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A few days later, Merria and her family were having an early breakfast.


It was because Themis had gathered everyone, saying that he had something to announce.


It was around the middle of the meal. Merria’s hand, which tried to put a ripe salmon steak in the sauce and put it in her mouth, stopped.


“A hunting contest?”


Serinia and Raven’s eyes widened at her intense reaction and looked at her. At their gathered gaze, Merria murmured, fiddling with the useless knife.


“No, it has never been opened since His late Majesty the Emperor passed away…”


The late Emperor was a person who had a strong sense of victory and enjoyment.


Therefore, he hosted various events that were naturally held for fighting with armed forces.


Competitions to select the strongest gladiator in the Empire, horseback riding, and even hunting competitions.


Thanks to the Emperor’s pursuit of strength, it was called an era when knights enjoyed the greatest fame.


However, Afrion has been a person far from touching a sword or bow since his days as a prince.


As a result, since the Emperor died, and Afrion ascended to the throne, the knights’ tournaments, which were held every quarter, let alone hunting competitions, became so lax and sloppy.


At the same time as the long war ended in victory, the Order of the Crown Prince was established, although the Knights of the Imperial Family were honored for another reason.


‘I can’t believe such a coward Afrion revives the hunting competition again.’ Merria thought as she heard from Themis.


The first thing that struck me was that it was absurd and out of the blue, unlike Afrion’s personality.


Themis nodded a couple of times as if sympathizing with him.


“Anyway, for whatever reason, the invited family has been commanded to attend.”


At this, Raven, who had been quietly tilting her glass, opened her mouth and spoke, “I heard that not only the Crown Prince and the Grand Duke, but also all the knights under his command will participate. He must have created a place to show off.”


At least that was a reasonable thing to say for Afrion’s decision to make sense.


The strong knights were the great pride of the imperial family and were the ones who established the prestige of the imperial family’s strength.


To put it bluntly, the Knights of Altairs were the people of the Crown Prince.


It would not be impossible if the nobles, who act according to their tongues, twisted it, saying that everything in the empire eventually belongs to His Majesty the Emperor.


As I nodded my head in agreement and was convinced at my conclusion, Themis continued,


“Who should I send out?”


If no member of his family wields a sword, it was even recommended the knights of the family join as a substitute on behalf of the family’s representative.


Although it was burdensome to fight under the name of the family, it was the same as saying that he was recognized and trusted for his ability and skills.


The Rackesters were a family that had served in the imperial family from generation to generation, but the field…


It was far from invincible. In the previous generation, Gaia served as the Prince’s mentor and prime minister, and Themis also served as prime minister.


In other words, it was difficult for a person who was too far behind to compete even though he had no passion to win first place in the hunting competition.


“How about Sir Gwen? I heard he’s very talented and his skills were outstanding.” Serinia glanced at Themis and said.


Gwen was one of the most talented knights in Rackester. So if Gwen plays for the family, there won’t be any noticeable gap in his skills.


“Ruben also recommended knight Gwen. After dinner, bring Gwen to my office.”


Themis beckoned to Ruben, who was standing behind him.


Merria was a little startled by the news of the hunting contest, but shifted her attention and quickly lost interest and focused on her meal.



After dinner, Merria took off her comfy clothes and changed into a light beige dress.


As I sat down at the dressing table, Lexie put on light make-up on me and started decorating my hair.


“It’s a small open party, so there’s no need to make it too fancy.”


Merria dissuaded Lexie, who brought a lot of jewelry that looked like chandeliers.


Lexie smacked her lips disappointingly and finished it off with pins and earrings made of pink pearls that match the dress.


After wearing my shoes, it was just time to leave.


Merria boarded the carriage, which was waiting for her at the front door. The coachman, who had already been given a destination, began to drive the carriage towards the shopping street.


Currently, a neatly dressed Reukis was sitting next to her. He was faithfully keeping the promise he had made before, ‘Going to the shopping district’.


Merria had reduced her visits to the shopping district itself thanks to previous hideous rumors.


Recently, I didn’t have time to go out leisurely because of Coming-of-Age Night.


Merria continued her relationship meeting Karina and Lilith and inviting them to each other’s mansion.


Meanwhile, there was news that the culprit of the injury case against a young woman that Lilith previously said was caught.


We couldn’t narrow down the search because they couldn’t find a connection between the victims.


He was caught at the scene trying to get back to work.


The criminal was the youngest son at the top, who had a big deal, and has been carrying a lot of gossip since before.


And most of them were chivalrous or slanderous. In the end, his eyes were quite blurry as he confessed that he had even touched drugs. 


Reukis said he didn’t have to accompany the criminal because he was already caught, but Reukis replied that he did not have enough time to spare.


The place the two of them headed now was a small open party invited by Lysia.


Lysia was one of Karina’s followers, she recently opened a popular general store in the capital. She sent an invitation to Merria for her store’s opening party, if not in a grandiose way, with formality.


Lysia and Merria were occasionally exchanging greetings, so she also attended with joy.


When I arrived at the address on the invitation letter, I saw an elegant and well-decorated store. When I opened the handle carved with rose vine patterns, I was greeted with a fragrant smell of flowers.


Overall, inside the store, where warm-colored lights were brightly lit, there are displayed pretty items that are trendy and good for gifts.


Entering the space full of young girls in dresses, Reukis looked out of place.


Merria spoke softly, fearing that the gaze focused on him might be uncomfortable.


“I just need to say to greet Lysia, will you wait over there?”




Merria, who was soon alone, looked around to find Lysia.


Lysia looked very busy with more visitors than she expected. It was the moment when Merria only greeted her with a light nod and tried to go back to Reukis.


“Gasp, princess!”


I turned my head toward the sound of a small groan coming from behind.


A familiar-looking girl with her dark blonde hair braided was looking at Merria charmingly. Her greenish eyes were full of energy.


“Owen young lady.”


“It’s an honor for you to remember my name. If you don’t mind, feel free to call me Brana.”


Brana, who has a young-looking face, said fiddling with her fingers. On the day at Mrs. Fabro’s party, Brana recklessly talked about the scandal in front of everyone at the party.


She stayed at the party and waited for Merria to return after she had gone to the lounge because she wanted to ask for Merria’s forgiveness.


But Merria did not return even if she waited long.


Even after that, I couldn’t meet Merria, so my heart was heavy all the time.


Brana met Merria at a small party that followed for the young noble ladies and became close with last time.


Brana was surprised earlier and inadvertently pretended to be close to Merria. Whether she was fortunate or not, Merria seemed fine.


Rather, she remembered Brana’s name and even called her.


Regardless of the process, Merria, who suddenly disappeared after acknowledging her romantic relationship with Reukis, was like the main character in the novel for Brana.


She had a perfect beautiful appearance, a dignified personality, and noble status, and a wonderful lover.


A recent trend in popular novels has been that a dignified female protagonist trains a pure male protagonist.


The story of a maid or a fallen aristocrat rising to the ranks was a thing of the era.  Brana tried to calm down her excitement and decided to bring up the most important thing first.


“I’m sorry for the rudeness at the last party,” Brana continued, “I really wanted to make a formal apology.”


For Merria, Brana standing in front of her, who has the same cheerfulness, looked sullen, as if her ears were drooping down.


A smile crept across Merria’s lips as she pondered the last time when she spoke to Brana.


“It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.”


“Princess…!” Brana stared at Merria with tearful eyes.


There were cases where young noble ladies who had just entered the society either ran away or did not admit they made a mistake because they were brought up sheltered in their families.


If Brana had made her debut this year, she would have been only 14 or 15 right now.


Nevertheless, I was quite proud of Brana for coming to apologize until the end.


“Isn’t the word princess too hard? Why don’t you try to call me more comfortably?”


“Then… Merria?”


“Yes. Brana.”


Brana smiled, with her cheeks flushed red like a child who ate chocolate. Merria was talking about this and that while looking at her reaction with delight.


Brana spoke her words as if she remembered something, “Oh, have you heard of that?”




Merria tilted her head to answer, and as Brana looked around her, she approached Merria’s ear.


It was quite rude behavior for the second meeting, but Merria did not stop her because Brana was not a malicious person.


“I heard there will be a hunting competition in the imperial family this time.”


“Yes, it’s been a long time since the Emperor passed away.”


“I was also surprised when I heard that a hunting competition was going to be held. Besides, I heard that this hunting competition was specially hosted by His Majesty.”


After the hunting competition hosted by the imperial family disappeared, the nobles did not enjoy hunting anymore.


It seemed to be due to the atmosphere that some people dismissed as a barbaric culture.


Deep inside, it was to please the current status system, which was reluctant to a bloodbath.


What does it mean for the nobles living in the present to know the tastes of the late Emperor, who has already died?


Brana’s round eyes widened and continued to talk, “Even before the Crown Prince, he has no other place to show off his indecency without having others noticing, right? Probably because it was hosted by the imperial family.”


I see… It was also tactless to become a Prince and compete in a vain game for the knights.


The news of Altheon’s victory must have stimulated the blue-haired prince’s family.


“The Second Prince, His Majesty, will also be participating…”


Merria mumbled, touching the tip of her chin. ‘There might be sabotage on Helena’s side, so I’ll have to be careful.’


Altheon and Reukis would be a big obstacle if this was to win favor with Dominique’s force externally.


There must be a huge difference between the two men who were directly roaming the battlefield and Dominique, who was shooting arrows at the target in the peaceful imperial palace.


Then Brana nodded violently and added, “Of course. One of His Majesty Dominique’s hobbies is hunting.”




At Brana’s casual words, Merria’s eyes widened and asked.

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