Chapter 103

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Author: lipzoldyck




The meaning of the woman’s words was clear. Refusal of the offer to return to her original dimension.


Jeremy couldn’t understand the refusal at all.


“Is that all the reason?”


The proposal he made didn’t simply mean a return to her hometown. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her, a dimension shifter, who had lived a long time and would live a long time.


Jeremy remembered the life he had been told about by his old friend. When he heard the story, his feelings were more of extreme interest than pity, but he agreed that immortality was nothing short of a curse.


The immortal body will continue to remind them of their hometown, and it will make them realize that they’re like foreign objects left in this world.


If she had only given an affirmative answer to this proposal, he would have been able to break the pain she had to go through after coming to a strange place and the chain that continued that pain forever.


“I didn’t know you were a person who was blinded by emotions and threw away the past.”


Jeremy’s voice was full of open sarcasm, and he actually thought Ei was very foolish.


Of course, the other person didn’t show any anger or fury at his tone, as she always did. Rather, she shrugged her shoulders once and responded brazenly to Jeremy’s words.


“Can you just say that it wasn’t thrown away, but that it wasn’t buried?”




At this point, it was amazingly beyond understanding. Jeremy, who had a strong desire to explore her original form, felt a curiosity so strong that he forgot the irritation at the moment when his expectations were wrong.


If she said that she wouldn’t believe in the safety of magic, he would rather be convinced. Of course, what followed that understanding was persuasion, not acceptance.


“Do you believe in the lifespan of the Master of the Magic Tower? But unlike you, he definitely has a way to die. What if later he gets tired of living and chooses death?”


He didn’t think the woman was stupid enough that she wouldn’t even consider this. Jeremy waited for the woman’s answer, half frustrated and half curious, and it wasn’t long before he heard a sullen voice.


“Should I come all the way here and answer your questions one by one?”


Even if that wasn’t the answer to Jeremy’s question.


At some point, the woman stood crookedly against the door, as if leaning completely against it. Annoyance filled her eyes as she looked at Jeremy, and then she even sighed as if she were tired.


“Stop the small talk and let’s wrap up our original conversation. If I say I’ll go back, I can move to another dimension, and I replied that I wouldn’t go back. So, it’s over now, right?”


The woman murmured back to her words.


“Is there anything left for Masha and me to do?”


Upon hearing her words, Jeremy burst out laughing louder than ever.


Although the woman seemed to frown for a moment at the sound of his laughter reaching the ceiling, Jeremy didn’t stop. No, on the contrary, he was delighted with the expression and laughed even more maniacally.


It was only after he laughed so much that tears welled up in his eyes that he could barely stop.


“You sound naive, you.”


His voice trembled as the aftermath of his laughter lingered. Through his eyesight as he wiped away his tears, he seemed to be able to see the woman staring at him.


“How long have I been waiting for this day, I wonder. Do you think I’ll let go of the key that came in at my feet?”


Don’t tell me you really believed what I said.


When Jeremy burst out laughing again, the woman murmured in a weak tone.


“I thought it would be weirder if you just let me go.”


“Of course! If I had intended to end it so blandly, I wouldn’t have come this far.”


Jeremy soon began drawing a magic circle in the air with a leisurely gesture. Even though he didn’t hide the fact that the magic he was casting now would endanger the woman, she continued to stand there without even running away.


Did she notice that there was no point in leaving her spot? Jeremy’s mood naturally softened at the modest demeanor of the woman.


“Have you ever thought about why your body keeps going back to the same state?”


There was no reply from her, yet Jeremy continued regardless. Because he knew she was listening to him anyway.


“That body is only preparing for the day you return.”




“So that when the missing components return to where they should be, there’s no sense of incongruity.”


Compared to the magic circle she was stepping on, it wasn’t that complicated, so the magic circle was easily completed. However, Jeremy didn’t immediately infuse mana into the magic circle and continued his explanation.


One way or another, as a result, she was a person who would ‘help’ him, and he thought that he could tell her this much.


“I told you that dimensions and time are untouchable taboos. That’s all because those two are such delicate areas. In terms of dimension and time, even the slightest discrepancy isn’t tolerated, and if there is a discrepancy, it will try to put it back in place.”


Then, let me ask you a question.


Jeremy’s voice was light, like that of a prankster.


“How will the dimension react if there’s an opportunity to send you back to your original dimension, even if it’s very small and minute?”




“I’m going to put a little force from now on.”


Jeremy twisted his wrist, and the magic circle floating on his hand quickly seeped into the floor. At the same time, the formulas and shapes that filled the floor immediately began to change their arrangement, and the outermost circle slowly rotated.


It was as if a magic circle came to life on its own. As the already complicated formulas even moved, the magic circle changed even more terribly, and Ei, who confirmed it intact, frowned.


On the other hand, Jeremy was motionless on the changing magic circle. Rather, he continued to check the movement of the magic circle, and even put a hearty smile on his face.


“Originally, it was a magic that should have gotten your standard consent. When I asked if you would shift dimensions, you should have said ‘yes’. In the middle of this magic circle, nowhere else.”


Excited, Jeremy stamped his foot on the floor. With the sound of kicking the floor, the magic circle shook as if riding a wave.


“But it just changed. Now, as long as you step on top of this magic circle, it will be considered that you have given your consent.”


“…It’s really forced.”


Ei, who had been silent for a long time, muttered as if it were absurd. Jeremy was even more excited by the reaction, and continued quickly in an excited voice.


“If it’s forced, then what? Of course, originally, the magic would have been ruined, but now my helper is none other than a dimension shifter.”




“It’s a pity, though. It would have been the most efficient way for you to change your mind. I have to waste my mana like this, goodness.”


His last words were lamentable yet unserious. As he carried on with his words, he belatedly found Ei, who began to step backwards, and Jeremy’s crackling grin spread across her face.


“Don’t run away, come this way.”


As soon as he finished his words, a thorny bush quickly grew by Ei’s side.


Although he didn’t show it, it was the magic he had been preparing since Ei came looking for him. Jeremy tied her ankles with thorns and cast a spell on her with the intention of dragging her in front of him.


In an instant, thorny bushes grew taller than she was. Stalks rushed towards her at the same time as the ominous spell settled within them.


Jeremy was looking forward happily to what was going to come,


…or not.




Soon after, what came into Jeremy’s field of view was a landscape that made him doubt his eyes.


Thorn bushes, which had been moving with the force to eat her whole body, stopped just before reaching her. It continued to move around her, yet even as it bent stiffly, it couldn’t ensnare the woman.


As if it bounced off an invisible wall.


The existence of the Master of the Magic Tower belatedly came to his mind. Did he help that woman stop the spell? Or did he cast a protection spell to block the attack? If that’s not the case, did he cut off the spell in the middle?


No, that’s not it. It didn’t feel like that. More precisely, it’s like…




Jeremy’s gaze pierced the woman.


“What have you done to your body?”


The magic didn’t stop on the way or disappear on the way. The magic circle that made the thorn bushes still existed, and the spell manifested itself normally.


It just didn’t have any effect on women.


Now, magic didn’t work on this woman.


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