with him, temporarily blinded the man.


The man’s hand that unconsciously tried to cover his eyes were already held by Reukis.


A cold sweat formed over the man’s forehead and his face turned pale.


“Ah, ah, save me…”


Merria, who did not know that the man’s eyes were blinded, was thinking about whether the man found Reukis’ expression scary.


Soon after, Reukis relaxed his hand and let go of the man who began to stiffen.


“Please, I want to live.”




A man who blindly ran away from Reukis fell to the floor, unable to keep his balance.


He stepped back even from the floor as if his fear of Reukis was greater than his fear of losing his sight.


“Uh, uh…”


The man groaned at the floor and made a strange sound.


It was because the man couldn’t accept that he was blinded in an instant.




Reukis clung to her back and reached out to Merria, who was watching the scene.


Of course, it was the other hand that didn’t touch the man.


“Thank you.”


Merria naturally held his hand and puffed her lips.


With her smooth movements, Reukis even accepted the drink in Merria’s hand.


It was only after the man was out of sight that Reukis removed the darkness that had blinded the man.



“Hey… lady.”


What else?


Merria looked behind her, feeling sudden fatigue. She was called by a gentle-looking man who couldn’t keep his chin up from the previous fight.


“Did you call me?”


Merria pointed her finger toward him and asked.


The man said, nodding his head to the point that his head became dizzy. “Is that true?”




The man mumbled as he picked the words to say and asked again.


“You, you said you were coming to our store, holding that flyer…”


What’s with that unsure tone and passive attitude.


From the fact that there were a lot of flyers in the bag on his side, it seemed that he had come out to promote the store, but the man looked nothing like a tout.


In other words, there are no promoters in the world who couldn’t even do business properly while mumbling.


“Oh, well.”


The man hurriedly said as Merria looked up with her uninteresting glances.


“If I couldn’t bring any guests, I’d be scolded by my uncle. Could you please visit once? We make our ingredients.”


Seeing him say that, he seemed to be proud of his food.


“I’m not hungry…”


Meria blurred the end of her words, thinking that it was better if the man responded excessively.


“It’s not childish, it’s really fun.” Merria tilted her head and looked at the man.


What do you mean it’s fun? Did you say it wrong rather than delicious?


The man was desperate, holding his hands together with his eyes shining.


It’s still a long way from dinner, and since we’ve looked around, there’s nothing that I could do to pass time.


Merria whispered, turning her head towards Reukis, who was standing next to her. “What do you say? Shall we go?”




Reukis expressed affirmation this time by faithfully performing ‘omit the following plans for the other’s proposal.’


The face of the man who listened to the conversation between the two quickly brightened up.


“You could go this way! You won’t regret it.”


The fact that he was taking his first guest made him feel energized. Merria and Reukis walked side by side behind the man walking lightly.


“Ted. Did you bring a guest?”


The middle-aged man sitting at the door greeted Merria and the group with a happy face. Ted seemed to be the name of the man wearing glasses.


“Yes! Today I brought the guest before Teresa could.”


“No, it’s not?”


Ted’s excitement was followed by a deep denial.


I turned my head and found Ted with long hair without glasses.


“What, Teresa came with guests first?”


The two, probably siblings, exchanged playful words. Meanwhile, a middle-aged man guided Merria and Reukis.


“The entrance is this way. It’s prepaid so you only need to give me four copper coins.”


“Here you go.”


Merria paid the man the price and walked toward the tightly locked door.


Until then, Merria did not doubt that this was a restaurant.


“The two of you could enter.”


The middle-aged man announced Merria’s visit inside, and the movement that seemed busy subsided.


“Have a good time.”


Teresa and Ted greeted each other waving their hands. Merria nodded roughly and walked into the door Reukis had opened.


For a moment they walked silently.




The unexpected development raised a question mark over Merria’s head.


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