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Last night, Merria and Reukis talked until late.


It was possible because of Merria, who was accustomed to staying up all night, and Reukis, who could not sleep.


And, as always, the aftermath came the next morning.




“Hmm,” Merria answered the call, waking up from her slumber with a hoarse voice.




When she didn’t get up, the maid now even shook Merria’s body to wake her.


Merria frowned as she slightly opened her eyes. The unfamiliar ceiling and familiar face greeted her.


“Lady! Wake up!”


“…Lexie, I’m awake, so stop calling me…” Merria scolded Lexie, massaging her sore neck.


Although I have told her to bring my dress to prepare and leave.


Lexie was very excited to be on an expedition to the Grand Duke’s House.


Merria got up, raising her heavy body, and trudged to the bathroom.


As Lexie and Jane were washing and preparing her dress, Reukis came to pick up Merria, which had been soaked in perfume.


He suggested having breakfast together, but Merria refused, saying she was fine.


On a day like this, it’s because I was so nervous before entering and I was not feeling well.


When Reukis grew pale, Merria got ready early and suggested taking a walk in the garden.


Thanks to the heavy rain until dawn, today’s sky was very clear. The sun was setting slowly while Merria was being primped by the two maids.


Merria, dressed in a light yellow dress, stared at the table with a serious gaze.


Several ornaments were placed in a row on the table. These were the things Lexie had brought from Rackester, and these were the things Lilith had recommended when she went to match the dress.




Merria pointed to the jewel box and said. “Should I use this?”


What she chose was a set of pearls with high transparency.


The small white flower buds seemed to go well with today’s atmosphere.




Lexie put the necklace on Merria. When Merria wore earrings, the soft-feeling outfit was completed.


I smiled satisfactorily as I looked in the mirror.




Reukis, who had just finished preparing, came just in time.


We had to finish early, so we had plenty of time until departure.


As promised, the two headed to the garden of the mansion. The weather, neither too hot nor too cold, was perfect for a walk.


The garden of the Grand Duke’s residence was very wide, and many flowers are hard to find in the capital.


When Reukis found out that Merria liked flowers, he increased the budget allocated to the gardener of the mansion after learning about it.


When I took a full breath, I could feel the fragrances of the various flowers harmoniously blended.


Merria smiled broadly and took a gentle step. Reukis then took Merria to the greenhouse.


In a place full of exotic trees and flowers, Merria found a familiar flower. It was a dark pink, round-shaped flower that bloomed in the greenhouse of the Rackester. 


“Do you know what this flower is called?”


Merria spoke with a light smile. Reukis shook his head in response.


Merria answered, tapping the petals.


“It’s a flower called Armeria.”


She likes flowers, but she wasn’t good enough to have professional knowledge.


Raven, Merria’s mother, wanted to ask her one day to recommend a flower while she’s decorating the greenhouse.


I’ve only read a book called ‘All the Flowers in the World’ in the library of the mansion.


Armeria flower was something that I found there by chance.


“Ar… Meria. It’s similar to your name.”


“I thought so as soon as I first heard the name. Originally, it only blooms near the southern coast, but I could see it here.”


Reukis asked, watching Merria looking at the flower sweetly.


“Do you like this flower?”


“To be honest, it’s a flower that I love. The way it looks was also my taste.”


It contains her name and its round appearance was quite cute.


At Merria’s words that it resembles her taste, Reukis stared intently at the Armeria.


‘I wondered if there was anything in common between Armeria and Merria as much as the tip of her hair.’ ᴿᵉᵘᵏᶦˢ


However, it was safe to say that those little pink flowers and Reukis were on the other side of the continent.


In the end, Reukis, who failed to understand Merria’s taste, squinted and looked at the flowers.


Nevertheless, it made Merria smile, so that flower had done its job.


After enjoying the flowers, the two decided to sit down and rest at a table in one corner of the greenhouse.


As I drank tea with floating yellow petals in a greenhouse in full bloom, I wondered if this place was not an island but a fairy kingdom.


Sitting opposite each other, Reukis fiddled with Merria’s hand on the table.


Soon after, he suddenly began to kiss each of her fine fingers. Merria flinched at the sudden expression of affection.


“Why all of a sudden…”


“Merria, do you know you have a habit?”


Reukis asked, blinking his eyes. Merria’s head tilted at the unfamiliar question.


Reukis held her hand right in front of Merria.


What she had never seen was something stuck in her finger.


It was a ring with gold gemstones as pretty as the eyes of Reukis. Merria’s eyes widened at the ring that fitted on the little finger of her left hand.


“It’s your habit to touch the little finger of your left hand. Did you know?”


Merria made a muffled sound.


‘Of course, I knew.’


It was something I did often when I’m thinking a lot about something or when I’m anxious.


She wanted to be comforted by the existence of the ring.


In the first place, Reukis wouldn’t even have known that a ring had been worn on her finger.


He remembered it and filled the vacancy on her finger as soon as the ring disappeared like a lie.


“Are you giving this to me?” Merria asked in a slightly trembling voice.


Reukis smiled and nodded.


“I’m the one who always receives, so I wanted to give you something. But I don’t think you like fancy accessories…”


“Thank you. It’s really…”


I smiled as I glanced over at the sparkling ring.


“I’ll be very happy if you think of me while looking at it.”


At Reukis’ words, the corners of her eyes widened. Here was Reukis’ heart, thinking of Merria.


This was her new anon.


“After all, there are more people today.” Merria, who got off the carriage, muttered.


Unlike usual, the forepart of Pierre Hall was already crowded, perhaps by the time the banquet began.


Merria entered the banquet hall under the escort of Reukis.


Thinking that there was no unusual position today, my head felt clear.


Within a short time, the nobles who had met last night gathered around. With a gentle smile, she moved to the wall, greeting other young noble ladies.




I came here because I had to attend, but coming here for two days in a row was harder than I thought.


“For the time being, banquets are no longer part of the plan.” Merria recited, with eyes that lost vitality.


Reukis fiercely nodded, seemingly agreeing with Merria’s words.


The two of them were already exhausted from one affliction while coming here from the entrance.


I wanted to go back right away if I could, but I had to endure until then because there was a pretty important event today.


Merria erased her thoughts with best efforts to conserve her stamina. While talking to the sparse nobles, the banquet hall continued to be filled with people.


Altheon and Karina appeared, followed by Dominique.


As Dominique settled on one side, those who were waiting immediately flocked next to him.


Surrounded by the young noble ladies dressed up to the fullest, Dominique looked like a person holding a bouquet in his arms.


Someone approached Dominique, who was joking among them. She was a cute-looking young girl with orange-brown hair.


‘Probably… I’m guessing it’s Verusella’s granddaughter.’


Therefore, she was the young lady of the Verusella family, and she’s like Helena’s hands and feet.


The existing Baron Verusella was a family that stayed within the capital but did not have much power.


However, Helena, the young lady of the family where she usually traveled, became the queen of Afrion.


It was her grandfather Cesar Verusella who became the hands and feet of Helena, who became the queen using her past relationship as an excuse.


After Dominique was born, he gathered the second Prince faction in earnest and increased the power of the family.


Next, Iena, the daughter of Baron Verusella, also took control of the capital’s social circles.


The Queen was her strong backing as a gateway in approaching the second Prince.


Iena chose Helena, not Dominique, as a string that would help her life. Therefore, despite Dominique’s closest proximity, she did not covet him as a man.


‘Rather, didn’t I resemble Helena’s personality more?’


Iena thought of herself as someone similar to her past of Helena.


Helena’s real son, Dominique, was so easygoing, but I’m so good at reading others’ minds. Before she knew it, Iena, who was right next to Dominique, slowly glanced around.


She was the one Helena planted to prevent any young noble ladies of a small family from having Dominique’s child.


My role was to filter the girls who approached Dominique once and take care of his overnight mess.


And in return, she earned her social fame and family power. From her point of view, it could be said to be a high-paid job.


Again today, Iena began to beat up the useless small family flocking by Dominique’s side one by one with her cold-looking cute face.


Perhaps because of the rumors that the second Prince was looking for an engagement partner, there were a lot of young girls who were blinded by desires.


Just as the obstacles in his eyes disappeared one by one, Dominique called out to Iena.




At his slender call, Iena’s round blue eyes distorted.

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