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Fortunately, Nancy’s roommate quickly lost interest and sat across the bed.


“But do you know this? I heard from somewhere that there’s a name Leen in your class.”


When ‘Leen‘ came out of her mouth, Nancy’s eyes widened without realizing it.


‘Did you see what Leen left behind?’


No. It couldn’t be. Leen left the glass bottle quietly, and only after I entered the dorm did my roommate come out.


‘I guess she’s just asking about the rumor again.’


Leen was so famous that everyone at the academy knew her. The incident in which five nobles who bullied her were expelled, including her easy passing the Arena Academy’s notorious transfer-entrance examination.


A child rumored ‘that’ Carson had a crush on. Besides, as if to prove the rumor, Carson openly showed his fondness for Leen.


It wasn’t just that… Kun, the prince of the Abascanthus Empire, was also suddenly chasing after her one day as a starting point.


Against this backdrop, there was even a rumor that Leen, who everyone thought was a commoner, was actually a royal princess of a distant kingdom.


There’s one more… “She developed the sweat suppressant!”




“Yes. A friend of mine told me, that she overheard a guy and her talking about the sweat suppressant in the hallway. Look, the boy got excited when he heard Leen and shouted, ‘This is going to be a great deal!’.”


Upon hearing her words to the end, Nancy sighed as if she had lost energy. “Did you bring that as proof? I also talked about the sweat suppressant with a friend today, so am I also a developer?”


“No, I’m not done yet. Listen carefully. I guess they had that conversation before the sweat suppressant was sold!”


“What? Really?”


If so, the credibility of saying that Leen is the developer will increase.


In addition, if Leen was the developer of the sweat suppressant, it was not very incomprehensible that she could easily give such a precious thing.


I was touched, and my heart pounded. I don’t know how valuable a bottle of this medicine would be to Leen, but it was an object that I couldn’t weigh on myself.


Did she know that I had hyperhidrosis? Or maybe she just overheard a conversation I had with my friend today?


Whatever it was, the fact that Leen gave me a sweet suppressant did not change. She’s also secretly doing good deeds like this…!


‘She’s really cool.’


If I were you, I would have shown off everything.


Actually, Nancy wanted to get to know Leen the first time she saw her.


She passed the transfer exam and entered the Arena Academy. In addition, her appearance was like a doll. However, her cold face looked like she didn’t want to talk to anyone, and her gaze that everything in the world looks annoying.


She had an atmosphere that could not be approached. Therefore, Nancy has never talked to Leen, as other students have.


As if Nancy’s reaction was pleasing to her gossip-loving roommate, she continued her talk and chatted.


“It’s a little funny, you know Amila. The rich girl from that family.”


Nancy thought about who Amila was and remembered that she was the child who fought with Leen in the cafeteria the other day.


“Why Amila all of a sudden?”


“She told me that she was going to set up a ‘Leen loving Club‘ called Lisa-club next semester.”


(N: 리엔을 사모하는 동이라/Leen loving Club- 리-Li, 사-sa,동-club.)




Nancy’s eyes sparkled and shined for a moment.


“She looked pretty, so I thought there might be a club like that in the future, but I didn’t know Amila would come out like that. The two of them screamed and fought like that.”


Nancy seemed to know why Amila suddenly changed her attitude. Perhaps it was because of the joy that she found a fellow, I began to feel excited. 


The roommate, who did not notice Nancy’s thoughts, then continued. “Come to think of it, I think Amila was in a Casa-club when she was a junior. Wasn’t it a fact that even passing ants know that Carson likes Leen? Really, what’s going on?”


(N: Carson Loving Club/ Casa-club)


“Well, wasn’t it unavoidable that people are drawn to more attractive people?” With that said, Nancy smiled.



“Leen, did you know your popularity is skyrocketing these days?”


I stared at Carson puzzledly, somehow he had a grumpy expression.




“It became known that you were the creator of the sweat suppressant.”


I slowly opened and closed my eyes, blinking. I don’t know how, but everyone knows. Hans said it would be a mess if it was known that I developed it. I don’t think it’s really like that.


“But what does it have to do with my popularity?”


“The kids who have benefited from the sweat suppressant are praising you. Other than that, Leen is rumored to have done good deeds to children in need, rather than being like parasites here and there…”


Carson’s gaze turned to Fjord and Kun, who was sitting shamelessly in one corner of the club room.


“It’s true even in our club room. They are all people who came to see you.”


“I don’t know about Kun, but I’m just here to do club activities.”


Fjord raised one of his hands in response to Carson’s words. However, Carson stared at me without giving Fjord a single glance.


“I like and hate when other people like you.”


Lips that are tightly closed. Blazing eyes. I caught the image in my eyes as if possessed.


Nothing has changed between us since I realized that I like Carson. The only thing that has changed is that his face, expression, and gesture looked twice as cute.


…Seriously. It was only a few seconds later that I could barely come to my senses and take my eyes off him.


“Don’t be jealous of trivial things. And Kun.”


Kun, whose name was called, looked at me with a small smile on his lips.


“Yes, Leen.”


“Didn’t I tell you there’s nothing you can do for now? I don’t plan on making a sweat suppressant for the time being.”


“Not until I’ve paid back all the grace. Wasn’t the period you promised me until my symptoms healed?”


“You’re almost healed.”


“I’m still sick.”


Kun was steadfast and didn’t seem to want to back down. On the contrary, I was perplexed.


It’s not repaying the favor, it’s a nuisance to stick around even when I told him I don’t need it. What country did you learn from? How to repay kindness like a beggar?


…It’s Abascantus.


It was when I was thinking that I should never bring this idea out of my mouth and bury it quietly.


Carson stepped forward with a deeper wrinkle in the middle of his forehead than before.


“Leen doesn’t need a carbon dioxide maker like you.”


“Any living thing breathes. It’s a natural reason.”


“Who doesn’t know that? I meant that the air going to you was a waste.”


“I hope you don’t pick a fight over anything and don’t intervene in our work now.”




Instead of keeping a big distance from him, Carson glanced at Kun’s wrist. It looked like he was contemplating when and how to cut his wrist off so that neither mice nor birds could know.


Now I know that Carson was quite whiny in front of me, so I got up.


Kun’s missing wrist, I had to prevent a riot between Abascanthus and Lagras. Wasn’t Kun’s visit to the Arena Academy to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the peace treaty between the two empires?




Then someone suddenly opened the door to the club room and entered. 


“Leen!” It was Hans who visited the club room with a bright smile.


“Huh? Everyone seems to think this is a public place now.”


As Carson laughed and muttered, Hans was startled and naturally closed the door as he had originally intended.


“Haha, then I’ll get going…”


I quickly tucked my foot between the doors.


“Where are you going? Didn’t you come because you had something to say?”


Hans chewed on his lips and squinted at Carson. I thought it was like a scene I had seen many times.


Ahh… The group member who came to me last time for a group project saw something and ran back wiping the floor with his pants.


It was easy to understand the situation after learning that Carson’s personality was not as good as I thought.


Even then, it was because of Carson. Maybe the reason why everyone had their eyes fixed on books when I went to the library…?


Hey…That’s too much. I decided not to take a leap and shook my head.


“Don’t look around and come in. Even if you say that Caon won’t hurt you. Right?


As I glanced at Carson, he showed a friendly smile. It was a smile that showed a clear difference from when he looked at Hans.


“Sure. No matter how reckless I am, I will never spill blood in front of you, Leen.”


There seemed to be a trap in the answer. In front of me…? Then, wouldn’t it be possible to splatter blood behind my back?


I think I said something wrong to Carson in the past. Did I say that I judge a good person and a bad person?


At that time, I guess I couldn’t think normally because of the guilt about Carson and the sudden realization that I liked him.


…In that case, it would have been better not to have known.


It felt like I was hugging a time bomb that I didn’t know when it would explode. Instead of correcting what I said, I decided to make a small safeguard.


“I like nice guys.”


My eyes were drawn to the story that caught the clouds a little bit.


“I’m not saying this for anyone to listen to, but I’m just saying that.”




“I’ll keep that in mind.”


Unlike Carson, whose face hardened as if stabbed by something, Kun took out a small notebook and began to jot down something.


“Nice guy, kind man… Whoo!”


“Why are you writing that down?”


When I spit out the words in my mind, Kun calmly responded.


“It’s not to be forgotten.”


“No, so why don’t you forget it?”


“…Because I need it to repay the favor?”


It was when Kun answered a beat in a muffled voice.




Carson, who quickly turned Kun’s notebook into ashes, laughed as he folded his eyes into a crescent.


“Sorry, my mistake.”


His expression while saying ‘sorry’ doesn’t seem like he was apologizing.


At that moment, Carson, who met my gaze, trembled in surprise. He, who was reading my countenance, summoned sub-space a moment later.


Carson took something out of the subspace and threw it at Kun. It was a small notebook that looked similar to the one that had just been burned.


“I don’t know what was written in the notebook, but take this as you please.”


“…It’s a shame because my notebook got burnt.”


Carson was belatedly rectifying his actions, and Kuhn received an apology. I thought the situation was ending so quickly.


Kun wrote something down again in his new notebook. He seemed to rewrite the words he had previously written down.




“Sorry, my mistake.”


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