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I decided to sleep and lie down instead, then I felt that my body was shaking as if someone was trying to wake me up.


I almost shook my hand off in a half-asleep manner, but I felt impatient with the continued hand gestures, so I lifted my heavy eyelids that were forcibly.


In the blurry sight, there was a nervous merchant in front of my eyes.


“…Did you call me?”


“You have to get up, Ei.”


“Pardon? What happened…”




The merchant who woke me gestured to me to be quiet. As I turned my eyes, the merchant told me I shouldn’t make a loud noise and I shut my mouth reflexively.


I was told to be quiet without anyone explaining the situation. First of all, there must be a reason behind that, thus I closed my mouth tightly.


When the merchant, who confirmed that I didn’t make a sound, stepped aside, the people in the carriage caught my eye. Everyone existed, yet something was different.


The sunset came through the windows, also the people’s shoulders and the ground were colored orange, and the quiet carriage seemed peaceful at first glance as if everyone was asleep.


However, seeing that the people who had been laughing and chatting until earlier now all have stiff faces, I couldn’t say that this scenery seemed peaceful anymore.


There was a subtle air floating in the carriage, where the shadows of people were particularly dark. Just as the atmosphere faltered until I almost fell asleep, everyone was cautiously exhaling with a nervous and tense look. They seemed to want to hide even in the shadows created by the sunset.


During the long time, I realized that not only inside the carriage, outside was also very quiet.


If we were passing the mountain road, of course, the sound of grass bugs and birds that should be heard weren’t heard. As the world stopped, it was as if the situation felt like a storm eve.


Something feels old.


“…How long should I do this? ”




It was then that I could hear the turmoil. A boy in the corner was throwing close to the merchant next to him. The merchant next to him was probably the mother of the boy.


The merchant had a difficult look, lowered the voice as much as possible and told the boy as if she was as tired.


“The monster is passing by next to our carriage. If you don’t want to be caught, you have to be as quiet as possible. ”


“We’ve been quiet all along.”


“Not yet, Ren.”


Monster, she said?


I looked back at the boy who turned his mouth again and thought of it. If my memory is right, a monster is a life that has been transformed for a long time, exposed to magic for a long time.


They look very similar to animals, which are huge, bizarre, aggressive, and their lives are shorter than humans… I don’t know more than this.


It seems that they appear in places rich in mana since both their birth and survival need magic. And most of all, they only move at night. Yes, it was supposed to be like that.


When I threw my eyes towards the window, I noticed the outside scenery. The soft scarlet color was mixed over the sky. It was certainly a time that couldn’t be called at night.


Is there any monster wandering around the day without anyone knowing? But to think so, the reaction was too strange. Gloomy faces as if it was something that couldn’t happen. I roll my eyes for a while in that atmosphere,


Suddenly a person muttered in a nasty voice.


“…Damn it, this is all because of the Master of the Magic Tower.”


What’s wrong with him?


I almost asked what the Master of the Magic Tower did, but I thought I wouldn’t make a fine sound, so I shut up again. They told me to be quiet, thus it’s too dangerous to make a sound.


What are you really doing, Dante. When I was frowned upon, the carriage suddenly rattled.




It was a small shaking that would occur when the carriage wall was hit by a stone, yet it was enough to surprise the nervous and rigid people inside it. When the person next to me spit out a small moan, I saw another merchant who blocked his mouth, and I once again shut up. Whatever it was, I thought I had to be quiet.


I heard that they hired mercenaries, was it not enough to handle the monsters? Considering that I heard no sound, no one seemed to be in a battle, but I hoped that no one would be seriously injured or killed anyway. With a little excessive eagerness.


Many people died in an unexpected accident just a while ago. Even if it’s not because of that, I don’t want to see someone dying, yet in this situation, it was even more so.


The people in the carriage were all kind and nice, and that fact was enough to remind me of the villagers who disappeared with the explosion. It wasn’t good to keep up with the memories that were buried or delayed. That’s why I want to just pass it by quietly.


Rambling thoughts continued and snapped. At the same time, I thought there was a thin scream from beyond silence.


The window, which was a little bit of sunset in the evening, suddenly became dark. As the interior suddenly became dark, my head turned back to the place where the light leaked.


And I made eye contact with an eight-legged human-sized creature.


Damn it.


“Everyone, avoid it!”


Lastly, the sound of the shout, the place quickly became a mess.


The monster resembling the spider began to chew the carriage with a horrible sound that could tear my ears, and the merchants ran to the entrance. In the meantime, I was stepped on by the crowd, rolled and came out somehow.


The outside was more terrible than the carriage. Perhaps those things seemed to be overwhelming. Unless the monsters gather on purpose, there won’t be that much in an instant.


The mercenaries hired were barely holding up among the monsters, and some of them were injured. The colorful monsters were overwhelmed by the carriage and constantly wandered around the people.


The monster alone was crazy, and even the strange gas that was unknown was floating in the air. Really, at a glance, the situation wasn’t good.


Naturally, people began to run away screaming mad. At first glance, the moment I was trying to run, the scenery of the flames behind the people overlapped, hooked and it disappeared.


The screams of the people, the sound of bombs exploded in my ears.


And the landscape of the day that flashes as if it were similar.


It was a brief afterimage, yet it was enough to shake my sight. I barely corrected my foot, which stepped on a wrong one, and people were so far away that I couldn’t catch up to them. And chills I felt from behind. Ah, shit.


Why won’t my ominous foresight be wrong? Looking back, I made eye contact with the one who was chewing the carriage and making scratching sounds.


It was really, more than I could imagine, surprisingly gross to see the demon right up close with its green, sticky saliva.The rolling eyes were disgusting and the monster moved in front of me.


At the same time, an unknown smoke leaked out of the mouth of the monster.


I think I inhaled it for a moment, then my throat and nose began to get hot as soon as I felt the smell. It stung like crazy, yet my vision turned normal as if this wasn’t it. I coughed reflexively. A red light seemed to pass before my eyes at first glance.


Wow, that must be poison gas. I guess that’s what was floating in the air, isn’t that?


In the midst of the ups and downs, my mind judged so, and my not-so-calm body continued to cough. The more I did, the more I inhaled the smoke, thus my throat ached. Something hot that was coming up from my inside somehow wasn’t a good sign.


Am I going to die again? When I was unconsciously thinking so,


“Hey, brown hair! Lower your head!”


A bright cry unbefitting the situation was heard from my behind. I lowered my head according to those words without questioning the unknown voice. To be precise, I stumbled and my upper body fell over.


As soon as I lowered my posture, a golden arrow flew with a sharp sound and was accurately stuck in the eyes of the monster in front of me.


Was that the weakness of that monster? I don’t know, but it seemed to have succeeded in making a critical hit with just a blow. The monster crumbled on the spot with a terrible sound.


Soon after, I heard someone landing behind me.


Ah, I think I should check who it is. Since I continued to inhale the gas earlier, my head was so crowded that I couldn’t get my body properly.


Even though I felt someone grab my shoulder, I was so sick that I couldn’t do anything. I could only guess that someone lowered their head toward me after seeing a shadow on my head.


“…Are you okay?”


The moment I thought something golden seemed to have passed by through the whole dark red field of view, I lost my consciousness.


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