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Magner’s mansion lit brightly even on a night.




There was a sound of something breaking.


“If you’re not going to help the family, you just have to sit still. What? Who are you talking to?” Count Magner shouted, bloodstained by his neck.


The Countess asked with cold, sunken eyes. “Riley. Was it true that someone who was kicked out of the Grand Duke’s mansion was secretly brought into the mansion?”


“Th-that’s—” Riley stuttered, tearing at the hem of her dress.


The Count howled at the sight.


“Was it true or not? we’ve already become ridiculous! Because of you, I couldn’t show my face around!”


The aftermath of Riley’s work alone was greater than she thought.


First of all, it hurt Count Magner’s prestige. Politically, it became the talk of the aristocrats in the second prince faction.


It wasn’t enough to embrace the servants of the Grand Duke’s mansion, who guarded the Crown Prince’s side, so she even brought that fact up to the Grand Duke’s lover.


Indeed, it was worthy of demeaning the entire Second Prince faction.


Furthermore, he might be treated as a traitor within the Second Prince’s faction.


The Count was anxious not to know what would happen to his encounter with Queen Helena, which was scheduled a few days later.


How much money and time did he spend to flatter her?


The stupid daughter ruined the massive work that he’s been working so hard on. Count Magner clenched his teeth and hit the armrest of the sofa hard.


“I don’t even want to see your face. Get out!”


Then the Countess put her hand on her throbbing forehead and said, “Riley, go into your room.”


Riley, who was nervous to the fullest at the Count’s angry shouts, disappeared like the wind.


The Count’s anger passed once, and Riley felt like she was standing on thin ice.


All of the servants noticing the situation sneaked out of the mansion. The same was true of the maids who were cleaning up the broken items.


Except for the minimum number of people who had to attend to Riley, everyone went out, they headed to their quarters.


The maid with clear green hair tied in a towel quickly moved on. The blonde maid, who walked out silently, often snarled after her.




When the blonde maid called her name, Arene, who was ahead, turned her head slowly.


“Oh, it’s Murphy,” Arene replied with a loose smile around her lips.


Murphy, who suddenly started to match Arene’s pace, spoke to her.


“Wow, that wasn’t a joke earlier.”


Murphy’s expression, shaking her head, looked excited, contrary to her words.


It was the face of whether such an incident should happen in the boring life of a maid. Watching other people fight was fun for anyone, but Murphy was the only one who knew.


It ruled out that the parties in the fight were one of the employees. It was the servants who naturally suffered when the relationship between the owners worsened.


I’m busy with work, but I have to keep an eye on it.


Arene didn’t have to point out such ignorance but responded appropriately.


“Yes, he must be very angry today.”


Not only was she stuck in front of the Counts, but Riley’s personality wasn’t good either. No wonder she’s the daughter of the Count couple.


After adding a few more words, Murphy suddenly changed the subject.


“You know, did you hear about it?”


Murphy whispered close to Arene’s ear. “There was a kid who saw Shannon and the noble man together last time.”


Arene’s expression hardened for a moment at the unexpected story, but Murphy couldn’t notice it.


Arene, who quickly had a keen look on her face, responded with an unusual voice.


“Hmm. Maybe they’re mistaken. Shannon was being punished.”


“No! Was that silver hair like that common? The one who saw it said it was talking to a cool young man in the alley. Maybe she could become a mistress or something?”




“Shannon was a noble, even if it’s half. And her face… well she’s pretty. High aristocrats don’t have only one partner every night, regardless of gender.”




When Arene showed no interest, Murphy quickly brought up another topic.


“Today, Grevan and Jester asked us to go to the pub in the shopping district. Would you also like to go, Arene?”


Was it because of this?


Arene slowly turned her eyes and looked at Murphy’s side face.


Murphy was always talkative, but she was more than persistent today.




Arene blurted out the end of her speech like a troubled person. Arene, who slowly slowed down and widened her distance from Murphy, loosened the towel she had tied tightly.


The lusciously wavy green hair tumbled down to her wing bone.


Arene’s eyes, which are like azaleas in full bloom, slowly blinked and smoothed her hair, looking sacred as an elf born from a flower.


Even so, she shed an alluring atmosphere in harmony with the curves that were not completely covered by her maid outfit.


Murphy felt her body tingle as she gazed into Arene’s blinking eyes.


“They told me to bring you there. Let’s go. Okay?”


It was already known that the servants of her age were looking at Arene and drooling over her. Because from the beginning, she looked seductive.


Arene looked into Murphy’s sorrowful eyes with a solemn smile.


“I’m a little tired. Jester told me earlier. I made an excuse just in case, but actually, it’s better if you come alone.”


To remove Murphy from talking to her persistently, Arene decided to throw out the name of her crush, Jester.


Murphy, who was listening to Arene with a blank look, pursed her lips and held back the laughter that leaked out.


“Hey, was that true?”


“Why would I lie?”


“Then let’s go together next time. I’ll go first!”


Murphy, as if she had never bothered Arene, hurriedly turned around.


Arene, who finally kicked out the tiresome fly, walked past the small building where the maids were staying and headed to a separate house in the corner.


There was no dust, but there was a light-blowing exterior that felt somewhat old and desolate.


When she opened the ungreased door and entered, she heard a little sound of footsteps coming from inside.




Looking at the place where the sound was heard, a beautiful woman with silver hair, as clean as a lake filled with moonlight, stood holding onto the wall.


The beautiful woman with a pale face, as if she was about to collapse, staggered quickly, feeling overwhelmed just by standing there.


Arene, who quickly ran to where she was, assisted her.


“You don’t have to come here every day…”


“The Count was too much. The young lady was so sick, but he didn’t even come to you.”


“I feel more comfortable being alone… As long as I have you, everything’s fine. Don’t get scolded by the head maid for bringing up my story while working, okay?”


The woman, who was sweating, smiled weakly as if she were going to die.


Arene put on an alluring smile and gently stroked her hair.


“Yes, Miss Shannon.”


“I told you not to call me that before…”


Shannon puffed up her cheeks like a whining child.


Arene, who has been like a friend and family since the first time Shannon saw her, seemed unhappy with her using honorifics.


However, Arene kept her respectful words as if she had no intention of doing what Shannon asked.


In addition, after learning that Shannon was the Count’s daughter, she began to call her ‘young lady.’


“Lean on me.”


Shannon nodded her head sullenly to Arene, who wouldn’t do it until the end.


Arene, who assisted Shannon to the room, laid her on the bed. Arene, who touched Shannon’s face and neck lying on the bed, frowned slightly.


Her face was hot and her body was cold.


In the meantime, as Shannon’s forehead lit up, Arene immediately rose.


Arene headed for the kitchen, the only one in the annex, with water. She returned to her room with a large basin full of cold water.


Sitting at Shannon’s bedside, she wiped her forehead with a coarse cloth that she wouldn’t even look at if she were noble.


Shannon, who had been silently watching Arene like that, swallowed her saliva and spoke her words.


“How’s Marie and Bella doing?”




“Tell them I’m doing fine as usual.”


Shannon smiled and covered her mouth with a prickly blanket as an unsatisfactory answer flowed out to Arene.


It has been six years since Shannon’s mother passed away and she entered the Magner’s Mansion.


Shannon, who started working at a young age, treated her as if she were her sister. In particular, Bella, who taught Shannon how to work, and Marie, who she shared the room with, took care of her.


It turned out that Shannon was the illegitimate child of the Count, and the Count took her to the victory banquet to introduce her.


Since then, Shannon has been isolated from a separate house in the corner of the mansion, neither a maid nor a noble lady.


She couldn’t even dream of her previous life of laughing and chatting with people. Shannon, who had suffered like a bird whose wings had been taken away, eventually began to suffer from fever.


Even so, Arene was the only one who came to see Shannon in this secluded annex.


Marie and Bella turned their backs on Shannon because they felt jealous and betrayed. Shannon naturally had no choice but to rely on her.


“Today, Grevan bought some medicine from the market.”


“I guess Grevan likes you a lot. As long as he takes care of you.”


Arene shook her hand in embarrassment.


“I asked for it. I heard he was going to the shopping district today. It was difficult for me to go out because I was doing laundry.”


She had to exchange jobs with other maids to make an alibi to come see Shannon.


Shannon’s eyes squinted with regret. Arene didn’t care, she poured the potion into the spoon and poured it into her mouth.


“You won’t get sick anymore if you eat this.”




Shannon took the medicine without saying anything. As if she was relaxed, Shannon quickly fell asleep.


“Sleep well.”


Arene left a shallow kiss on her forehead with a contented face.


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