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“Oh… I, I feel embarrassed if you praise me like that, Leen.”


It wasn’t a compliment. It felt like I had to correct my words even now. I blinked my eyes and put the feelings I felt aside as if they were a compliment.


”Well. Jane was good at dressing up.’’


Then Jane smiled. It was a bright smile that felt a great difference from the smile she had earlier.


“It’s not… it’s just makeup, Leen!”


“So, dressing up today… No, why did you put on makeup? For refund?”


I’m sure your face yesterday had no makeup. The tomboy’s playful face quickly turned into a boss.


Even without makeup on her face, she was still pretty.


She was pretty, but it was just that it was a face that could turn some of her classmates to her feet.


As soon as I saw Jane’s face, I thought, “Where did I put my wallet?” for no reason.


“If the refund was the purpose, I would have made it harder. Today was the day I needed proper fighting power!”


You could make it stronger than that? Besides, fighting power. Would Jane really go to a gang fight?


“…Combat power?'”


“I came to the academy in a hurry, so I have a lot to buy. So today, I’m going to go to the shopping street and buy several things.’’


I’ve heard the explanation, but the question was still unsolved. Why do you need combat power to buy alternative products?


Jane grinned as I tilted my head. “Leen, have you never bought anything at the shopping street around the Academy?”


“How did you know?”


It was as she said. When I came here, I prepared so thoroughly that I didn’t have to go to the shopping street yet.


I’ve never even thought about going around because I love being attached to my bed.


Jane put her hands firmly on her waist. “I can’t. I was going to go alone, but I can’t just leave a lamb who knows nothing. Get ready, Leen. Let’s go out together!”





I was pulled by Jane’s hand, and it wasn’t long before I could understand her great meaning.


The shopping street around the Academy was easy to memorize.  This was because many aristocrats of the Academy, who don’t know the world, go around pretending to be commoners.


If I came here alone, there was a high probability that I would have been ripped off. It was the first time since my parents died that I came to a shopping street without an escort.


Somehow, I looked around with Jane in wonder. As Jane proves that she was a returning student, she knew the geography of this place very well.


What’s a little unusual was that there was a line of female students in every bakery and dessert shop we saw, and the line was surprisingly long.


Each of the students came out with a beautifully wrapped cookie in their hands. When I thought about it, the area around here was famous for cookies.


Jane asked me with an excited face for some reason. “Leen, are you going to buy it too?”


“Now that I’m outside, should I buy this?”


“That’s a good idea!”


She nodded her head quickly as if she had heard the really good news.


If I said I wouldn’t buy it, I would take my wallet and buy it. Do you like cookies so much?


In the end, I bought enough cookies to eat over and over. It was in the hope that Jane would not feel pressured when she wanted to eat.


I don’t have to worry because my aunt, who was always indebted to my parents, was giving me too much money.


On my way back to the dorm after shopping all day.


Jane asked carefully. “Leen, it may be out of the blue, but I want to ask you something seriously, could you honestly answer me?”


“…What is it?”


“What’s your ideal type?”


I was a little nervous because it was a question she wanted to ask seriously, but I was relieved to hear what the question was.


I’ve felt it since we first met, but Jane seems to have a very unique personality.


“That’s the only thing you want to ask seriously?”


“No, this was an important question for me.’’


“My ideal type is…’’


Jane’s expression seemed serious, whether she meant the word ‘important question.’ I even heard the sound of her swallowing her saliva as if she was nervous. What’s this?


I was thinking about what my ideal type was, and the face of Carson flashed through my head for a moment.


“A nice guy.”


“Huh? Well, I see.’’


“He shouldn’t just be nice, but it should be a really, really nice guy.’’


Jane’s expression turned pale as if she had been sentenced to death.


“…I-it must be a lot harder.”


“Right? I think it’s hard to meet such a nice person, too. My ideal type was literally an ideal, right? It’s difficult to find that kind of person.”


“Hahaha! Right! How could you be with your ideal type, not a chance! Besides, the ‘really nice person you’re talking about was very popular, so it must be even harder.”


Her embarrassing and awkward utterance somehow sounded like advice to me. There was nothing wrong with Jane’s words. However, there was a small feeling of backlash at the words that I would have admitted normally.


“If I try, wouldn’t I be able to date for a short time? Maybe my ideal type would also like me.”


“What? Who was that!”


“I’m just saying that it may happen, you know.”


Jane was excited as if she wasn’t supposed to know what would happen.


‘Did she have a crush on me? What should I do? I like men.’


She opened her mouth with a confused look. Her voice sounded a little shaky.


“Leen, what do you think of the guy named Fjord, who was in the same club as you?”


“Fjord? If it’s Fjord then, well. He’s a Nice guy.”


Jane listened to me, she closed her mouth with both hands and screamed silently. It was a shocking expression.


Now I know what kind of misunderstanding Jane has. “Fjord is just a friend, Jane.”




“Really?” Jane didn’t believe in my words. “So, you like Fjord…”


Oh, well, it’s not like that.


After that, I made every effort to resolve Jane’s misunderstanding. But in the end, I couldn’t correct her misunderstanding, which I tried hard to resolve, and only listened to her resignation.


”… Yes, I don’t think you like Fjord yet, fortunately. I’m glad.’


Now I’ve decided to give up on solving Jane’s misunderstanding.


I felt a bit sorry for Fjord, but she made the misunderstanding by herself anyway, and nothing big would happen because of it.



It’s a big problem. Until I witnessed the incident today, looking back on that day, I was able to have a very satisfying day.


Luckily, I was assigned to the same class as Jane.


Not only could I eat lunch with her now, but I no longer have to take classes alone. Except for my major classes.


So I came to the club room to take a nap on the soft sofa.


But the club room that I saw after opening the door was not the club room that I went to a few days ago.


The desks and chairs that were in the club room before were broken into pieces that you would not be able to describe their shape anymore.


Carsion’s magic books were burnt or torn, so there was no place to stand anymore, and the chessboard and cards brought by Fjord were randomly rolling on the floor.


The club room was a complete mess. I suddenly thought that it was not the time I was looking at the unknown pieces of trash on the floor of the club room. I hurriedly checked the safety of the sofa.


Oh my… The sofa, which was my comfortable home, and my eternal blanket friend are nowhere to be found.


In a reality that was hard to believe while watching, I dropped a few books I was holding.


It’s a catastrophe.


Several books fell and made a dull sound. Then the eyes of Carson and Fjord, who were confronting each other while maintaining their distance, turned to me at the same time.




“…Did you guys fight?”


“Carson seemed to have heard of something weird! Where did you hear that?”


At Fjord’s shrieking cry, Carson made up a picturesque smile. Then he spoke in a hard, angry tone.


“I’m not angry, so be honest.’’


“Where the crap, I could tell you’re not angry at all! And you’re not really!


Judging from the conversation between the two, it seems that the club room became like this while Carson was pursuing him. I don’t know what Fjord did.


I put my hand on my forehead to calm down my throbbing head.


”Caon, Fjord. I don’t know the details of why the two of you fought, but don’t you think it’s a bit too harsh to be so violent inside the club room?”


”Leen. I’m not violent, so I’ve never touched Fjord even once.”


Carsion’s eyes were clear as if he were claiming his innocence. When he lied in front of me, his expression and speech showed a lot. But now that face doesn’t seem to be a lie.


So, was all this because of Fjord? The club room has become like this?


Oh, my… I didn’t see him like that. As I gazed at the Fjord in amazement, he appealed to me with a grim expression.


“You don’t believe in Carson, do you? He’s not violent? but a violent person and the fact that he never touched me was because of magic!”


What do you mean by being not violent, violent?


“You’re saying you two still fought, right? I couldn’t tell what was going on between you guys, but if you want to fight, you two are in the same dorm, so fight there. Now I’m cleaning up the mess you made.”


In my sighing tone, Carson fumbled his lips as he looked.  Fjord has a lot of things to say, but his mouth puffed as if he couldn’t speak.


“Do you both have something to say?”


”Leen. The sofa and blanket are all right, so take it easy. Huh?”


The sofa and blanket are all right?  When I heard that, I felt relieved. No wonder I couldn’t even see the wreckage. Yes, that’s all I need.


In the middle of thinking about the sofa, Carson talked to me, wondering if he had gained courage.


“If you answer me one question, I’ll clean up the club room as you say.”




Carson hesitates to speak with his eyes on the ground. Eventually, he closed his eyes tightly and shouted.


“Do you think I’m nice?”




I thought I heard it wrong. I looked at Fjord and he said, ‘Say yes!’ It’s a mouth shape telling me to say, ‘Yes!’


I don’t know what’s going on, but Carson was nice. “Caon, you’re obviously nice to whoever sees you.”


Your face, obviously, it’s nice.


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