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The person who opened the door and entered was a person she knew well.


“Murphy. Good morning.”


She smiled softly as if expressing her delight.  Murphy, who was walking with a displeased expression, paused for a moment, but then strode closer again.


“Good morning.”


She seemed to have a stomach ache when she was the only one who spoke formally.


Murphy was also one of those who didn’t like Shannon in the Magner mansion.


At first, because Shannon was the first love of Jester, who she has a crush on.


And after that, Shannon, who was cleaning Riley’s room like her, went to the banquet wearing a dress.


When Shannon, who was in the same position as her until yesterday, became a noble overnight, Murphy felt resentment and was deprived at the same time.


She intentionally went around spreading nonsense about Shannon saying she’s going to be the mistress of an old aristocrat.


It would be difficult for her to expect favors from Murphy even for four years now.


As she nodded her head silently, Murphy went straight to the bathroom. Soon the sound of dripping water could be heard, and Murphy returned to bed.


“I will attend your bath.”


It was an attitude that didn’t feel the slightest bit of loyalty. Nevertheless, she bowed her head steadily since the Count had given her quite a warning.


Shannon chuckled silently as she stared at Murphy, who knelt before her in the capital.


If I had been ‘the real Shannon,‘ I would have refused, saying I could do it on my own.


But without hesitation, she took off her gown and dipped her feet into the warm water.


“But Shannon, no, miss.” Murphy, who was washing her hair, suddenly spoke.




When she tilted her head and answered, Murphy, stopped and whispered.


“You don’t know where Ariene has gone?”


Her lips, which had been curved smoothly, hardened.


Fortunately, they didn’t face each other, so she was able to quickly hide her expressions. Shannon shook her head innocently.


“Yes. I just thought she was busy because she didn’t come to the annex, but I didn’t know that she had quit so suddenly…”


‘This innocent face was very useful at times like this.’


No matter what, it’s not enough to express the opinion that I don’t know anything.


At first, as if the answer didn’t matter, Murphy answered in a lively voice.


“I wondered where Ariene went every night. I thought she was going out alone because everyone else didn’t know, but she didn’t go to the annex.”




“The fact that she didn’t say much to the lady she cherished so much, she must have left the mansion in a hurry.”


Murphy was trying to figure out Ariene’s intentions by combining the circumstances in her way. Even if she uses her brain for a hundred days, she won’t be able to reach the truth.


“I heard this saying because she disappeared without getting paid this month.”


Murphy leaned down and whispered in Shannon’s ear. “They say she ran away with a young gentleman that night.”




Her eyes did not contain any interest, but she asked back as if she was genuinely surprised.


Unable to read her expression, Murphy continued, fueled by her great response.


“And I was the only one who felt sorry for Grievon. He bought so many things for her and she eventually ran away with another man…”


Murphy clicked her tongue and muttered that he was pitiful. It would be a lie to say that she felt sorry for him when she saw that her slow movements became faster.


Still, thanks to Murphy, who likes to talk, I could hear such things, so I decided to endure this kind of annoyance.


When I sat on the dressing table after taking a bath, Murphy wiped my hair with a towel. My hair, which used to be fine, was smooth like silk after receiving gentle care recently.


“Your silver hair is so pretty. It’s much more transparent than lady Riley, and it’s just like a white full moon.”


“Really? I think dark and vivid colors are prettier than these faded colors.”


For example, Helena’s hair was as clear as the midsummer sea. When I thought of Helena, my lips naturally loosened.


While Murphy was working hard to dress her up, someone swung the door open.


No one in the room was surprised as if this was already familiar.


“Good morning!”


It was Count Magner, who had the same silver hair as Shannon, who appeared with a cheerful greeting.


‘What happened to put you in such a good mood?’


To understand his intentions, she raised an eyebrow and stared at the Count reflected in the mirror.


She smiled, erasing her cold eyes in an instant. “Good day, Count.”


“I told you to always call me father.”


Shannon’s eyebrows furrowed at the sight of the Count laughing out loud and saying shameless things.


“It’s still awkward… I’m sorry.”


“What are you so sorry for? Someone who will take on a big job in the future shall use it.”




She tilted her head at the Count’s generosity.  Murphy had a similar expression to mine, perhaps because she felt awkward with his slyness.


As the two looked at him bewildered, the Count held out something from his hand.


“Helena invited you to tea time. It’s only for you!”




“Yes. This means that the Queen is looking after you pretty well. Very well done, Shannon.”


The Count placed his hand on her shoulder and tapped her a couple of times. He wondered if it was the same person who had previously made Shannon kneel at his feet.


She laughed at the Count’s ridiculousness and soon rejoiced purely.


What do you mean by Helena’s invitation? Did it work to prove my life and usefulness?


As if to prove joy, the corners of her lips went up.


“Father. I want a new dress…”


Because I’m going to see Helena. That’s right…


To catch Helena’s eyes, who likes beautiful things, the dresses in the closet are now far from enough.


Although she had previously been led by the Count’s hand and went into a decorated state without knowing anything before.


At my words, the Count nodded, as if waiting.


“Okay. I’ll leave Riley to find out for herself. She has a pretty good taste for dresses.”


His eyes were already covered with uncontrollable desires.



“What? What did you ask me to do?”


Riley’s hand stopped abruptly as she was choosing the earrings to match her dress. Riley asked back as if she had heard something she couldn’t understand.


“Say it again.”


“The count told me to inform you to get Lady Shannon’s dress together…”




Even before the maid’s words were over, Riley put down the jewel she was holding as if throwing it.


Considering Riley’s usual temperament, the maid would have already been left to be thrown on the floor, but it was fortunate that it was a jewel in her hand.


The empty Riley’s hand gradually gained strength. Riley clenched her fists enough that her fingernails left marks, and burst into laughter.


“Did my father trip over the stairs? Why do I have to escort such a maid bitch?” Riley frowned and shouted.


No one in the room could answer her. The maid just wanted Riley’s anger to calm down without turning it on her.


Riley ruffled her well-groomed hair to make sure her hair didn’t come off easily.


“Argh! So annoying! I’m so pissed! Why? Why isn’t everything going my way?”


Born as a famous daughter of a wealthy Count family, it was a quite satisfying life.


There were often men who flirted whenever she went to the party actively in colorful jewelry and dresses.


Then, she was told that the maid, who had been crawling under her feet all her life, was her half-sister.


To Riley, who secretly envied Shannon’s silver hair, which was cleaner than hers, that fact exceeded the shock and aroused her anger.


It’s regarded as an illegitimate child among aristocrats, something that happened often, but only as someone else’s business.


But that maid was her father’s illegitimate child. What’s more, her father even took the girl to the victory banquet by decorating her like a well-wrapped gift.


Riley couldn’t just leave Shannon pretending to be a noble lady on the subject of a maid.


So she bullied Shannon to her heart’s content. She ruined her dress and scolded her for being a dirty commoner, but the weak Shannon couldn’t hold out and ran away from the banquet hall.


Since then, I thought she knew her place and stopped playing as a noble because she didn’t show her nose to society.


“How dare you, Shannon!” Riley slammed the dressing table with her slender fist.


The maids standing around held their breath even more.


While Riley was punished for what she did at the party at Fabro’s mansion, Shannon met the Queen and made her way into her realm, the main mansion.


Riley was trembling out of anguish at the fact that she was staying in the house with Shannon whom she hated so much.


However, Riley, whose calling place became thinner, could not go outside daily.


‘I have to socialize again before Shannon becomes a proper young lady of Magner.’ Riley chewed on her glossy lips.


Anyway, Shannon wouldn’t be able to withstand the nobility and would quickly break down.


‘Yeah, Queen Helena probably doesn’t know the dirty birth of that girl.’


I don’t want to admit it, but Shannon’s beauty was quite outstanding, so it’s like playing with a doll. If so, it would have been better to let everyone know how ignorant and vulgar Shannon was.


‘The Young Lady of Magner is Riley, and I only need to prove myself.’


Perhaps my father also justified her because he felt sorry for Shannon.


A justification for trampling his illegitimate child, a family disgrace, in society.


The corners of Riley’s lips curved, as she slowly swept her ruined silver hair.

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