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As Professor George’s head was spinning rapidly distorted, Leen spoke with a serene face.


“Oh, and I did it all by myself, the other members couldn’t make it because of some circumstances. If you look at the front page of the assignment, you could only see my name written on it.”


Leen showed the professor that only her name was written on the front page, but he didn’t even glance at it regardless of whose name was written.


“…Do you happen to know the efficacy of ‘Rural weed’¹?” 


Leen tilted her head when the professor mentioned herbs that were not included in the assignment she made. 


Then she pulled out the knowledge that she knew because she thought that the professor was testing her.


“It’s a herb from the weeds family. It’s good for blood circulation and energy. But if you abuse it, it has a side effect of accumulating toxins in the body.”


The fact that it was good for energy was a piece of the really limited information that only a few herbalists knew.


To prevent the indiscriminate collection of herbs.


If it’s not one or two, or if there’s a rumor that it’s good for energy, there might be people who would pick up such weeds and try to eat them while walking the road.


Even when combined with various herbs, it could have an immediate effect on the beauty of the skin, making it a dream herb.


Leen, who thought that Professor George might already know this information, said without hesitation.


Upon hearing Leen’s answer, Professor George stared at her with trembling eyes. His face was serious, but he was somewhat overwhelmed with joy.


He coughs and scratches his throat as if something was itchy.


“I think I made a big misunderstanding. I apologize for giving you those points and throwing away your assignment.”


When Professor George quickly apologized and admitted to his fault, Leen thought it was surprising. 


‘I thought he was more stubborn.’


“The score is ‘A+‘ without looking at it twice. Let’s also include that other members of the team didn’t participate.”


“Thank you.”


It was probably a natural thing, but Leen bowed her head to him.


The moment I thought, ‘I could leave now,’ and tried to put it into action, Professor George opened his mouth as if he had something left to say.


“By the way….”




“You, do you have any plans to work for me after graduation?”


His words were completely unexpected, like a thunderbolt in the sky out of the blue. Less than 10 minutes have passed since I made a pledge that I should never take a master’s or doctoral course!


Leen exclaimed loudly. “No way!”


Then, in case Professor George grabbed me, I rushed out of the door without saying goodbye.


But Leen didn’t know. That she has already caught the eyes of Professor George.



“Huh? I could just say hello. I’ll take care of everything after that!”


“I said no.”


I turned down his request with an annoyed expression. Hans asked me to introduce Jane whenever he could after that day. I guess it wasn’t a joke to say Jane was his ideal type. Of course, I didn’t take it as a joke at that time either.


“Huh, you’re going to introduce me? Thank you! As expected, you are the only one. So when should we set the date?”


“Professor, this kid is such a footbag. That’s not enough to make someone’s heart flutter.


“Huh, I’m not a beggar, I’m a professor’s pawn. Now you don’t hesitate to swear like that?”


He’s been very friendly to me since the group assignment.


At first, I thought it was because of Jane, but when I saw that he was enjoying my hateful reaction, it didn’t seem to be the only reason.


It’s said to be a bad curse, but the fact that you could know just by looking at that smiling face. I haven’t even beaten him completely.


The herbal class was less boring, and most of all, Hans was great.


“Hans. Choose one. Tomato-flavored vs. Sat-flavored tomato.”


“What? What’s that…”


“Hurry up.”


“Oh, if I choose, sat-flavored tomatoes?”


That’s the opposite of Jane?


“That’s why you can’t.”




I snapped his mouth to tell Hans to stop and go back to his seat. It was then that I heard a familiar voice.




My eyes naturally headed to where the voice came from. Jane was seen through the open classroom window.


She was looking at me with a shocked expression on her face. With Jane’s sudden appearance, I looked at Hans in a hurry without caring about her expression.


As expected, his gaze was fixed on Jane.


This bastard. I sprang out of my seat and headed toward Jane as if I were running. I heard Hans’ footsteps following me from behind.


I could have told him not to follow after me here, but he wouldn’t listen anyway. So I quickly came out of the classroom and shut the door.




I heard someone bumping into the door. I looked at Jane with a wide smile on my face, regardless.


“Jane, what’s going on?”


Jane asked back as soon as I asked what was going on. “I just stopped by to see your face for a moment… what’s with him just now?”




“The one who just had a friendly conversation with you in your seat!”


I don’t think there were any nice words to say it was a friendly conversation. But to clear up her misunderstanding, I had to explain Hans to Jane, and it was like creating the situation he wanted.


I seriously agonized over how to get through this situation. As the short but slow time passed, Jane’s eyes rose sharply.


When I couldn’t think of a way to solve the mystery, I took the last resort.


‘Who cries first would win for sure.²’


I quickly moistened my eyes thinking about all the sad things that had happened in the past.


“…Was Jane more curious about the boy you met for the first time for a few seconds than me?”


Jane’s pupils shook as she faced my moist teary eyes and trembling tone.


“No! I just…!”


“Yes, it could be. What am I supposed to say?”


With my pathetic facial expression, she was restless and eventually hugged me. Then she said, 


“I wasn’t interested in him at all and never would be in the future.”


I felt relieved for the time being.



“Why? Was it already time for exams?”


Out of the blue? I know, but for me, this was really important.


Arena Academy gives exams only once a semester. 


In fact, taking the test itself doesn’t really matter. The problem was that the vacation begins shortly after the exam.


…Without going back, it should be better as much as possible.


Even thinking about what excuses to say to my aunt who complains that she misses me so much every time in her letter, gives me a headache.


When I was about to sigh, Jane, who was walking in the hallway with me, cried out in tears.


“Ahh, professor, idiot! I couldn’t get any of my studies right!”


“I know. I made a lot of mistakes in my exams.”


Why don’t you study more? …Studying at a freshman level.


“Leen, you seem to have seen it well. My test paper with my score today was really great.”


“It’s a good thing, you’re fortunate to see the results only two weeks earlier because of the professor’s circumstances. Don’t you have time to study other subjects?”


“That’s true, but it’s a big mental blow to lose one subject.”


“Wasn’t it enough to take one more class during the vacation?”


Jane trembled as if she had pictured the future of re-taking the subjects, that were in her head.


“Ugh, no matter how bad I didn’t want to see it, it’s my second test and it’s not that bad.”


“Well, that’s a shame.”


“You’re so mean…”


Oh no. I meant to say that I’m sorry. Because I’m not going to leave the academy during the vacation.


As I talked with Jane about the exam, we arrived in front of the club room.


“I’ll go in first, Jane. Have a good time in your club and see you later in the dorm.”


“Yeah, Leen, just cheer up today! You could always tell me if you’re having a hard time.”


Jane stopped walking and kept looking back and cheered on me endlessly.


She’s like that again today. I’ve told her several times that I’m only going to sleep in the club room, but she’s always cheering me on like I’m doing something big.


Well, I wasn’t in a bad mood.


A smile slightly firmed on her lips as she stared at Jane leaving, then grabbed the doorknob of the clubroom.


However, as soon as I applied strength to my hand to turn the handle, a loud ‘bang’ hit the door of the club room.


Suddenly I felt like I didn’t want to go inside. Are you two fighting over something weird again


I grasp what’s going on inside, and I listen carefully with my ears at the door.


“Even today, you keep making excuses for being late for the sacred club, Fjord.”


“I was really going to come on time today, but the other kids asked me to show them my exam papers, so… haha!”


“Done with excuses?”








“I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this.”


“What do you mean?”


“One murder could save three unbearable times.”


“…Wasn’t the order of the words reversed?”


“Haha, I can’t help it if you haven’t heard of it.”


“Ack, what’s that magic circle? Can’t you cancel it right now?”


Fjord’s embarrassing cry was heard clearly through the door.


Of course, Carson wouldn’t really hurt Fjord, but that scream definitely made me angry. I’ve been late for two days, too. What should I do? Even today I came later than Fjord. I should go in now and apologize before Carson gets any angrier.


“I’m sorry I’m late, Caon.”


Beep… I was puzzled and blinked in bewilderment by the scenery unfolding in front of my eyes.


Fjord, who had been screaming earlier, was lying on the floor like a dead person. Carson was poking Fjord in the back with his index finger with a gentle face.


“You’re here already, Leen?”


Carson looked at me and then ran to me with an absolutely bright smile. Leaving Fjord alone lying on the floor. I felt a little uneasy.


“Caon, Fjord’s not dead, right?”


“He’s just sleeping. Fjord lay down on the floor, he said that he suddenly felt sleepy, so I was waking him up because I was afraid his mouth would feel dry.”


“Was Fjord sleeping?”


So whose voice was the voice I just heard from outside?


Author's Thoughts

¹시고르 자브초 -Rural weed/Cannabis etc.
²선즙필승 -Korean Slang, to extract or juice out something; supposedly to win others' empathy etc.

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