Chapter 114

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Author: lipzoldyck


Deep inside, I wanted to check on my own without Dante, but seeing him immediately break his stubbornness and follow him in made me feel like I couldn’t do that. I began to search my room, ignoring Dante’s curious gaze.


I’d like to pretend not to know as much as possible, whether it’s to check the facts or not.


No matter how talented I was at ignoring something, I couldn’t just ignore problems that were directly related to my life. It’s not anyone else’s business, but mine, so I have to check it.


It’s my body. It’s a body that has been waiting for the day to return to its original dimension, and was said to have been fixed at the time I shifted between dimensions.


After opening all the drawers in the room, I was able to pull out the first aid kit that was stuck somewhere in the corner.


Dante, who seemed to be curiously examining a square box, noticed a bandage visible through the transparent lid and seemed to immediately guess its purpose.


“…Ei. Why are you bringing this up?”


Dante, who was more sensitive to my wounds than I was, remained the same even at this moment. I didn’t know what I was imagining, but the eyes that were scanning me to see if I was hurt had suddenly darkened.


Of course, I had no noticeable wounds or pain right now. Although I had a bit of a headache right after I woke up, it has subsided a lot now.


However, Dante’s concern wasn’t overly sensitive, as I was planning to create something that would soon cause harm.


I played with the handle of the first aid kit for a moment and then slowly opened my mouth.


“Do you remember something I told you before? I said that after the dimensional shift, your wounds healed faster than other people’s. Recently, the speed of treatment has become incomparably faster.”




“Then, what about now that I’m back in the original dimension?”


The question seemed to be directed at Dante, but it also was directed at myself. Now, even if I get hurt, will it be possible to recover in an instant?


Then, will it be possible for me to die and come back to life?


Dante licked his lips at my words, then lowered his voice and spoke.


“So, are you going to cut a wound on yourself and check it out?”




Dante opened his mouth as if to say no, but then made eye contact with me and closed his mouth again.


“…Do you really have to do that?”


This is natural, but it seemed like he wasn’t very pleased with my idea.


I shrugged my shoulders and spoke in an indifferent tone.


“Even if it’s not now, it’s an issue that needs to be checked at some point.”




“There’s no need to be so restless. It would be embarrassing to even say that I was injured anyway.”


No matter how much I don’t take my wounds seriously, I could be sure that this time it was only a minor wound to others. How could the wounds that I inflicted on myself be so serious while Dante was watching?


There would have been no need to take out such a large first aid kit. I’ve never been a person who takes good care of my body, and I’ve never done anything like apply ointment to a small wound or be careful to avoid scarring.


Even if the wound I’m about to inflict doesn’t heal instantly, if I were here alone, I would have left it alone without even pretending to treat it.


The reason I took out a tool to treat the wound was because I was conscious of Dante. This is all just for confirmation, to show that I’m not mistreating my body.


Dante didn’t seem to be able to think of any other way, but he seemed to want to stop me until the end. Just look at the pained grimace on his face as he sees me choosing where to injure.


The only problem was that I wouldn’t listen to Dante even if he tried to stop me.


“If it’s hard to see me, would you like to go out?”


I looked at Dante blankly and then blurted out. I added that if he doesn’t want to leave the room, he should at least turn his head for a moment, yet Dante shook his head quietly.


“If I’m not watching, you won’t even pretend to be careful.”


“No, I will be careful even without you. I’m going to be careful, you know…”


However, words that had lost credibility due to many previous experiences didn’t work at all. I quickly gave up trying to persuade Dante, and ended up going ahead with this with a serious face in front of me.


There was no suitable tool to cut the wound, so the cutter knife I brought with me revealed its blade with a harsh sound.


This much wound was… enough, right?


“Don’t cut too deep.”


“Got it.”


I don’t like getting hurt either. Half-listening to Dante’s worries, I brought the knife to my forearm and slashed without hesitation.


A sharp pain instantly spread from my forearm.




More than I thought… … It seems like a deep cut.


The length of the stab wound wasn’t very long. However, perhaps it was a mistake to draw it without hesitation, as the wound quickly turned a deep red color along with a pain that was difficult to ignore.


At best, I expected it would be enough to make me bleed. Blood wasn’t just leaking from the wound, it was even flowing down the forearm.


I wiped away the blood as naturally as possible, but I don’t know how I looked to Dante.




After checking the wound, I deliberately tried not to look at Dante, who was silent and began to spread a ghastly aura. For some reason, I feel like I shouldn’t make eye contact with him.


In order to avoid Dante’s glare, I fixed my eyes on my arm, thinking that I should focus only on the purpose of causing injury. And, as expected…


The wound that would have disappeared in the blink of an eye in the past was still there.


The blood that was slowly flowing out hardened around the wound and continues until the pain faded.


“It’s not getting better.”


I muttered softly and gently swept the area around the wound. I thought that would be the case, but when I actually saw it with my own eyes, a complex and subtle feeling began to bubble up from under my chest.


Obviously, it’s natural for wounds not to heal right away, but after getting used to an abnormal physical condition for so many years, it felt unfamiliar to me.


Is this bittersweet? No, it felt a little more uncomfortable to express it that way. It’s as if a long-held wish came true only after missing the time.


Because I couldn’t gauge my feelings properly, in the end, only the objective truth remained. I truly returned to my hometown, and time in my body finally began to pass.


Now I no longer have to live a life where I never die.


Now, there will be no more just standing still as others leave, or coming back to life after death and forcing myself to survive. There is no need to wake up in a completely unfamiliar place just because my body isn’t intact, or to be afraid that someone might notice something suspicious.


It was all something I had longed for a long time ago. A long time ago, when I was barely starting to adapt to that dimension.


When I couldn’t look at the wound as calmly as I do now. What I’ve been hoping for ever since…


But, did I want this to be the case now?


On the other hand, can I say that I didn’t want it?




Just before my thoughts drifted beneath the surface, a new warmth touched my wrist. It was a little hotter than mine, so I felt more cautious about the warmth.


I raised my head and saw Dante staring at me with a sunken face.


“Let’s treat the wound.”


Ah, right. It’s already a deep cut, so it needs to be treated quickly. If we leave it like this, Dante will continue to worry…


As I couldn’t fully regain my consciousness and just blinked, Dante pulled the first aid kit towards me.


“Teach me how to do it.”


“…No, no. I’ll do it.”


Everything would be unfamiliar to Dante, so it would have been better to teach him the use of each item one by one later, rather than just teaching him the items to be used to treat my wound right now.


Dante just watched without saying anything as I brought the first aid kit back and opened the lid.


After attaching a wide bandage over the spot where the ointment had been carefully applied, I was able to look at Dante’s complexion later.


As soon as our eyes met, the corners of his lips turned up, which didn’t fit the situation and made me feel even scarier.






“Didn’t you clearly say with your own mouth that it would be ‘embarrassing to even say that you were injured’?”


No, I mean, of course I was planning on causing that kind of scar too. I was just doing it and accidentally cut myself deep.


But I couldn’t express my unfairness even with my eyes. Dante’s faint smile and his silent gaze didn’t seem to allow even the slightest excuse.


Originally, it was my habit to smile to express my anger. I felt like I had taught him something really good, and now I just wanted to sneak away from this place.


However, there was no way Dante would allow me to run away, so I had no choice but to feign shamelessness and add.


“You will find out later, but medical technology here is much more advanced than in the other dimension. This wound won’t last for a few days.”


“I’m just asking because I’m really curious, but when the wound heals, does the fact that it was there disappear along with it?”


“That’s… not it, but still.”


At least we can forget about it quickly.


While I was turning my eyes here and there, Dante checked my arm again and let out a small sigh.


“No matter how much I think about it, you’re so insensitive to getting hurt.”


“Am I insensitive? I thought I hated it when I got hurt.”


“When did you first feel the pain you hate?”


I answered Dante’s question without thinking.


“When I fell down the stairs…?”


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