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Merria went out late. It was because the letter from Reukis arrived just yesterday.


Recently, Reukis has frequently asked for us to meet. If it was someone else’s business, I would have used an excuse to get away with it, but I couldn’t easily do that to Reukis.


‘He keeps asking to go to places I haven’t been to… I have no choice but to wonder about those places.’


It was because of Reukis’ trick, who knew that Merria was weak in front of sweets.


He always found a new dessert shop and threw the bait at her. Because of that, Lexie greatly welcomed his actions and encouraged Merria to go on a hunt for a dessert shop that she was not interested in.


As a result, she also grabbed the bait today, and Merria was on her way to their appointment.


“Stop right here.”


Merria trimmed her dress in the carriage, which slowed her down.


I tried to close the window before I got off, but I saw a familiar back from the other side.




Merria stuck her head out of the window and looked around.


The end of the park, a short distance behind the clock tower. It was clear that it wasn’t the meeting place.


The two became close enough to spend more than half a week together, and they always met in front of the clock tower in the square.


It was suggested by Merria to prevent Reukis from coming to Rackcaster.


However, in front of the clock tower, it was often used as a meeting place, so it was always crowded.


So I used to get off from here and walk.


‘Why is he here?’


With a puzzled face, Merria sneaked out of her carriage. Even at the edge of the park, there were often people spending their time leisurely.


A cool breeze blew softly under the warm sunlight, mixed with the sounds of children’s laughter.


Merria walked slowly while holding her fluttering platinum hair with one hand.


The closer I got, the clearer the back of someone staring at the flower garden in the distance.


A well-dressed suit and black hair as dark as the night sky swaying in the wind.


The appearance of the back that fell to the strong shoulders was so neat that it made the hearts of women of his age flutter.


‘And his face was more shockingly dangerous than that.’


Merria thought bluntly, and she approached Reukis.


He was staring intently at something, and it seemed he had not yet noticed that Merria had come.


‘Was that…the flower?’


In front of Reukis, there were wildflowers that the little boy had sold in front of the fountain. Wildflowers pulled out a dainty yellow exterior and the neat Reukis created a strange gap.


It feels like seeing a black leopard holding a beautifully decorated fruit basket in his arms.


In any case, it was not uncommon for Reukis to be so engrossed in something.


And that stimulated Merria’s playfulness.


Meria smirked, and she crept closer than before, slurring her steps more.


And when her arms were close enough to touch, she reached out her hand with her mouth shut.


With my palms spread wide on his back, I patted him lightly and made a loud sound.




At that moment, my vision turned around and my platinum hair scattered. Soon, the hair that was fluttering in the air covered my face and tickled me slightly.


Reukis, who instinctively turned to the cute threat coming from behind and grabbed Merria’s arms, his eyes widened when he saw the sunshine-like color that filled his vision.


‘I’m sure I was standing behind Reukis’ back a little while ago.’


I was lying defenseless embraced by him, holding onto him with both my arms before I knew it.


It was a brief moment in the blink of an eye, but it felt as if only the two of them had stopped.


Unable to even open their mouths in embarrassment, they were busy grasping the current situation with their shaky pupils.


The first one to come to her senses was Merria, whose face was half-covered with her hair.


I was regretting as much as I could about making this embarrassing situation out of mischief.


Merria carefully opened her mouth. “Reukis…?”


As if those words were a spell to break the silence, the awkward and embarrassing atmosphere that flowed between them was shattered.


Recognizing that it was her slender wrist, Reukis wiggled and bit his hand like a man burning with fire.


‘We… used to hold hands before, what are you doing?’


Merria’s head tilted, wondering if she was doing something wrong. Reukis bowed his head, not even knowing she was looking at him and gripped the senses of both hands like a reflection. 


Merria gathered her hair, which had been scattered all over her face, as much as she could, and flipped it to one side.


My hair was easily combed with my fingers, but my skills weren’t that good, because I have never done my hair on my own before.


Merria, who had done her hair roughly, once again called his name.




Reukis, who was agonizing over how to explain the situation, lifted his eyes a little.


When Reukis, who was taller than me, looked up, I felt a little strange.


I don’t know if he did something wrong, but I noticed his feelings quickly and he looked like a cute puppy who pretended to reflect on himself.


Of course, I was a little embarrassed and not angry at all, so I tilted my head a little more and made eye contact with him, who was bowing his head down.


“I was trying to surprise you… I’m sorry I played a joke on you.” Merria smiled awkwardly as she frowned her brows.


“No, I’m sorry to surprise you.”


It was only an instinctive response and her kitten-like light push didn’t surprise Reukis a finger.


I was even more startled when I found out that it was her, and I couldn’t finish my words. As soon as I realized it was Merria, I relaxed my hands a bit, but I was worried that she might have been hurt by the rough hands.


Reukis, who was bending his shoulders at her apology, raised his head a little and stared at Merria.


It was to make sure that there were bruises anywhere because he held her body up in the air. Reukis’ gaze stopped at a certain place.


Reukis gave strength to the corners of his lips, who were about to unravel without a sense of crisis, and bit them tightly.


Still, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her, and he stared intently at one place.


Merria looked away after following Reukis’ gaze, who had stopped like a broken cat, wondering.


At the end of that gaze, I noticed that my hair was there.


‘That such a mess?


She said as Merria patted the tip of her hair. “Did my hair mess up?”


At Merria’s question, Reukis slowly reached out his hand before he could answer her.


He seemed to be approaching me at a very slow pace, but before I noticed, his hand touched my hair.


Reukis, who patted her head a couple of times with a soft touch and arranged her tangled hair, then shook his head.


“Now it’s done.”


“Oh, thank you.”


Merria paused for a moment at his sudden touch, then shook her head as if nothing had happened.


Then I decided to ask what I was curious about. “But why are you here? We were supposed to meet at the clock tower.”


“You always seem to be walking from afar.”


“That’s true.”


It was right to walk down from the clock tower. But the place to get off was different every time.


Because I used to get off at the place that was open in all directions from the clock tower.


“How did you know it was here?” Merria tilted her head and said.


Reukis didn’t bother to answer the question because it was a close question to himself.


I didn’t want to reveal that this was my fourth challenge. In the meantime, I came to think that it must have been fate that I met him for the first time near the clock tower that was open in all directions.


Reukis, who came to a rapid conclusion, naturally reached out.


On the surface, it was to escort her, but actually, it was an action to satisfy selfishness of Reukis.


Merria smiled brightly as if she was used to it now.


Reukis’ lips hardened as she took his hand.


(Reukis POV)


There was something I realized while increasing the time I spent with her, and our frequent meetings, which Merria didn’t seem to have noticed yet.


‘I think it feels stronger than last time.’


Since the last time I received her power for the second time, the same power has spread every time I touch her.


I couldn’t ask her directly because it seemed to be happening without Merria knowing it. I wasn’t sure at first, but after careful consideration, I have now come to this conclusion.


‘Did you unconsciously accept me?’


When I finally organized it into one sentence, my heart seemed to pound fast.


What Reukis was born with was darkness. That means the myriad ways of dealing with it and using it are the fruit of his efforts. Reukis learned and practiced hard to deal with the darkness from an early age.


That’s why I could know. The fact that a person’s special ability reflects that person’s inner feelings.


Whether it be divine power, magical ability, or third power. As far as I knew, it was. When I first met Merria, her power was directed toward Derek.


In the second case, however, there was a concern for Reukis. As a result, her power was recognized and remembered by Reukis.




Reukis bit his lips and glanced at Merria’s side face. Even this little change made his heart flutter. It feels like the ‘lover’s loyal pet dog’ act gradually received more friendly treatment.


Reukis, unable to rebuild the wall of his heart that was helplessly torn down, chose to pave the way for Merria’s favor to arrive. Reukis relaxed his body and held Merria’s hand tightly.


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  1. Oh I’m glad she’s helping him even if she doesn’t know. Also they’re so cute! He’s so sweet