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I expected it when I looked at the map and calculated the distance from the capital to the Magic Tower, but the road to meet Dante wasn’t easy.


Even before I started in earnest. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t have started this soon.


It all started when I found another magic tower on the map.


[Masha, what is this magic tower over here?]

[It’s a different one from the one you are looking for. Ah, the people inside are the same.]

[What are you talking about, that.]


According to Masha, the only magic tower on the continent was split in two after the war. The Old Magic Tower and the New Magic Tower created after the war.


I didn’t know why there were two magic towers, but the important thing was that Dante wasn’t in the New Magic Tower.


[The other magicians are all in the New Magic Tower, so why is Dante alone elsewhere?]

[I don’t know that either. Did he kick out all the other magicians to keep the Magic Tower to himself?]

[It’s an abuse of power…]


There are still magicians who whine that the New Magic Tower is too narrow, but whatever. It’s not even my business.


When I heard that all the magicians except Dante were in the New Magic Tower, there was a person that suddenly came to mind.


[Come to think of it, I know a magician from the Magic Tower. Ah, is it too much to say that I know him?]

[What? Who?]

[Dante’s secretary…?]

Then is he the secretary of the Master of the Magic Tower? When I mumbled with a worried expression, Masha shook her head and cut me off.


[Someone that high won’t do.]


[The New Magic Tower’s visiting regulations are very strict. It would be difficult to meet a single person, yet it would take a month just to apply for a visit to meet someone with such a high position.]


The fact that it would take that long ‘only’ to apply for a visit was like saying that I would have to wait more than a month before meeting him in person.


Waiting without an appointment would be so daunting, but I wondered if it would be better to apply for a visit and wait instead of suffering to go see Dante alone.


However, if I come in for a ridiculous reason, “My husband is the Master of the Magic Tower, and I need to go see him”, I will be blocked from the entrance of the New Magic Tower…


However, now that I think about it, it was rather fortunate that I didn’t waste my time applying for a visit. It’s because Masha returns from an outing around lunchtime, and she returns with some really unexpected news.


There was a village called Ronen close to the Magic Tower, and the guild that traded with that village was staying near the capital. In addition, there’s news that their caravan is leaving for Ronen Village tomorrow.


I can only say that I was very lucky.


“Ah, Miss! You’re here?”


“Yes, hello.”


As soon as I heard it, Masha and I went to meet the people at the merchant. A woman with long waist-length hair in a braid introduced herself as the head of the capital’s branch. She might have known Masha originally, and the way she greeted her seemed quite familiar.


Most of all, I was surprised that the branch manager easily granted her request to take me to the village. According to Masha, she was originally known for being bold.


Seeing as she refused to be paid money, saying that it was okay, I think she was more than cheerful and just an incredibly nice person.


“I’ll go and rest, and you do that too. Did you hear that it could take a very long time?”


“Yes, of course.”


I’m grateful that she’s taking me with her, but it takes a long time. I nodded, and the branch manager patted me on the back while laughing cheerfully, just like her personality.


No, branch manager. Do you know how big your hands are, patting me on my back? I reflexively gritted my teeth.


“I’m so proud of you, to think that you travel alone when you’re so young. Just trust and follow us! It’s going to be the safe route we’ve always been on, so it won’t be a big deal.”


“Thank you…”


I tried to laugh, ignoring my throbbing back. Seeing me, the manager laughed out loud once more, then she turned around and disappeared, saying that she would check her luggage one last time before leaving. The long hair tied up in a ponytail swayed from side to side, then disappeared behind the carriage along with the figure of the merchant’s owner.


She’s a good fellow, she’s a really good fellow, but… I want her to stop beating me. She’s like my own daughter, so I hope I can stop calling her auntie.


I muttered in my mind words that I would never say in front of her, and got on the carriage.




Surprisingly, the atmosphere in the carriage full of people I had never seen was awkward. The merchants I went with were all friendly, and it seemed that they already regarded me as a top tier mate after exchanging a few words.


“Phew, you’re eating well. Would you like to eat more? Originally, you should eat a lot at that age.”


No, cancel. I felt more like a child than a colleague.


When the carriage stopped for a moment while passing the checkpoint, everyone started to take out something to eat from their bags, saying that they were tired of waiting. At first, I thought they were just people who were thoroughly prepared, yet suddenly they handed out the main dishes to me.


I laughed awkwardly as I put the food the merchants kept handing out into my mouth. I ate whatever was given to me, but I had a hunch that if I ate more, I would get sick of it.


Originally, is this similar to the atmosphere at the merchant? Is that why everyone treats me like their daughter when they see me for the first time? No, I didn’t even know that the good-hearted and cheerful branch manager was deliberately considerate of me and allowed me to ride with these people.


I was quiet on the outside, but on the inside, I was having a lot of floating thoughts, yet a question came from the other side.


“But why did the young Miss go to that village?”


“Didn’t she say a trip?”


“Is there anything to see in that village?”


A few more words followed, starting with a question full of curiosity. It was a bit embarrassing to see that everyone couldn’t hide that they were curious.


“Um, yes. It’s like a trip… To be exact, I’m going to see a friend.”


It’s only natural to call him a friend. I’m sorry, Dante.


“Do you have any friends in that remote area? Are you from that village, Miss?”


“It’s not me, but my friend’s hometown is that village.”


As soon as I said that, I wondered if it would have been better to just say that I was from that village, but it seemed that nothing good would come from lying.


“If you’re only looking for friends, then tell them to come to the capital. Why does the Miss go all the way there? Is there something wrong?”


There’s a certain situation. But I just can’t say it straight away. I hid my troubled expression as I disposed of the remaining bread.


“The situation really doesn’t matter. Do you want to hear it?”


“All that remains is time anyways, so it would be nice to hear even trivial stories.”


It’s not very good for me… I don’t have the confidence that I won’t be treated like a weirdo. As I rolled my eyes, I decided not to lie, but to speak moderately.


“Uh, he was a close friend before I lived in the capital.”


“Is he your boyfriend?”


At one of the merchants’ teasing question, I immediately shook my head.


“No, not my boyfriend.”


He was neither a friend nor a boyfriend. After all, he’s my husband.


“There were things that friend didn’t tell me, and there were things I didn’t tell my friend, so there was a misunderstanding between us.”


He didn’t tell me that he was the Master of the Magic Tower, and I didn’t tell him that I was immortal.


“Because of the misunderstanding, that friend was shocked and went back to his hometown without saying anything to me.”


To the Magic Tower.


“That’s why I’m on my way to see him now.”


I’m quite proud because it sounds pretty plausible. I don’t know if I have a talent for overcoming situations more than I thought.


“Ugh, are you even going to visit him to clear up a misunderstanding? Your sincerity is amazing.”


“Right, well.”


I naturally shrugged my shoulders, and the merchants sitting in front of me threw words to cheer me up.


That we will definitely be able to meet and reconcile, they hope the misunderstanding will be resolved, he will be moved to know the sincerity of his friend, and so…


No matter how many times I responded to the questions that kept flying in while laughing at those words, before I knew it, the carriage was leaving the checkpoint and entering the dirt road.


It seemed that the road had become rough since the checkpoint, and the movement of the carriage, which had been running smoothly, had changed a little. I reflexively looked out the window, feeling the wheels of the carriage tripping against a rock, when I heard the conversation of merchants sitting a little away from me.


“Come to think of it, I heard the Imperial Palace made a delegation to the Magic Tower this time?”


“Yeah, I heard so.”


“Ugh. I don’t know what’s so good about that crazy Master of the Magic Tower.”


“He was a friend of His Highness the Crown Prince. It’s the same for high-ranking people to live while being swayed by affection.”


“Is that so…”


On the outside, I was staring out the window, pretending not to be interested in the conversation, but inside, I was struggling to resist the urge to put his head down.


I recognized you from the time you appeared on the headline of a newspaper, but you, Dante, are really called the crazy Master of the Magic Tower.


A merchant who had been silent next to me interrupted the conversation.


“I heard there was always a delegation sent to the Magic Tower.”




“But, they say, this one was specially created by gathering people who fought together with the Master of the Magic Tower. I guess that’s why rumors spread to us.”


“For some reason, I suddenly wondered why their business came into my ears.”


“Has the contingent departed? Or are they still preparing?”


“Well. Some said they haven’t left, while others said they have.”


It was pretty amazing. Some people went to find Dante first, um. I don’t know whether it’s good news or not.


If they find the Master of the Magic Tower, which is obviously in the Magic Tower but can’t be foundㅡit seems like he’s really crying somewhereㅡwithout stopping and takes Dante away, then my search now might be in vain.


I went all the way to the Magic’s Tower, but what’s the point if Dante isn’t there? Even more so, if he doesn’t return to the Magic Tower again after that, there’s really no way to meet him.


Also, if I run into those people while trying to enter the Magic Tower, they might question my identity. Unlike Dante, I don’t have the power to wipe out anyone, so if I’m being questioned like that, I’ll probably be in trouble.


Whoever they are, I hope we don’t run into each other as much as possible. If possible, it’s better if I can find Dante before they do.


Thinking so, I leaned my head against the window.


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