Chapter 120

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Author: lipzoldyck


My thoughts are a little different from Dante’s. Of course, I think there would be no need to tell others about such circumstances, but rather, some people would feel more like it.


It’s enough to get extra points for not paying attention even though the other person hasn’t been around for a long time.


Come to think of it, I heard that Dante was popular even when he was called mad. Even when we were in the village, when he was away from me, and even after crossing the dimension, their interest in Dante didn’t diminish.


“What are you thinking about?”

“About whether I should feel a sense of crisis too.”


Dante looked very suspicious at the words that came out without any intermediate steps. However, I continued my thoughts without providing any further explanation.


It’s never happened before, but let’s say that the prettiest and most handsome person in the world really expresses interest in Dante. Then I…




But I think I’ve had similar concerns before? I even heard Dante’s answer clearly. It was definitely a nuance like, ‘No matter who it is, there’s no way they’re better than you.’


And because I didn’t even have the will to refute that claim, I stopped feeling a needless sense of crisis.


Even if someone wants to sit next to Dante, what can I do? For a long time, I had become indispensable to Dante. On a small scale, it was for survival in this dimension, and on a large scale, it was because Dante deeply cared for me.


… It feels like a sense of satisfaction is slowly creeping in. The moment I reflexively tried to keep a straight face, a vibrating bell rang in my hand.


“Oh, I guess food has arrived. I’ll bring it.”


“No, let’s go together this time.”


As I stood up, Dante naturally followed suit. Even if I try it, we only need two drinks and a sandwich, so there’s no need to go together, right? I blinked absentmindedly, then remembered what happened when I left Dante alone, and nodded.


As I put my bag on the table and walked away, Dante followed behind me. Dante kept glancing behind him as if he was worried about something, but quickly caught up with me just by lengthening his stride.


“Is it okay to leave things like that? Won’t someone steal it?”


“The safety is good here, so that doesn’t happen as much as possible.”


In addition, there are security cameras installed everywhere so that if someone steals something, they can catch it right away. As I added, I was gathering food, yet the entire tray was taken away by Dante.


“I’m still anxious.”


“It’s only for a moment anyway. It’s not like there’s anyone up there, so it’ll be okay.”


But even if the bag couldn’t disappear in that short period of time, something else could have happened.


When I returned to my seat, I found a business card and a note neatly placed on the table. I sighed softly and crumpled the paper. I guess the name of a fairly famous entertainment agency is written there, but who knows.


“Next time we go out to a crowded place, let’s wear a hat.”




Dante seemed to be looking at me as he answered like that, so I split the sandwich in half and looked at Dante.


“What’s wrong?”


“No, it’s nothing special.”


If it’s nothing special, why are you so hesitant? Instead of saying something urging, I just stared, and Dante took care of what he was talking about.


“You don’t mind seeing people who are interested in me?”


“What are you talking about?”


“Somehow… Do you feel anxious or impatient?”


Of course, you will never have to be anxious. Dante hastily added, then slowly lowered his eyes.


Having already had a similar problem a while ago, I let out a, “hmm” sound and leaned back comfortably on the back of the chair.


“Why? You want me to be jealous?”


Dante flinched at my words and looked at me. The eyes, which seemed to be covered with a layer of black glass, shook slightly, and then a voice that seemed to crawl away was heard.


“…Do you usually… ask something like that?”


“Well, you can.”


“Then it seems like I’m forcing you to be jealous.”


After hearing that, I took a sip of coffee and said.


“Even if you force me, I won’t do it if I don’t want to, so don’t worry.”




Dante went silent as if he had nothing more to say. I heard mutterings about whether he should like this or not, or that he doesn’t think he should like it, but I decided to pretend I didn’t hear it all.


Anyway, jealousy. It was a word I spit out first, but when I rolled it around in my mouth again, it seemed more unfamiliar than I thought. It may seem too unfamiliar to my personality.


But I also understood Dante when he asked why I wasn’t jealous. Receiving feelings similar to possessiveness in an appropriate way often confirms the fact that the other person is sending affection towards oneself.


I’ve never said it out loud, so I was just embarrassed, but not to the point where I couldn’t do it. I thought about something carefully and stirred my drink with a straw.


The ice with blunt edges hit each other and made a jingling sound.


“I was thinking about it while we were taking a walk earlier, and I thought it would be nice to get a ring, even if it’s not expensive.”




“I thought it would be nice to have something to show that I have a lover.”


After saying that, I smiled slightly at Dante.


“How, is that fine with you?”


“…If you’re going to say something like that next time, can’t you tell me to prepare my heart?”


“You don’t have to tell me that you’re being shy, you know.”


Dante pretended it was hot and drank the coffee without a straw. His ears that quickly turn red whenever he’s embarrassed are still the same even after several years, and it makes me feel just as good as when I thought I was indispensable to Dante.


“I guess it doesn’t have to be a ring. I don’t think I’ve seen it in that dimension, but here, clothes and other accessories are matched the same way.”


“The accessories are the same, and even the clothes match the same?”




Of course, I didn’t want to go that far. I’m willing to go as far as to wear similar clothes, but it’s a bit weird to wear them exactly the same.


Fortunately, Dante seemed to feel the same way, as his expression changed subtly as time went by.


“I don’t want to look like you and I are twins.”


“I don’t think we’ll look like twins if we dress like that, but… Well, okay. I don’t like that either.”


So, if we’re going to match, let’s match with accessories instead. I said that, then frowned slightly and tilted my head to the side.


“But why are you talking about matching naturally? That’s what I thought, but I wasn’t really saying about matching.”


“For your information, I like a yellow color that is close to amber.”


“Did you like that kind of color?”


Dante replied that it had been quite a while since he had liked it, and he smiled.


Afterwards, we finished our lunch and headed out, thinking that we had been satisfied enough with today’s outing. We came out in the morning and stayed until the afternoon, which was a long time for what I had planned to be a simple walk.


I thought it would be perfect if we could continue to live like today in a simple, uneventful way, with a little bit of fun.


However, even though it didn’t feel like it was going to fly, my heart, which had become soft enough, became stiff in an instant.




Between buildings, a narrow alley that barely fits one person.


In fact, it was too dark and untidy to be a road, so no one was passing by. As I passed by and looked inside without thinking, something caught my eye.


Before I could think any further, my steps stopped on their own. Seeing me suddenly falling behind while walking side by side, Dante immediately looked back at me with a puzzled expression.


“Dante. Can’t you see that?”






I was about to explain something more, but I gulped once.


“No. I’ll just take a look. You stay here, okay?”


“What did you see? I’ll go too…”


“No. Stay here.”


An angry voice came out without me realizing it. Dante paused for a moment at my reaction, but I was so focused on the other side that I didn’t have the heart to comfort him.


Eventually, Dante nodded quietly, and I entered the alley alone.


The inside of the alley was even more messy than it looked from afar. It seems that people don’t pass by this way often, and by-products and trash that I don’t know why were rolling around in a mess on the floor.


However, I ignored the trash kicking under my feet and the smell that hit my nose, and walked into the alley without hesitation. To check if what I just saw was correct.


I wanted to pretend I didn’t see it, but I felt like if I let it go, I’ll keep thinking about it.


I thought that as time passed, the accuracy of my unnecessarily ominous premonitions increased. And today too, as expected.




At the end of the alley, at the dead end, I found a trace that seemed to be a crack in the empty air.


Traces of scenery that shouldn’t be seen here are reflected through faint gaps.


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