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I had an indescribable feeling for Carson, who always smiled like a fool in front of me. I was angry at myself.


I couldn’t control even the slightest jealousy, so it was like I’m taking this anger out on him. I’ve been telling Carson not to be jealous about trivial things. I was mortified by my two-faced appearance.


The way Carson was jealous was just cute. Why do I look so dirty?


Confused thoughts engulfed my mind. When I came to my senses, the music had already ended.


Carson, who was staring at me, slowly blinked. “Leen, I’m just asking because I’m wondering if I’m right…”


After a pause, he opened his red lips and continued, “Are you jealous right now?”


The moment I heard it, I shivered. I felt like I had been caught on something that shouldn’t have been uncovered. My face immediately turned red.


“It’s not like that…!”


Contrary to my flustered self, a smile slowly bloomed on Carson’s face.


It was the complete opposite of usual. He spoke at ease. “I don’t know if you’ll believe it, but you’re my first dance. I’m not going to dance with anyone but you.”


Carson took my hand and kissed the back of my hand. “So, take it easy. Okay?”


My heart melted like magic at his words and actions.


…I forgot he was such a capable wizard.




The time was approaching midnight 


The noisy party was coming to an end. One by one, people leave the party saying goodbye to each other.


Aside from the party hall, in a room prepared as a rest area. 


A man with silver hair grabbed Erhan by the neck.




“Explain how it happened.”


“Come on, let’s talk about this for a second, Rex!”


Rex’s expression, looking at Erhan, was so unfeeling that he exuded an eerie atmosphere.


“Didn’t you brag about bringing her to the party no matter what?” (Rex)


“Well, that’s what I mean, I’m sure I’ve seen her prepare this morning…!”


“If you don’t come up with a valid excuse from that mouth of yours, I might tear it apart.”


“Well, well… I, I’m sorry. She wouldn’t have been able to run away tonight, so should I find her now and drag her in front of you?”


“I asked you to make an excuse, why do you talk the other way?”


But that’s not bad either. Erhan’s words seemed to be somewhat satisfactory, so his hands lost strength.


As the force on his neck loosened, Erhan grabbed his neck and gasped for breath.


Rex smiled and gently stepped on Erhan with his shoe.


“You know I can’t meet her in person right now, Erhan.” (Rex)


“That’s right. I’m sorry. I didn’t think much.”


“Well, Leen must still be very upset at me.” (Rex)


There was a great ambiguity in his words. As if she was just sulking. Leen’s feelings for him were never at that level.


“Does Leen hate me?” (Rex)


“Oh, no. What do you mean she hates you!” (Erhan)


Rex tilted his head as if he didn’t understand everything. “Then why was she avoiding me? I even promised her the Duchess’ seat. Was I not hot enough?” (Rex)


“Du-duchess? Not a concubine, but a Duchess?” (Erhan)


“…Why? You don’t believe it either? You don’t think I can do that?” (Rex)


“Oh, no. There was nothing that didn’t come true when you wanted it. I… I believe in you!”


Rex squinted quietly at Erhan, who was trembling. Rex licked his lips as if realizing something from that look.


“Aha! So, that is why she avoided me. Because she needs proof that I love her?”


His lips twisted in exaltation. “If Leen wants… It’s a little early, but I’ll have to prepare a present.”



After the party, I came back to the academy. The day I met Carson at the party.


Leen hinted at him that she would now return to the academy.


Carson did not pretend to be troubled. The next day, I brought my luggage and came to the academy right away. I knew he’d follow me, but I didn’t stop him.


At the secluded academy, we met every day during the long vacation.


We took a light walk, ate together, and took a nap together in the club room. I decided not to draw a line on him anymore.


I knew that if we became more than friends and then the relationship went awry, we couldn’t be the same again.


After graduation, I also knew that a breakup is bound to happen anyway.


However, it was very unfair to put my heart into it alone. He’s expressing his feelings of love like that too, so why should I hold it in and endure it? Why do we have to hide it?


I stared at Carson, who had his eyes fixed on the magic book. After doing so for a while, he felt my gaze and raised his head to meet my eyes.


“Leen? Do you have anything to say?”


As I peered into his bright blue eyes, my heart pounded pleasantly.


It felt like we were the only two left in the world. This time was so sweet that I decided to enjoy it now, no matter what happens later.


“I’m just happy to see you.”


The magic book that was floating in the air fell to the floor with a snap. Carson shouted with round eyes.


“Wha— what? It’s foul to say something like that all of a sudden…!”


“If that’s a foul, your face is also a foul. Why are you so handsome?”


Carson looked at me in disbelief at my remarks.


“There was something strange about it. Leen, what’s wrong with you these days?”


“What did I do?”(Leen)


“Why don’t you push me away? You don’t look at me with annoyance, you don’t sigh at me. Crucially, why do you keep meeting me every day? What’s the matter? Do you need help?”


I had time to look back on myself from the past with clouded memories.


…I was hitting the iron wall harder than I thought.


“If you need help, you don’t have to do this. I don’t need a price. I’ll help you with everything I can.” (Caon)


Looking at Carson, who had gotten serious, it was clear that he had misunderstood something.


“It’s not like that. I’ve decided to be a little honest.” (Leen)




Carson’s winded. His face flushed red as if it was about to explode.


I didn’t want Carson to dwell on it, so I swept his pink hair as if petting him. I didn’t want him to notice my heart yet. I hoped for him to realize it slowly and step by step.


“That’s right, Caon. I don’t think I can’t meet you tomorrow because I have an appointment with someone else.”


A shock spread across Carson’s face. I’m used to seeing him every day, so I guess it’s even sadder.


“…Who are you meeting?”


“Since last year, there are people who have been helping me with my business.”


Needless to say, that business is a love business.




At the word ‘help’, he made an expression that he knew roughly what was going on.


When did I become a nosy person? However, I couldn’t refute anything because the relationship I started with that ‘uncle’ was just right.


“It was a favor at first, but now I’m also having fun giving advice, so we keep in touch often.”


“Is it taking a long time?” He stared at me with a longing for something.


In the past, I would have pretended not to know and said that ‘it would take a long time’. But now there was no need.


“We’re supposed to meet around lunchtime, so I’ll come to the club room when we finish. Can you wait until then?”


Carson looked confused. He made up a pleading expression, but I guess he didn’t know that I would meet him.


“If you don’t like it, it’s okay if we don’t meet.”


Only then did Carson close his eyes bashfully.


“I like to wait, I’ll be waiting patiently. By the way, I mean, the person you’re supposed to meet…”


He paused seriously. I thought I knew what he was to say later.


“Is he a man?”


Geez, I was wondering why you didn’t ask that. I brushed Carson’s cherry-colored hair gently with a light smile.


“He’s a man, you’re right. But he’s a married man, he has a child, and he’s really only interested in business, so don’t worry.”


He accepted my hand gently but bit his lower lip as if he didn’t like something.


I poked him in the cheek and said playfully, “You’re not going to check, you’re not going to watch us, are you?”


“I won’t do it if Leen tells me not to.” (Caon)


“Were you going to do it?” (Leen)




I laughed bitterly at the half-beat slow reply. This was definitely an issue that should be addressed.


“Caon. I think it would be a bit scary if someone sullenly pried behind me. I hate to even imagine the feeling of being watched over every move.”


Carson’s eyes, which met mine, trembled slightly.


“…I’m sorry.” Carson bowed his head with an apology.


There was an illusion that the dog’s ears looked droopy for a second. He hasn’t done anything yet, but did I say it too harshly?


“I didn’t mean to ask for an apology.” (Leen)


But Carson couldn’t fix his expression. Like a man who committed a great crime.


I felt sorry for him, thinking that I spoke too firmly because it felt pathetic. But I didn’t correct what I said until the end.


I hoped Carson wouldn’t act like that. To be precise, I didn’t want him to be like Rex Begonia.


Coincidentally, there are quite a few similarities between Rex Begonia and Carson.


The fact that they saw me and fell in love at first sight. To be the heir to the Duke of the Empire 


Finally, the point is that the way of expressing their love was beyond the scope of normal people.


Fortunately, the way the two treated me was polar-opposites. That’s why I didn’t feel repulsed by Carson, but I guess I ended up liking him.


The thought of Rex Begonia calmed me down. Dobby, who was rolling his body in a corner as if he had noticed my feelings, approached carefully.




Dobby stole a glance at Carson and licked my hand. I forgot that I was depressed by the sight of him and smiled.


Not long ago, Carson said that he organized Dobby and the pecking order cheerfully, and it must be true.


I don’t know how he taught him. 


Carson found Dobby clinging to me and scolding him. “Get away from Leen right now, you wolf bird… Hey!”


I marveled a little at his restraint. Looks like something’s missing behind the bird.


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