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Obviously, it’s the chef’s fault for lying to avoid the mistake.


But for that reason, it was hard for me to understand that it was made into a return receipt.


To him, the commoners are like livestock. To say that the Viscount was a vassal of Lisianthus, somehow made me more interested in him.


I struggled to comfort myself. I have nothing to do with the Duke of Lisianthus anyway.


…It was heartbreaking. It was a clumsy consolation that left only scars.



Arriving at the party hall, we each showed our invitations and entered.


Jane tried to enter as my companion. But somehow she also had an invitation. She said she got it by chance. It was surprising that they overlapped like this.


Entering the party hall, Jane’s eyes quickly scanned the hall.


At the end of her gaze, Hans asked sensibly, “Where would be good?”


Jane pointed to a place, pretending to move the fan gently. Then whispered in Hans’ ear.


“Do you see some of the aristocrats I told you about? Good luck.”


“Thank you. I’ll hit them off as well as you cheered me on.” Hans answered.

Maybe it’s because of Jane’s support? He looked very energetic. The two seemed to be a better combination than I thought.


…Except for the fact that he’s full of thoughts about taking them all.


Hans left and Jane also fetched food and left for a moment.


Alone, I started looking around. It was my first time coming to a party, so I thought it would be fun…


Realizing that it was not much different from what I thought, I quickly got bored.


“Leen, you look bored.”


Soon back, Jane shook a glass of red wine in front of me. I tried to argue that we shouldn’t drink, but I remembered that she was older than me.


Jane, was like a friend, as an adult. It was fascinating.


…Or not!


“The year has changed, but your birthday hasn’t passed yet.”


In the Lagras Empire, on your 18th birthday, you are recognized as an adult.


Jane will indeed become an adult this year,  but her birthday isn’t over, so she can’t drink proudly.


She giggled and put the glass of wine in my hand.


“It’s grape juice.”


What? You fooled me! With a sighing laugh, I gladly took and sipped the grape juice she gave.


Then, for a moment, her gaze turned to Hans. He was dealing with nobles without difficulty.


It was common for aristocratic children to run businesses from an early age. It’s not uncommon for people my age to talk about business with adults.


Therefore, aristocrats who talk business did not hastily judge their age. So it would not be easier to show such wit in practice without any education like Hans.


“His teacher must be proud.”


When Jane held out her glass, our glasses clashed with a ‘Clink—’.


“The disciple is competent. More than that, Leen. Aren’t you going to dance?”




Jane asked once again, making up a mischievous smile at the quick answer. “What if a young nobleman, as handsome as Carson, asks you to dance?”


…Wow. That’s something I need to think about.


“I’m still not going.”


After all, he’s not Carson, right?


“I think the answer came a little late.”


“That’s just your imagination.”


As she brazenly raised an eyebrow, Jane asked with a grin. ”Then why did you come to the party? To help Hans?”


“No. I asked my aunt to give me a few party invitations, one of which overlapped with one of Hans’ invitations. So, just as well.”


Jane asked unexpectedly, taking the glass off her lips. “You asked for it first? I didn’t think you’d like to party.”


“I’m just… curious.”


“Aha! Is this your first time here? Then you might be curious. I was wondering what happened because you suddenly asked me to go to the party with you.”


“Well, it’s just a party. Why else would I be here?”


Honestly, there was… In order not to run into Rex Begonia. And to feed Erhan his poop.


This was not a party hosted by the Duke of Begonia. Erhan must be burning in anger waiting for me to arrive at the party by now.


Maybe he’s thinking about what to say and threaten when he sees me after the party. But what about it? I’m not going back to the Count.


Leen had already greeted the Count’s family except for Erhan.


How did he get a hold of me as I was about to return after a week? If anyone had seen it, they would have known that they would never see me for the rest of their lives.


I’ve already put all my luggage in the carriage… All I have to do now is enjoy the party and return to the academy.


Leen smiled from her heart. It was a smile that seemed somewhat refreshingly sweet.


By the way, wouldn’t Hans ask Jane to dance? That would be a good opportunity.


I asked Jane insinuatingly. “Aren’t you going to dance?”


“Don’t you think you should be more concerned about that than me?”


“I won’t dance.”


Was Jane really like that? Belatedly, she gestured with her chin behind my back.


At her words, I turned around and looked back. “…Caon?”


When I faced him, I felt dazed and strange. Even if it overlaps with Hans, can there be such a coincidence from Jane to Carson?


But then I shook my head. Lately, I’ve been dreaming of Rex Begonia, and it seems like I’ve bought some doubts and made it happen.


I shook off my thoughts and looked at Carson.


Now that I see it, he was wearing a banquet costume to suit the party. I was amazed to see him dressed up determinedly after seeing him wearing the same clothes every day.


Even in school uniforms, I thought that the nobility was flowing out from him.


Carson, who took off his uniform, was a prince himself. I guess I wasn’t the only one admiring him, so belatedly, his hardened face caught my eye.




As I called Carson’s name, he shook his head and grabbed his chest.


“Ugh, come on, wait a minute.”


I glanced at Jane in embarrassment.


Then she whispered something in my ear. “You know what? Actually, Carson has been at the party since we came in.”


“What? But why didn’t he say hi earlier…”


“He’s been watching you, and just came to his senses. Looking at it up close, I think he’s out of his mind again. You’re unusually prettier today.”


Jane glanced at Carson and unfolded her fan to cover her trembling lips.


Even the only exposed eyes were smiling. Oh, therefore…


I stared at Carson, who still couldn’t make eye contact. It was a very timid reaction. Honestly, it was a bit too much.


Do you think I’ll like it if you react like that?


…That’s right. I’m going to die from his cuteness!


I suddenly became curious. I wonder what would happen if I added oil to it.


Just in time, Jane cleverly takes my glass of wine. I put on a light smile and reached out in front of Carson in an exaggerated motion.


“Will you give me the honor to dance with you?”


Perhaps it was an unexpected suggestion, his face turned to the right and turned to me with a creak.


Carson stared blankly at my hand for a while. Well. I think it would be a little embarrassing if I got rejected.


But that thought was untrue…


Not long after, Carson took my hand. It was a very natural move.


“It’s my honor, Lady.”


However, his red face showed his mental state.


Carson led me to the dance floor. The music playing now was in line with the dance that requires you to put your hands on your partner’s waist.


I laughed ironically at the thought of seeing another funny scene.


“Put your hand on my waist.”


At my words, Carson flinched for a moment, then slowly placed his hand on my waist.


His face was still red as if it was about to explode, but it was a more gentle reaction than I expected.


I was struck with wonder and displeasure. Feeling pain in my neck?


Even so, what is this mysterious discomfort? I shook my head for a moment and realized. Obviously this…


It was jealousy.


He must have been able to look so natural because he danced a lot with other young noble ladies before.


I couldn’t understand myself being angry and jealous of this. Besides, this is not something I can tell Carson.


Social activities were essential for the aristocrats, and dancing was the only part they had to do whether they liked it or not.


Even knowing that my heart sank to the depths below. No matter how hard it is. What with this natural touch?


I thought he would show some hesitation. Rather, when I learned to dance at the academy, Simon, my partner, and I were more embarrassed to dance with each other.


I don’t know how long it took Simon to put his hand on my waist back then.


After dance practice, we acted like we never had a conversation.


Anyway, the fact that he was shy didn’t change. I looked at Carson, trying to control the emotions that were rushing out of me. He led me adeptly in my first dance in action.


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