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Fortunately, Carson didn’t say anything even though I was approaching. It seemed to me that he had forgotten that he imposed a restraining order on me earlier.


After a long time, I arrived in front of Carson and called him with a determined voice. “Hey, Pink-Head.”





“Aren’t you Pink-Head?”


He allowed me to approach, but he did not answer a few calls, perhaps because his anger was not resolved.


However, his angry face seemed like a painting. It means that I was happy to see his face when I came to the club.


Rather… I wanted to see Carson angrier. Oh no. I think I have a really bad personality.


I finished the calculation in my head and grabbed him by the shoulder.


“Hey, Pink-Head.”


Then, Carson, who did not give me a single glance, turned his head at once and became angry.


“I told you not to touch me…!”




And Carsion’s cheek was poked by the index finger that I put out beforehand. His expression quickly becomes dazed.


In the end, I couldn’t stand it and burst into laughter. “Pff-haha! Pink-Head You look so cute right now.”


It was the moment when Carsion’s face was burning again.





Several weeks have already passed since I joined his club, which he still doesn’t know what to call it.


I was more satisfied with the club life, more than I thought. No, for correction. Club life was really the best.


I don’t need to do anything to guarantee my grades. There would be no better club than this.


Besides, I don’t know where I got it, but the club room was almost like my home because of Carsion’s blanket and sofa.


If there’s a flaw, 2 people living together who are responsible for welfare.


Still, it wasn’t bad to be with them. Carsion was a naive kid who was a little rough but fun to tease, and Fjord brightened up the mood with his unique bright personality.


After entering the academy, I was not able to get close to anyone and felt lonely, and I was happy to have someone to talk to.


But of course, the most worrisome situation happened before I joined the club.


The peaceful academy life seemed to have ended. I used to sneak into the club room every time in preparation for this kind of situation…


How did they find out so quickly?


“Hey, was it true that you’re in a club with Carson and Fjord?”


I looked at a group of students staring at me with enormous eyes. They were five in total, three girls and two boys quickly surrounded me.


I didn’t know that taking a short walk would turn like this after lunch.


I glanced around. Unfortunately, there was no one to come to a deserted place where I could ask for help.


But I raised my head proudly. “Yes, it’s true.”


“Ha! Look at her talking.”


“Can’t you figure out the situation? Why are you so confident?”


All the angry children were wearing ‘I’m a nobleman’ on their faces. Starting with a uniform, shirt without wrinkles, well-maintained skin, and expensive brooches.


Without realizing it, I looked down and compared my school uniform with theirs. Well… Whoever sees me, would know obviously that I’m a commoner.


These kids could just be children of wealthy families. However, the way they looked down on me it was natural for the aristocrats to use their authority against commoners.


Even if there was a dispute, they are nobles. I have no luck.


“You thought you could get close to them just by joining the club, but they wouldn’t be interested in you? Am I wrong?”


“It’s disgusting to climb up believing in a pretty face like you.”


…He talked to me even if I didn’t pay attention to him. Of course, I talked to Carson first because it was fun to tease him.


But if I said this right away… Not words, but their fine hands would greet me on my cheeks, right?


“I didn’t join their club because I wanted to be friends with them.”


“Then why the hell did you join that club?”


This question was easy to answer. Of course, the reason for joining the club…


“Carson has a nice face.”


“What, what?”


They all looked embarrassed. I didn’t think I would say that I joined the club because I wanted to get close to them, but because of Carsion’s face.


I tilted my head slowly. “Then you guys can join that club, but won’t you? There are Carson and Fjord.”


They sure are handsome.


“No, of course, I would have entered if I had been permitted to join…”


One of them agreed with me, came to his senses, shook his head, and denied it.


“We don’t monopolize them like you!”


It’s not that you don’t monopolize them, but you can’t. And wouldn’t it be unreasonable to say that I was monopolizing them just because we’re in the same club?


“Do you think you deserve to stand up to Carson and Fjord?”


“It looks like our good Fjord has been kind to her, so she can’t believe it, but nobles are bound to be connected by nobles anyway.”


“A commoner like you could not even dare to look at them.”


I know. I am trying to face reality more than anyone else in the first place. It was realistic. I didn’t dream in vain.


The ten-year-old Leen. At that time, I desperately hoped next to my parents who were suffering from an unknown disease.


I didn’t give up hope that they would get up soon and that they could live.


Even seeing the decaying body of my parents. The result was obvious. I cried, holding the cold hands of my parents.


And I was desperate. The moment when hope turned into despair, the feeling of hopelessness of losing my parents.


After the funeral, I was unable to leave my room for more than a year. My head was devastated, and my heart was shattered.


If I had given up hope and accepted the reality, the pain would have decreased a little. When I finally admitted that I was left alone in the world over time, I made up my mind.


I decided not to dream in vain.  Then I won’t ever feel that same feeling again in the future.




“I didn’t even know they were nobles before joining the club, and I’ve never thought of that kind of thing.”


I denied their words and stared at the faces of the children standing around me. I admit it.


Outside the academy, the difference between their status and mine was huge. But inside the academy, we’re all students.


Don’t we? Let’s talk about their identities at once.


“I know my position well. But do you guys have the same status as their families?”


“Are you stupid?”


“Hey, do you think you’ll be like us? I’m the renowned Countess of Christia!”


“I am the Eltz family famous for gold mines.”


“I am…”


They began to line up their families with my light provocation. You want me, a commoner to be scared after hearing the name of your family.


“That’s right. Everyone has a high status that can’t even be compared to me.”


“Did you know that now?”


“If you don’t want to see your whole family ruined because of you alone, crawl under us.”


I’m afraid I won’t have to crawl in front of them. I opened my mouth while scanning the name tags they were wearing.


“Guys. I’m sorry while talking so hard, could I just check one thing?”




“Stella, Bonita, Catherine, and Herold in the order in which you introduced your family earlier. Lastly, you’re Andrew, right?”


“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”


The five children whose names were called laughed. A boy raised his index finger and tapped my shoulder unpleasantly.


“Why? Where are you going to cry and complain?”


“That’s funny. If we hit you. What could you do? We just had a conversation, right?”


What if it wasn’t violence that threatened me with his status? I opened my mouth with a straight face.


“So I asked if your name was correct.”


“Yes, that’s right! Now that I see it, you have a problem with your eyes. Why are you asking what’s written on the name tag?”


Well. You just admitted, right? I’m done now. I gave them a big smile. And then…


“Hey! She’s running away!”


“Hold it!”


“Ahh! You should have caught her!”


After I tripped the boy who pushed my shoulder over, I started running with all my might.


In the lab of Professor Walter, the homeroom professor. The reason for visiting Professor Walter was simple. Because it was his job related to discipline.


The Arena Academy strictly forbids mentioning status by regulations. When I first entered the school, I could see that it was half-famous.


However, revealing the family name with their own mouth at the academy was a clear reason for expulsion.


They wouldn’t have thought that I would have a recording tool. It’s just an expensive magic tool for a commoner.


Take this opportunity to learn. Life’s a real thing, kids. If you want to take revenge separately, try it. This is the ‘Arena’ academy, so outsiders cannot enter or interfere.


Please wait outside for about 4 years until I graduate. There were several professors in the lab besides Professor Walter.


Fortunately, he seemed to have just come when I was talking with the other kid. I made a pathetic expression, played the recordings to the professors, and explained the situation I was in.


Oh, of course, I didn’t forget to shed tears and say, ‘I was so scared.’ As expected, the professors’ reaction.


“Those kids! They’ve always been bragging that they’re a nobleman, and always been a nobleman!”


“There’s definitely a part of the recording that mentions their identity and name.”


“We need to take this opportunity to set an example.”


“Even if they didn’t talk like that, everyone would know.”


“You’ve had a hard time, Leen. I’m sorry for making you go through this even though it hasn’t been long since you came to the academy.”


“Okay, you’ve done a great job, and Professor Walter would take care of the rest, so don’t worry.”


I made up a faint smile while listening to the warm consolation of the professor.


“Thank you.”



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