Chapter 100

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Author: lipzoldyck


“It happened a long time ago.”


The man didn’t want to add a detailed explanation to the word ‘a long time ago’, so he just said this. He said it was when he was still in the Magic Tower.


“I had a friend I made while traveling to another country. Yes. We managed to get along well, but one day the news broke. I heard he was dead or something.”


He rested his chin and muttered in a rather subdued voice.


“Yet a few years later, he reappeared in good shape.”


As soon as the words fell, I realized what the man was talking about.


As expected, this ‘interesting story’ is just a cornerstone for the main topic.


“He said this. ‘I’m alive’.”


The mumbled words were something that I had no choice but to be infinitely familiar with.


“He said he had a body like that from the moment he shifted dimension.”






“…Had I known this would happen, I would have cast a tracking spell on him beforehand. But I didn’t, and I haven’t seen him since.”


Jeremy stopped retracing the past for a moment and glanced at the woman sitting across from him.


He was glad to be able to spit out the old things for the first time in a long time, yet the other person didn’t show much interest. However, it wasn’t that she was obviously bored, and it seemed that she was just listening to his story without any inspiration.


He thought she would react with surprise at the fact that there was a dimension shifter like her, though.


Goodness, this is really tricky to deal with. He smiled and asked the woman.


“Are you sure you’re really listening to what I’m saying?”




As if she was listening to her best and asking why he asked such a thing, the woman made an expression that she was slightly fed up with him. Contrary to the response, which couldn’t even be called positive in empty words, Jeremy’s mood has improved, and his voice has risen with joy.


“I don’t feel like talking about it because I don’t have much to say.”


“How can I respond to the story that you proposed to do a human experiment on your friend’s body and then lost contact again…”


Seeing that the long story was summarized in one line like that, it was clear that she had heard the whole story. The woman now sighed like a tired person beyond being simply fed up, and Jeremy kindly offered tea once again. Although he didn’t really think she would drink it, he did it to show he was being friendly.


After the woman declined his favor by shaking her head, she was silent for a moment before opening her mouth.


“I can see why you’re talking about that.”


He seemed to be aimlessly solving what she had experienced so far, but in fact, Jeremy had all the clues in it. That his old friend had a body where wounds would disappear in an instant, and that even if he died, he would come back to life.


And even the story that that friend hasn’t aged even for a moment.


The woman sitting in front of him, who came back to life after being caught in a bomb, said calmly.


“It’s not like you recognized that I’m a dimension shifter because I’ve seen the same person before.”




“But what does it mean to you that you recognized me?”


Light brown eyes fixed somewhere on the table turned to him.


“Now, I want you to tell me why you called me here.”


Hearing that, Jeremy pulled the corners of his mouth to paint a smile. Although he wasn’t waiting for her to confess on her own, he was amazed at the woman who didn’t avoid having a real purpose in this conversation.


In a way he seemed to have killed the woman himself once, yet she seemed unafraid of the ulterior motives he might have.


Is she a person who doesn’t feel fear itself? Or is it because she firmly believes that the Master of the Magic Tower will protect him no matter what threat she faces?


Jeremy tried to find traces of the Master of the Magic Tower in the woman, just like when she first arrived here, yet his attempts failed every time as if something was blocking him. He could only vaguely notice that the magic of the Master of the Magic Tower was vaguely felt in the woman.


He didn’t know what kind of protection magic he used, but he must have tried his best. Like a habit, he was filled with regret for he couldn’t reach that level, but Jeremy immediately dispelled that emotion.


Even that great ancient magic would be useless now, so what’s the point of having an inferiority complex?


“I wanted to ask you this.”


Jeremy took a comfortable stance to observe the woman’s reaction to his heart’s content. Reclining with his legs crossed, in the typical onlooker’s pose.


“Don’t you want to go back to where you were?”


And again.


The woman, who hadn’t reacted much since bringing up his deeds in the village, opened her eyes wide. It didn’t show the dramatic action of kicking out of the seat like before, but Jeremy was satisfied with the fact that the change of emotion was revealed in her expression.


For once, the fact that she showed a shake hinted at the fact that his job would go smoothly.


He contemplated stopping his soft-spokenness for now, as now he was in a position to suggest but Jeremy decided to keep his bearings. One way or another, the woman in front of him was the most important person in his plan. When he fails to hold on to the woman, his plan goes awry from the start.


Jeremy corrected his position, which could have made him look arrogant, and sat down.


“I can’t say that I had a deep friendship with him even with empty words, but there was something I always heard. That’s what he’s been talking about almost every time we’ve met since he revealed that he’s a dimension shifter.”


Jeremy put on an exaggeratedly sad expression as he freely referred to his friend, whose appearance was now blurry.


“That he wants to go back to the world he was in.”




“He’s all fed up with the body that doesn’t die even if he dies, and the body that doesn’t age over time. And above all else… He said he missed the family he left behind.”


The woman hung her head and said nothing.


“He said that until the moment he got separated with me, but he must have felt that way. Thanks to that friend, I started thinking about what his unwanted immortality was. And maybe there’s really no way to cross the dimension.”


There was no lie in what he was saying. It was true that he became interested in the phenomenon of dimension shifting because of that friend.


However, unlike the tone that seemed to sing of extreme sadness, in reality, only greed and interest settled inside him.


“After thinking and thinking over and over again, I was able to complete one magic, albeit imperfectly.”


Jeremy got up and walked toward the wall that occupied one side of the room.


“I said it was imperfect, but the odds of success aren’t slim. Rather, it belongs to a very high axis. It’s to the point where I want to have the Master of the Magic Tower confirm the level of perfection.”


When he commented on his achievements, his giggle leaked out even though he didn’t try to. Suddenly the woman lifted her head and stared at him with shaky eyes, then she spoke in a very small voice.


“I heard that time and dimensions are taboo that you shouldn’t touch, though.”


“Ah, did the Master of the Magic Tower tell you that? It’s not normally treated that way. It’s deplorable that he is still a coward even when he reaches that level.”


Perhaps the sarcasm towards the Master of the Magic Tower was offensive, the woman narrowly narrowed her eyes. However, Jeremy didn’t feel the need to take back his words, so he just carried on with it in a heightened tone.


“The formula and quantity used in the magic can’t be said to be simple, but the principle is simple. It just needs a little higher level tracemagic.”


“Trace magic?”




Jeremy gestured politely but without hesitation to the woman.


“Because we shouldn’t miss those who return to the dimension where they should be.”




“If I fix it to make it sound better, I can say it like this. If you think that moving between dimensions opens a door, then you’re acting as a ‘key’.”


Isn’t it cool? Drenched in ecstasy, Jeremy burst into a heartfelt laugh. Although the woman still sitting in the chair seemed unable to relate to Jeremy’s joy. More precisely, she was looking at Jeremy like a madman, but Jeremy, who was blind to her, didn’t even notice.


The woman hesitated for a moment, as if choosing her words, then asked a question.


“With that magic… A dimension shifter can return to their original world?”




Jeremy was about to approach the woman, but he stopped when he heard the chair being pushed behind him. Suddenly, the woman who had moved away from him was sitting in her chair, looking at him with wary eyes.


He didn’t know what she was thinking, but there was nothing to be offended about. Jeremy laughed again as he backed away as if making fun of the woman.


“Before I explain it.”


Standing close to the wall, he put his hand on the empty wall and quickly blew his mana.


“Shall I show you what I prepared for a moment?”


At the same time as the woman frowned, a burst of light leaked from the wall as if it had been waiting.


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