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Without having to think deeply about the question, Professor George continued.


“He and Walter were my pupils. What a tough relationship it was, I was in charge of the two for the entire senior year.”




Even so, I couldn’t believe Professor Walter was once a student of Professor George, even Arcandus.


Professor Walter shrugged, “Do you think I became a professor right away? Of course, there was a time when I was a student.”


“It doesn’t suit you.”


“Even if they didn’t listen to me. Actually, it’s not that different now.”


When Professor George brought up the past, Professor Walter cleared his throat for no reason.


“Ahem. Rather than that, I could hear the conversation even outside the door, but do you know Arcan…dus?”


“Yes. Arcandus was the one who taught me alchemy when I was young.”


“…Ho! You have met a good teacher.”


Professor George touched his chin and looked at me. It was the burdensome look that appeared every time I answered his questions during class.


“If you combine herbal medicine with alchemy, you can make endless things.  That’s why I called him in to help with the research.”


That explains why Arcandus was in Professor George’s lab. Professor Walter came here after hearing that Arcandus was in Professor George’s lab. But I don’t know what happened between the two of them.


How could I know what the other person doesn’t know? What surprised me a little was that the Arcandus I knew was a person who didn’t get angry for a long time.


I was lost in thought alone, and felt a strong gaze, and came to my senses. The source of gaze was Professor George.


“She has considerable knowledge of herbal medicine, and he learned alchemy under that child. I want it more.”


From that expression and tone of voice, I had a foreboding that something was wrong.


‘Crap! We just had a relationship in the past. I should’ve just said that much.’


“So why did you call me, professor?”


Professor George smiled kindly at the silent pressure to put that gaze aside and bring out the main point. Wait a minute… 


…Recognition? Is Professor George a kind of person?


“I heard you didn’t go back home last summer vacation. Am I right?


Leen’s tone of voice automatically became timid as she felt a deep sense of anxiety rising.


“Yes, but…?”


“If you’re not going home during this vacation, study with me…”


I smiled brightly and replied before Professor George’s words were finished.


“I’m sorry. I decided to go back this vacation.”


It was at that moment that I had been contemplating for several weeks whether or not to go to the Countess.



“Sigh. That could’ve been bad.”


After leaving Professor George’s lab, I was relieved. My promise not to go to the Countess was overturned in less than an hour, but I had no regrets.


It would be better to go to the Countess than to become the professor’s slave like this.


Even though I wanted to go somewhere else, I hadn’t come of age yet, so I had only two options: the Academy and the Countess.


It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to see the Countess’ family, so if it went well, it would be good.


It was when I was walking around the corner of the hallway trying to think positively as much as possible. Someone who was standing with their back against the wall grabbed my shoulder.






An indescribable emotion appeared on Arcandus’ face.


Fear? Anxiety? Anger? Sorrow?


Everything was tangled and stained, so I couldn’t dare to predict what he was thinking.


“It bothered me too much to leave like this.”


“You’re leaving?”


Not only did he leave his seat, but he was also trying to leave the academy.


He hasn’t had a proper conversation with Professor George even though he hasn’t met him in a long time.


Just because he met Professor Walter? Arcandus’ lips trembled in panic.


Somehow, I felt his true feelings from that expression.  When I was a little girl, I fell while running and my legs bled. It’s the same face he made when he saw my blood.


Hemophobia is the fear of blood.


I discovered it a bit later, but when Arcandus saw more than a certain amount of blood, he could not do anything and fell into a panic. Yes, just like now.


“When is your graduation, Leen?”


I answered calmly, even though I was embarrassed by his random question.


“Now that the senior year is over, there are three years left.”


“…3 years. Okay.”


As if thinking about something, he suddenly grabbed my shoulders again. The force of his grip that felt stronger than expected was disconcerting. I lowered my gaze to my shoulder and made eye contact with him again.


“Keep away from Professor Walter. Get as far away as possible. From this moment to graduation. No, especially since we won’t see each other after graduation.”




“Leen. I’m begging you, I know what I’m saying sounds weird. But just this once, do as I say. it’s all for you, okay?”


I blinked slowly and rolled my eyes to figure out the condition. His muscles were so stiff that he was putting strength on my shoulders. Not only that but also his clearly visible short breathing and trembling lips.


It was not difficult to know that they were mentally concentrated. At least, it means that such facial expressions and actions are not derived from acting, but from the truth.


I slowly removed his hand holding my shoulder, not avoiding Arcandus’ gaze. It was a conversation that had no meaning, he was talking about something I couldn’t understand.


It didn’t seem like he would tell me because I asked him what happened. But he was not a man who would harm me. That was the only certain thing.


“I’ll do as Arcandus says.”


At this time, I still did not know. Carson was watching the conversation I had with Arcandus.







Suddenly, Dobby came in front of me crying and I stroked him. I didn’t know he was coming even though it was right in front of me.


I took out the food I had brought for Dobby. But even while feeding, I couldn’t concentrate, there was a lot on my mind that kept me thinking.


What happened between Professor Walter and Arcandus? Could it have something to do with Arcandus’ developing hemophobia?


Come to think of it, Professor Walter was a sword art major.


Of course, swordsmanship majors were more likely to see blood than other faculties. He made a mistake while practicing swordsmanship and was seriously injured…?


No… Then Professor Walter couldn’t have known why Arcandus came out like that.


There would be very few cases where Arcandus and Professor Walter, who must have been majoring in alchemy, would face swords.


But what if Professor Walter acted like he didn’t know, despite what happened between the two of them?


It was between the two of them, so it was on my mind that Arcandus warned me not to get involved.


Why did Acandus tell me not to get close to Professor Walter? With a constant stream of thoughts, I shook my head violently.


Let’s not get caught up in this thought.


“Just as Arcandus said, I don’t have to get close, that’s all.”


As if puzzled by my self-talk, Dobby stopped eating and looked at me with his eyes wide open.


The tail wagging as if he knew nothing was quite cute. I reached out and scratched Dobby’s chin.


“Dobby. I’m going home this winter vacation. So I don’t think I’ll be able to see you for a while.”




“Can you hunt alone?”


All I brought to Dobby was a snack. Nevertheless, seeing that he has gained weight well, it seems that Dobby hunts alone and eats well. He still looks like a baby. Was it because he’s a monster?


“Roar, woof! woof!”


Are you telling me not to go…?


Seeing Dobby suddenly start barking made me a little troubled.


“I’m sorry. But it’s already been decided.”


However, Dobby barked regardless and was busy waiting. Oh no! Should I go back to the dorm and bring Dobby’s favorite snack?


Well? Looking closely, the direction of his barking was behind, not me. I turned around and looked back.




Behind me stood Carson, who wore a painted smile.


“Did you come to find me, Caon?”


“…I just happened to pass by,” Carson answered.


Well, the place I was at was the entrance to Academy Mountain. Carson couldn’t have come here knowing that I was here.


If there was Carson behind, the reason why Dobby barked was simple.


“Dobby, take it easy.”


Dobi was supremely gentle in front of women, but he became a beast in front of men.


As I was digging through Dobby’s fur, Carson approached me. Then it was Dobby who started barking more fiercely. In a hurry, I took out the spleen hastily. It was a method that I learned through Hans.


“Dobby, just let it slide once. Just once!”


Dobby was huffing alone at my words to let it slide once, but after a while, he magically closed his mouth.


As expected, it was a clever quick solution.  Carson, who was watching the scene, gently smiled, his eyes curved into a crescent. Slowly tilting his head obliquely.


“Leen. What’s that a dog-bird?”


“…It sounded strange, so I gave him a different name. It’s called Dobby, and as you can see, it’s a monster.”


“It’s a slave-like name.”


“No. It’s the name of freedom.” Leen refuted.


“…If you say so, I guess.”


Carson nodded without refuting my groundless argument.


“By the way, what’s Dobby’s gender, Leen?”


Carson asked and turned his gaze to a different part of Dobby’s body.


Soon his hoarse voice could be heard. “It’s a male… is it?”


He didn’t take his eyes off Dobby’s place. Feeling embarrassed for no reason, I hurriedly brought up another topic.


“It’s vacation season soon. Caon, what are you going to do?”


“What? What’s the season?”


Carson was startled and his pupils shook violently.


His face also turned red in an instant and then turned pale at once. What’s with that reaction? Did I say something I shouldn’t?


“What are you going to do during vacation?”


“Uh…? Aha!”


Carson, with his rollercoaster feelings, sighed deeply as if he understood what I meant.


“Caon, what are you going to do during this vacation?”


“With Leen…”


“Ey! Stop.”


Carson’s expression quickly became sullen like a puppy in the rain.


“I’m going back home this time, so even if you come to the dorm, you won’t find me.”


His eyes twinkled again when he heard that I was going to the Countess.


“Can I go play?”


“I live by myself, but it’s a bit difficult to invite other people… Of course, my aunt would be happy if I told her I would bring a friend.”


Carson, who blinked his eyes, made another suggestion. “Then what about Leen coming to our mansion to play? I will pick you up.”


Going alone to the Duke of Lisianthus?


A Duke called a cold-blooded man with no blood or tears. And where’s the Duchess rumored to be able to bring such a Duke to his knees with just a gesture?


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