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I tilted my head slightly and looked straight into his eyes. At the same time, I wanted to stop talking about the ‘ordinary young girls.’


“Reukis, you’re ‘my‘ lover. What’s so important about ordinary young girls’ love?”


His eyes fluttered once at Merria’s straight gaze.


When was the last time someone called him possessively and intimately?


With just that one word, he managed to suppress the feeling of going back to the nostalgic memories.


Even though she had said this, seeing him still hesitating, Merria narrowed her eyes and leaned her body forward.


“Do you want to become the King of Chairs?”


“Who’s the King of Chairs?”


(N: 의장왕 -King Uija is the king of Baekje. It is said that he had 3,000 court ladies. So now, it is also a word that many women refer to as men.)


Reukis answered with a nod. No wonder he didn’t understand because originally, I wasn’t from this world. Reukis, who could not relate to even this basic metaphor, lost his energy for nothing.


Merria shook her head, thinking that she should be more careful with her words in the future.


“I mean, a playboy who steals the hearts of all the young girls in the capital. What do you want to do?”


“I am not that kind of person. Merria, you’re the only one for me.”


Reukis shook his head and answered with an innocent look.


Like a man obsessed with kissing, Reukis was a virtuous man. Merria, who hates cheating men, didn’t hate the look on Reukis’ face.


Merria cut her tart into small pieces and put it on her fork and then spoke.


“Then, if you only want to be in my heart, you’re good as you are. Don’t worry about ordinary young girls’ love”


Reukis hesitated and she held out her fork with a gentle smile.


As soon as she lifted the fork, Reukis stretched his head and bit the tart together.




I meant to take the fork.


Merria was put in such a ticklish situation for forgetting that she was in a relationship with him.


But I couldn’t blame my lover, so I pulled out the fork without saying a word.


Fortunately or unfortunately, Reukis was a man who knew how to give and take.


A neatly cut chocolate tart was already in Reukis’ hand. He held out his fork without a word, and Merria shook her head and put the tart in her mouth.


After doing the same thing over and over again, I felt like I was getting used to it.


Merria burst into a smile and swallowed the sweet cake. Reukis, whom she had not met in a long time, was clumsy but sweet, and he had similar taste as her.


I continued eating the dessert under the guise of tea time for the two of us, without even realizing that I became comfortable with Reukis.



Merria, who had packed her family and Lexie’s share of the tart, said with a satisfied face.


“Oh, it was delicious, right?”


Reukis, who tasted peaceful sweetness for the first time after a long time, nodded softly with a flushed face.


When the staff handed out two boxes of packed tarts, Reukis quickly accepted them.


Merria nodded her head as if she had no choice but to express her firm will that she would not give it even if he asked for it.


Looking at the fading sky, I began to walk contrary to the direction I came from before.


“Weren’t you going back?”


“I’m supposed to meet Lexie at the carriage stop by five. I have some time left, so I’m going to look around the fountain.”




In the central square that we passed earlier, there was a fountain made of three angel statues that a famous sculptor had completed over many years.


Each curve was delicately made to match the words that it was made with the sculptor’s blood and sweat, so Merria often visited the fountain.


As they approached the crowded square, a boy about seven years old standing in the corner faltered towards them.


The child was holding a basket full of yellow wildflowers in his hand.


‘You’re out to make a living.’


The boy, who wiggled his fingers, seemed to be thinking of selling flowers to the two people walking at the square, who looked like lovers.


I talked to Reukis first because I felt sorry for him not leaving while bowing his head.


“What’s going on?”


The little boy, who gently shook his head at her soft voice, rolled his eyes.


“I… ah, do you like flowers?”


Soon the brown-haired child, whose eyes met Merria’s gaze, turned red all the way up to his ears.


When Merria stared at him cutely, the little boy started the offering with a small voice. Reukis, who was quietly looking at the child, with eyes filled with an unknown resentment towards the scene.


The little boy looked full of expectations, but the beginner’s sales had little impact.


For Merria, who even has a glass greenhouse full of rare flowers, the common flowers on the side of the road did not interest her.


I naturally tilted my head and answered calmly. “Hmm. We have to go. Let’s go, Reukis.”


As Merria slipped her hand over his hand, Reukis lightly grabbed her hand and placed it on his arm.


Reukis pulled Merria’s body a little while she was trying hard to look away from the little one.


It was an act he had done unconsciously to get her attention away from the little boy.


The boy, who was in a hurry, stomped his feet, lifted his basket as hard as he could, and rambled on.


“This is what I picked out this morning with the prettiest blooms…”


“But it’s a flower in full bloom from the park, isn’t it?”


“Oh, ah! Yes, but it still smells great and it’s still fresh… If you like flowers, even just one…”


The child’s head dropped down in response to Merria’s dry reaction, and his voice began to fall.


‘Should I stop doing this?’


Merria had intended to buy flowers from the start, but she did not intend to buy them immediately.


This little merchant must have been wandering around here since morning.


Nevertheless, looking at the basket full of flowers, it may not have been sold properly.


‘The basics of business are skin and flesh.’


The reason why I was so cold to him was that I wanted the child to keep pushing me and persuade me to buy.


Once you succeed, you’ll gain more confidence and be able to sell it more easily.


Just like the last tout before, I somehow cared about these people.


However, I’m not generous enough to take responsibility, so in other words, I could say that I’m a villain.


Merria smiled bitterly and patted the child’s head.


“Okay. So let’s do this. If you make a wish with the flower floating in the fountain, the angel would grant your wish”




“Yes. It’s a wish-fulfilling flower, so I’ll buy two.”


The child’s eyes became round and smiled brightly at Merria’s sweet voice.


“Thank you!”


Having received the two flowers from the little boy, Merria took one of her silver coins from her pocket and handed it to the child.


The kid who checked the money shook his hands in surprise. It was unreasonable to sell wildflowers for silver even if you thought you were unfamiliar with the business.


“Hey, this flower was only one copper in a bundle. As you said, I picked it from the park, so it’s not an expensive flower…”


“No, it’s not just wildflowers anymore. Today, it’s a flower that grants a wish in front of this fountain. I like that kind of romance.”




“Sell a little more and return to your home. I’m leaving now.”


The child’s eyes gleamed with tears. Merria, who had spit out a lot of embarrassing words, could not stand the gaze and turned her body.


“Sister! Thank you for buying me flowers. I’m giving this to you, it’s from me!”


After a couple of steps away from the little boy, the little girl who chased after her gave her a small bouquet and ran away.


The scent of wildflowers with a loud breath made her feel better. Merria, with a satisfied smile around her lips, led Reukis’ hand to the fountain.


I removed the stem of the flower and floated them in the fountain, I closed my eyes and began to make a wish.


‘Please make this world more peaceful as I live.’


After making a sincere wish, I turned my head with a fresh feeling. 


“Now, it’s your turn.”


“It’s all right.”


I asked with a puzzled face at his sharp refusal. “You don’t believe in superstitions, do you?”


Reukis shook his head from side to side.




“I’m… fine.”


Even after encouragement, Reukis kept repeating the same words like a parrot, so I quickly gave up.


It’s because I’ve learned a little how to talk to Reukis now, at least to some degree. I was disappointed with him, but I decided to make another proposal this time.


“Then why don’t I make your wish come true?”


Reukis thought for a moment and then nodded his head reluctantly, thinking it would be rude to refuse further.


Merria, who took the flowers and put them in the fountain, wrapped one of Reukis’ hands with her hands and held it tightly.


‘Come on, break up with me, and then let me fall in love with someone else for a thousand years!’


“So, please let Reukis live happily ever after and receive plenty of love.”


I cut off my selfish words and made a plain and common wish.


As he raised his head to meet her gaze, Merria’s mouth drew a smooth line.


“Do you like my empty wish?”


Reukis’ clear golden eyes sank deeply and glanced at Merria for a moment smiling.


Without answering, he stared intently at Merria. Merria tilted her head, and she tried to put his hand down gently.


Reukis hurriedly grabbed Merria’s hand as she was about to let go, and then confessed his feelings slightly.


“I… don’t deserve to make a wish.”


A slight tremor could be felt from his hands, which were holding me tightly. 


Oh, but I even made a wish for you to be happy and you didn’t do anything wrong.


Merria’s eyes blinked quickly…


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