Chapter 105

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Author: lipzoldyck


Dante’s explanation, in a nutshell, was this.


It’s said that on a very rare occasion, one person per century is born who has a violent reaction to magic, and they’re collectively referred to as ‘mana misfits’.


Since magic is a mysterious and unfamiliar field to the public, the existence of mana misfits isn’t well known. However, it’s said that at least the magicians of the Magic Tower have been steadily studying them.


One of the characteristics found through the study was…


“So magic doesn’t work on them.”


I asked about a way to block magic itself, and Dante told me something about a mana misfit.


It was clear what the flow of this conversation meant.


“Dante. Is there a way to make me magically maladjusted?”




There was no answer coming back, but Dante’s complicated expression was an affirmation of my question. Patiently waiting for Dante to open his mouth, I tapped the paper with the pen meaninglessly.


It was when a few dots made of ink appeared on the white paper that a sigh was finally heard.


“I can see why you thought that. But that way is out of question.”


“What? Why?”


I think it’s a pretty good idea, though. When I weakly frowned, Dante answered in a weak voice as if the wind had gone.


“First, once you have the body of a magically incompetent person, you might not be able to return to your previous body.”




“Above all, not only his, but my magic won’t work either.”


Ah. I moaned briefly, and Dante continued.


“Then I won’t be able to do anything, let alone the protective magic to protect you.”


That’s definitely a good reason for the answer to be no. I sat with my chin on my hand and flicked my fingers for a while.


If the magic doesn’t work, I’ll be able to block the other person’s tricks in advance, but I’ll lose the way to guarantee my own safety.


In a word, it was a purely bare-body fight.


Of course, there’s no way I can fight someone by force and win, but…


When I turned my eyes and glanced at Dante, a desperate look followed me as if he had waited. Why are you looking at me like that, I haven’t said anything yet.


Of course, as Dante had expected, I had no intention of taking those words lightly.


“Even if I end up in a state like that of a mana misfit, it won’t last forever, right? As you know, my body keeps trying to return to its original state no matter what.”


When I turned the nib upside down and pointed at myself, Dante’s gaze naturally stuck to me. I continued talking as I looked at the blurred purple eyes as if they were gloomy and frustrated.


“Perhaps even my attempt to become a mana misfit might fail. Even a small wound heals in an instant.”




“So why not give it a try?”


When I said this, there was no answer, only his gaze became persistent. I guess he’s asking why I only talk about it sneakily, not anything else.


I hesitated for a moment, then carefully floated my luck.


“In a similar vein, even if I get hurt there, I think I will get better anyway…”




“Um, sorry.”


The apology was spat out almost instinctively. I gave up on what I was going to say after saying, “But should I still use the protection magic?” and just kept my mouth shut.


Even belatedly, I thought it wasn’t something to say in such a light tone. And that in front of a person who had been crazy because he didn’t know I was revived after 10 years.


Still haunted by the memory of that time, before me was a man who was sensitive to each and every one of my minor scars.


Dante swiped his face dry for a while and then spoke in a low voice as if scratching the floor.


“I just can’t let you go. So don’t talk like that.”


“I’m just saying… Alright. I won’t do it anymore.”


I know Dante is particularly on edge when it comes to my safety, but I never thought he’d break even this much. I need to get out of the habit of speaking without thinking and then apologizing.


Looking at the eyes that seemed to be reproaching me now, I turned my eyes for a moment.


“But it’s uneasy to just wrap myself up with magic. … There must be a reason why he said we could take some action.”


“Still, it’s better than having no means to protect you at all.”


Very determined. I put my chin on my hand again and grumbled unconsciously, and Dante snatched the pen from my hand.


Since then, there has been no talk of mana misfits again. So, I also thought that the opinions I expressed at the time would be discarded as they were.


[Actually, I’m not sure if it’s okay to say this without asking the person’s opinion, but I thought he might be able to use his powers in a field other than magic to protect Miss Ei.]


“Speaking of other fields…”


Well, at least that was until Liliana mentioned Kade’s existence.




At the end of that series of processes, I was still standing here.


When I lowered my gaze to check the bottom of my feet, I saw black stems that withered away on their own without being able to reach me. The magic to grow thorn bushes was easily accomplished, but the magic to snatch ‘me’ was a failure without fail.


As expected, he just couldn’t have thought of it either.


When I took my eyes off the wriggling stems and looked into the distance, a terrifying magic circle caught my eye without difficulty.


All the spells Dante tried to cast on me were of the kind that thwarted the threat. Something that can protect me when someone tries to harm me or forcibly touches me.


However, dimension shifting isn’t a threat or harm when viewed fundamentally.


Also, that man clearly forced the magic circle so that it would be okay not to get full consent. At first, it would have corrected it to say, ‘Coming up to the magic circle is consent’, but will that be the end?


It has already gone through the revision once, but there’s no way it’s impossible to do it twice. Perhaps, even if it was too much, it might have been more forced. If the conditions had been changed so that I wouldn’t have to drag myself onto that magic circle…


At that time, Dante’s magic or whatever, I would have been caught up in the dimension shift.


Thinking that way, it was about to get creepy later on. I was hooked really hard on a crazy person.


As soon as I stepped on the thorny bush and got out of the spot, a stare that seemed to pierce me followed me.


The voice that came soon after wasn’t as full of composure as it had been before.


“She made her body like that while giving up protecting herself with magic?”


The man, who had been talking in disbelief, began muttering quickly in a self-talking tone. It was good that the awkward gaze was strangely averted, but the eyes that didn’t focus on me only looked uneasy as they were.


“How could she make such a choice? Wasn’t she whom he loved? If only magic doesn’t work, so it’s the same as sending her bare?”


Then he stopped talking for a moment.


“Wait. You came here with teleportation magic. How was that possible?”


Soon after, a feeling of bloodlust, which I had never felt before, oppressed me. It was so threatening that a normal person would have run away in fear, and at that moment, I almost answered straight away.


Although I was able to regain my senses right before I opened my mouth and barely raised my voice.


“What does it matter if you know that.”


In the end, I couldn’t help but respond aggressively without even realizing it.


My attitude seems to be very intrusive in the man’s eyes. His face, which had never been properly frowned upon before, contorted noticeably, and a tone so overbearing that it couldn’t be ignored rang in my ears.


“You shouldn’t think I’m giving up on dimension shifting like this, though, yet your words are still the same.”


It seemed like he was calling me ‘you’ (너) for a moment, but he returned to the title ‘you’ (자네) again. However, it was unknown whether the return of the title was a positive sign or a negative sign.


(너 (neo): ‘you’, meanwhile 자네 (ja-ne) is the word ‘you’ used respectfully by an older or higher-ranking person to a lower-level one)


However, one thing is certain, that he didn’t foresee this situation.


It’s like how he muttered ferociously earlier, and how he’s openly threatening me now. In many ways, the action seemed to come straight out of his head. Although he wasn’t openly flustered and confused, I could see it nonetheless.


I think it would be better if a corner of reason hardened like this and he openly rampaged. But even so, I couldn’t hope for such luck in this situation.


When I didn’t answer, the man who was glaring at me soon forced himself to soften his expression.


It wasn’t the compliant face he usually showed me, but at least he seemed to hide his anger perfectly.


…It’s because it’s so obvious that I’m trying to make him careless.


“No, it’s such a trivial thing. I was confused for a while, but I know this one thing clearly. That the Master of the Magic Tower cares for you very much.”


“Suddenly why?”


“I mean, he wouldn’t have sent you out just because you made your body not work with magic.”


Before I even thought about how to answer that question.


The man who was about the distance between the room and the hallway disappeared from my sight in an instant, and I immediately felt his presence behind me.




And the sound of something quickly bouncing along with a dull rupture..




As I reflexively turned around, I saw the man’s face, which had been crumpled again, calmed down in vain.


And the translucent figure blocking my way.


“It’s spirit.”


The voice in my ears was dry.


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