Chapter 117

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Author: lipzoldyck


Dante immediately nodded. Although I don’t know at what point he did that, his face looked as if he wasn’t only curious but also very excited.


And just like I always did every time Dante revealed his feelings generously, this time, it was me who was embarrassed.


I couldn’t erase the awkwardness and spoke in a low voice as if making an excuse.


“…Changing my hair color didn’t make a dramatic difference. “It was just me with my hair turning black.”


“Still, I’m curious.”


When I saw Dante’s eyes shining as he was curious about what I was like back then, I naturally thought of a way to show that time. Picture.


I didn’t take pictures often, but if I look closely, I might be able to find one somewhere. Whether it was on paper that someone arbitrarily took and printed, or in various electronic devices that Dante had no idea how to use.


There may not be any photos of me when I dyed my hair, but he’s curious about how I look with only my hair color changed, so he would like it more if I showed other photos from the past.


However, my thoughts of just looking through photo albums and playing around with Dante stopped as a vague feeling of rejection came to mind.


Where my resistance came from was the fact that if I looked at the photos, there was a high probability that I wouldn’t be the only one in the photo.


I can probably find traces of countless people in the photos. Traces of the people who shared that moment and were precious to me. Even in photos taken of me alone, I will be able to find those memories without difficulty.


It would have been nice if we were in a situation where we could just enjoy looking at those things.


It’s only been two days since I returned to this dimension, and I haven’t had the courage to look into them yet. And I especially didn’t have the courage to check them with Dante.


One reason couldn’t be pinpointed. I may be doing this simply because the memories are too old, or it may be because they’re people I have tried so hard to forget and it’s difficult to face them again.


But one thing is certain: I’d rather open the photo album and lie like it never happened in the first place.


When I suddenly shut my mouth and became silent, Dante looked at me with a slightly puzzled look. He looked like he was wondering if he had said something that would make me feel sunk down, so I shook off the thoughts I had just been thinking and answered Dante.


“I want to show you because you’re curious, but I don’t have a way to show you.”


The voice I spoke like that was clear even for me to hear. I kept my usual calm tone, as if I really couldn’t think of any solution.


As expected, I shouldn’t even mention photography at all. Now that I think about it, is there a concept of photography in that dimension? I don’t know because I didn’t really look for it. Even if the camera hadn’t been invented, I think they could recreate something similar through magic.


In the midst of my briefly wandering thoughts, Dante repeated something similar to before.


“I still want to see it.”


“I said there was no way to show it…”


“Can I see it?”


The question seemed quite unexpected. I say there is no way to show it, but what and how am I going to show it? I unconsciously nodded when I saw Dante reaching out for me again, and then I heard a small laugh.


And the next moment, a bright light flashed out of sight.


The light was different in color and warmth from the sunlight coming through the window. As usual every time Dante used magic, I caught a glimpse of a light purple light out of my field of vision.


My hair blew up as if I had been hit by the wind. Dante’s fingers brushed my cheek, and it felt like a tiny firework exploded right next to my ear. I flinched for a moment and put my head back, feeling like a flame was passing by, although it wasn’t hot.


However, the light hovering next to me didn’t disappear, yet rather seeped into my hair and disappeared. Only when the light was completely absorbed did my hair, which had been floating up and down until then, sink down as if nothing had happened.


When the light disappeared and only a flickering afterimage remained in my eyes, I realized a beat later that Dante had used magic.


I never thought I would even see magic that changes hair color. I randomly grabbed a handful of hair and checked it, and sure enough, the hair that used to shine bright brown under the sun had turned pitch black.


This is what he meant when he asked if he could see it.


I was speechless at the sudden situation and blinked, yet the person who actually committed the crime seemed satisfied. Dante folded the corners of his eyes, smiled prettily, and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear.


“It suits you better than I thought.”


I’m glad that he seems to like it, but was it really necessary to go through the trouble of changing my hair color? I sighed softly.


“…Sometimes I can’t keep up with your thoughts. For real.”


“So you don’t like it?”


Dante, who asked that question, seemed not to be expecting any negative answer. Right, you were surprisingly shameless like this sometimes.


With his face always smiling, I couldn’t help but erase my sullen expression and smile as if the wind had disappeared.


“No, I do.”




My hair came back after about two hours. Dante had been playing with my hair diligently until then, but when it returned to its original color, he tangled it again, saying that this suits me best.


I think my hair color was just an excuse and he just wanted to stick around. The suspicion that wasn’t a doubt that rose for a moment ended with the thought that Dante wasn’t like this only today.


It’s not like I see him for a day or two, and it’s strange if I’m not used to this.


I quietly sat in Dante’s arms and played with his hands before I opened my mouth.


“If you could change your hair color, you wouldn’t have to wear a hat when you go out.”


It’s something I’ve been thinking about since the moment Dante changed my hair color with a spell. I was secretly worried that he would stand out too much when he went out, but I thought it would be better than going out in this state if he changed it to plain black.


Dante, who gave his hand as I pulled it, paused for a moment at my words.






“I kept wanting to ask you this, you know.”


Dante hesitated for a moment and then continued.


“Do you really have to take me outside?”


“I wouldn’t go so far as to say absolutely, but… It’s better to go out if you can.”




Why, he asks. So, does this mean that Dante was planning on staying in this house forever?


When I looked at Dante blankly, he seemed to genuinely have no idea. I thought carefully about the answer to that question, and while folding his fingers, I gave a detailed explanation.


“First of all, it’s a shame that we’ve come so far into this dimension and left without taking a proper look around.”




“I saw you earlier and it seemed like you were also amazed by the scenery outside.”


In fact, one of the things I liked from the time I moved between dimensions was seeing the scenery outside. I never got tired of looking at the scenery that seemed to prove that I was in another world.


Was it all my mistake to think that Dante was also curious about the outside world? Well, rather than feeling curious, he might have been feeling repulsed by the unfamiliar world. Just as I was about to add that he could stay inside if he wanted, Dante spoke first.


“But if we try to go out together, you have a lot more things to worry about. I can’t even touch what’s inside right now.”


Aha. That was it.


I glanced at the items, most of which used electricity, that he had been told not to touch because they were dangerous. There are definitely a lot of things to take care of when going out.


Even if you just want to take a walk, I will need to teach that child about traffic lights and cars, and if he’s going to use transportation, I will need to teach him what they are, one by one. What I and the people of this world take for granted would be very unfamiliar to Dante.


But still, I wanted to show Dante outside. What if there are a lot of things to worry about? Dante, it’s not like I’m going out alone.


“You just have to follow behind me. I’ll take care of the rest.”




“It will definitely be fun to go out. Here, um… How should I explain it? Entertainment is more advanced than the world you were in. Even if you try to experience only what you can, you won’t have enough time.”


Even if I say this, the only thing that comes to mind is movies, but that’s it anyway. To be honest, I thought it would be fun enough without having to go looking for entertainment.


I continued speaking as if I were trying to persuade someone to go outside without realizing it, and then added hastily.


“Of course, you don’t have to go out if you don’t want to. I have no intention of dragging you out by force.”


“…I like everything as long as you’re okay with it.”


Dante seemed to notice me slightly, but spoke in an obedient manner. The uncomfortable expression on his face when he asked if he had to go outside disappeared, and he looked much more relieved.


To get rid of any remaining feelings of resistance, I spoke in a playful tone.


“No matter what happens, I will never abandon you, so you can rest assured.”


Dante responded to my words with a slight smile.


“I have no intention of being abandoned just because you abandoned me.”


“No, I mean, if you answer like that, somehow…”


It feels strange. When I blurted out words in an awkward manner, Dante laughed out loud. If it feels like the force holding me has become stronger, it’s probably because of my mood.


At the same time I felt his hands being tied around my waist, Dante’s whisper flowed into my ear.


“What you think is probably correct.”


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