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When Carson glared fiercely, Dobby came into my arms and whined, hiding his head.


“Gosh. How can a wolf be so weak?”


It wasn’t long before I realized that Dobby was a wolf and not a dog.


Of course, I thought it was a dog, but isn’t it gradually showing the wolf figure on Dobby’s innocent face?


With wings, it’s hard to call him a complete wolf.


I wonder if it’s possible to breed? I’ll have to introduce him to a true female wolf when he grows up. I hope you don’t have to breed with birds, not dogs…?


It was when I was continuing my useless thoughts in my head. I heard the sulking voice of Carson.


“Leen, I apologize again. I’m really sorry. In the future, there will be nothing you have to worry about.”


It was a comedy on my side and a new drama on the other side. I patted him curiously on his drooping shoulder.


“Okay, let’s do that.”


Anyone who sees this might think he has committed a deadly sin.



The next day…


When we arrived at the promised restaurant, the man was seated neatly. He was still shining even today.


“Mister, I’m here.”


He took out his pocket watch and checked the time, and said unexpectedly, “You came early.”


“I’m going to meet my great client, so I can’t be late.”


As I jokingly spoke, the man laughed and crossed his long legs.


“Is that so?”


I laughed as I sat on the seat in front of him.


Standing in front of him, he seemed to smile a little.  Whenever I see him limping sadly because of his wife, I think he’s like my late father.


If he knew what I was thinking, he might be offended, though. I asked for his regards and situation while waiting for the food to be served.


“What do you do at home these days?”


“Being with a beautiful woman.”




This guy… I thought I asked the wrong question because he said it so shamelessly.


“No, I was just asking if there was anything different with your beautiful wife.”


The corner of his mouth curled up knowingly. Surprisingly, he seems to have a playful personality.


“These days, we are doing well with no conflicts. It’s all thanks to you.”


“Well, I don’t. It’s because you did a great job.” (Leen)


“I asked you to meet me because I had something else to talk about today.”


“Another story?”


Oh my! The uncle was someone who couldn’t talk to anything other than his wife…!


I was very curious. “What’s that?”


“That’s the story of a son you told me before.”


“My son?”


I blinked, knowing what this reaction was. As I was doing this for a while, I suddenly remembered what I had said before.


When I imagined the scene of the man’s top-off apron, I asked, “Do you have a son left?”


His face seemed to heat up. At that time, I was trying to make excuses that I was lost blankly for a while, but the man opened his mouth first. I felt a little self-conscious.


“Is that still valid?”




Questions filled my mind.


Are you sure you’re gonna give me your son? I said it in a fit of anger, but it was half a joke…


‘Haha,’ I laughed and scratched my cheek awkwardly.


“I don’t like younger people.” (Leen)


It was a flat refusal, to say the other way around.


“That means it’s okay if it’s not younger than you?” (Mister)


Woah, did he have a grown-up son in an accident when he was young?


Or did he adopt an older son…? I spit out anything that came to my mind in a hurry.


“I don’t really like older people either.” (Leen)


“That’s a relief.”


“Haha. I’m sorry. I’m a little picky…What? What’s the relief?”


The uncle raised his chin, smiling as if he was satisfied with something.


“My son is the same age as you.”


My mouth gaped in surprise. I was wondering, but do you really have a son who’s about my age? And we’re the same age?


“How old were you when you had an accident?”


When asked in surprise, the man’s eyebrows twitched.


“It’s a child I had when I became an adult.” (He means when he turned 18)


Then, no matter how bad he was, he must be in his mid-thirties at least.


That young look of his was mid-thirties? Moreover, since it was the minimum, it could be the latter half of the year, or maybe it was the 40s.


It’s a scam—!


It was when I was shaking my head at the injustice of the world.


Huh? Come to think of it, he never mentioned his wife had it as an adult, I’m sure he said she’s definitely younger than him.




This time, Leen looked at the man in shock. Perhaps he read the hatred in my eyes, the man hurriedly spoke.


“Of course, when my wife has also turned into an adult.”


I finally relaxed a bit from his words. I’m glad I didn’t have to cut him off. I went back to the main topic with a more relaxed mind.


“I don’t think your son will like me even if I beat everything else.”


If you were a noble man, you wouldn’t like a commoner, especially a girl without parents.


Those who fell for me were special cases. Perhaps the uncle knew it, so he furrowed his brow and clicked his tongue.


“That’s the problem.”


“It’s the most important issue. You can’t just decide your son’s life like that.”


“You seem to have misunderstood something…”




“The part that I thought was the problem was the personality of my son. I’m afraid my son won’t be satisfied with you.”


Seeing the disapproving expression on his face, it seemed that he was saying it sincerely.


“You’re too good to marry him.”


I asked with indescribable absurdity. “No, sir. Not only that but what about your status?”


“Oh status, you mean my Identity?”


“You’re a noble. Besides, you’re not just an aristocrat, I think you have a pretty high position.”


He smoothed his chin and glanced at me sullenly.


“Well, you knew.”


“It seems strange not to know.” (Leen)


The place where we met now… It was the most expensive restaurant in this shopping district.


The place where I failed to buy food for Carson before. I came here at the risk that it would be a huge expense, but it must be just a penny for you.


“Identity doesn’t matter at all.”


“But even the gaze of other nobles…”


Maybe that’s why I also pushed Carson away.


After graduating from the academy, we had no choice but to break up because of the difference in status.


Even Rex Begonia was struggling with my status.


In that respect, I think I’m lucky because I’m a commoner and not an Earl Young Lady, but anyway.


The Duke seemed to think for a moment, and then opened his mouth.


“Was it a ruined princess or a baron in a small country estate? Young Lady, who came to study abroad from a faraway kingdom to an empire, sounds good. Choose one.”


It was like a light tone suggesting that we go for a walk in the front yard. I was stunned by the unexpected scale and stammered without a word.


When I couldn’t speak for a long time, the man began to persuade me of any misunderstanding.


“Giving a higher status is not difficult, but it will lead to suspicion. Can’t you be satisfied with this?”


“Oh, no. Do you want to have me as your daughter-in-law enough to create a fake identity?”


Forgery of identity is a felony. If a false identity is caught, not only me but also this man will be punished.


“Oh, I forgot to explain.”




“Fake status was just to make sure that you would not be despised by the young ladies of other families because you came from a commoner. It was a small gift.”


A small gift? A fake identity?


“Besides, I don’t think my son will obey my orders to get married.”


Of course. Would he marry a commoner girl that he has never seen before?


I swallowed the stuffed words up to the tip of my throat.


No, come to think of it, you said that before as if it wasn’t a problem at all…?


It’s not just one or two problems…


“So I thought about it. Leen, why don’t you be my daughter?”




What is this…?


After a series of shocking remarks, I began to doubt whether I was dreaming. The man continued as if he were joking.


“My wife also wanted to have a daughter, so she would be happy if we adopted you.”


“Did you discuss it with your wife?”


The man paused for a moment and then turned his gaze elsewhere. I squinted at him.




I could see why the man often had fights when he loved his wife so much. He slowly untwisted his legs and gave an arrogant expression.


“I can give your parents enough living expenses every month.”


What’s surprising here is that the expression wasn’t unlucky at all. Rather, it first occurred to me that it matched his atmosphere terribly.


“You don’t have to worry about that. Because my parents are dead. Now I am indebted to my aunt…”


When a child with a parent goes to an aristocratic family for adoption, he usually receives a large sum of money.


Although it was a rare case, he promised to give a certain amount every month as this man now suggested.


Being offered adoption after some growing up was a great pride for both the child and his family.


It meant that I was recognized for my value. Anyone would have accepted this proposal unless there was a special reason.


Of course, if a commoner was adopted into a noble family, he would often be ignored, as if the uncle was worried…


Anyway, isn’t it an easy opportunity to raise my status?


“By the way, I’m really curious at this point. Who the hell are you?”




The man tapped the table on a regular beat as if he was thinking about something.


An indisputable status…? I waited patiently for his time to ponder. Meanwhile, I found Luca getting out of the carriage outside the window.


There’s a little time left before the vacation ends. Apparently, he returned to the academy a few days earlier.


When I was about to call Luca’s name, I heard the man’s voice,


“I’ll let you know if you promise to be my daughter.”


“…That’s a given. I shouldn’t fall for shallow water, right?”


He smirked as he squinted, “What a shame. I thought you’d come over.”


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