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“Call me, Lady Verusella.”


It was a word drawing the line.


Dominique didn’t care what she said coldly.


“Yes. Iena.”


Dominique seemed unwilling to reap his playfulness.


Despite Dominique’s attitude, Iena responded coldly. “Your highness, I have something to tell you.”






But Iena stood tall on the spot without continuing her words. She squinted at Dominique, who didn’t understand at once.




Dominique, who raised an eyebrow, nodded as if he understood by then.


As he moved, the young girls fell out like a sandstorm. Iena went out first, followed by Dominique.


As she entered the nearest break room, roughly arranged her neat bangs.


“Hugging some girls, Your Highness. Do I have to take care of a commoner dancer?”


The level of those who were attached to Dominique earlier was beyond my imagination.


I’ve been playing the game at best, but what’s with the parties coming forward and ruining it all?


Iena let out a deep sigh.


Dominique watched her appearance as if it were funny and said, “Come on Ien, when there are only two of us, talk comfortably. If you keep your distance, I’ll be suffocated.”


He slyly put her nickname in his mouth, which her family calls only.


Iena and Dominique have been raised without hesitation since childhood.


Of course, she distanced herself from him after going out to promote the interests of her family and her arrangement.


A young child would have been disappointed by her attitude that changed overnight, but Dominique didn’t care.


Because there were more than enough people with different sides by his side.


So it was thanks to the thought that she would be very different from him in this. But his broken heart did not subside, so Dominique treated Iena this way every time.


How far should he go, to take off her mask and show her real face? Thinking of something like this, he’s holding on to such thoughts.


Unfortunately, however, she was accustomed to this, and Dominique’s expectations were not met this time as well.


Iena, who had calmed down herself, spoke, organizing her messy hair.


“Before, Helena…”


“I remember it clearly.”


Dominique cut her off before Iena could finish talking. He frowned like a child listening to a boring story.


“I’m glad you remember.”


Iena smiled brightly at Dominique’s meek reply.


Another pretentious smile. Dominique burst out laughing in dismay at her demeanor, which felt very distant.


He quickly loosened his expression and bent the corners of his mouth following hers.


“Even so, I’ve been seeing a lot of new people lately.”


Dominique opened the wine on the table without hesitation and filled the glass. The red liquid, which contrasts with his blue hair, flowed through his lips and disappeared.


Dominique muttered, wiping the liquor off his lips. “Ien, was it all thanks to you?”




Instead of answering, Iena shrugged.


‘Does he think I didn’t know?’


That sudden action was arrogant considering that she did it in front of the Prince.


Dominique didn’t bother to mention that and put his glass down.


“Go back first. I need to rest a bit.”


“You shouldn’t be away for a long time today.”


“I’ll be there before my brother’s engagement is announced, so leave me alone.”


Dominique waved his hand in annoyance. Therefore, Iena left the room only after being given another warning.


Alone, Dominique leaned against the sofa.


“It’s not fun…” He whispered to himself.



When the atmosphere of the banquet was ripe. The ruler of the empire appeared.


“Emperor Aprion Tristan and Queen Helena!”


The people who were talking to each other closed their mouths and turned toward the podium.


After those in the banquet hall bowed their heads and prepared courtesy, the curtains were lifted. In it, Afrion and Helena appeared side by side.


Afrion, wearing a thick red cape, walked out onto the podium.


“Everyone, raise your heads.”


His earnest voice resounded low. Afrion looked a little tired, but thanks to him sitting in the highest position, he felt even nobler.


He slowly scanned inside of the banquet hall, then spoke after a brief pause.


“Yes. Congratulations to all those who have come of age this year. The Tristan Empire would be with you in your future.”


It would seem like he was giving a congratulatory speech as the head of the Empire, the Emperor.


Since they all ate well and grew up in the territory, it was arrogant advice not to dare fall for the Empire, and to bow their head to the throne until they die.


Merria endured a laugh that was about to leak out of the provocative words brought out by the weak Emperor.


Afrion finished his speech and sat down on the chair prepared for the Emperor.


“Lastly, I have an auspicious thing to announce when everyone gathers.”


Merria stared at Helena with a curious gaze.


Perhaps because she knew everything about the future, her face was very smooth. Thinking of Dominique, the current situation must be very dissatisfying.


Merria, who felt Helena’s terror again, turned her head at once.


“Let the Crown Prince and the Young Lady  of Marquis Delphi come forward.”


When the Emperor’s words fell, Altheon, who was waiting, reached out to Karina.


Karina put her fingertips on the bottom of his hand with a smooth movement. The two walked to the center of the banquet hall neither too slow nor too fast.


Everyone in the banquet hall focused their eyes on the two of them.


Although one might feel intimidated by the rush of gazes, Altheon and Karina seemed to have been familiar with receiving everyone’s gaze from birth.


The slightly raised tip of their chin and insensitive eyes created a noble atmosphere.


Merria smiled happily at the two well-matched people.


“I’m here today to grant the engagement of the Imperial Prince Altheon Walter Tristan and Karina Delphi.”


The engagement declared by the Emperor himself was just different from the rumors circulating.


Starting today, Altheon’s position would become even stronger.


Because he had gained a strong ally, the Marquis of Delphi. Altheon and Karina greeted each other with a perfect example when the Emperor’s words were finished.


There was a brief silence, and thunderous applause poured out in an instant.


Everyone in the banquet hall looked at the two people who would lead the Empire in the future.


“That’s all. Let’s all enjoy the banquet.”


When Afrion’s words ended, the bands began to move their hands busily.


Soon after, romantic music resonated in Pierre Hall.


Today’s main characters, Karina and Altheon, began to dance like a masterpiece, stepping smoothly.


After the two finished one song, the others came out to the center holding their partners’ hands. Merria was standing next to Reukis, watching the other people dance.


Lilith, who suddenly approached the two of them, offered a cake and asked. “What about Serinia?”


“Well… Wouldn’t he be dancing with Miles somewhere?” Merria replied with a shrug.


But didn’t they say that even a tiger would come if someone mentions it?


Just then, Serinia and Miles walked up to the front.


“They both have dark circles under their eyes.”


Lilith, who confirmed the appearance of the two approaching from afar, whispered.


“I know. Couldn’t they sleep?”


Serinia was still struggling with her research.


In the meantime, seeing that she came to the banquet, that face may be exaggerated.


‘When she’s really busy, she won’t even attend a small tea party.’


Merria burst into a small laugh and waved her hand. Serenia was looking around her as if looking for someone.


Then I suddenly thought of this.


‘Ah… She stayed out last night.’


This was the second time Serinia and Reukis met. Fortunately, Serinia was absent whenever Reukis visited the Rackester.


In addition, the radius of our lives did not overlap, so we wouldn’t have encountered each other unless we made separate appointments.


In the meantime, letters came and went periodically, and Merria even declared that her lover was Reukis.


It was clear that Serinia’s interest in Reukis was very full.


Even Serinia was as much a mischievous character as Merria, no, she was a little more playful than that.


Besides, Merria has been teasing Miles in the past, and Serinia’s been holding back against Merria’s future partner.


‘If caught, she definitely won’t let me go.’


Merria, who had forgotten about the cold concept of the Rackester family, frowned.


Merria’s pupils trembled, remembering Reukis, who had become pale due to Raven’s coldness before.


Let’s run away. ‘


Reukis, whose heart’s soft, could not be allowed to suffer in such a crowded place. I had to get him out of this place as soon as possible.


Merria tapped Lilith’s arm, standing next to her.


“I’m going to get some fresh air.”


“Huh? Okay.” Lilith nodded lightly.


She pretended to be as casual as possible and whispered to Reukis quickly.




“Yes, Merria.”


Reukis smiled, looking down at Merria.


Merria almost dragged him away, pulling him out of Serinia’s gaze.


“I have a question. Could you come over here for a second?”


Fortunately, Reukis followed without much resistance. The two were able to escape safely to the terrace before being discovered by Serinia.


I also hung a latch so that Serinia could not enter, and even closed the curtains.


‘Let’s stay here for a while.’


Merria sighed softly.


Reukis, who was looking at Merria, whispered in her ear.


“What do you want to know about?”




A strange sound popped out of Merria’s lips from the voice heard from a short distance.


For some reason, it seemed that he had become less hesitant since last night.


In areas such as expression of affection.


Merria pressed on her lips and sternly gazed at him. This was all to keep him from getting in trouble.


Of course, if we look at the essence, the ‘cold family’ play that’s popular in Rackester and Serinia’s mischievous personality makes up a larger proportion.


In any case, it did not change that I evacuated Reukis safely.


Merria walked silently and leaned against the terrace railing.


“That’s just an excuse.”




Reukis’ eyes widened at Merria, who still admits her lies.


When she noticed the cute expression on Reukis’ face, Merria burst into laughter. She beckoned Reukis, who was standing blankly at a distance.


When Reukis approached Merria, who stood leaning against the railing, she naturally became trapped between him and the railing.


“Because I wanted to be alone with you.”


She pulled the back of his neck with one hand and brought his face closer.


Merria’s lips, which were whispering, gently touched Reukis’ lips. His eyelashes quivered, and his ears lit up red in an instant.


Reukis’ eyelids fell, and his eyes completely Merria kissed his lips more actively this time.


In the end, Merria’s momentum did not last long due to his intensifying attitude.


It was overwhelming enough to just share his breath.


As her breathing grew heavy, Reukis slowly moved his lips. Merria smiled lightly, held between his arms.


Today’s kiss tasted like a slightly bitter wine.

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