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Helena couldn’t help but panic for a moment.


The young lady, who used to give only blurry words behind her father, quickly turned into a person with a strong presence.


This woman in front of me looked completely different from before.


As such, Shannon’s eyes were intense and overwhelming. Although it may feel dignified for a mere Countess not to avert her eyes.


Helena didn’t hate facing Shannon’s eyes, which showed her strong will.


‘Rather, I felt like I was looking at myself when I was young.’


A unique atmosphere that only those who hide a knife in a soft appearance can create.


Now Shannon felt something like that. Helena, who felt interested in another person for the first time in a long time, slightly bent her lips and recommended a seat.


As soon as Count Magner sat down, he began to mutter what he wanted to say.


Most of them were statements of his false loyalty, and the rest were subtly obedience.


It was very funny to mention Shannon sporadically during the conversation.


When Helena hides her boredom and appears to listen, the Count mistakenly believes that his words were working.


While he was spurring the conversation, Shannon just lowered her gaze and drank tea.


‘Was that feeling an illusion before?’


Shannon, who was sitting still like a doll, did not show the same atmosphere as earlier.


As Helena looked intently at Shannon, Count Magner, who noticed her gaze, made a fuss.


“Oh, do you like my daughter?”


“…Very beautiful.”


That wasn’t what caught Helena’s interest, but she responded moderately.


Count Magner rejoiced as if the answer was permission.


He didn’t seem to be trying to show his excitement in his way, but his wide nostrils expressed his excitement.


The Count spoke with a hoarse laugh. “Then would you please talk to Shannon? I have a meeting.”


The tone was cautious, but his insides were arrogant. It meant that his meeting was more important than the conversation with the Queen.


“Right. You should leave now.”


Helena’s lips, which issued soft blessings, gained strength. Helena, who’s skilled in hiding herself as a beautiful and pitiful wife and a benevolent mother, has recently been experiencing her limitations.


The thieves, who gathered to fart day by day, eventually took the same attitude in the end.


Because being the mother of the second prince, they only came to show their face and had no intention to be sincerely loyal to her, who’s not the Empress.


Those eyes where those thoughts are prevalent. Those who aren’t good at hiding their emotions among them expressed their feelings to the point that it was annoying.


The Count quickly turned his gaze, but Helena’s urge to dig out his cheeky eyes soared.


‘If I could, I wanted to poison Afrion right away and write a will with forged handwriting to make Dominique the Emperor.’ ᴴᵉˡᵉⁿᵃ


‘But not yet, I still have to endure it.’


Afrion was as suspicious as he was weak.


A weak Emperor who easily ascended to the throne by forsaking me and marrying a foreign princess.


Helena’s heart has already died cold a long time ago. All she had left was great anger and a desire to pursue power.


An Emperor who could not even make the Queen into an Empress because he was still wary of the nobles was the sun that would soon be lost.


On the day Afrion married another woman, she decided to invest far away.


She will place her child on her next great throne and ascend herself to the throne of Empress seat on her own.


Until then, she had to bow down like a wild beast preparing to hunt and kill the enemy. However, Helena did not just let go of his hand and hoped that Altheon would disappear.


By any means she could, she cleared the obstacles in her way. Quietly, but certainly brutal…


The assassin disguised as an enemy and sent to Altheon would form that mountain, and the poison fed to him would fill a bottle the size of a beast.


Nevertheless, Altheon has survived and is still getting on my nerves. Helena’s great patience was about to crack.


After Count Magner had left, a cold silence settled in the room.


Helena, who had forgotten Shannon’s existence for a moment, slowly turned her gaze away. Shannon was just sitting upright as before.


Helena relaxed her lips intending to send her back after a brief conversation.


“Lady Magner.”


At her call, Shannon raised herself instead of answering.


Helena followed Shannon’s movements with a puzzled gaze.


Shannon slowly knelt at Helena’s feet.




Helena looked down at her without saying a word.


Shannon spoke with her head down. “Queen Helena. Please support me!”


“Support? What do you mean?”


Helena, being wary of the sudden change of attitude, asked calmly.


Then Shannon, who slowly raised her head, looked up at Helena and answered. “I will dedicate everything to you.”


Her eyes contained a more straightforward and intense will than anyone else. Helena, who remembers the eyes of countless people who ignored her and tried to lure her, could notice at once.


There will be no disrespectful feelings in these eyes. It’s been a long time since Helena showed her bare face to others. Her eyes sank gently.


“I don’t keep foolish people around me.”


Since her plans are being carried out in secret, she will soon be exposed if she has a clumsy subordinate.


As if expecting Helena’s words, Shannon nodded lightly.


“I won’t ask anything, I won’t say anything. I’ll just do what you tell me to do, with all my heart.”


They say, if you use it as you like and become useless, you can throw it away mercilessly.


Helena’s lips twitched at the oath that was like from a mercenary who was wallowing on the side of the road.


It was never a word that could come out of the mouth of a young noble lady who grew up trapped in the house.


Helena liked that gap.


“Okay then, stay by my side, Shannon.”


Shannon’s eyes were filled with exaltation at the familial gaze.


As she glanced at Helena, who had slightly twisted lips, memories of a long time ago seemed to overlap on top of it.


‘Stay by my side. Arene.’


Shannon’s light pink eyes sparkled with joy.



It was a night where even half of the moon was obscured by a dark cloud.


After Shannon left, Lepeta crept up to Helena.


“Should I attach people to her…?”


In Lepeta’s eyes, Shannon, who was unusually loyal, seemed suspicious.


Helena tapped the table with her finger as if she was agonizing.


“I don’t need it.”


It was time for Lepeta to move according to her words.


“Right now…”


Recognizing that Helena’s words were not over yet, Lepeta bowed again and waited for what would follow.


Helena, who had been looking at the door, turned her gaze away and stared out of the window instead, which had completely turned dark.


“From Coming-of-Age Night, attach a person to that child. Who and what kind of conversation she would be having, whether it’s her father’s command or her own will. Report everything to me.”




After Helena finished speaking, Lepeta silently left the room.


Meanwhile, Shannon, who returned to Magner’s mansion, got off the carriage. It’s time for everyone to fall asleep.


For some reason, the butler was standing in front of the carriage.


He seemed to have waited quite a long time to tell her something.


“Shannon. Did you tell the master to stop by as soon as the day dawned? No, did he…”


The tone was stiff because it was awkward to speak formally towards Shannon, who had long been regarded as a maid.


Shannon’s delay in returning home, which was left with Helena, seemed to have aroused the Count’s curiosity.


Perhaps tomorrow she will have to repeat the conversation she had with Helena down to a ton.


‘Of course, I have no intention of telling him everything.’ ˢʰᵃⁿⁿᵒⁿ


After finishing his work, the butler immediately left for another place. 


She also headed for the annex without delay. Walking fast, she opened the door of the next room, not the room she always went to.


As she opened the door, a creaking sound echoed. It wasn’t too loud, but it felt louder because it was so quiet inside the separate building.


There was only a hard bed and a plain desk in the small room. On the desk were several pockets full of medicine bottles and some old books.


She first took off her cumbersome dress and put it on the bed. After changing into light clothes, even a black robe on the wall was covered, and her whole face was covered.


She left the room after grabbing the pocket of sharp needles and empty vials and a bag of coins.


As the annex was located in a remote place, the security of the mansion was also poor. Passing through the secret passage leading to the outside, she saw a small carriage.


It was a plain brown exterior with no patterns. It was an expensive wage carriage mainly used by commoners to secretly travel between regions.


A middle-aged man who appeared to be the coachman was waiting for her.


“Can you just ride here?” He asked as he put the cigarette in his mouth on the floor.


She shook her head and pointed her finger at the annex.


“There’s one more person.”


The man replied, after hearing her answer, that she was with someone.


“Get on board first. We must leave before the guards arrive.”


“I want you to move around a bit.”




At his words of treating the party as a burden, the coachman raised his eyebrow.


She shrugged and added, “It’s only a girl, so you can lift her right?”


“Well, that’s true but…” The coachman nodded with a grim face.


She immediately turned and entered the fence.


In front of the door of the annex, there was also a young lady covered with a robe.


The coachman who followed asked, with a frown on the middle of his forehead.


“It’s not dead, right?”


When he secretly drove others away, he was bound to see a lot of rough things.


He also experienced burns with the blood of those who were driven by debt and ran at night, and knights of the family chasing after nobles who were fleeing for love.


Well, he was already used to those things, but he didn’t intend to participate in the abandonment of a corpse.


Because if he had participated in such a filthy thing, he would have had a bad dream at night.


She snorted at the hesitant coachman’s question.


“You’ll know when you touch it.”


At her vague words, the coachman stuttered and reached out.


When he touched the cheek slightly under the robe, he felt the warmth of a living person.




He breathed a sigh of relief and walked around the woman wrapped in a robe.


The coachman who carried the ‘party’ reached out his hand before heading to the driver’s seat.


“Half of the deposit is prepaid.”


She took out a pocket of coins and threw them at the man.


The coachman weighed it by rolling the pocket he received in a hurry from his hand.


“Everything inside is gold. That’s enough to pay for it, so just leave quickly.”


The man, who sneakily checked the inside of the pocket, bowed his back with a sly expression.


“Oh, thank you. Excuse me.”


He put the coin pocket he received in his arms and closed the carriage door.


The carriage gradually began to move away from Magner’s mansion.

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