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After solving the whole situation with a single recording, I raised my hand to look at my trembling fingertips when I left the school office.


Ahh…  When I saw my trembling hands, my emotionless face cracked, I tried to pretend to be okay when I faced the other kids that tried to corner me.


It was a sharp contrast to the shameless attitude to raise my chin in front of them. The expression on my face gradually disappears as I try to calm myself. At the same time, memories that I didn’t want to remember came into thought.


Thump… Thump…Thump…


My heart beats fast at the memories that came to my head. My palms were already full of cold sweat.


As students were running around, I endured this feeling and clenched my teeth, trying not to cry at the moment.


But from the moment those memories came to mind, My heart was burning with overwhelming emotion that turned dark.


‘Club room.’


There would be no one in the club room now because the school hours are not yet over. After I finished my thoughts and decided to go there, in a hurry I started running to the club room.


Just in case, I didn’t expect the academy to also use the ‘magical recording pen’ I brought.


I forgot. I was barely out of it. When I used the recording pen that I hadn’t used for a while, memories of the past came to my mind again.


Arriving at the club room, I hurriedly locked the door. I shed the tears that I had endured when I left the school office, I cried in the club room where no one was present. Then gritted my teeth to calm the anxiety before it made me crazy.


‘Leen please calm down.’ I said to myself.


I’m in the Academy. That person was not here next to me. You saw it earlier, Leen. No one can touch me here.


No one…



‘It happened that…’


“Tell me again, Fjord.’’


“So the five kids who knew that Leen joined our club…”


“Not from the beginning, only the part where she said the reason for joining the club.”


“The part where she said the reason for joining the club was because your face was nice?’


”…You mean she said that I’m handsome, right?”


“I suppose so.”


“That blunt girl really said that? Leen really said that?”


“Yes, the recording ward was going around, so I could tell you again without making a mistake. It seems that the speed of spreading the recording was quick. It’s a big case of five kids leaving school for expulsion, so it’s spreading faster.”


Fjord answered Carsion’s questions in detail, but in fact, Carson didn’t hear anything except one thing.


‘Leen said she joined the club because of my face?’


She looked at me with a face that was like she didn’t care about me, and I thought she was thinking the way on the inside.


Was that kind of expressionless look on her face just a habit, or was it because she wanted to hide her feelings? And because of that fact, was that why you are so…


‘Do I feel good?’


“Carson, your face turned red.”


“I know, so shut up.”


Fjord looked at Carsion’s red face with a strange look and said,


“Don’t tell me?” It was a very cautious tone. “Carson, are you…?”




Carson wrapped his face with both hands and bowed his head. “Fjord, what should I do now? I think your guess was right.”


Oh, my… I had expected it from the time when Carson, who had a nasty personality, was easily teased by Lien and couldn’t say a word of refuting.


In particular, when I found out that Carson couldn’t say a word even after this week, which was the club correction period he spoke of, I even burst into laughter.


However, after hearing the affirmation from him, the situation began to look pitiful as it came to reality.


”…That’s really bad.’’


Leen has to endure Carson’s obsession from now on.



When Carson first saw Leen’s face, he thought that she was really pretty. But I thought I didn’t fall in love with her at first sight.


Really… On the first day of the club meeting.


I ended their conversation when I saw Fjord and Leen, who is having a friendly conversation differently from when Leen was talking to me.


‘It’s not because I like her, but because Fjord was annoying, pretending to laugh friendly which was bothering me.’


However, when she put her hand on my shoulder, it seemed that I was a little embarrassed by the sudden touch.


What about the time when she blew in my ears?  At that time, I was surprised by that unexpected situation, and my face heated up, or because of the embarrassment of being fooled by such a prank.


…Then it means that I didn’t like her until then.


The problem was that Carson went into the dormitory that day and thought of her the whole time. It was annoying that she was lying on a hard chair, and it was also annoying that her white thin legs were revealed narrowly because of the skirt that was slightly raised when she sat.


Of course, I covered it with a cape to a certain extent.


‘It’s annoying.’


Carson jumped up on the bed where he was lying and scratched his head roughly. Then, with a complicated expression, he pulled out the coat from the closet and started to wear it.


Next to me, my roommate, Fjord, asked where I was going out at that time of the night. Of course, Carsion ignored it lightly.


Space movement magic—


It was Duke Lisianthus’ capital mansion, where I arrived in the middle of the night. Wearing a coat and consuming an enormous amount of mana.


It was long-distance movement magic that no ordinary wizard couldn’t have done. There was a reason why Carson visited the capital mansion.


Most of the finest furniture was made to order. So I had to wait at least a few weeks to buy a quality sofa.


For that reason, Carson chose another method which was to bring what had already been made. Carson, who simply tucked the sofa from his room into space, stared at the space that had just been occupied by the sofa.


Then, he pulled the string from the bedside carelessly.  When a bell rang in a place where there was no way it would, the attendant, who came running, burst open the door of the room in a hurry.


“Who would ring the bell in the middle of the night in this room…!”


Oops… How could Master Carson, who should be at the academy, be here?


“You, just get me a blanket.”


The attendant, who looked at Carson with eyes as if he had seen a ghost, was frozen for a while at the words heard from him.


When Carsion’s brows slightly frowned, the servant, who realized his mistake only then, moved to fulfill the order, urgently asking for forgiveness.


“I-I’m sorry. I’ll bring you something you could use to cover right away.”




“Yes, yes? if you would have another order please tell me.”


“It’s for me to cover…”


As if Carson couldn’t find any other excuses, his words were blurred. 


However, the attendant looked at him and nodded. “You need a blanket for someone else, not for the master to use.”


Carson nodded quietly with his mouth shut.


“I see. Please wait for a moment.”


The attendant, who went out to get a blanket at the order of Carson, felt something was strange.


His handsome face and his dirty temper are the same.  But what’s this sense of incompatibility?


Did he notice with a keen sense that a thief disguised as a Master Carson broke into the mansion?


…That can’t be the case.


The servant shook his head at the ridiculous speculation.  If he’s not Master Carson in the first place, it makes no sense to break through the strict guards of the Duke of Lisianthus.


Even if he somehow escaped the guard’s eyes, he would not know who the Duke was, but an intruder.


The Duke already knew that the intruder was a burglar. Then what was this sense of incongruity?


At that moment, a thunderbolt of enlightenment passed in my head.


Ah… I realized what this sense of incongruity was. Oh, my! Master Carson said that he needed the blanket to cover someone else? Was that even possible?


He fell into confusion, paused from his quick steps, and began to carefully analyze the meaning of the words once more.


Come to think of it, the master did not say that the person he was giving the blanket was a living person. Did you kill someone and you want to cover the body with a blanket?


That’s it. Then it makes sense.




With a small sigh of relief, the attendant mumbled, “I have to tell the Duke that it’s been a while since I’ve had to clean and remove the body.”




The next day, Carson, who brought a sofa into the club room, waited eagerly for Leen to enter the club room.


Am I anxious?


No, it wasn’t to that extent. I was just wondering ‘a little’ about her reaction when she sees the sofa.


Entering the club room, Leen stared at the sofa Carson had brought for a while and called him, “Hey Pink-Head.”


‘To call a person such an unpleasant title.’


Carson was in a bad mood, but he answered Leen’s words again and again. As the conversation continued, he naturally uttered the word “Bastard.”


At that time, Carson was quick to roll his eyes because he was anxious, but then he clarified his words and said again.


I don’t know why I need to soften my words, but I felt like I should.


Carson felt an unfamiliar feeling and glared as if he could pierce Leen, who did not use the sofa he brought.


Why don’t you sit on the sofa? You slept well on a hard chair yesterday.


It turned out that he had brought the sofa for Leen to use.


I brought it because of someone.


After the misunderstanding was cleared, she carefully sat down on the sofa. Fortunately, she seemed to like the sofa Carson brought.


Her expression was cute. Even her fluttering gestures and the tips of her toes that worked hard to flutter bounce on the sofa were cute.


Maybe that’s why she did it, or when her expression returned to her original expression, her emotions were disappointing.

So whether that was the case, or when her expression returned to her original expression, her feelings were regretful.


“Are you done? -What are you doing?”


I wanted to see more. With the strange feeling that keeps coming up, Carson decided that he should stop talking to her, and pulled out the blanket he had brought with him yesterday and said to her, 


“Go to sleep.”


When Leen looked at him, she said that she thought he was nice and that rumors about him were in vain.


Hearing the rumors, wasn’t something that didn’t exist, but it was at the level of reducing the incident.


Carson had never cared about his rumors so far.  But hearing the stories from her mouth suddenly started to bother me.


“It wouldn’t be bad to take this opportunity to clear up the rumors surrounding me.”


Club hours allocated by the academy were more than 2 hours ‘daily’.


That means I have no choice but to see Leen every day except at weekends.


Carson was helpless every day because he would not have snorted if someone else had hit him.


“I don’t know what I did wrong, but you should stop now.”


It’s been a week. It was a word I spit out because I wasn’t really angry with her.


Then her eyes widened and guilt came to her face. Then immediately a sincere apology came back from her.


“Sorry, I didn’t expect you to be so mad. I was so selfish. I won’t make fun of you again in the future.”


It was such a long-cherished promise, but ironically, the moment I heard it, I felt dirty. So I talked to her in a fit of anger.


“It was a joke.”




“That’s enough. It was a joke. I said it once because you made fun of me every day. What if I’m barely fooled by a lie like this?”


Words that bring disaster upon themselves.


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