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Karina only relaxed after drinking two cups of coffee in a row. She made sure to express her gratitude to Merria for sharing the information with her.


Merria just nodded when Karina said she would talk to Altheon separately. As if to ventilate the heavy air in the room, Merria called Lexie, and she entered holding a basket


Karina asked, “What’s that?”


After a moment’s hesitation, Merria spoke, “Did you also receive one Karina? The application for a partner in the hunting competition.”


At her question, Karina readily nodded and answered, “Yes.”


“Did you make an ornament?”




Karina closed her eyes while thinking and said, “Right, a lady is said to give the Knight a token before they leave for the hunt, an embroidered handkerchief, sword ornament, or… a kiss?”


At Karina’s mischievous words, Merria’s eyes widened, then shook her head. Karina giggled as Merria glared weakly.


“There must be a handkerchief and thread in that basket.”


Karina told Katie standing beside her to prepare the embroidery. Katie quickly put various supplies and a large box on the table.


“What’s that box?” Merria asked, bursting into laughter at the extraordinary size of the box.


Karina shrugged and opened the box then added, saying, “Actually, as soon as I heard that there will be a hunting competition, I started making gifts for His Majesty…”


Inside the box that appeared, various colors of handkerchiefs and sword decorations were tangled together.


With Merria’s skills, it will take a month of embroidery for a thin handkerchief and palm-sized sword decoration.


“I still don’t have anything in my mind.” (Karina)


As Karina covered her cheeks with her palms, she sighed lightly.


“Aren’t handkerchiefs better?” (Merria)


The sword ornament was universal enough to be given to a knight of the family or acquaintance. While it meant just that much, the handkerchief embroidered was a little different.


In particular, pure white handkerchiefs were often given between special occasions in the sense that they wished their knight to return without shedding a single drop of blood.


In addition, Karina has excellent embroidery skills that make her famous among the ladies in society.


So it would be nice if she could express her feelings with a handkerchief.


To Merria’s strange question, Karina replied after a moment of consideration, “As expected… I guess so?”


“I’m also thinking of making a handkerchief, so how about making it together?”


Of course, there were pitfalls to this statement. It was unreasonable for Merria, who had only learned a minimal embroidery education, to make it ‘together’ according to Karina’s speed and skill.


So now, Merria was asking for free lessons from a famous embroidery teacher in the capital.


As if knowing Merria’s feelings, Karina responded with a light smile, “All right.”



A carriage bearing the Magners emblem stopped in front of the Philotes Palace.


What came down from the carriage was Shannon in a pure white dress. As she handed Helena’s invitation, the attendant guided Shannon inside.


Shannon followed with a colorful bouquet in her arms and walked as innocent as a child on a picnic.


As she reached Helena’s room, another servant stood there. Looking like an escort knight, the man said after knocking on the big door.


“Your Highness the Queen, Young Lady Magner is here to see you.”


“Let her in.”


An elegant answer came from within. Soon, as the door opened on both sides, a ray of light leaked into the dark room.


In the middle of it, I saw Helena sitting on a sofa full of decorations.


Shannon handed the bouquet to Lepeta. Helena’s eyes glanced at the flower and then turned to Shannon.


Shannon approached with a gentle step and greeted her, “I see Her Highness, Queen Helena. Greetings from Shannon of Magner.”


“It’s been a while.”


Helena furrowed her brows and offered a seat to Shannon. Lepeta, who confirmed that there was nothing in the flowers, handed Helena the bouquet.


“It’s an anemone. Queen Helena.”


The flowers with a bluish tint are in full bloom at their peak. Offering an anemone to someone was a metaphor for betraying one’s affiliation and offering allegiance.


Shannon was well aware of Helena’s suspicion.


Helena has already made someone watch over her even after harvesting with her hands and feet. It was a trap for cutting out a renegade from the bud and a device for continuous pressure.


Therefore, Shannon did what she wanted before she even said it. Her behavior must have already been reported by Helena’s other limbs.


If so, all Shannon could do was shine a gentle light in front of her eyes.


“It smells good.”


Helena was the first to show Shannon her appreciation. This was her favorite. In addition, Shannon was a useful child.


“The reason I called you separately is that there’s something I want you to do,” said Helena.


“I’ll listen to you,” Shannon answered immediately.


Shannon bowed to Helena once more. Unlike the dress she was wearing, she looked like a mercenary.


Helena said with a smile, “Create a scandal with the Grand Duke at the hunting competition, and listen carefully if possible there should be many people to witness the scene, that would be nice.”


“…Yes, Your Highness Queen Helena.”


Helena’s double trap was steadily being established.


Obscene scandals are a great topic for the aristocrats who have nothing to do. Even if they cover their mouths with a fan, lies will not stop moving as they spew from within.


And in the meantime, the assassins she had organized were going to infiltrate the forest where they least expected.


Whether it’s the father or son. One of the blonde royals will bleed that day.


Helena’s face bloomed like an anemone in full bloom.



There was only a day left until the hunting competition.


Altheon and Karina were having dinner at ‘Diner Hart’.


The place where the two were seated has the most scenic spot on the third floor of Hart, which had vacated all floors as requested by the Crown Prince.


They were just having dinner without a word. Altheon pretended to concentrate on the meal indifferently but fixed his gaze somewhere so he wouldn’t be noticed.


In front of him was Karina munching on the meat she had cut into small pieces.


An elegant gesture without unnecessary clumsiness and her eyelashes are slightly lowered above the eyelids.


Even the shadows under her eyelids looked cozy. Just looking at her was so perfect that it could be transferred to a painting.


But it wasn’t those things that caught Altheon’s eye. What he was looking at intently was Karina’s earlobe, a glimpse through her half-tied hair.


Altheon had just realized that she only blushed in front of him. However, the prince with a bad temper likes the gap against her actions and has not yet told Karina about it.


Karina’s face might turn red like a cherry if he whispered this to her during their engagement and gave her a ring.


‘Even though I wanted to see her reaction, I wanted to put this joy on hold a little longer.’ Altheon thought inwardly.


It was around the time that Altheon’s lips were loosened without even realizing it. Karina, who emptied her mouth, raised her gaze and looked at Altheon.


“Your Highness.”


“What’s wrong?”


At Karina’s sudden call, Altheon blinked a couple of times before answering.


He was obviously staring blankly, but maybe she noticed his gaze. The play went away, but Altheon waited for Karina’s next words with a trembling heart.


Karina beckoned Katie, who was standing nearby silently.


Then Katie took something out and brought it to Karina.


A box was placed in Karina’s slender hands. It was small enough to not even guess what was in it.


Altheon wondered if it would have been only air if he didn’t know it. As Altheon bemused and tilted his head, his honey blonde hair flowed down along.


Karina seemed particularly hesitant today.


Altheon, unable to contain his curiosity, spoke first, “Karina…”


“I’m worried about what I heard from Merria the other day.”


“There’s nothing to worry about.”


Altheon shook his head lightly, seeing that, Karina frowned.


“Why don’t you take any precautions when you know that His Highness the Second Prince has taken a lot of arrows out of the blue?”


Karina contacted Altheon shortly after meeting Merria. She explained the situation and identified the source of her information.


Karina wanted Altheon to investigate what was going on behind the hunting competition. But somehow Altheon was as easy-going as a man who had heard nothing.


‘I’m so nervous.’. (Karina)


Altheon’s inability to understand my heart made me more anxious.


Looking at Karina’s shaking pupils, Altheon lowered his gaze stiffly.


Karina, who took a deep breath, continued with a pause, “I hope that doesn’t happen, but the thought of what might happen to His Majesty there… I— I can’t get it out of my mind.”


Worried, Karina’s hazel eyes stared intently at Altheon sitting in front of her.


What made her heart race was Altheon at his Crown Prince’s coronation ceremony. The Altheon, who was looking down with a purple cape that day, looked radiant and perfect.


But when I met him again after returning from the war, Altheon felt different. Contrary to her memory, Altheon was always in danger like a flower blooming on a cliff, as they talked closely their eyes met.


Altheon may think he hid it well, but he was still apologizing for meeting Karina, aiming behind the Marquis.


‘Is it because of the thought that I did the same thing as my father, who married a foreign princess to become an Emperor?’ (Altheon)


But Karina was not a pitiful, fragile woman like Christine. Furthermore, the most different thing is that she truly loved Altheon.


Therefore, this engagement was also proposed to Bradley by Karina first.


He didn’t want to delay when he was told that the name Delphi could be of strength to him.


Karina wanted to be the one who embraces Altheon rather than being protected. So, as a noble lady, she rose to the highest position possible and became the flower of society.


And to be involved in his life, Karina thought it was time to take action.


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