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Hans awkwardly cheered for other members’ complete recovery in a quivering tone.


After a while, he scratches his cheek and makes a pitiful expression. “But what should we do, Leader? I also have an important thing to do, so I don’t think I’ll be able to attend this group assignment…”




“My grandfather’s ex-lover had passed away. I think I should attend there and give my condolences right now. I’m so sorry!”


He poured out all he wanted to say quickly and began to run back down the road where he came from. He ran so fast before I could catch him.


And then he said looking back for a moment. “Ah! Please take my name off the assignment! I’m sorry I couldn’t be with you!”


I stood blankly for a long time, for a ridiculous thing that has disappeared. Hey! Your grandpa’s ex-lover was just a stranger to you!





I waited another ten minutes, but in the end, the talking potato girl didn’t come. I expected that the group assignment would be tough. But I didn’t think that all three of them were so troublesome.


I looked up at the sky with a dark expression on my face. Whether it’s a sign of my future or representing my feelings, both seem cumbersome.


Yes, life was all about living alone yourself. I thought it would be better to finish the assignment alone and remove their names when submitting them.


I started climbing the mountain half-despaired. In the beginning, the road was well laid out because there were a lot of people who went back and forth on this path.


Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I climbed a mountain to dig medicinal herbs.


In the past, I used to come out often to dig herbs with my mom. After I started living in my aunt’s house, I could only touch the herbs I bought with money because my aunt dried them, saying they were dangerous.


Still, she gave me most of the herbs I wanted… Both my aunt and my uncle were good people.


They tend to over-pack my bag with things, but still, they treated me like their own child. If I had lost my parents earlier, I would’ve called them Mom and Dad.


They actually tried to put me in their family register.  Eventually, it was canceled due to various circumstances.


As I climbed the mountain thinking about random things, I was already in the middle of the mountain. Thanks to a signage post with a big warning I was able to know that I’m halfway from the ground.


A warning message was written on the flowered signage, it says to be careful when entering the area because it’s a monster hunting area.


Starting with the signage post, there were barbed-wire fences that controlled the access in the area.


I gave the signage post a rough glance and went into it.  Most of the herbs that could be used in the first place grow from mana as nutrients.


The monster habitat has a high density of mana in the air, so many good herbs would’ve grown.


Therefore, to get a good score, I must enter the monster-hunting area.


Even though it was an assignment that could be done alone, it must have been that reason for Professor George to make it a group assignment.


As soon as I went into the barbed wire-covered area, I heard the sound of leaves being stepped on from somewhere.


“Was that blabber girl?”

 (N: 말감- means word of mouth /she refers to potato girl as chatty/blabber)


I looked around, but there was no one. It seemed like it was a small mountain animal. I was looking forward to it because I was wondering if the potato girl came late.


Blabber, by the way, was a very catchy nickname for the potato girl.


From now on, you are a blabber!  After making that nickname in my mind, I started looking for medicinal herbs in earnest.


From now on, I must concentrate. To distinguish herbs in this place where only green was visible.


“I don’t know if I could find even one right herb.”


I couldn’t find a decent herb in such a large area. However, the reason I said that was to find medicinal herbs more easily.


The secret recipe for destruction.


Sure enough, as soon as I uttered medicinal herbs, I could see the herbs I had been looking for a long time ago as if I had put an exploration spell on my eyes.


“No, that’s the Dao Tranto plant!”


My eyes turned to it and I started digging Dao Tranto with an excited face.


This herb was rare, but it had no particular use, so it was often treated as a street weed.


A herb that no one wants to buy or sell.  But I was able to transform Dao Tranto into something great with the formula I developed.


It’s a sweat suppressant. For reference, the area where I used a sweat suppressant was ‘there’.


Everyone would be able to sympathize.


The part that bothers me the most on a hot summer day. The place where the flesh and the skin come into contact with each other and release a lot of sweat.


On days when I wear gray clothes, the only place that looks dark, it steals everyone’s attention.


That’s right.  Oh my gosh! No one has thought of any other part that starts with ‘A’.

(N: ‘겨’ was used which 겨드랑이 means ‘Armpit’ )


I carefully dug the medicinal herbs so that they wouldn’t get damaged, and then I grabbed them and looked at them lovingly for a long time.


I came up here to meet this lovely thing. Otherwise, I don’t know how difficult it was to have this.


There’s no demand, and there’s no supply, so I couldn’t get it no matter how hard I tried.


I was so thrilled, the moment I was talking about the medicinal herbs, I heard an urgent voice behind me.


“It’s dangerous, Leen!”


Before I could understand the exact meaning of the words I heard, something burst out with a roar. Dark red blood splashed everywhere.


It happened in an instant. I rolled my eyes and looked around to figure out the situation.


The body of a monster was shattered to pieces that it became hard to recognize even its original form. And Carson whose eyes were round wide open in surprise.


Carson, who moved in front of me in the blink of an eye, suddenly hugged me tightly.


The scent of his body comes in through the tip of my nose.


Pure, like uncontaminated water. But at the same time, it was a dense scent that seemed stuck somewhere.


Was there a scent that goes better with him than this?


“… have you hurt anywhere, Leen?”


I was taken by his mind-blowing body scent and finally came to my senses after hearing his trembling voice.


Is he crazy? I removed Carsion’s arm which was holding me tightly.


Carson whose hand fell helplessly from my touch stared at my face with embarrassment.


“Leen’s face…”


He seemed to be referring to a drop of blood on my cheek. I quickly wiped the drop of blood off with the back of my hand.


That’s because Carson lifted the sleeve of his school uniform like he was going to wipe the blood off of my face.


Trying to wipe the blood off with a white school uniform shirt. The blood of the monster won’t come off easily. How stupid are you?


“Caon, why are you here?”


“Why did Leen come here alone?”


He rarely looked angry at me. I felt embarrassed for a moment, and when I realized that he was worried about me, my heart softened.


I used my thumb to press out his narrowed brow, as I had done before. But his brow didn’t straighten out as quickly as before.


“Caon. Why do you keep looking like that? Do you think I came here without any countermeasures?”


Carson looked down at me and shut his mouth firmly. He seemed to have a lot to say, but he didn’t say anything.


“I applied a monster repellent. I made it after improving the old one, so it’s twice as good as the existing one.”


I jabbed at the body of a shattered monster.


“The monster wouldn’t have attacked me if you hadn’t come out.”


On my chin gesture, Carsion’s face turned his head and saw the body of the monster.


Suddenly he began to cast a magic spell on the dead body.  When even the traces of the fragmented corpse were no longer visible, he stopped casting spells. A huge pit was dug in the place where the corpse of the monster was located.


“I couldn’t believe you saw such a horrible thing in front of your eyes. I’m sorry Leen.”


Hey. That’s more terrible. I was about to say something, but I saw Carsion’s proud face and turned around abruptly.


“I don’t care about the corpse of the monster, so there’s no need to worry.”


“But Leen should only see good things.”


I tilted my head with an excited expression on my face. “For example?”


“…My face?”


Ha? This was unexpected boldness from him again. I smiled and put my face close to him.


Carson steps back as if he was embarrassed. But I didn’t care and got as close as he went back.


“Huh? So you don’t mind if I look at you like this all day?”


“You, you’re so…Oh, no, more than that!” Carson shouted, looking in the distance with a heated face.


Whenever he makes eye contact with me, his reaction seems like something would explode.


“Did you come here believing in just a mother repellent? Of course, you should have called me, Leen, if it weren’t for the other group members, Leen.”


“As I said before, it’s okay because it’s not just a repellent, I’ve applied my improved monster repellent. I brought a poison needle to throw at the monster.”




“You don’t trust the monster repellent I made?”


His eyes widened as if surprised that I would think of him that way. He hurriedly looks down at me.


“It’s not like that!”


As if expected, he had the taste of teasing. I shrugged lightly before his expression was more distorted.


“I know. I was just kidding. More than that, tell me now. How did you get to know this place?”


He dilly-dallied down blinking with his long eyelashes.


“…Actually, you said you had a group assignment today, so I was only going to check if there was a male student in your group.”




“But one person came and left quickly, and the other didn’t come. In the end, I was worried that Leen was going to climb the mountain alone…”


The tail of the Carsion’s eyes drooped sullenly. “I’m sorry if I offended you.”


Oh, you’re such a good boy. I slowly reached out and stroked his pink hair.


“It’s okay, so relax, Caon.”


I already feel sorry just by looking at your face.



With Carson, I was busy gathering herbs, unaware that he was next to me.


I didn’t expect much because it was a mountain behind the school, but there were more precious herbs than I thought, so I didn’t have time to sit still and rest even for a minute.


In addition to solving the assignment, my herbal collection seemed to increase even further.


Even the discovery of the Dao tranto plant almost made me scream with joy. The thought of coming back here next time and collecting all of them makes me feel reassured.


Oh, I’m so happy. I couldn’t hide the smile that automatically bloomed on my face as I dug up herbs.


After a long time, something drips on my face.


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