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“That’s great.”


A question popped up in Leen’s mind. She glanced and followed the man’s gaze.


Oh my gosh! The man’s eyes were fixed on that stupid large diamond ring earlier.


Leen cried out to herself. ‘Please, say no!’


However, the man couldn’t hear Leen’s inner cry, nodding his head once and moving his feet toward the jewelry store.


Leen moved without realizing it and grabbed the man’s sleeve.


“Excuse me.”


As she grabbed his sleeve, the man looked at Leen with a startled look. Because the man was tall, Leen had no choice but to raise her head to look at him, which doubled the man’s intimidating atmosphere.




But what kind of person was Leen? She was never intimidated in many situations.


On the contrary, Leen found the man’s face a little interesting. The man’s atmosphere was the exact opposite, but his face strangely reminded me of Carson.


“You’re not going to give that stupid big diamond ring to your lover or wife, are you?”


The man’s brow twitched slightly. “It’s none of your business.”


‘You were right.’


It had absolutely nothing to do with her wherever he wanted to throw his money. From Leen’s point of view, it was impossible to understand why people would buy such a thing.


Anyway, even though, as the man said, this had nothing to do with Leen, she had an urge to interrupt him from buying such a thing.


No matter how much I thought about it, if he went to buy it, that man would be ripped off by his lover or wife.


No matter how much money you have, I couldn’t help but hate it. There was no practicality at all right?


It’s better to give normal jewelry as a present.


Oddly enough, had it not been for his face that reminds me of Carson, I might have let the man be caught in trouble.


This was all down to that man who reminded me of the innocent Carson.


Leen took a deep breath for a moment and held out to the man a bouquet with the most plausible flower language in her hand.


No, it would be right to say that she forced it into his arms.


“You come to the festival with your lover, right? Then, until you give it to her, it won’t wither. Don’t be a fool and give this to her as a present instead of a diamond ring.”


The man, who suddenly had a bouquet in his arms, looked down at Leen with a frozen gaze.


No, looking closely, he looked a little embarrassed.


“The name of the flower is Azalea. The flower means the joy of love.”


After Leen said those words, she turned around as if she had finished what she had to say.


“I hope your lover likes it. Then I’ll leave you alone.”


The man stared at the back of Leen, who disappeared. How much time had passed, the man slowly raised his hand and beckoned into the air.


Then, a man dressed in black appeared out of nowhere in front of the man.


“Did you call me?”


“I’ll be in the carriage first, so buy that.”


The place where the man pointed was the store’s shelves. There were many pieces of jewelry on display besides diamond rings.


The man’s loyal subordinate questioned, trying to understand exactly what he meant.


“…A diamond ring?”




The man spoke firmly. “Take over the store.”


“At your command.”


As if it had happened once or twice, the subordinate complied with him without any objections.


“Are you going to dispose of that bouquet?”


The man blinked his eyes slowly as if contemplating.


“I don’t think there’s any poison or harmful magic on it.”


He meant to take it.



As soon as the man entered the carriage, a woman greeted him with a bright smile. 


She was the wife of the man. “Why are you so late? You said it would only take a minute.”


She blamed him, but there was a faint smile in her eyes. 


After she closed the book she was reading and raised her head to look at her husband as he entered the carriage.


Her eyes widened as if she had found something.


“Honey, did you ask me to wait just to buy this?”


The man nodded his head awkwardly at his wife’s startled expression.  He had a gentle expression on his face that was hard to believe he was that intimidating person earlier.


“Oh, honey, I’m so touched! I didn’t expect you to have this kind of romantic sense. I was worried that you’d buy a store for a gift or something like an accessory that wouldn’t even be useful…!”


The man flinched at once. However, the woman didn’t notice the strange reaction from her husband to her deep emotion.


She smiled happily, took the bouquet, and smelled it. “Oh, my, this is Azalea, isn’t it?


The woman looked at her husband with a slightly excited face. Her eyes glistened as if she were expecting something.


“Just in case, do you know the meaning of this flower?”


The man, unable to disappoint her wife’s expectations, desperately thought and recalled the meaning of the flower that he had heard with one ear and flowed through the other.


“…The joy of love.”


“Oh, my, I didn’t expect you to know! I didn’t know you could give such a thoughtful gift!”


Unable to hide her joy, she grabbed her husband’s cheek and showered kisses randomly on his face.


“Thank you so much for the gift, honey.”


The man’s face, which looked blunt, became flustered. The man thought. 


The jewelry store he acquired today must be disposed of so that his wife never finds out.


The woman, who had been looking happily at the bouquet for a while, suddenly let out a small sigh.


“It would have been nice if we could come with Caron to the festival together…”


The man’s face soon stiffened as he heard the name that came out of his wife’s mouth.  He quickly gives a jealous look and hugs his wife tightly.


“Sylvia. I don’t want you to speak of another man’s name in front of me.”


Then the woman narrowed her eyes and hit her husband’s back hard. Very hard.


“What another man! It’s our son, you idiot!”


That’s right.  The man was Carson’s father.


In other words, it was the Duke of Lisianthus, and his wife, Sylvia, was Duchess of Lisianthus.


The Duchess, who hit her husband on the back to her satisfaction, slipped away from her husband and spoke.


“Even so, I’m worried that Caon hasn’t been feeling well lately.”


The Duke frowned as if he had heard something funny. The Duchess folded her arms and began to explain why.


“Caon asked me a few months ago to expel someone from the academy.”


“That Carson?”


“Yes. That Caon.”


“Once I heard about it, the justification was valid, so I used my power for the first time in a while.”


“Does he have the kind of personality to ask you to expel someone? I don’t know if he cut off somebody or killed them without us knowing it. It’s certainly a strange thing.”


“But after a while, strange rumors started circulating.”


“…What rumor?”


“There’s a rumor that my son likes someone!”


The Duke’s mouth opened slightly as if in shock.


“So, when I checked the names, well, the student who was the victim of the expulsion case and the girl that Carson liked had the same name.”


“Then he’s out of energy…”


(N: Out of energy, Carson is uninspired because he can’t see Leen.)


“It’s vacation right now, so he must be depressed because he couldn’t see the girl he likes. It’s also cute. Looking at it like this, my son looks like a normal kid, right?”


The Duke nodded in agreement with what his wife said. “But there’s something I’m worried about…”


The Duchess’s expression darkened noticeably. “Even though he’s our son, the only good thing about him was his face… What could we do about the poor girl?”


A sigh of regret burst out of the Duke’s mouth when he heard it.




But the Duke soon shook his head and opened his mouth.


“It could just be a passing love.”


“That’s right. It might be one of Caon’s whim, so I’ll have to wait a little longer and try to convince the student when I could decide.”


When the Duchess had finished speaking, the Duke quietly put his arm between her armpits.


“Now that it’s settled, please think about me, not my son.”


The Duchess grinned at her husband coming to her.


“Oh! My husband was so jealous.”



Leen filled her stomach moderately in the cafeteria and headed to the dormitory.


Arena Academy was good for this reason. Opening the dormitory during vacation wasn’t enough, so they even ran the cafeteria on campus.


The wind was blowing softly and the sun was warm.


“Now there are a few days left to eat alone.”


It was a pity that school was just around the corner, but the thought of seeing my friends again wasn’t a disappointment.


Come to think of it, why isn’t Carson visiting me?


To be honest, I thought he’d show his face brazenly if he didn’t see me for a week.


You didn’t forget me, did you…? No. A guy who likes me so much like that could never forget me. He must have been busy and couldn’t come.


Seeing myself like this made me laugh.


You seem to be in a hurry to find the reason. Anyone who sees him would know that he has a crush on me.


It’s just a one-sided relationship where Carson likes me.


For me, Carson was no more than a friend. Of course, that will always be the case in the future.


I checked the letter addressed to me before entering the dormitory with a regretful heart.




In the mailbox, which always contained two letters, there were as many as five letters today.


I checked the letter because I thought there could be a mistake, but all the letters addressed to me were correct.


I walked to the dormitory and checked the sender. The two letters were, as expected, from my aunt and her son.


The other three are… A letter from Carson and Jane.


Then I thought the last one would be from Fjord, so I checked and found out that it was a letter from an anonymous person.


It’s not a lucky letter, is it?  The letter’s content began with ‘This letter starts with oo…’. I didn’t believe in superstition, but I didn’t like it either.


“If it’s a real lucky letter, I’ll put it in Hans’ mailbox when I go out for dinner.”


Suddenly, I feel like receiving a lucky letter isn’t too bad.


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