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As the staff drew the curtains, I could see Miolo and Karina, both of them looked nervous.


Merria smiled awkwardly and fiddled with her fingers.


“I’d like to see a mirror.”


“Ah, yes.”


A quick-behaved employee immediately grabbed the ends of Merria’s dress and lifted it.




As she walked with the sound of her cloth passing through, she stood in front of a large full-length mirror on the side of her room.


“Wait a minute, I’ll arrange it again.”


The hem of her dress, which the staff was holding so as not to be dragged on the floor, was spread out neatly.


Merria looked through her mirror and admired it in her heart.


The white-purple halter neck and many layers of rich lace were wrapped from the waist down, and the veil that wrapped one layer around the outside sparkled whenever it received light as if it had been sprinkled with jewelry powder.


The waistline, finished with a white lace ribbon, fits Merria’s slender waist, making her line stand out more.


Simple on the top and rich decorations on the bottom created a harmonious beauty.


When Miolo’s white, pale purple embroidered tosh gloves and pale yellow-colored shoes were worn, Merria looked like a person blooming from the petals.


Merria, who was looking in the mirror while touching her neck, smiled with satisfaction.


She said in her head, ‘It’s pretty, but I think it’s too gorgeous for me to wear…’


The basic design was neat, but the veil sparkled every time I moved my body.


Merria, who had been agonizing over several layers of laces, belatedly noticed that Karina had come right behind her.


As Karina stood behind her spoke, “Lady Merria… It’s so, it’s really beautiful.”


Karina’s eyes were filled with enthusiasm.


Merria, who smiled awkwardly at Karina, who looked very happy, called Miolo.


“Miolo, if you take out a few of these laces here.”


“No, Merria.”




Karina and Miolo severely cut off the words before Merria’s words were finished.


When Karina, who was not Miolo, was strongly opposed, Merria stared at the two with startled faces.


Karina, looking at Merria with her pretty resolute face, suddenly placed her hand lightly on her shoulder.


At her unexpected contact, Merria shrugs her shoulder.


“Lady Delphi…?”


“Would you please call me Karina?”


“Yes? Oh, then I’m also Merria…”


Without questioning the sudden exchange of titles, Karina began to speak.


“Merria. It’s my lifelong request. Could I participate a little about your dress modification?”


Karina’s eyes, speaking urgently, were serious without any playfulness.


‘I knew Karina liked dresses, but I didn’t expect it to be this much…It’s worse than Lilith.’


Pressed by her aggressive momentum, Merria nodded slowly.


As Karina, whose face brightened like the sun, added and removed some of Merria’s dress decorations, she had a heated discussion with Miolo.


In the end, the dress was changed to a top style with the neck part removed, and a thin lace on the upper part of the chest which was simple, and then yellow embroidery was added to the light purple area.


Among the dresses that Merria had ever worn, the most gorgeous and matching dresses were being made.


Shortly thereafter, Miolo, who burned her passion, left to revise the design they had discussed.


Karina and Merria moved to a nearby cafe to talk as promised.


Inside the quiet shop, there was only an intelligent-looking employee waiting.


As soon as the staff saw Karina, they guided her into the room familiarly.


When they finished preparing tea and refreshments the staff went out, only Karina and Merria were left in the room.


“It’s my favorite tea, and I hope you like it.”


Karina smiled and lifted the teacup.


Merria followed her and took a sip of tea.


With the petals floating, it was a tea with a fragrant and neat taste. Merria said that the scent was very good, and she said that it was her first time having such a fragrant tea.


“Karina has a better eye than the rumors. When it’s finished, it would be a very beautiful dress.”


“Well, thank you for telling me that. Earlier, I was so excited that I was worried that I might have gone too far. “


“It was fun. It’s been a while since I spent time with a noble lady my age like this.”


It was almost the first time I had been with anyone except Lilith.


However, I think it would be better not to tell the embarrassing truth.


“I’ve always wanted to be close to you Lady Merria.”


“I feel the same way.”


Karina frowned nervously at Merria, who answered moderately.


It was because she noticed that her sincerity was not fully conveyed.


Then she added, “I wanted to talk to you, not just out of politeness. I saw you from afar and fell in love at a glance.”


“What?” Merria answered with her eyes wide open at the sudden confession.


Karina took a sip of her tea and glanced away from her gracefully.


At the end of her gaze was a vivid picture of the setting sun.


“It’s a painting from the Morph River, where I went on my last trip. I was so impressed that I asked a famous local painter to do it.”


At the feeling that her heart was caught, Merria rolled her lips inward.


“That’s why I’ve done this. I apologize if it was unpleasant.”


“No, it’s okay. But… I’m a little curious why you wanted to meet me so much.”


When Merria asked her with her head tilted, Karina leaned forward to answer.


“Because of the dress.”




“There was a design that came to mind as soon as I saw Merria at the debutante party.”


I didn’t remember meeting Karina at the debutante party.


Even back then, of course, Merria deliberately wore a plain dress. However, Karina seemed to have looked closely at Merria.


I felt like a middle-aged woman who was told by an old classmate I met that she had an unrequited love for me during our school days.


And the reason why I usually say that.


“So I wanted to give you the dress I made.”


As expected, it’s because she still has her heart for me.


Karina was smiling leisurely, but she looked rather nervous.


Karina said subtly tensing, “If you don’t mind, could you wear the dress I designed later? Of course, I’ll leave it up to Miolo to make it.”


“If it’s Karina’s dress, I think everyone would want to have it. Wouldn’t it be better to give it to another noble lady?”


“This design was exactly what I’ve kept hidden just for Merria. It’s meaningless if it’s not you.”


Merria nodded slowly at Karina’s determined answer.


“Then I’ll be grateful.”


“I’m more grateful.”


Receiving Merria’s answer, Karina lifted the teacup with a refreshing face and moistened her dry lips.


Then Merria said, thinking of a point she had overlooked. “I don’t socialize very much… so it might be impossible to show the dress to a lot of people.”


“Did something bad happen to you at your debutante party?”


Instead of doing her overwhelming favor, Karina wondered about Merria’s circumstances of not attending any social gatherings.


Merria had a good reason to avoid the social world, but she couldn’t tell that to Karina.


She just shook her head and answered.


“It’s not like that… I’m going to try my best in the future.”


“I’m glad to hear that. Then, first of all, I’ll have to start with the design of Merria’s dress that I saved for a long time. So that you could wear it when it’s important.”


It wouldn’t be normal if she said Karina was important.


As far as Merria knows, there have been no big parties for the time being except for the Victory Banquet.


She gazed at Karina with her face full of questions.


Karina smiled softly and looked around to make sure there were no people.


Immediately, she lowered her upper body forward with her hand near her mouth.


As she reflexively touched her ear, Karina whispered in a small voice.


As Karina whispered low,


“I might hold an engagement ceremony with His Majesty the Crown Prince this year. I want you to wear the dress at that time then.”




Surprised by the unexpected news, Merria made a loud noise and hurriedly shut her mouth.


She didn’t know and quickly rolled her eyes to look around her and then released her hand that covered her mouth.


‘It’s Karina…’


The fact that Altheon would arrive in the capital within a few days means that he was looking for a candidate for the crown princess seat accordingly.


And, as Merria expected, it became Karina on top of the list as a candidate for the crown princess seat.


The reality that had been put off to one side was approaching as the thoughts of Shannon and Alteon’s meeting would happen.


Karina was going to sit in the seat Merria had left.




Merria first sent her congratulations even knowing her stupid heart that the end was bad.


While whispering about her engagement, Karina had an expression reminiscent of unfailing love and had her cheeks stained with blush.


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  1. Karina is most probs giggly and blushy thinking about Merria, her muse, wearing her design on her engagement celebration lmao