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After I said the gist of ‘I hate you too’ to Kade, I couldn’t just go quietly like before.


It’s because that person started the fight all the time.


“What are you looking at?”


“I wasn’t looking at you, so just do what you were doing.”


Just look at his quick reaction to a quick glance. Even after I kindly told him to do what he was doing, Kade closed the book with a look of unwillingness on his face.


I always think about it, but doesn’t he get motion sickness when he reads a book in a rocking carriage?


“Wouldn’t it be nice to pass the time by looking at someone else? I’m worried that it won’t start to hurt.”


So what more can I do here? The other day he told me not to disturb them, yet now he says I’m just doing nothing and being quiet.


If before, he had shown his dislike of me by treating me like a non-existent person, now he seems to have changed his attitude by saying something that would make me feel bad.


To be honest as a person who is hated one-sidedly, it was a bit annoying because I suddenly wondered what was wrong…


“Is there anyone who has more free time than the one who fights with someone who stays still?”


“Ha. Do I look like I have free time?”


“It wasn’t about you, though.”


The glaring eyes that followed the expression of regret was a bonus.


“You don’t even pretend to be polite, now.”


“I don’t feel the need to be polite to Sir Kade.”


Since it was the perfect sincerity, I answered calmly and casually. When I touch people without letting them go for a day, all I could think of was sincerity. I think I’m just bored.


Since he didn’t do that only once or twice, I began to fight back more and more. Lily, who seemed to care about us because we didn’t seem to be on good terms, was now sitting as if she’s used to it, as she had said everything she could.


“And why don’t you think about the statement that your own attitude is reflected in the attitude of others?”


Kade paused, putting on a look of contemplation over what he heard. After a while, he will be very annoyed at what I said. I took this gap and talked to Lily.




“Did you call me?”


“Is it okay if I don’t have to do more medical treatment?”


At my words, Lily put on an, “Ah” expression. It wasn’t until after I brought that up that she seemed to remember that up until yesterday, I had gotten the medical treatment every hour every day.


Lily, who had recommended that I accompany her for treatment since it could be dangerous if the poisoning of Granault appeared belatedly, followed that and for the past few days, she had been examining my body very carefully.


How meticulous she was, to the point of being a little burdensome.


But just yesterday, she threw out a remark which I don’t know its meaning and she stopped looking at my condition.


Well, if she doesn’t look at my condition any further, I’d love that, but… How should I say this? I feel a bit uneasy because I have a guilty conscience.


As I waited quietly for an answer, feeling a subtle feeling, Lily, who seemed to be choosing her words, nodded and opened her mouth as if she had made up her mind.


“Yes. After examining it for several days, I concluded that there was no sign of poisoning in Miss Ei’s body. But there’s something else I’m concerned about… Hmm.”




“It’s nothing, but… Still, it would be right to point it out.”


What is it, then. When I heard that, I felt as anxious as if I had heard that remark with an unknown meaningㅡ”I’ve never seen a person like this before in my life.”


Fortunately, Lily continued her words before this anxiety grew. Even if it was a very strange expression.


“Miss Ei’s body… It’s weird in a good way.”




What do you mean?


“Sorry. My words were a bit ambiguous. Therefore…”


“It’s okay if you speak slowly.”


“No, I will tell you right now. There is one thing I noticed while examining Miss Ei’s physical condition for several days.”


It had a serious and ambiguous tone at the same time.


“It’s a little funny to care about this, but… there really is no change in Miss Ei’s body.”




“Yes. I’ve seen many people, yet I’ve never seen a person whose test results are the same every day. Even if you stay healthy, there’s always a difference in the number of tiny things.”


As she added, however, Miss Ei is…, the nape of my neck felt a bit chilly.


“Except for very subtle differences, there is little change. Even though there seems to be a difference, it quickly returns to its original state. As if…”


Lily paused for a moment, draping her long eyelashes.


“Time has stopped only on Miss Ei’s body.”


Wow, how sharp. I rubbed my slightly goosebumps arm.


I thought she was only looking at the symptoms of poisoning, but to think that she found out the current state of my body, it must be that I was underestimating the magician right in front of me more than I thought. Can originally magicians specializing in healing even know people’s physical conditions by looking at them for several days?


I felt bitter about my own body, then I had someone else to kill me by confirming it.


“Of course, that’s not a bad thing. On the contrary, it’s like you’re still maintaining a healthy condition, so that’s great.”




“At first, I wondered if it was influenced by Miss Ei’s calm personality, but even so, it doesn’t seem to have changed too much.”


“Ah… Yes.”


There was nothing that could be said clearly. I just nodded my head to somehow hide my bewilderment.


When I didn’t look like I was asking anything more, Lily soon asked cautiously.


“Perhaps… Did Miss Ei know anything about your condition?”


Actually, it’s the first time I’ve heard it in detail through someone’s mouth, and I think it’s been like this since the bomb exploded and I died, but I’m not sure exactly.


I tried to erase the words that popped into my head, and slightly avoided her staring eyes.


Ah, it seems that her eyes are getting sharper because of this.


For some reason, Kade was also looking at me. It was burdensome to see the eyes of the two of them at once in a place with few people. Why are you looking at me like that? I don’t even know why my body is like this.


Just when it was getting hard to keep my mouth shut while avoiding her gaze, Kade opened his mouth.


“You, maybe…”


“Brother! Sister!”


At that moment, a sound so loud that it resonated inside the carriage came from outside the window, and the air that had been pressing me quickly dissipated.


Taking over the gazes that were focused on me, Ivan poked his head into the carriage from outside the window. With his short red hair blowing wildly in the wind, the boy, who was scanning the people in the carriage, shouted again in a bright voice.


“I think I found something!”


“What did you find?”


“Hmm… Can you stop the carriage for a second?”


Ivan looked at Kade, who nodded his head. Kade’s spirit acted as the coachman for this carriage, so he had all the authority to operate it. Everything including stopping for a moment.


Wait, he wants us to stop?


Come to think of it, the carriage was still running. How did Ivan poke his head into the window of the moving carriage?


“Are you hanging outside the carriage?”


“It’s on top of the carriage. I’m hanging upside down right now.”


“I see…”


I answered calmly and wondered if it was common sense to hang upside down on a moving carriage and talk to someone through the window.


Is it possible for a person to do it? In the midst of meaningless thoughts, the speed of the carriage gradually decreased.


When I got out of the carriage, I saw Ivan standing somewhere and beckoning.


“Come this way. I was really surprised when I found it.”


What did he find? While muttering that, I probably poked my head in the direction Ivan pointed out.


I couldn’t help but put on a dazed expression for a moment at the scenery seen through the thick trees.


“Isn’t it surprising?”


A place where trees should be. There, only traces of everything being burnt to black remained. A gigantic footprint, as if an entire village had disappeared.


As if a large meteorite had fallen.


“It couldn’t have been like this from the beginning… could it?”




Then how did this happen? It was a random question, but I may have already known the answer.


Because there is only one person I know who can do this.


“I think the Master of the Magic Tower came and went.”


Ivan’s calm voice rang in my ears.


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