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“Ah, really!”


I kicked up the blanket that was covering me. Then Carson, who was reading a book with his back leaning on the sofa where I was laying, looked at me in a hurry.


Whether he was surprised or worried, his eyes grew wide. “Leen, what happened?”


“…My legs suddenly hurt.”


In fact, I suddenly remembered the attitude the team members showed after I won as the team leader, that’s why I kicked the blanket out of the blue.


The team members burst out with joy while clenching their fists.


Someone would have thought that they had already finished the assignment. Or maybe they thought that the group assignment was just a bet, rather than choosing a leader by ladder.


Even the talking potato, who was screaming like a whale, laughed at me as if she was enjoying herself.


I can’t help it. I’m going to cook potatoes for dinner tonight.


When I decided to set the dinner menu as a potato dish, I heard the voice of Carson, who seemed restless


“Oh, my. Does it hurt a lot? Do you want me to massage your legs?”


“What?” I stared at him, wondering if I misheard it.


Only then did Carson cover his mouth with both hands as if he realized what he had said. In an instant, his whole body, including his face, turns red.


“Sorry, I didn’t mean any impure intention. I’m just worried!”


“I’m going to puke…” For fear of misunderstanding, it was Fjord, not me, who swore that nasty curse…


He was staring at Carson like he was looking at a wiggling worm. It means that he looked extremely disgusting.


It’s not like once or twice that I heard them exchange harsh words and curses. I pretended not to hear Fjord and made a mischievous smile.


“What? You’re going to massage my legs? Wow, how good are you, Caon? It was so natural that I almost nodded without realizing it.”


“What?! It’s not like that..”


“What were you trying to do while pretending to massage my legs? Could you tell me in detail about the six principles?”

 (N: 육하원칙-6 W’s principle, who, when, where, what, how, why.)


“No, not the six principles, I just….!”


“Caon. I thought you were innocent, but you’re completely insidious inside, aren’t you…?”


“No, I’m…”


“Oh, I’ll have to be careful about what I say in the future. I don’t know when Caon’s gonna pull a stunt.”


He eventually cried and buried his face in his hands again. “Leen…”


I teased Carson who became shy for a long time. Now it felt like a routine, I was used to making fun of him every time.


After teasing him to my satisfaction, I brought another subject to let him breathe.


“More than that, there’s a weird rumor going around these days.”


In my exhausted words, Carson showed a surprisingly quick change of expression. It was a serious face that one couldn’t even imagine that he was blushing earlier.


“What rumor?”


“A rumor that you like me.”


There was a moment of silence.


“Leen, I…” Carson blinked slowly.


“Do you feel bad about the rumor?”


The cautious tone, somehow, felt like he was being wary.


It wasn’t as bad as he said. But because of the rumors, I was already tired of just thinking about what would happen in the future because of those rumors.


I wouldn’t have been worried if the rumor that spread was that I liked Carson. I unconsciously touched my lips to tell him honestly what I was thinking.


I would have said it without a hitch. If I hadn’t found Carsion’s moist eyes. I was particularly vulnerable to a crying person.


It looks so miserable and weak. I feel like he was about to crumble any moment.


Maybe it was because I remembered the past when I left my parents and spent every day in despair and tears.


So I started talking again and said something that I didn’t even want. It was purely to stop him from crying.


“I’m more worried that you’d be stuck in the middle of your marriage rather than feeling bad about those rumors.”


His path to marriage is something I completely know. He would marry a pretty noble lady from a good family and live well.


Whether he knows my intentions, Carson brightened up. He gave a big smile and wiped his chest.


“I’m glad you’re not offended. And don’t worry about it. I’ll be with you later anyway…”


Knock, knock—


As Carson continued his words with a big smile, there was a knock at the door.  Carson’s eyes and mine naturally turned to Fjord. Then Fjord flinched and pouted his lips.


“Why are you both staring at me?”


“Of course, it’s obvious that someone came for you, Fjord.”


“Why do you always make someone knock on the door? Wasn’t it twice already that Leen woke up because of you?”


Leen and Carson simultaneously beat Fjord.


Fjord was very popular regardless of age or gender because of his kind personality. His popularity was unlike anyone else. So it was natural that many people came to see him.


“Haha, Fjord. Remember what I said before, what I would do if your friend visits again during club time?”


“What? I’ve already warned them not to come to the club many times! And maybe they came here for Leen. Why do you always blame it on me?”


Carson only smiled at Fjord’s cry of injustice.


“Well if you’re so confident, it seems that our Fjord must have listened to my warning. Yes, if it’s such a dream, I’ll let you know.”


Knock, knock—


“…Hey. I came to find Leen.”


As soon as Carsion’s words were over, someone’s voice was heard from outside the door with another knock.


Carsion’s expression stiffened after hearing the voice of a male student who seems to be in the phase of adolescence.


He quickly moved to the front of the door and opened it… “Who are you?”


Carsion’s voice was lower than usual. It was a cold tone that was different from when he was dealing with Fjord. 


It looks very strange… are you jealous?


The child, who made eye contact with Carson, suddenly sank to the floor. He seemed surprised by the sudden opening of the door.


As I watched the situation from a distance, I noticed that the person who came was one of our group members.


“Caon, hold on. I think he came for me, for our group assignment for herbal medicine.”


I got up from my seat and pulled Carsion’s shirt, standing in the way of the door. It meant to look at me. After making a sulky expression, Carson quickly moved away.


“Why are you here? Aren’t we supposed to have a meeting after club time?”


When asked why he came, the boy, whose soul was halfway out, glanced at Carsion’s behind me.




He backed away with a strange sound. It was almost like wiping the floor with school uniform pants.


Why? What’s wrong with you?


In wonder, I turned my head and looked at Carson. He only blinked innocently while staring at me.


“Huh? What’s wrong Leen?”


“…No, just.”


I crouched down and adjusted my eye level with the boy, leaving the strange feeling behind.


“Because it’s club time, could you tell me what’s going on quickly?”


“My head! Ah, it hurts… Oh- I think today’s meeting would be difficult…”


“Does it hurt?”


Obviously, his complexion wasn’t good, and his lips were blue, his condition didn’t look very good. Did your legs hurt when you suddenly fell?


“I can’t help it if you’re sick. I’ll tell the others, so take a rest today. You can attend tomorrow’s meeting when you’re okay.”


We decided to climb the mountain behind to collect herbs. Today, it was possible because the academy had overall shortened classes.


Tomorrow, on the weekend, we decided to make a mini dictionary based on the herbs we collected today.


I don’t know if we could make a dictionary together, but we can’t force a sick person to climb the mountain.


“Yes, thank you…”


He smiled powerlessly and got up from his seat, staggering. Then he limps out of his seat with his left foot.


I clicked my tongue watching his back like that. How long has he been injured since class ended? And It was his leg that was injured.


Ah! Wait a moment. Didn’t you say your head hurts a while ago? But why are your legs limping all of a sudden?


I ground my teeth. He’s a nylon patient…! (N: Nylon patients- Bogus patients.)


A miracle that cripples a person in hours. No matter how much I think about it, the group assignment was a ‘social evil’ that shouldn’t exist in the world.



I stopped by the dormitory to pick up the tools we would use to quick-witted people collect herbs. Jane greeted me with a bright smile when she came to the dormitory first.


“Leen, you’re here?”


“Yes, but I have to go back soon because of the group assignment.”


“Oh my!”


Leaving Jane’s sad face behind, I was in a hurry to find a gathering tool in case I would be late for the agreed time.


Seeing me moving busily, Jane suddenly handed me something.


“You have two letters today.”


I took the letter she handed me. The letter above was stamped with waxed in a pattern of an elegant bird.


It was a letter from my aunt. It was sent in a stamped pattern different from the family because it would be returned if a seal with a family pattern was sent to the academy.


Even if I didn’t see any other letters, it was obvious who the letter came from.


The letter already had a soft lavender scent. I put the lavender-scented letter in the drawer as usual. The drawer was full of unopened letters.


After closing the drawer, the letter with the bird-shaped wax was placed on the desk. I thought I should read it after finishing the group assignment. I have to write a reply later.


Jane asked with a curious look on her face as I tried to leave the dormitory with the gathering tools.


“Leen, why do you always not open the other letter?”


I turned my back and walked towards the door. Then I turned the doorknob a little.


“…Because it’s not worth reading.”



It’s already been 30 minutes. From the time we agreed to meet with all members.


How does not a single person come on time?  Around the time I waited just 10 more minutes and decided to climb the mountain alone if no one came, I saw a silhouette of someone rushing in.


It was Hans who led the ladder game.




He’s late and he doesn’t even call my name, but by that terrible title.  He seemed to know very systematically how to upset people.


I quietly whispered to Hans, who breathed heavily. “Do you like shin? Or the solar plexus?


“What? What are you talking about?”


“If you choose between them, you’ll find out eventually.”


“More than that, where are all the rest of the team, Leader?”


He noticed my gloomy expression and quickly changed the subject. This is why I don’t like quick-witted people.


“The girl seems to be late like you, and one has hemorrhoids and is currently being treated.”


“Dental hemorrhoids…”


His pupils shook. “Aha… I really hope they get well.”









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