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Phew… Karina breathed as she heard the maid’s suffocating scream from behind.


Altheon nodded and sent the maid out and reached out his hand to grab the box.


In an instant, the box disappeared in front of his eyes, it was so fast like the speed of light, and Altheon’s hand hovered in the air.


It was such a quick reaction that it’s hard to believe that it was Karina who did that because she had always gracefully greeted him.


Altheon, who had a strong sense of defeat, walked in front of Karina with his long legs.


Karina was very embarrassed by what she had done instinctively.


I was wondering if I should throw the box on the flower bed to pretend that it was a mistake. It was then that I saw the golden hair in front of me.


A shiny honey blonde hair swayed with the wind in front of my eyes. As the splendid blonde hair filled her vision, Karina’s body faltered back.


Altheon moved his gaze from the box in Karina’s hand and lifted his head to look into her eyes.


Karina’s expression was calmly captured, but her pale sand-colored eyes were shaking violently.


Altheon pondered for a while whether to back down after seeing her hardened expression and decided to ask again because he was more curious about the identity of the box in Karina’s hand.


“Giving and taking it away is a bit disgraceful, lady Karina.”




“You said it was in return for the invitation. Wasn’t it mine anyway?”


Perhaps everyone had heard what she had been muttering to herself earlier, but Altheon interpreted her words as they were.


Karina was unable to adapt to Altheon’s approach with no hesitation, and only she was seen trembling.


Her calm expression, which she had been trying to maintain, gradually crumbled, and she handed the box she was holding tightly in her hand to him.


The box, whose ribbon was crumpled because of the strength of her grip, had long since lost its shape.


Altheon quickly snatched the box. The box in his outstretched hand felt quite shabby. Karina was busy thinking of a way to get the box back


‘No matter how much I thought about it, I kept thinking that it was too simple for a gift to give to the Crown Prince.’, Karina thought while staring at the box in Altheon’s hand.


While she flinched as she regretted passing over her box to him, Altheon began to untie the ribbon.


Panicked, Karina snapped his hand and stopped him from opening the box in front of her.


“Hey, I don’t want you to open the gift in front of me…”


“Why? What’s wrong? When you receive a gift, it’s polite to open it on the spot.”


“Don’t do that, please go back to the carriage and open the box there. Your Majesty. Right?”


Confused and not realizing that such etiquette didn’t exist, Karina shook her head in embarrassment.


With her fierce nod, Altheon had no choice but to stare at her ears glowing red through her fluttering soft brown hair.


The fact that Karina, who had always been as sophisticated as a statue, was embarrassed seemed quite unfamiliar, but he didn’t feel bad seeing her like that.


‘Rather… Why do I feel like I want to tease you a little bit more?’


Altheon, whose lips were gently loosened, lightly squeezed her hand. Soon he bowed slowly and kissed her gently over the back of her hand.


It was different from the usual short and dry greetings like at the victory banquet. This was an act that he did impulsively, wondering if Karina would blush again if he did this.


“Then I’d better go to the carriage, even if I’m curious about the gift. See you next time.”


After greeting her, Altheon headed to the place where the carriage was, leaving Karina behind.


Karina belatedly came to her senses and lifted her hand to her lips to stop her screams from leaking out. Her face was already red as a tomato.



Recently, Reukis went to work every day at the Imperial Palace and was passing through the day quickly.


It had been a full week since he hadn’t seen Merria, and his patience was slowly running out. Then he was all the more anxious to see Altheon, who was smiling and on his way to see Karina in the afternoon.


In the end, Reukis decided to push ahead with his work arbitrarily.


‘Today, after finishing work quickly, I’ll buy Merria’s favorite cake and go see her.’


He worked like a cow since morning to carry out his plans.


While he was pondering in his head which cake to buy to receive the most warmth from Merria, the problem broke out in an unexpected place.


It all started with a single word from Milo. It was when Reukis was writing the Knight’s report in his office.


I was worried about the signs of frequent steps stomping like a dog outside the door, so I ordered Kalix to open the door, and Milo stood in front of him in a hurry.


“Didn’t I tell you to check the equipment? Why are you here at this hour?”


Kalix asked as if he was puzzled by Milo’s appearance. Then, what Milo said was just a spectacle.


“Sir, rumors are circulating that if you go to Countess Fabro’s party, you’ll be able to see Lady Rackester… Did you know?”


His master who fell in love for the first time in his life was likely to lose Merria to other guys, and Reukis, who’s locked away from society, must not even know this.


That was Milo’s idea.


For that reason, the sense of duty to deliver this news to Reukis as soon as possible made Milo suddenly visit him.


Harriet and Kalix were the only people who knew the real reason why Reukis courted Merria, so Milo, who only heard the rumor, deserved to rush to his office for such reasons.


Reukis appreciated Milo’s loyalty and specifically sat down and listened to him personally.


“Tell me more.”


“Whether it’s simply because of curiosity or because of their dark intention, the young noblemen and ladies who said that they would participate in the party are excellent…”


Milo blurred the end of his words, which had slowly cooled down from rushing into his office, even though he tried to put together words that would not offend Reukis as much as he could.


In the meantime, thanks to Kalix’s encouragement and support, Milo’s report was able to finish safely.


Milo went out and Reukis ordered Kalix to find out where the rumor circulated and whether he was sure that Merria was going to attend.


The plan went awry, but Reukis went straight back to the Frederick mansion, as his feelings of wanting to meet Merria did not change.


“Master. You came home early today.”


Harriet happily greeted Reukis.


Reukis nodded his head roughly to Harriet and said, “There must be an invitation from Countess Fabro. Find it and bring it to the office.”




Shortly after Reukis arrived at his office, Harriet handed over an invitation from Countess Fabro.


“Master, here’s the invitation you mentioned.”


Fortunately, it seemed to have been found before it was burned down and turned to ashes.


When I opened the invitation, the contents written in it were really arrogant and clumsy.


[ My Majesty, Grand Duke, Lady Merria Rackester said that she would attend this party. ]


Nevertheless, the role of the letter as bait to entice him was sufficient. Kalix returned shortly thereafter and posted an unwelcome report.


“Instead of the Duchess who was originally supposed to attend, it was said the Young Lady of Rackester was going to the party. I think it was Countess Fabro who started the rumor. I’m afraid it’s not interesting.”


Recently, the social world has been heating up with three issues.


The rivalry between Altheon and Dominique for the throne, who would become the Crown Prince, and the Rackester young lady rumored to be Reukis’ passionate unrequited love.


I heard at first glance that Merria, who had not appeared in society since her debut, made many young noblemen’s hearts excited when she appeared at the victory banquet.


In addition, as Reukis launched a series of gift attacks on the young lady Merria, all the nobles who could not attend the banquet that day were dying to see Merria’s face.


People who want to know the truth of the scandal. The young aristocrats of decent noble families flock to see Merria. And even the young girls and noble ladies who would come after them 


The party was a great success just with the participation of Merria, the main character from the talk in society.


The parties of the aristocrats used to be determined not by the status or reputation of the host, but by the popularity and status of the people present.


According to Kalix, Countess Fabro was known as a socialite.


A woman who enjoys gossip and love play could not miss such a good opportunity.




Reukis buried his face in his hands. Still, since the last time they met, he couldn’t shake the feeling that Merria was avoiding him.


Of course, I didn’t ask Merria directly, hoping it was just my imagination.


No, I couldn’t ask. It was because I couldn’t think of how to persuade her if she ever answered ‘yes‘.


“AI shouldn’t think about it until Merria tells me directly.”


Reukis shook his head and decided to focus on the problem in front of him. He was deeply troubled when he saw the invitation in his hand.


At the first request of Merria, the relationship between the two wasn’t known to others or the society. So it was natural for most to think that Merria had neither a fiancee nor a lover.


What if she goes to a party hosted by a famous socialite in the capital? The result was obvious without thinking about it at all.


“The glib aristocrats would surely stick to her and make all kinds of flirtations.”


Reukis, who was well aware of the vulgarity of his speech, was anxious that Merria would fall for such things.


Although his one-sided, forced relationship, Merria was his lover. The thought of losing her to a flirting bastard, who he doesn’t even know, made him want to roll their feet.


Reukis did not want to send his lover to a place filled with such insidious beings.


But I was afraid that if I forced her not to go, my position in Merria’s mind would fall to the bottom.


So, in the end, he decided that he would also attend the party. As his thoughts went so far, another question filled his mind this time.


‘Why didn’t she want me to come with her?’


A Lady was usually accompanied by a partner at a nobleman’s party.


Since the partner didn’t have to be a lover or fiance, the unmarried young lady may attend with the family knight, relatives, or young nobleman, who made an offer at that time.


But Merria had a decent lover, Reukis. In other words, there was no need to choose another person.


However, Reukis just found out today that she was going to this party.


And through other people’s mouths.


I fully understood Merria’s words to keep the meeting secret, for the time being, saying that the attention was burdensome, but I couldn’t hide my disappointment this time.


Harriet, who was watching from his side, felt the sadness of his master. Harriet was sweating profusely in an attempt to relieve Reukis’ heart and managed to come up with a trick that he liked.


“It may have been the consideration of the young lady, who thought you were reluctant to attend a party. Why don’t you go and apply for a partner in person…?




Reukis’ hazy eyes instantly turned to a different color.


It was indeed a possible story.  Since the accident in his childhood, Reukis has been reluctant to go out, let alone socialize.


So, if Merria heard such a story, it wasn’t unreasonable that she didn’t suggest going with him.


Reukis, who quickly regained his energy, jumped up from his seat and gave an order. “Prepare a wagon and flowers.”


“Yes, I’ll have it ready immediately.”


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