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Returning to the mansion, Merria wrote down a letter with a bashful smile on her lips…


「To Reukis,


I ran into Shannon and Young Lady Magner by chance while I was out today.


At my request, we decided to have a separate meeting at the hunting contest.


I hope I can learn something through this meeting.




After carefully melting the wax on the letter envelope, the pattern was stamped and finished.


I was going to ask Lexie to send the letter first thing in the morning when she came to wake me up.


Reukis said he didn’t want to meet her in person, even while doing a background check on Shannon.


Merria thought it was because of what she had said before.


The conversation that night when he recognized and felt the power of Shannon’s existence was just rough and stimulating.


Therefore, I thought that Reukis just didn’t want to arouse my anxiety any longer.


The reality was that Reukis was instinctively reluctant toward Shannon.


However, Reukis would be willing to attend if Merria was accompanying him.


As much as Shannon agreed to meet me, I had to get as much information as possible.


I wished we could meet a little earlier, but Shannon refused.


Shannon said, ‘It’s not easy to leave the mansion freely, as the Count strictly controlled her outings.’


Merria, who’s in the position of the one asking the favor from Shannon, decided to settle for it.


Even if I ask to meet as soon as possible, there might be an escort knight assigned by the Count.


If that happens, we can’t talk freely, right?


Merria decided to wait until Shannon was free to move.


It was a decision that Merria took into account the circumstances in which she might have to mention the aftermath of Reukis.



【𝚂𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚘𝚗 𝙿𝙾𝚅】


The next day, Shannon, who fell into a light sleep, opened her eyes softly.


The disheveled ends of her hair between the white bedding were dyed green as dark as her thumb’s nail.


On the spot, she reached out and opened the bedside drawer.


The potions that filled the drawer had shrunk enough to catch her attention at once.


‘Tsk.’ Shannon picked up the potion and clicked her tongue.


‘I’ll have to go to Demeter soon.’


Although Deston was looking after her, it was easier in many ways to go there in person.


Deston, who risked his life out of curiosity, was not going to do what I told him to do.


Shannon, who saw her hair becoming clear silver again, left the bed.


I was going to leave early today, so I was preparing in advance. Murphy was often late, so I usually prepared alone.


Perhaps it’s a way of showing that she’s ignoring Shannon, who has been a maid working with her.


It would be wise to use Shannon’s fragile heart, which acted clear as water and delicate as a flower, to induce negligence.


She probably doesn’t think Shannon would be brave enough to tell Murphy’s actions to the chief maid or the butler.


In addition, there’s also the influence of Riley, who returned to the castle last night.


Riley dealt with the servants in her way, as if she were a specimen of a smart aristocratic lady.


Fortunately, the harsh treatment was weak when the Count and Countess were present, but it got worse when there was no one to criticize her actions.


She overturned the dressing table, threw a glass, and even went so far as to whip the servant’s body.


And on such days, Murphy would go to a bar in the shopping district and drink cheap beer with a snack from the nobles.


Yesterday, Shannon and Riley were out together.


Mainly because the Count, who had previously not even taken into account her daughter’s filthy sympathy, had left a message to accompany Shannon to buy her dress.


And as soon as the Count and his wife left the mansion, Riley came to Shannon like she had been waiting.


As soon as his parents disappeared, it was very reasonable that Riley suggested going out.


Shannon, who was being looked after by Murphy, smiled awkwardly and nodded.


On the surface, Shannon, who was nailed by Riley’s intimidation, might seem to follow.


She had pampered Riley in advance so that she wouldn’t have a problem later.


Because she can do whatever she wants at ease later on any way she has to get through Riley’s grumpiness once in a while.


As she predicted, Riley headed for a shabby rental shop.


I knew we wouldn’t go to a proper dressing shop, but I wondered how she found a place like this.


When Riley, who looked like a lady from some household at first glance, entered, the staff spoke to her immediately.


“Is this your first time at our store? If you put the clothes you want to sell here, we’ll set the price. It’s up to us to set the price at once, so even if the owner finds…”


Riley’s face twisted mercilessly when she was treated as a maid who had sold clothes.


“Get out of the way. Call the owner!”


I thought Riley would get angry right at the entrance and go back home.


It seems that she had a greater desire to give Shannon an embarrassing second-hand dress.


It was unexpected that Princess Rackester appeared while she hoped Riley’s meanness would end.


At that time, Shannon could not help but feel surprised.


And then all she did was to do her favor.


A smirk escaped from Shannon’s lips.


Suddenly, after bathing her body, she took out a dark-colored dress and put it on.


She left the room with a potion in her pocket and a family crest given by the Count.


Because I still have a long way before I could meet Queen Helena.



It was a day when the hunting competition was fast approaching.


Karina replied to Merria’s last letter and said that she would like her to visit the Delphi Mansion.


Since it was such an issue, it was to reduce the number of people who might hear their talk as much as possible.


As the sun rose in the middle, Merria with Lexie rode the carriage.


When I arrived at Delphi with all supplies packed tightly, Karina was standing there to meet me.


“Come on.”


Karina suggested a quick meal before the conversation. Merria had expected it too, so the two headed to the dining room.


After eating a large steak topped with salad and potato dish, I rinsed my mouth with a refreshing drink.


Afterward, Merria, who was guided to Karina’s room, sent Lexie out.


It was for today’s visit.


Karina said, tilting a cup of sweet coffee, “So what do you mean by close talk about hunting competition?”


“It’s about the second prince.”


“His Highness Dominique?” Karina asked, with her head tilted.


Merria sighed as she furrowed her brows.


“I ran into a young lady, whom I met at the banquet, at Lysia’s open party. It turns out she’s the daughter of Mandela.”


Karina also seemed to know the position of Mandela’s top, as she was earnestly listening.


“Did you know that His Majesty Dominique’s hobby is hunting?’


At Merria’s words, Karina rolled her eyes trying to remember seeking through her memories.


Karina quickly shook her head and answered, “I’ve never heard of it.”


“Right? Hunting isn’t such a popular hobby in the capital. It’s common for the royal family to wear small accessories.”


If Karina had never heard of it, it was not publicly known that Dominique was hunting.


And this situation was well worth taking advantage of by Helena.


In the eyes of a third person, Dominique resembled Afrion, a man far from invincible.


But unlike him, what kind of person is Altheon on the contrary?


Even before leaving the Imperial Palace,  he had a history of being well-known for his excellent swordsmanship.


He was even the hero that led victory to a war that had lasted for years.


The main character who slashed the enemy at the forefront and gained the victory was Altheon’s current image.


In the end, excluding the fact that he’s a competitor fighting for the throne, he could be seen as a competent knight who deals with the sword freely and a person who has lived a comfortable life throughout.


The problem appeared here…


Only high-ranking officials at the top of Mandela knew that Dominique had a lot of hunting experience.


Brana, the daughter of Mandela, also went to play at the top, and she picked up the information through an open door.


If Brana hadn’t heard it and hadn’t informed Merria, she wouldn’t have known about it either.


‘There’s no other disadvantage than going into a fight without knowing your opponent’s skills.’


Helena could not have overlooked the current situation that Merria was aware of.


Brana says Dominique added an unusual amount and doubled the amount anonymously.


After much consideration, Merria concluded, “…I think someone is making a dangerous plan. Borrowing the prince’s name.”




Karina didn’t say anything hastily.


In the silent room, only the sound of the clock filled the space.


Tic, tic—


Karina lowered the glass she was holding, a little loudly.


It was a figure rarely seen by her, called the humanization of etiquette.


Her sand-colored eyes stared down for a long time.


Merria didn’t say anything else, just waited.


“Once and only once did His Majesty Altheon speak of it to me.”


Karina frowned like someone repainting distant memories.


“There will be blood in the throne where you’ll sit.”




“And I won’t let my blood be in it…”


Karina laughed bitterly.


It was an expression I had never seen even when Karina confessed or when she was contemplating the gift for Altheon.


There was a little fear and a firm will in it.


“I am not a child. I’ve always known that he won’t be able to ascend the throne smoothly. Nevertheless, I had him in my heart, and I didn’t want to lose the will to be with him.”




Unable to find an answer to her sincere words, Merria muttered her name in a small voice.


“I want to protect His Majesty. His Majesty is always taking care of me, so he can’t care about himself.”


Everyone who loved someone was strong.


It wasn’t because the person in love was exceptionally good, or because they had extraordinary abilities.


Just because they want to protect someone.


That heart became the driving force and made people stronger.


And now, Karina in front of me seemed stronger than anyone else.


Even if the enemy has a sword that could kill her, he won’t be able to cut Karina’s head.


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