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Upon entering the restaurant, Themis and Raven arrived first and were waiting.


“Good morning.”


Although I spoke casually as much as possible, the corners of Raven’s lips went up seeing the dark circles under my eyes.


“You must have enjoyed your Coming-of-Age night.”


Raven glanced at me as if I were a child who had been playing all night. But the reason was different, it was true that I stayed up all night, so I made no excuses.


As Merria sat down, then Serinia arrived.


The Rackester family talked about how everyone was pushed back by the family meal after a long time.


After eating the lemon sorbet for dessert, the meeting of the Rackcaster family was over. Serinia called in Merria, who was about to return to her room after eating.




Merria, who was paying keen attention to whether Serinia would talk nonsense during the meal, turned her head straight away.


Serinia asked as she walked side by side with Merria. “When are you going to introduce him?”




Merria tried to turn a blind eye to Serinia’s grinning face.


Serinia, who was staring at Merria, shrugged lightly. “Well, as long as it’s not while I’m in the lab. Ah! I’m looking forward to it.”


Serinia, who wore a pervasive smile on her lips, walked ahead, flapping her curvy hair.


Well, I’m a little relieved because she didn’t say much earlier. As expected, it was a hasty judgment.




Merria shook her head weakly and sighed.


“And the book you borrowed last time, I need it, so give it to me.”


“No, I have to use it again today.” Serinia, who was walking first, turned around and said.


“It’s my book.”


“You said you wouldn’t use it for a while.”


When Merria answered bluntly, she shook her head as if it couldn’t be helped.


“I’ll bring it. I’m going to work soon, so I’ll take it.”


“Then let’s go to my room together. I’m going back to sleep again.”


Upon arriving at Merria’s room, the two of them dispersed in the direction they each wanted. Merria buried her limp body in bed, and Serinia headed to her desk.


‘I didn’t care much because I left the notebook in place before leaving the room in the morning.’ Merria thought before closing her eyes.


“Sleeping already? I’m leaving.” Serinia, who packed the book, asked as she left the room.


“Yes. Have a safe trip…”


Merria rubbed her head against the pillow and waved her hand.



In Philotes Palace, the cold air lingered in contrast to the warm sunlight.


The maid knocked on the door of the room where Helena was.


“Your Majesty the Queen.”


“Bring him.”


It was a smooth answer as if she had already expected someone’s visit. The visitor was Cesar Verusella.


“Sit down.”


Helena told him to sit down and at the same time he sat down.


It was an arrogant attitude that he knew she would recommend a seat. Helena slowly blinked and stared at him. 


Cesar frowned and began to speak straight away. “The desirable Crown Prince is siphoning off the successors of our side one after another.”


Helena said softly as she pulled the curtains over the large window in the room.


“I see.”


Recently, the Prince’s movement has become bold enough and drastic to reach Helena’s ears.


“Even if the heads of state are from our side, it becomes very difficult for us when those named as successors gradually empower us.”




Cesar’s mouth left agape as he relaxed his posture. But with his head bowed, it wasn’t noticeable.


Helena walked over to the sofa and sat silently. The tea that Lepeta had followed was waiting to cool to the right temperature.


She mumbled softly as she held the teacup. “What’s the fuss about taking the kids who haven’t even grown up properly yet?”




“It’s better to bring the Grand Duke if we want to disintegrate the people on their side.” Helena cut off Cesar’s rebuttal.


Cesar stared at Helena and soon shook his head. It seemed like a fleeting moment, but he had eyes like a believer shouting the impossible.


“How can a person who doesn’t budge from wealth, power, or even women…”


Cesar was a person who judged everything whether it was for his benefit or not.


It was his idea that it’d be easier to bring the nobles back than the time, money, and dangers involved in dealing with the Grand Duke.


Helena took a sip of tea elegantly at Cesar’s muffled words.


Cesar was a greedy and experienced person. His background as a mere nobleman led him to pursue wealth and fame, and the years that rolled at the bottom of nobility became his foundation.


That’s why he was able to be Helena’s closest aide.  By the time Helena became the Queen of Afrion, very few people in the nobility welcomed her.


Even if Emperor Afrion embraced her, Helena was only a powerless marginal noblewoman.


As long Christine, from being a princess to Empress, Helena has always been shrouded in shadows.


After having Dominique, the difference seemed to decrease a little.


Nevertheless, she could not take the lead over Christine. At that time, Cesar was on Helena’s side before anyone else.


‘There were times when I was grateful for that little help when I was young, but now even the advantages seem annoying.’ Helena recalled how their relationship started.


As Cesar grew older, he wanted to protect what he had, and that’s how much he weighed.


It would be a neat end if I put everything in order at this point when the Crown Prince has not yet been properly seated.


Helena swept the teacup with her finger.


‘I can’t let go of what I’m holding right now. Even if there’s only one person who will devote itself and share my will…’


A twinkle flashed in her eyes as she thought deeply.


Helena’s lips curled softly. “Come to think of it, the Grand Duke had fervently wooed the princess.”


“Yes. Rumors spread that he was desperate enough to send jewelry every day. A person who didn’t even smile at any beauty.”


Cesar laughed as he recalled the women he had sent naked to Reukis on the battlefield.


Women selling their bodies, commoners, illegitimate children, and noble young ladies were sent away regardless of their beautiful appearance.


However, even at the age of blood boiling inside a man, he didn’t hold a single woman. With such an insensitive gaze without a soul, he only left the tent behind a naked woman.


Helena already knew that fact, so she was quite interested in the Grand Duke’s movement. She continued with a slight nod.


“He became a lover by hanging on to the princess like that, but if there’s a scandal with another woman, it would be quite painful to change the heart of the princess.”


“Because of a scandal…”


“In addition, Rackester is the only Duke family in the Empire. Isn’t she a good match for our Dominique?”


Cesar, who understood Helena, smiled meaningfully and stroked his beard.


“Then I’ll come back later.”


After the Baron left, Helena spent a long time figuring out plans in her mind.


Because I wouldn’t have to waste anything to entice the gloomy Grand Duke. For the play to start, I had to prepare for the stage and invite the actors.




As Helena called her softly, Lepeta, who was standing still behind her, approached.


“Send an invitation to the young Lady Magner. And…”


She continued with a lovely smile that Afrion liked… “Tonight, I should go see His Majesty. Prepare it perfectly.”



Knock, knockㅡ


Shannon, who was sitting on the sofa and lost in thought, raised her head at the knock.




Instead of answering, she looked at herself through a mirror. 


Light pink eyes, silver hair, and Shannon’s appearance were the same. Shannon looked alternately at the mirror and wall clock and walked towards the bed.


It’s been a while since I took the potion, so it was better to take it in advance just in case.


Fortunately, if the person beyond that door was from Magner’s mansion, she won’t be able to get out any time soon.


Oh, in the first place, the Magners would enter without knocking.


When I lifted the magic of the drawer at the bedside, the locked drawer simply opened.


Inside, there were several small bottles containing colorful liquids. It was made with the blood she had collected while wandering the streets before.


Even with this, I had been working as carefully as possible, but I was caught by a fool and was almost grabbed by the tail.


Fortunately, I was able to accuse the man of the crime by feeding him the medicine that Deston gave me.


Because the guard saw my face, for the time being, this operation had to be taken seriously.


Among them, I picked up a particularly vivid red medicine bottle and shook it slowly. A small glass bottle containing only one sip was reserved for future use.


“When is the right time to use it…?” A dry voice leaked from between her luscious lips.


If I could, I wanted to use it right away to finish the job. But the time is not yet ripe.


It’s a rare thing, so it’s better to save it. Blinking with a regretful expression, she immediately set the medicine bottle down deep in the drawer.


Then, she picked up a silver potion close to white in front of her. Without hesitation, she opened the lid and drank the liquid.




Her body trembled as the liquid ran down her throat. Repeating this every day on an already weakened body was tantamount to suicide.


Even if it’s a potion made by her magic, taking it in a row was a big blow to her body.


That’s why I didn’t steal people’s faces in my previous life.


‘I don’t have much time left.’


I could feel my vitality draining away every day. Even though I knew that I couldn’t stop doing this.


Serving Helena as much as possible, I must do this. Because I thought that was the reason I got this life.


She wiped the liquid from the corners of her mouth and clicked her tongue.


‘That’s why I said I’d stay in the annex.’


It was Shannon, who had been treated worse than usually discarded socks.


Therefore, if I stay in an annex, I’d have more time to be alone, so there’s no need to overdo things.


However, after the last meeting with Helena, Count Magner brought me into the mansion.


Count Magner said, ‘Shannon is also my own flesh and blood, so how can I let her live separately?’, but his intentions were clear.


To make Shannon, who was favored by Helena, even nobler.


Furthermore, it’s to attach Shannon to Dominique.


‘Who are you bringing that idiot to?’ Shannon frowned while thinking.


Knock, knockㅡ


Meanwhile, the person waiting outside knocked on the door once again.


From the sound of a knock containing a rush, she must be one of the esteemed figures in the mansion.


After all, there’s not a single person in this mansion who likes Shannon.


It was natural that Arene had emptied Shannon’s surroundings to take her heart. Her gaze relaxed like someone who had just woken up.


“Come on in.”


As soon as I answered, the door opened immediately.

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