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As the transparent plate began to turn vivid purple, the room was engulfed in silence.


“Why… This…”


Merria’s small voice leaked out of the space where even the air seemed to have stopped.


Surprised, Deston tried to reach out, and the purple magic board was swallowed up by the darkness in an instant.


It then caused a small explosion with a crackling sound. As if after a firecracker exploded, the magic board emitting black smoke fluttered out of Reukis’ hand.


“It’s a defective product. Does the Ministry of Magic offer such things to their clients?”


Reukis’ lips twisted and his golden eyes flashed.


Deston’s pupils, who had not yet figured out what had happened right away, trembled and glanced back at Merria and the magic board alternately.


Deston quickly came to his senses and took the magic board from Reukis’ hand and placed it on the table.


“Sorry to startle you. There must have been a mistake in the process of making a beginner wizard.”


“…It’s okay. I’m glad no one got hurt.”


Merria also nodded with her face, somewhat confused. Deston jumped up from his seat and ran to his desk


“Wait a minute, hold on a second. A new magic board…”


Reukis reached out to Merria even before Deston’s words were over.


“Merria. Have all your questions been answered?” ᴿᵉᵘᵏᶦˢ 


“Yes. I don’t think I’m compatible with magic.” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ 


Taking Reukis’ hand, Merria answered, resting her cheek on her other hand. Deston didn’t notice anything strange even in the tangled conversation between the two.


“Then we’ll get going now.” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ 


Before the new magic board was presented, Merria gave a one-sided greeting.


“Oh, Merria!” Wait a minute.”




The room, which had been noisy with the two of them barging up like a storm, suddenly quietly sank.


Deston blinked blankly, staring at the empty room.


And slowly, Deston returned to his senses.


“What was that earlier?”


The magic board that Merria had previously touched earlier was scattered on the table.


It had already burned out and looked like nothing but trash. This magic board was previously made by Deston, not by a beginner wizard.


At the age when everyone else was graduating from the academy, it was Deston, who already had the skills of an intermediate wizard.


There couldn’t have been any defects in what he made. This was the first time even Deston, who knew how to use most magic since becoming a high-end wizard.


What does it mean, a magic board that was darkened because it turned purple?


Deston’s silver eyes flashed dangerously, finding interesting research materials after a while.


“It’s more amazing than I thought.”



“Are you done already?”


When the two returned in less than 30 minutes, the coachman who was waiting in front of them made a puzzled expression.


Most of the reasons for the common nobles looking for wizards were the same. To request to make any object or potion they want.


Wizards are high-level magicians, and even the same wizards could create different things depending on their abilities.


Besides, they had the same stubbornness and conviction as their high nose. Therefore, they weren’t unconditionally accepting a request just for money.


Therefore, if the meeting was difficult, it was common to pour money into the wizard until the end of the promised time to make the request.


However, the time the two stayed at the Ministry of Magic was short enough to even bring up an introduction.


Nevertheless, something seemed to have happened during that time.


Merria, who was fine before they went in, looked deeply lost in thought, and Reukis had a bloody expression as if wary of something.


The quick-witted coachman quickly opened the carriage door and waited without adding his words.


When they both got into the wagon, the coachman began to drive the horse at a very moderate speed, neither too slow nor too fast.


On the way, he was caught on a stone beak and was only choosing the well-paved road in case he heard a scolding.


The coachman’s throat felt dry at the sudden thought.


‘Where… should I take them?’


The atmosphere between the two of them was too stiff to stop the carriage at the point where it had already departed and ask for the destination again.


Usually, Reukis would tell him where to go before getting on the carriage, so of course, he had only his ears attentive this time.


But come to think of it, Reukis never said a word until he got on the carriage.


Fortunately, the imperial palace was spacious and magnificent, and the Ministry of Magic was located inside the beautiful natural landscape, so there was plenty of time to get to the main gate.


Even now, the coachman was thinking about whether to stop the carriage and ask.


Thanks to Merria’s habit of enjoying the scenery while riding a carriage, the conversation between the two could be heard occasionally through the half-open windows.


Normally, he would not have dreamed of eavesdropping on the master’s conversation, but the coachman decided to make an exception this time.


“I’ll take you to your mansion.” ᴿᵉᵘᵏᶦˢ


Reukis reached out and gathered and organized her hair fluttering in the wind.


“Then please.” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ 


She answered briefly. Merria now had a complicated mind.


She didn’t want to be disturbed by anything except the power of the ring. She was so deep in thought that she forgot that Reukis was beside her.


‘Purple.’ For a moment, the magic board turned completely purple.


‘Was it possible that such a color could come out?’


Did Deston see that, too?


What if he uses that as an excuse to question me?


Was it true that the ring was safe?


Could I still use this power on Reukis?


How about me?


Does it not harm me even if I keep it to myself?


Why did the old woman give me this?


If she gave it to me, why didn’t she explain it properly?


Why? Why?


Just why?


She said it could save my life, so I carried it with me all the time.


What I wanted to know was getting farther and farther away, and I felt like I was filling my head with useless things.


‘Does this help me? I don’t know. I don’t know anything. But I…’


“Why do I have this?”


Merria’s murmur lingered in the quiet carriage.




Merria, who came to her senses at the call of Reukis, recalled what happened earlier.


‘Did I just say it out loud? Where did I start?’


Merria’s pupils began to shake violently.


She turned her gaze to meet Reukis’ eyes.


Clear and warm golden eyes. Sometimes it’s empty, sometimes it’s full of envy.


And for the most part, honesty expresses joy without less. Merria bowed her head in embarrassment for a moment.


It was not due to a rational liking or excitement. This was probably a shame about her pride.


‘How did I come up with that idea about Reukis? What does she mean that it would save me? What am I?’


In a situation where even she suffers from ignorance. Who cares for whom and who saves whom?


Haha. A small laugh erupted from Merria’s lips.


She decided to admit that she overestimated herself too much. Merria wasn’t strong. The inevitable situation just made her look determined.


Merria stared at Reukis intently. He was still affectionately holding her in his eyes.


Her eyes widened at the same appearance as always. Merria swallowed once and then opened her mouth.




“Master, Lady. We have arrived.”


A diligent coachman announced the arrival in the meantime.


With a sigh, Merria reached out to Reukis.


“Would you like to go eat?” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ 


“It’s a shame but…Yes?” ᴿᵉᵘᵏᶦˢ


Reukis took Merria’s hand and brought it to his cheek, his eyes open roundly.


Of course, it was because he thought she would say goodbye.


Usually, Merria would get off the carriage and send Reukis right away.


But not today. It was like receiving Merria’s ‘first invitation’.


Reukis responded with a wide smile.




Merria followed him and closed her eyes.


‘I think I could tell him now.’  ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ 


Meeting the old woman and about the ring.


She has to let go of the anxiety, which she has been holding on owning all along.


I can’t wait to show you my weakness.  That’s what I thought.



It was a little after lunch, and it was too early to call it dinner.


Merria, who returned, ordered an untimely dinner preparation.


In addition, the guest, Grand Duke, went to a great war.


Thanks to the energetic servants, the mansion suddenly became noisy. The two decided to wait in the guest room until the meal was ready.


Reukis, who was keenly examining the surroundings said, “It’s done.”


At Merria’s request that she had something to say, he confirmed that no ears were listening to them.


Merria didn’t speak until he confirmed.


“Did you see that? The color changed when I put my hand on the magic board.” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ 


“It was purple.” ᴿᵉᵘᵏᶦˢ


“I wasn’t mistaken. Besides, the magic board even broke. Wasn’t this dangerous? What if I used that kind of power on you…” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ


Merria murmured in her guilty voice.


A moment of silence lingered in the drawing room.


Reukis wiggled his fingertips and called her, “Merria.”


“…Yes.” She answered with her head buried in her hands.


Reukis grabbed Merria’s and pulled it down to look her in the eye.


Finally, Merria’s eyes were full of confusion. Reukis held her hand tightly and whispered.


“It’s because of me.” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ


“Yes?” ᴿᵉᵘᵏᶦˢ


In response to an answer that seemed to be asking what that means, Reukis turned his gaze to another place and continued.


“The magic board that was handed over by the wizard wasn’t broken.” ᴿᵉᵘᵏᶦˢ


“But when I touched it, there was a spark and smoke came out.” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ


“As soon as the magic board turned purple… I blew it up and it just looked like that.” ᴿᵉᵘᵏᶦˢ


At the shy confession of Reukis, Merria lost her words and smiled vaguely.




Fortunately, Reukis was not someone to make up such words for the sake of momentary comfort.


Of course, Reukis’ way of coping was embarrassing. It was like melting the gold in the water bottle so that it wasn’t visible.


However, it was much of common sense, so Merria’s mind became a little lighter.


Should I say that his words were real?


“Oh, that’s a relief…”


Merria relaxed her stiff shoulders and leaned on the sofa. Reukis apologized because he seemed to have made Merria worry for no reason.




“Hmm? What?”


“I didn’t think it would make you nervous to break it.”


Merria slightly smiled at him.


“It’s because I’m a coward, and it’s not for you to apologize for.”


She moved from leaning against the sofa to resting her head against Reukis’ chest.


A pleasant sound was heard in her ears. Listening to the sound of Reukis’ heart, Merria breathed deeply.


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