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Merria reached out and stroked his head. Reukis closed his eyes languidly, like a cat being petted.


“I understand. I deserve to be kidnapped.”


She also shook her head with a playful smile on her lips. Merria lowered her hand that was stroking Reukis’ head and held his hand tightly.


As he slowly opened his eyes and looked at her, Merria spoke in an exaggerated tone, “What? Let’s hold hands until we arrive? Ha! It’s a very uncomfortable and difficult punishment to be tied up with one hand.”


As he shook his head, Reukis burst into laughter and held her hand together.


The carriage arrived at a cafe near a quiet lake. The staff guided the two to the seat they had prepared in advance.


Unlike ordinary cafes, two chairs were facing the window side by side in front of a table attached to the wall.


It was the composition that Reukis had ordered in advance for Merria, who enjoyed the scenery.


Moreover, on the table, there were a lot of things that seemed to have changed according to Merria’s taste.


From tender cut steaks to salads with fresh sauce, oven-baked potatoes, and low-alcohol sparkling wine.


The slightly pink-colored sky combined to make it look more delicious.


When Merria, with an embarrassed red-faced face, sat down, Reukis, who pulled a chair for her, spoke first, “Merria.”




In a smooth motion, Reukis knelt on one knee and held out a flower that Merria didn’t know where he got it from.


It was a pink rose with a shimmering glow as shy as his heart. The ribbon tied in the middle was bright red like Merria’s pupils.


‘He must have been empty earlier…’


Did he take it with magic while I couldn’t see it? A thought passed by.


With his full-fledged figure than she had expected, Merria also straightened her back.


“Merria, I want to give you this flower. Please be my lady in this hunting contest.”


Although it had been a request for a partner several times before, Reukis’ body stiffened with tension. Merria wondered why he was still so cautious.


He feared that she would say no if Reukis dared to act as if he knew Merria wouldn’t refuse.


Merria liked even such a clumsy figure, so she decided to leave it alone.


Reukis then gave a sincere look and continued, “I will dedicate my fervent loyalty and love to you.”


His affectionate gaze was so hot that it was too warm for Merria to look at. Merria looked at him for a moment with a trembling heart, then nodded her head a beat later.


“It’s an honor,” Merria answered.


As his heart was accepted, a moment of relief flashed across Reukis’ face.


Merria kissed the rose petals as deeply as she had before and held out the ribbon to him.


Now familiar with tying ribbons, Reukis has created an impeccable shape.


When Merria reached out to raise Reukis, he hurriedly got up and sat down next to her. She said, fiddling with the rose with her ribboned hand.


“But I was a little surprised.”


“What do you mean?”


“This time it’s a little… It was right.”


Previously, it was usually an ordinary partner application made by aristocrats. If it was a gentlemanly attitude with a light bow, now it’s an attitude like a knight serving his master.


Reukis understood Merria’s words and answered vaguely.


“Actually, what I just did was a knight’s oath.”


“What is that?”


Reukis gently held Merria’s hair slightly and bowed slowly.


Reukis approached slowly, buried his lips in her platinum blonde hair, and looked like a devout believer.


As Merria silently watched the series of actions, Reukis’ gaze deepened.


“It’s a little different from the typical partner request, but it means the same thing. However, it will feel a little unfamiliar because only knights do it.”


“I’ve never received anything like this before,” Merria responded.


Reukis’ eyes languidly curled at the fact that he was the first for Merria in anything.


Beneath the shy smile, the eyes of the beast’s satiated flashed past.


If he was the first, he had no intention of giving away the second or third loyalty from other knights.


If he ever had a successor in the future, he’s going to deal with it before Merria even told her name.


Contrary to his terrifying intentions, Reukis shyly blinked his eyes and continued.


“I usually offer my sword… but I can’t give you such a dangerous thing, so I decided to offer flowers. So the partner request is the right timing.”


“Oh, thank you.”


She didn’t want to get a sharp piece of iron, either.


“I’m very happy that you’ve accepted me. Merria.”


“It makes me glad that you are happy.” Merria tilted her head and nodded.


Merria, who thought it was simply something like the custom knights, responded lightly.


It was Merria who never dreamed that the knight’s oath meant giving their life once in a lifetime.


Reukis, who was secretly entitled to stay with Merria for the rest of her life, smiled softly at her.



Contrary to his strong expression of disappointment, the abduction of Reukis ended in half a day.


The next day, Reukis had to go to work at the Imperial Palace.


Reukis was procrastinating as he talked about teleportation, and Merria pushed his back dragging his own feet.


The second hurdle came immediately, overshadowing the fact that he had barely started.


Reukis, who said he would take Merria to the Rackester’s Mansion, did not budge even after the carriage stopped.


As if the resentment from earlier had not been resolved. His disappointment had long since already melted.


But Reukis was overjoyed to see Merria accepting his folly. It came to this situation as I wanted to be with her a little longer.


During the quake, the sky was already dark enough.


In the end, Merria sighed quietly and waved her hand.




Calling him in a stern voice, Reukis glanced at her.


“You said you had to go to work early tomorrow, didn’t you?”


“…It’s an arsenal inspection day, so I need to report,” Reukis said with a nod.


Merria patted his cheek and replied, “You have to go and rest to get up on time tomorrow. You have to report so the members can take a break, right?”


It was inappropriate for Reukis, who stayed up all night for four days, who had been slicing through the enemies all night long.


However, there was no sense of discomfort because it was Reukis behaving like a newborn baby bird only in front of Merria.


He eventually relaxed before long. Merria pressed down on his shoulder of Reukis pushing him to get off.


“It’s okay. Don’t come out and get on right away.”


Immediately, Merria, who was about to rise, clapped her hands lightly at what suddenly came to mind.


“Oh, I almost forgot to give it to you.”


She took out a folded piece of paper and handed it over to Reukis.


“This is the notebook I told you about last time. I think it’s some kind of code…”


It was a piece of paper that she had previously transcribed from a page of the notebook. Reukis took the paper and unfolded it. He glanced at the strange letters.


“I’ll let you know as soon as I find out something during the investigation.”


“I’ll do the same. Thank you for taking me home. Have a nice day at work tomorrow.”


Merria gently waved her hand to see him off. Because the appearance gave a fairly loud resonance, Reukis almost got off the carriage unintentionally.


It really would have been if it weren’t for the little warmth that touched his cheek.


Merria, who kissed him lightly, got out of the carriage and shut the door tightly.


The carriage was leaving while Reukis gently touched his cheek. He stuck his head out of the window and looked.


Merria couldn’t resist looking at him and burst into laughter.


Late at night, after taking a bath, Merria moved her fragrant body and walked to the desk. She sat down in a chair and draped the gown over her sheer pajamas.


Merria’s forehead, who was looking at the blank paper, furrowed slightly.


‘What Brana said was stuck in my mind…’


A thought came to mind that I had put off behind by being swept away by Reukis.


It was the words of Brana, whom she encountered during the day.


‘This time, a large number of wood arrows have been ordered. That’s three times the usual amount.’


It was all the more worrisome that Dominique’s actions overlapped with the news of the sudden hunting competition.


What were Dominique and Helena thinking?


Does Helena condone or doesn’t know that he’s buying three times as many arrows?


Eventually, Merria picked up a new piece of stationery from the desk.


‘I need to inform Karina of this news.’



While waiting for Karina’s reply, Merria went out with Lexie. Fortunately or not, Reukis was unable to accompany her.


This was due to the rapid increase in the training of the Knights due to the preparation for the full-scale hunting competition.


Merria, who decided to visit the bookstore after a long time, left the mansion shortly after lunch.


I purchased a new series recommended by Lexie and a sequel to the author I enjoyed reading last time.


While leaving the bookstore after paying the price for the books, a familiar figure stood out.




Merria stopped on her way and focused her gaze on the other side. Someone in the party seemed to have entered the store first, followed by Shannon.


‘Is it maybe Deston?’ Merria thought after seeing Shannon with someone.


After seeing the two of them together last time, no one else came to mind.


If it was Deston who entered first, it would have been a good thing.


Since we knew each other, I could explain the situation and chat with Shannon for a while.


While Reukis was investigating Shannon, Merria had sent him a letter.


I thought it would be daunting to ask for a single meeting in the first place, so I sent an invitation to a small tea party.


Lilith and Karina were the participants at the first tea party Merria hosted.


In the end, Shannon didn’t come and we had the usual tea time. I couldn’t even visit Magner’s house because I wanted to see Shannon, it was a very difficult situation.


‘I didn’t expect to see you here.’


It was a very rare opportunity to meet the female lead by chance on the wide ground of the capital city. Besides, Merria had something to do with Shannon.


More specifically, there was something I needed to check.


“Lexie, let’s go over there.”


Without delay, Merria headed towards where Shannon had entered.

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