Chapter 104

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Author: lipzoldyck


To explain how this choice was made, I need to retrace the situation a bit.


To be precise, a week I was given after Masha was kidnapped.


Unlike me, who was carefree for someone who decided to walk into enemy lines, Dante at that time had a lot of worries about what kind of magic he would cast on me.


Perhaps that day, too, when we were sitting across from each other on the top floor of the Magic Tower, where Dante had previously used as a hiding place, and talking about it.


“I hate to borrow his ideas, but it might be okay to make you unreachable.”


Dante muttered softly as he closed the book that was said to contain ancient magic. When I heard such a thing where I was watching Dante with nothing to do, I almost panicked for a moment, but then calmly replied.


“…Does that ‘unreachable’ really mean only blocking contact, or does it attack the person trying to reach me?”


When I asked him that, he put on an expression as if he had heard something so obvious.


“Of course, it means attacking the opponent trying to reach you.”


“I think sometimes you say strange things casually…”


I let out a large sigh, unable to hold back my breath. It was obvious that all kinds of thoughts would come and go in his head, and if it was like that, the words that followed clearly wouldn’t be so good.


“It sounds too risky to attack everyone who tries to reach me first, and above all, Masha could get hurt, so no.”




After answering firmly, Dante fell into thought again. All of a sudden, the table was filled with papers with unidentified formulas written on them, and Dante looked at them one by one and repeated the act of putting them aside.


Apparently, the words ‘he can take any action’ sounded more unsettling to Dante. It seemed that while it was obvious that he was up to something, he was assuring that whatever he did wouldn’t stop him.


However, I wasn’t strong enough to defeat his ploy then rescue Masha and escape. No, on the contrary, it was questionable whether I would be able to avoid it even if he was openly threatening me.


So in the end, only Dante, who had to protect me, had to roll his mind like crazy.


I stared at Dante, who was trying to figure out how to keep me perfectly and intact. Dante, who would normally have felt my gaze and raised his head, was as motionless as he is now. How focused is he that he doesn’t even notice?


Coming to this situation, I was trying to feel somewhat dissatisfied with the fact that I was just ordinary. If I could at least take care of my body, I think this kind of worry would have been alleviated by half. If only I didn’t have to rely on Dante’s power like this…


No, but aren’t those who make me resent mediocrity at fault? Although I almost fell into self-blame for a moment, I quickly regained my sanity. It’s fine if it doesn’t interfere with my life, why do they keep messing with me and making me dissatisfied with myself?


Having no strength should have only meant my life became a little more troublesome. It’s not like I’m genuinely worried about my safety.


My anger was about to rise again, so I wiggled my feet back and forth, but Dante, who was looking at the stack of papers, opened his mouth.


“I personally just want to set him on fire as soon as you meet him.”


“How did your thoughts go that far?”


“It didn’t happen by accident, it was what I thought of from the beginning. I just wish you wouldn’t meet at all, and if you were going to meet, I just wish you wouldn’t talk to each other.”


Dante’s fingers tapped the table rather weakly.


“Not restricting the means of protection might mean that he’s confident that he can convince you without forcing you.”


After hearing that, I was silent for a while, then answered.


“No matter how anxious you are, it’s difficult for me to see myself as someone who will fall for my friend’s kidnapper…”


“…I’m just saying, just saying.”


Dante cleared his throat and looked away quietly. I just leaned back on the sofa as he stared at the paper to avoid my eyes and then involuntarily began to focus frantically.


No matter how dangerous it is for me to meet someone, to think that it’s turning someone into an arsonist. I don’t know how extreme Dante’s thoughts are going to be.


“Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything I hear there. Weren’t you going to take care of the communication tool anyway?”


Of course, he could have cut off contact to avoid tracking him, but I intended to tell Dante everything otherwise. Then, even if I’m on a side where something really goes wrong, Dante will stop it.


But Dante must have been thinking about something a little more fundamental than that.


“That’s true, but I’m afraid something will break just like back then again.”


It was clear when the ‘then’, which Dante referred to as flowing, was. Having nothing to say, I shut my mouth, and soon silence came naturally.


From time to time, only Dante’s monologue can be heard in each thoughtful room.


Even that self-talk was full of words that I couldn’t understand.


“Is it better to weave magic together rather than overlap it? If I make it this way, no matter how I arrange it, 6 would be the limit… No, let’s try it now, well. There’s nothing I can’t do.”


I could bet on the fact that his words, “There’s nothing I can’t do,” would infuriate other wizards. I can’t understand anything anyway, I quickly fell into other thoughts while listening to Dante’s muttering.


People who are accustomed to living alone have a habit of talking to themselves.


It was Dante’s remark, which sounded exceptionally clear, that woke me up from my habit of talking to myself, which was about to fall into the wrong place.


“If I could have known in advance what magic he was going to use, it would have been better.”


It really sounded like a grumbling out of regret, and in fact, after Dante spat out those words, he focused on putting the magic circle together again without adding anything else. Yet for some reason, those words stuck deep in my head.


He wishes he could know in advance what magic would be used?


Can’t we just make it so we don’t even have to find out?






I slowly raised my back, which was leaning against the backrest. I stretched out my hand and took the pen Dante was holding, and as a matter of course, purple eyes tinged with a mysterious light reached me.


“Are you worried about what he’s going to do to me with his magic?”


“That’s the biggest part of my worries.”


Dante answered plainly, as if he wasn’t even thinking about hiding his anxiety. It’s an answer that makes you want to ask what else he’s worried about.


Wanting to start with what I was going to say, I turned the pen around in my hand and said this.


“Then shouldn’t we just make it so that magic doesn’t work on me?”




I brought the paper Dante had been using until now and drew a small picture in the empty space as if scribbling. It wasn’t sincere, perhaps because I drew it simply, yet it wasn’t difficult to recognize.


“I don’t know how magic works, so I can’t explain it specifically, but it just goes like this. Can’t we block the power of magic just like blocking other people’s contact?”


I drew a human shape and circled it around it.


“Something like putting up a protective shield that blocks outside magic like this.”


“…There is a shield that completely blocks magic, but.”


After a moment’s hesitation, Dante answered.


“As with all kinds of shields, the person who’s the subject of the shield can’t move within it. If it’s remodeled so that you can move, there will definitely be gaps everywhere.”




Hearing that, I thought about it briefly, and this time I painted black over the person.


“Then what if I make myself invisible to magic instead of using a ‘membrane’?”




“Is this something like that? To make a body that doesn’t go through magic…”


It was a somewhat contradictory idea. I muttered while blurting out behind my back, but the other side, where it seemed like an answer would come flying at any moment, became quiet before I knew it.


I took my eyes off the paper and raised my head, yet our eyes met quickly. Somehow, the subtle expression on his face seemed to remind me of something.


“…Did you think of something just now?”




Even though I asked him to say something quickly, Dante hesitated for a long time and didn’t open his mouth.


It was only after I threatened to tell Dante that he would die by my hands if he ran away again.


A deep sigh was heard as if he didn’t want to talk about it.


“Have you ever heard of a mana misfit?”


Dante soon brought up something I never knew.


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