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Author: Nikss


To begin with, I did it with Carson. But I knew his identity, and it was realistic to imagine the future of marrying him and becoming the Duchess.


‘Just once.’


What I did with him happened just once… Yes, I just wanted to try it with a handsome guy once. And I just wanted to keep one more memory of Carson.


We were already adults, and we were about to graduate from the academy in a few days.


I won’t be able to see you anymore. Even if I encounter him again, it won’t be an equal standing as it was in the academy, but a clear relationship between someone from the top of society and someone from the bottom.


So finally…


Finally, I wanted to make a deep memory of him.


If someone finds out about this, they might curse me for being selfish. I couldn’t accept his heart. But what’s wrong with being a little greedy? I knew that Carson liked me. And I also liked him.


However, I couldn’t risk my life for love. The gap in status could not be quickly narrowed just by trying.


Even more, if you’re a commoner who has nothing compared to a Duke, one of the highest nobility.


After graduating from the academy, he will go back to being a Duke and realize the reality, and after he enters society the interest he has in me will disappear.


…I thought it was


Carson, who liked me, became more clingy to me after ‘That Day’. It’s like I’m going to be in big trouble if I’m away from him.


The Academy Graduation is just around the corner, it’s a big problem.



I entered the academy at the late age of 15. Unlike children who usually enter around the age of 10.


Well, that didn’t mean I had to start as a Junior.


Fortunately, I was able to enter the Senior First grade by passing the funding test appropriate for my age.


Seniors were in the fourth grade, so if I did well on my graduation exam, I could graduate in the year of my adulthood.


…If I graduate safely without any difficulties. The problem was not the graduation, but the reality that was right in front of me.


Arena Academy.


Although this place was private, it received tremendous support from the Lagras Empire. It was the pride of our Lagras Empire as it produces talented people in various fields.


Such a great Arena Academy placed great importance on club activities.


Since the club activities affect the grades to a large extent.


Fortunately, club activities were reflected a lot in grades, but the degree of freedom for clubs was high.


Just looking at the existence of clubs, such as breathing clubs or senior clubs.


For your information, the breathing club. ‘Breathing’, for short, was a club that only breathed and the chief club was a club that collected stones.


There was even a mosquito torture club.


However, I couldn’t even enter any of these strange clubs as well as ordinary clubs. Because I missed the deadline to apply for the club membership…!


This stupid idiot. Thanks to that, the situation became different.


What happens if I miss the deadline for applying for a club? I would randomly be assigned to unpopular clubs. Of course, only the clubs accept recruits.


As there are many unusual clubs, among the unpopular clubs, there were many eccentric clubs.


Unexpectedly, the mosquito torture club was popular, especially because professors gave good grades to the club.


Truly unpopular clubs have activities such as retrieving the corpse of a monster or engaging in activities such as ‘Weekend’ mountaineering, led by a ‘Professor.


Isn’t it terrible just thinking about it? Oops, but as an excuse, I didn’t have a friend to remind me that yesterday was the last day to apply for a club.


I’ve just entered school, so it’s only natural that I don’t have any friends. Others have been going to the academy since their first year of junior high.


So the bottom line was that I was forced to join an unpopular club. I walked along the promenade inside the academy to soothe my depression over the harsh reality.


Missing the deadline was not something that could be solved by going to the office and crying. In this case, it’s better to accept reality and give up quickly.


As I walked for a long time in such a cool breeze, “You! Student, the one named Leen!”


Suddenly someone grabbed my shoulder and shouted.


I slipped down on the spot— it was so frightening that my legs became weak and gave out. I was calming my beating chest, and a brown-haired kid grabbed my shoulder and asked urgently.


“Yes? You’re Leen, right? Please say I’m right.”


Now, a person was surprised because of someone shouting at me, no matter how urgent it was, it would be better to sit down first. That stupid kid… 


I frowned and denied it. “No, it’s not me.”


“What? It wasn’t you?”


The face, which was full of conviction, quickly turns into a disappointed face.


“I’m sorry. I was mistaken for black hair and black eyes.”


“Why are you looking for a kid named Leen?”


“Well, there was something…”


The kid murmured thinking about what had happened and then began to run back to where he came from.


I put my middle finger on the back of his head running quietly.


‘Leen was written on the name tag. Idiot.’


Then I got up and straightened my clothes, wiping my dirty skirt. Well, I simply stood and paused there for a moment, and wondered if I had ever had an accident.


No matter how much I think about it, after entering the school, I only remember taking classes quietly.


I didn’t know anyone in the entire academy for someone to look for me.


The only thing that the professor would scold me for was sleeping openly during a specific class. Ah! Did I sleep as soon as the class started?


Well, it wouldn’t have been nice to be squatting down in the corner of a gym class.


But what if I get hurt in a dangerous class where I have to wield a wooden sword.


Rather, I was scolded a hundred and thousand times… I know it’s an anomaly. Still, I don’t want to get hurt though.


Anyway, if that’s why the professor was looking for me, I’d be scolded in the next class even if it wasn’t today.




I sighed lightly and began to walk slowly on the trail again. How long has it been? I felt much better when I cooled my head in the cold breeze.


However, my depression about the club did not improve.


“Oh really, even if the mountaineering club keeps repeating, I don’t think it’s possible even if I die.”


“Then join our club.”


I turned my head to where the voice came from. There seem to be a lot of strange people talking to me today. I haven’t talked to anyone for more than a week since I entered the academy.


As I turned my head, there was a boy with curly cherry blossom hair in front of my eyes.


‘…Wow. Are you really a person?’


His handsome face made no sense, even if he put his pink cotton candy-like hair that seemed to melt away.


Underneath the clear shining eyes, there was a subtle redness around his eyes, and red lips, which contrasted with his white skin, that seemed to be optimized for attracting people.


Should I say that it has a strange color or decadent beauty?


But that’s all. It’s not like I could date him, but I thought that I should not raise my eyes to look at him for no reason, so I hypnotized myself and calmly opened my lips.


“Didn’t you know that the application period for membership in the club was over?”




The pink-haired boy stared blankly at me, he belatedly responded to my question and opened his mouth.


“Oh. You can write down your name here, and the club meeting starts tomorrow.”


He naturally replied to me by giving me a paper stating that it was an application for opening a club.


However, it was not a club application but an opening application, it seems to be a club that hasn’t even been created yet.


“Pink hair. Didn’t the application period end yesterday?” (Leen)


“Today was the deadline, and I’m so glad you came.” (Carson)




“If you don’t want to fill out the application form, I’ll take care of it. Please sign it. Your name is… Leen?” (Carson)


Are you deaf? Tsk. This poor kid, but sorry. I briefly clicked my tongue and turned around without hesitation. Then he quickly grabbed my hand, turning me around.


“…Where are you going without signing?”


I pulled out my hand, then turned my head again and looked at the boy. He looked at me with his big eyes.


Maybe it’s because he opened his eyes widened, but the unique decadent atmosphere disappeared.


Suddenly, it seems to change to a pure and cute impression that suits his age.


I wanted to break your legs, but I endured it because of your handsome face.


I said as I sighed a little, “I told you for the third time already, but the deadline for the application for clubs was yesterday.”


The boy tilted his head. “I don’t think you know, but the application for a new club is due today.”




“In other words, if you write your name here, you can join our club.”


Of course, I thought that the deadline for applying for a new club would be earlier than applying to join the existing clubs.


That would be the case. If you don’t get permission to establish a new club, shouldn’t all those who apply for opening today have to be assigned to a random club?


Once I apply to a club, will I get permission unconditionally?


…When I think about all sorts of strange clubs, I thought it might be possible.


“No, I’m not going.”


But before long I shook my head and declined the offer. Just looking at his face, I could tell. If I join that club, my academic life won’t be smooth.


It’s just speculation, but there might be a club, a fan club for him. He bit his red lips as if shocked by the unexpected rejection.


“There are at least three minimum members for the club, but I have only two members, including me. Help me.”


‘Oh, my.’


There would be no other fool like me who missed the deadline to apply for a club.


It was a pity, but I didn’t want to sacrifice myself to help him. In the first place, I didn’t know what club that kid was trying to open.


I clenched my lips trying to say no to him again, then he struck first as if he had expected the words to come out of my mouth.


“Wow, really? You are joining our club?”


He thought I was saying that I was going to join them at a very natural flow at the moment.


“It’s not that…“


“Yes? Do you have more questions?”


He smiles beautifully with his eyes bent to a crescent shape. First, he brushed his hair, and while looking at that smile, a thought of ‘You are really Handsome’ came to mind.


Second, I thought that if I could keep seeing that face, I could have a smooth academic life. I thought I wouldn’t be able to throw that handsome face away.


No matter how much I try to control my mind, my eyes are fine and I can still think straight.


…But laughing with that face is cheating!


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