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On the day they went to Fabro’s mansion, Reukis and Merria, tired of their circumstances, returned from the party early.


Merria wrote a letter to Derek after.


It was a letter with words that she wanted to see him because it was a fairly important matter to reveal in such a letter.


At the end of the letter, Merria wrote, ‘Could I go to the estate?’.


So a few days passed waiting for Derek’s reply.


Knock, knock-


Merria, who was reading a novel she had borrowed from Lexie, replied.




“Are you okay now?”


It was Lexie who opened the door and came in.


Merria put down the book she was reading.




“It’s a letter from Miss Lilith.”


Merria jumped up and accepted the letter.


“I’ll read it now.”


When I opened the letter, it was filled with the unique handwriting of Lilith, which was written lightly with a raised end.


「To Merria, who’s playing in the capital. It’s uninteresting here, but I’m in good health.


I have nothing to do, so I’m thinking of learning how to hunt.


It’s all forest in the back, so I think there would be plenty of fun…


Derek was busy from morning to evening, he said he was writing to you every day, but he fell asleep.


Don’t be too upset if you don’t get a reply.


Ah, I want to return to the capital soon.」


I was pleased to hear from Derek, but the content was not very pleasant.


Although I expected him to be busy since he was the successor.


‘You were so tired that you couldn’t write a reply? Was it too much to meet him in person?’


Merria bit her lips in disappointment and read the rest of the letter.




The honey, which has been newly grown here, was very fragrant and delicious.


I was just thinking about putting it in black tea, but the baker in the village used it in bread.


After eating it, I think you would also like the sweet and moist bread.


I’ll bring a bunch when I get back.


Lilith, who misses partying.」


Lilith’s letter exudes an atmosphere of helplessness from beginning to end.


Merria burst into laughter, imagining Lilith rolling over the bed in boredom.


Currently, Lilith has gone down to the estate as Derek’s guardian.


Lilith, who was forced to accompany Derek to learn how to manage the estate, had spoken out until the day before she left.


Not surprisingly, the Lawrence estates were peaceful and plentiful, but there were almost no amusement facilities.


Moreover, since there were no nobles of the same age around, tea parties for ladies were more common than parties.


Lilith, who enjoys drinking and dancing, couldn’t have welcomed that atmosphere.


“Lily must be very bored. There are a lot of complaints written in the letter.”


“Lady Lilith says she makes sure to marry a capital nobleman,” Lexie answered with a chuckle.


Merria, who was giggling along with Lexie, put down her pen and wiped the ink off her hand with a handkerchief.


“Send this to Lilith today. I have to leave now, so please take care of my clothes and hair.”


“Yes! Miss.”



In the middle of the Imperial Palace’s training, the sound of sharp swords clashing echoed




The knights who were training were busy putting down their swords and watching the battle between the two, which was usually rare to see.


Inside the round wall of people, two men fought each other with sharp eyes.


Once again, the swords collided with each other, and a deep vibration was felt in the hand holding the sword.


“Take your sword with the duty of your servant.”, Altheon, who was sick and tired of seeing Reukis with an indifferent expression, said first, unlike his hard-pressed arms


“It’s not very nice of you to say such a cowardly thing in a fair fight.”


“You speak as if you didn’t know.”


“Sorry, but that’s not possible,” Reukis answered.


The sharp blade fell in an instant, and the distance between the two increased.


Once again, as he spurred his feet to charge, the sword stopped in mid-air at the sound of a voice.


“Your Highness Altheon, Lady Delphi, has come.”


It was because of a word from an aide who appeared.


Altheon arranged the sword without hesitation. Altheon, who had been sweating, wiped his face with the towel his aide handed him, then glanced at Reukis.


It was an unspoken signal that they should stop here today. Reukis also put down his sword and bowed his head lightly.


The match had already ended, but the knights who were left with regret couldn’t easily leave.


They began to return to their places one by one only after Reukis left.


“Eden, was it time already? It’s a big deal that I’m late.”, Altheon said, who was walking in the direction that led to the Crown Prince’s Palace.


He told Eden to pick him up on time for his appointment with Karina.


Altheon, who became a lazy crown prince who made his fiance wait because of his stupid aide, played a trick.


Eden hid his fists behind at his sarcastic words of Altheon.


Then he replied in the same tone of speech as always. “Your Majesty, you’re not late for your appointment. There’s still time left.”


“Then what?


“The Lady seems to have come to the palace early because of her companion.”




“Yes. She came with the Lady of Rackester.”


Reukis’ head, which was walking far away, spun back at Eden’s answer. Soon after, Reukis turned to the direction Alt6eon and Eden were walking.


Reukis, who quickly reached the two men, stood beside them with a brazen face.


“Oh, she did?”


Seeing that, Alteon nodded with a face that he had only remembered. Then he grinned and looked at Reukis in confusion in front of him.


‘I didn’t hear anything.’


They were cousins of the same age, a comrade, and a reliable partner in society, who had been together for more than 20 years.


But even Altheon had never seen such a look on Reukis’s face before.


It was a person that bothered him a lot to walk around, probably because it seemed like he had a lover and recently suffered from a fever.


Altheon wanted to tease him a little at this point.


‘Judging from his reaction, it seems that he didn’t know that the princess had come to the Imperial Palace…’


The prince, who had a bad personality, decided to start by leaving quickly.


“Then I’ll have to go because my fiance was waiting.”


Altheon glanced at Eden with a cold expression.


Eden sighed inwardly as he saw his master’s smile, who didn’t know what it meant.


Whatever it was, it was clear that the crown prince of this empire was very excited. Eden lightly greeted Reukis as Altheon wanted, and began to walk in the lead.


“Kalix. Continue your training.”


Reukis ordered Kalix, who was watching from somewhere in the group of knights, and naturally began walking along with Eden.


Altheon, who was walking leisurely next to Reukis, shook his head.


“This was my promise. You’re the one who wasn’t invited.”


Reukis, who heard the Prince’s words, walked behind Eden regardless.


“Even if you shoot Eden in the back of his head, you wouldn’t get the answer you wanted. Rather, you should ask me.”


Altheon snorted at Reukis with an exaggerated tone and humorous expression.


Reukis, who was staring at Altheon to pay attention, suddenly stopped.


When Reukis looked at himself from bottom to top, he found muddy shoes and sweaty clothes one after another.


When he heard that Merria had arrived, he instinctively wanted to find her, and it was because he had forgotten that he was in a fight earlier.


In this dirty state, he could not stand in front of Merria, so he had to leave quickly and wash up.


Reukis asked Eden, who had stopped at the same time. “Where was she?”


Eden glanced at his master.


Altheon only stood still with his arrogant gaze.


Finally, Reukis, who decided to take a step back, said with a small sigh.


“As an engagement gift for Your Majesty, I would offer you the finest Arlea.”


Arlea, also called the Spirit of Flowers, was a lavender diamond with a light purple color.


Since only a very small amount could be mined, owned by the Duke of Frederick, Altheon has long coveted it.


Alteon, who had obtained a bigger harvest than expected, nodded with satisfaction.




With Altheon’s approval, Eden replied without waiting.


“She went to the garden with the fountain on the east side in front of the Crown Prince’s Palace.”


“I see.”


Altheon, who was watching the back of Reukis disappearing like a man with wings on his feet, frowned as if it were ridiculous.


“You don’t look good.”


Contrary to sarcastic remarks, his eyes were quite soft.


There was also a time when he was envious of Reukis because the emperor cared more for his sister’s son, Reukis than his son, Altheon.


However, Reukis did not criticize or ridicule him for that. Because he had parents who were warmer than the emperor.


Even when Reukis lost his parents and acted like a person deprived of his emotions, Altheon couldn’t comfort him.


Because he also suffered the loss of his mother. He already knew that even sloppy words and sincere consolation wouldn’t come to his ears.


In the end, Altheon did nothing. No criticism or consolation was offered. That was his choice.


But when he saw Reukis, who looked as lively as a flower that had been watered, he felt sentimental.


After brushing off his old memories, Altheon walked in a hurry. He also wanted to wash off his body covered in dirt before he stood in front of Karina.


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