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He was trying to distance himself from me when he bumped into the desk behind him and made a loud noise.


Wow, it will surely hurt.


“Are you crazy?!”


“Pink-head, are you okay?”


“Do I look okay to you?”


He covered the ears I was blowing, with a glowing red face. I was just asking if he was okay after bumping from the desk.


Well, looking at that reaction, other places seemed fine. I tilted my head slightly and asked him in a subtle tone.


“If you’re sick, do you want me to take care of you?”


“Please, that mouth just..!”


Carson came quickly and closed my mouth with his hand. Losing the means to speak, I blinked and stared at him.


“If you promise to be quiet, I’ll take my hand off.”


I don’t think I was being too loud. Complaints were raised, but they were not considered old-fashioned. I could take it off without even touching it because my mouth was blocked anyway.


I curled my eyes like a cat then opened my mouth slightly and licked his hand. Not surprisingly, he trembled and moved away from me.


“You’re really…!”


Looking at him, I said casually. “It’s salty.”


His face, who listened to me vividly, was now flushing red and as if when touched ‘Tok’ he was about to burst like ‘Bang’.


Sigh… It’s so cute. I think I got to know my new taste.  I’m going to make fun of him sometimes to see his shy face.



The ‘Arena Academy‘, which I am currently attending, is the only school without status in the Empire, founded by an aristocrat named Arena.


What this means is that anyone, regardless of status nobles or commoners, can attend the academy once they pass the entrance exam.


Of course, the entrance exam is indeed unfavorable to commoners who have few opportunities to learn.


Except for that, however, the academy was perfect enough to say that it was a dream school.


It was true that the Empire fully supported the Arena Academy.


Not only was the building enormous and spacious, but it was incomparable to other places in all aspects such as food, dormitory, class quality, and scholarship system.


Among them, there was one thing I liked the most. That Everything is equal in the face of learning. The first founder believes so. The academy strictly prohibits students from mentioning their identity.


It was not bad for commoners like me. However, when I entered the academy, I thought that these rules were not being paid heed to.


I didn’t even have to go through it for long. It was just the fact that they were secretly divided into aristocrats and commoners, and were in groups.


Besides, just looking at it now…


“Hey, pink-head.” When I called Carson pink-head, he frowned slightly as if he didn’t like something.




“What is this?”


“Don’t you see it? It’s a sofa.”


I didn’t ask you because I didn’t know what a sofa was.  Why the hell is there a sofa here? Also, the sofa with a pattern of Duke Lisianthus occupied the space of our clubroom.


Did you bring this sofa from your house? Aside from how you managed to get such a big sofa in a day and placed it in the clubroom, it’s almost like you’re bragging about who you are, seeing that crest of Lisianthus on the sofa.


“It’s not that. Why is it in the club room?”


“The sofa is more comfortable than a hard chair.”


“Is it okay to put this classy thing in the club room? What if someone steals it?”


“What a crazy bastard would take home the couch…”


He stopped talking and rolled his eyes around. Then he suddenly began to clarify what he said.


“Who can take that big couch? Besides, this is our club’s designated room, so no one else can come in.”


It was hard to understand why he had to clean his words, given that I had already heard them.


“Is this the designated club room? Oh. I never thought we would be given a room to a club that only satisfies the minimum number of members.”


“I don’t think you know because you just joined the academy, but this isn’t even a surprise.”


Definitely, as rumors say, Arena Academy must have a lot of money.


“That’s amazing.”


“Are you astounded for real, or are you laughing at me?”


Carson asked, raising one eyebrow as if my reaction was absurd. Look at him raising his eyebrows over nothing.


You are really handsome. I shrugged my shoulders once.


“I was genuinely surprised just now.”


“…I’ve thought about it since we first met, but I really want to look inside your head. I’m curious what you’re thinking and talking about.”


What I’m thinking? I think that your face is really handsome, your actions also cute, or I want to see your face glowing red again.


“Will I know if I split your head in half?”


A sinister reaction passed by Carson’s eyes for a moment. But I thought he was good at acting on facial expressions, and I replied lightly.


“Would you like to split it up?”


At the mischievous words, his dark expression which seemed to be sinking stared at my dark eyes for a moment. Then, after a while, my eyes closed quietly.




It’s a plain reaction.  You should have acted as if you were going to split my head into two.


I was a little disappointed with Carson’s lack of sense, so I pulled out the chair next to him and sat down.


Originally, I was going to spend my club time sleeping like yesterday, but I think it would be sad to sleep on a hard chair with that fluffy sofa.


I’ll just read a book today. I was looking through my bag to take out a book, and even after the conversation, I felt his gaze was on me.


It’s a bit burdensome. I looked up at him instead of looking through the bag.


“Hey, pink-head. Do you have something to say?”


“Why are you sitting here?”


You’re telling me not to even sit next to you because it’s not enough to prevent me from touching you or calling your name.


“Then there’s only a seat next to you, what should I do?”


“You have a sofa.”


“Wasn’t that for you?”


“…”  He looks at me with a strange expression.


“I didn’t think you were the type to care about that.”


“It’s not conceptless enough to use someone else’s things at will.”


“It’s a shared club so use it to your heart’s content.”


—That luxury sofa was shared with everyone?


Of course, I thought Carson brought it for himself. Who knew he would share that luxurious sofa, who hates even being called by his name?






“Once again, you’re the best.”


After giving him a short compliment, he quickly rose from his chair.


I had no intention of rejecting it. To me who loves beds, the sofa was like a haven. I placed the bag I was rummaging next to the chair and carefully laid my butt down on the sofa.


Deeply. Ahhh. It fits completely right? Let’s do it one more time.


Fluffy. Oh, I love it, it’s so nice. Just one more time.


Fluffy. It was seriously addictive that I lifted my butt up and down on the sofa without realizing it.


While I was doing that for a while, I could hear a “pfft” laugh from somewhere. I stopped acting and looked where the laughter came from.


“Why are you laughing?”


Carson stared at me with a drowsy smile.


“Do you like it that much?”


“It’s just useful.”


I answered as if I liked it but didn’t, and he pulled up the tip of his lips as if he had heard a funny sound.


“This time, it’s all revealed on the face. It was very soft.”


Oh, my. I’ve been so comfortable on the sofa that I’ve been neglecting to work on my facial expressions.


You’ll be getting a pack of high-nutrition, high-moisture herbs tonight as a punishment.


“…Uh, Your expression is back.”


I stared at him, putting what I had thought aside in Carson’s slightly energized voice into a corner.


It is true that I purposely made up a blank expression to keep calm in front of his appearance. But I don’t think I was so emotionally disappointed.


“What, you want me to be mushy on the sofa?”


“Okay, continue what you’re doing because I won’t watch it again”


Then let’s start with that sullen voice and expression.


“Don’t keep babbling and just sleep like yesterday.”




When Carson lightly tingled his finger, a blanket fluttered and fell over me sitting on the sofa.


I looked at Carson with strange eyes. I thought he was being mean, but he took care of me. Honestly, I’m touched.


“You’re kind.”


“Don’t make weird misunderstandings. It’s not for you, it’s for my eyes.”


“But thank you. I’ll take responsibility and take care of you if you get hurt next time as a thank you.”


“I don’t need that!”


“Yes, yes.”


Seeing his face heating up again, I thought he was very naive.


By the way, isn’t it good enough to give way to a luxurious sofa and to carefully pack a blanket?


As a result of watching a little bit of yesterday’s harsh and bad-looking personality, it felt like a kitten who was just wary of anyone who saw it for the first time.


‘Pink Baby Cat’


Yes, no matter how much I think about it, the rumors seem strange.


“Hey pink-head, pink-head.”


“And what.”


“I’ve heard some rumors about you, so why don’t you resolve the misunderstanding with others.”


“Get some sleep.”


“If I don’t tell you this, I won’t be able to sleep.”


“What are the rumors?”


“Well, there are rumors that a good kid like you killed half a person and entered the academy, or that he used magic in a swordsmanship fight.”




“No, how do they turn someone like you into a preliminary killer, a psycho? That’s why you can’t believe unreliable rumors.”


“That rumor…”


“That’s right, I don’t think it makes any sense.”


“That rumor. Where did you hear it?”


“I overheard it while walking through the hallway and I should have looked at the name tag. But I think the rumors spread a lot more than I thought.”


Carson’s face as he heard the story was smiling. However, it seemed to endure the boiling anger inside the gloomy energy.


“Next time, check the names of a few people. To be sure.”


“Yes, I will. You’d better calm down a little while drinking water.”


I mean, he naturally takes the glass of water from the desk to his mouth.


“By the way, pink-head”


Carson couldn’t say anything because he was drinking water and looked at me with a look at why I was calling him.


“The sofa is wide, so I think two people can lie down. How about, would you like to lie down together?”




“Just kidding.”


“You really are…!”


I raised one side of my lips and looked at Carson, whose face was burning.  Such an innocent reaction, that’s funny.




After that day when I told Carson about the rumors, which was always the main topic of other students in Arena Academy.


Suddenly the rumor disappeared. It’s as if Carson had destroyed the source of the rumor. How can that be possible? Maybe it’s just my feeling.



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