Chapter 93

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Author: lipzoldyck


I thought he would give a straight answer by ignoring me or asking how it looked to me, yet Kade just stood there without saying anything. He didn’t even look away, he was still fixed on me.


It looked like someone contemplating an answer, so I was the one who was rather flustered. What the hell do you want to say, wasting your time like that?


Are those words harsh enough that he should think twice? Thinking that far, Kade’s mouth finally opened.


With an unanswerable hesitant tone hanging on.


“…How have you been?”




For a moment, I couldn’t grasp exactly what I was hearing, so things that were neither a question nor an answer flowed out. If the person who said that was Lily or Ivan, I wouldn’t have thought so.


Someone, none other than Kade, asked how I was doing because it wasn’t enough to answer the greeting? Not begrudgingly, like a really polite person?


Even if he didn’t try to do that, I was more careful than before.


“You’re not possibly sick somewhere, are you?”




“Even if you ate something wrong on the way…”


I shut my mouth as soon as I saw that his expression of astonishment was immediately revealed. Alright, got it. That’s not it.


But if that wasn’t the case, Kade voluntarily changed his attitude, yet honestly, I can’t imagine that. There is no particular reason for that either.


Perhaps I had secretly shown a hint of disbelief, but soon I heard a voice that seemed to be absurd.


“Are you really going to be so suspicious that you just returned the question?”


“I’ve never been asked that way by you, to say the least.”


I gently pushed my body back and began to look at Kade openly. I really want to know if there is something wrong with him somewhere.


Despite showing disbelief this far, Kade still frowned at me, yet he just kept looking at me.


It was only natural that even that appearance seemed strange.


“Or did Lily give you a special order or something? You must ask me how I am, something like that?”


“There isn’t any special order, although she said that she didn’t want the same unsavory things to happen.”


Even though Kade was calm, he spoke casually.


“She said nothing else. So whatever you’re doubting right now is something I have decided on my own.”




“Now that I know you’re feeling awkward, I’d like you to take that gaze away.”


It’s still that the choice of words and the way he speaks aren’t nice. It’s still as much, but…

If it had been before, he certainly wouldn’t have told me that he had been told, ‘she didn’t want the same unsavory things to happen’. No matter how much that guy treated Lily like a high-ranking person or boss, it would have hurt his ego to hear that.


Yet a person like Kade, who seemed to have a high ego, said without hesitation that he had been pointed out. To me, whom he regarded as a thorn in the eye.


Earlier, I thought the sarcastic tone was missing, but it seems that it’s not the only one.


While I couldn’t see it, something had definitely changed with Kade. I still don’t know what exactly it says somewhere, yet the fact that there was a change that I could notice was surprising.


Even though a corner of my mind was busy trying to guess what could be causing that change.




If you look at the change alone, it wasn’t too bad.


First of all, the person who kept fighting with me decided to change his attitude. Then the feeling of tiredness in a situation where you hear unfavorable words is gone.


Perhaps without even noticing myself, I had put a faint smile on my face. When I saw Kade’s eyes widened slightly as he looked down at me.


“I don’t know what it means, but to be honest, I’m even glad to see you. I was worried that I should question why you’re helping me.”


Silver eyes awkwardly avoided my smile, followed by a moment of silence.


“…If you had thought about what was going to happen when you were worried about that, it would have been a more productive time.”


Well, it seems that he still hasn’t been able to fix his nasty words.




Kade, who seemed to be looking back on the same path he had walked with the contingent before, said.


“It looks like the Master of the Magic Tower really doesn’t intend to see me.”


“You’ve been looking for Dante since before. If you want to see his face, I’ll just drag him out.”


I thought it would be bewildering for them to see each other’s faces, so I came out alone to meet him, but I won’t stop him if he wants to meet him. Of course, if Dante says no, there’s nothing I can do about it…


As soon as I tried to take my steps to find Dante, Kade quietly shook his head.


“Anyway, he will appear in front of me on his own within a few days, so there’s no need to go looking for him. I’ll just rest in my room.”


“Why are you so sure Dante will show up in a few days?”


“Even if he has no interest in me, he will be interested in the means to protect you.”


A sharp gaze from beyond the monocle looked directly at me.


“Isn’t the deadline of the week you mentioned only one day left?”




It was so true, I just kept my mouth shut instead of replying.


So, six days had already passed since that suspicious crow… one of the degenerates appeared.


I learned a lot in the last six days. The fact that the crow’s identity was the one who was in charge of the chief of the degenerates, and that that person was very old, only that he didn’t gain eternal life.


And even the fact that he was the one who was looking for ancient magic more than anyone else.


[If I had known this would happen, I would have dealt with him from the moment I first met him…]

[The direction of self-reproach is a bit strange. Don’t do that, Dante.]

[If he talks about me and threatens you, just stop listening and stab him.]

[I told you not to do that.]


Being a nuisance of the Magic Tower wasn’t enough, he even made a questionable proposal to me, so Dante’s hostility towards that person rose beyond imagination. Of course, I hate that person too much, but I can’t help but be calm when someone close to me is on the verge of becoming a bomb.


There was nothing I could do these days other than waiting for his communication. It’s just about calming the anxiety that rises from time to time without any warning, and comforting Dante, who is more nervous than I am.


I understand that I seemed carefree to Kade. I was really weakly nervous, but I didn’t feel like I was going crazy with anxiety.


If the communication tool arrived anyway, the answer I had to give was decided.


“I think it was the longest of the six days I went through.”


I said it in a joking tone, but it didn’t seem to work very well with the person in front of me. Seeing the face without even reacting like this. Well, if he accepts it, that’s even weirder.


I inadvertently grabbed the handle to open the window, but after confirming that the door was completely blocked by an unknown force, I lowered my hand.


“Why did he give me a week? Ever since I heard that my friend’s life was at stake, I had no other options, though.”


“…There was no other option.”




Naturally, Masha’s face came to mind in my head. She didn’t even notice the threat approaching her, and the situation at the time when she was exchanging stories with me as usual.


“No matter how great Dante is, I can’t find the perfect answer in a week. Is he trying to make fun of us? Why did he give me such a long or short time?”


My words came out more like a murmur.


“Is it not that he gave us a week, but he needs a week for himself?”




“Well, I can’t figure it out right now.”


I couldn’t even find out why he was trying to meet me in the first place, but whatever. I stopped looking out the window and turned around to see Kade pensive in his thoughts.


To be honest, it would be no different from other people, but it’s amazing that he’s here to help and even worry about it. It seemed like it would take a lot of time to adapt to Kade’s sudden change of attitude.


I was about to say that there was no need to worry to the extent he has a headache, yet Kade, who was thinking, opened his mouth.


“If he was going to use you as bait to blackmail the Master of the Magic Tower, he wouldn’t have put forth the condition that he only talks, since he can take any action. If persuasion fails, it would be a normal way of thinking to make a threat.”


“It’s strange to say that’s normal, but… Well, I also think that part is strange.”


Come to think of it, he never talked to Dante about the specifics of the threat. After a moment of turning my eyes, a calm voice continued.


“Then can’t you think of it like this?”


Kade seemed to take a step closer to me, but he stopped right there. Before I knew it, he made eye contact with me.


His gaze was clearer than the sunlight streaming through the cracks in the window.


“He was aiming for something special that only you have, not the Master of the Magic Tower.”


“Something special?”


Only me? But is there anything about me unusual enough to be called special? I naturally lowered my gaze to examine my own body, but as alwaysI didn’t notice anything.


My personality and appearance are quite ordinary, at least I think.


But at the same time, a constitution that could hardly be called ordinary came into my mind.


And the reason why I had that constitution.


As if to confirm, Kade’s voice fell into my ears.


“You’ve shifted dimensions, haven’t you?”


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  1. How in the world can they know about this? There are only about 5-7 people who know about it. Dante couldn’t tell even by looking, as good as he is.