Chapter 95

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Author: lipzoldyck


At that time, I was literally shaking Dante off as if interrogating him.


“Did you not tell me anything? Or are you hiding it.”


“There’s no such thing… Wait.”


He hurriedly stopped talking to see if he was stabbed while trying to deny it at once. Since he had a history of fighting something like that recently, it was worth seeing him starting with an excuse before he could seriously argue.


“I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I didn’t mean to hide it. I just want to tell you when I’m sure… I was going to tell you everything today.”


“Any other time, I would have said yes, but I can’t now. You, come here.”


“I wasn’t really trying to hide it…”


As Dante continued his words in a tearful tone and was about to come closer to me, he abruptly stopped his steps on the spot.


In an instant, his face hardened.






For a while, I was taken aback by the sudden cold atmosphere.






“You still have a day left, right?”


I heard a question that had no context, but at least I couldn’t help but understand it.


Although I wondered why he was suddenly asking that in this situation, I nodded my head obediently.


“Yeah, because I said I would give it a week.”


“But why…”


As Dante muttered to himself, he momentarily put on a look that seemed to hold back his anger. A face that tries to regain its calmness even after that.


But I didn’t even have time to examine his face closely. Immediately, Dante’s magic circle was drawn on his palm, and an unknown box fell from the air.


Before asking what the box was, I swallowed it in the back of my throat.


“…Dante, that…”




Dante, who was holding the box as if to break it, looked at me hurriedly and shook his head.


“This isn’t blood. You can just, um, think of it as a test solution or something.”


“A test solution?”




But even with that said, the reluctance remained. I forcibly fixed my gaze on Dante, trying not to leave the box, and asked timidly.


“How did you get something like a test solution on it?”


The box, which was small enough to fit in Dante’s hand, was stained with an unknown red liquid. It’s just that the color was that way from the beginning, so it’s so damp that I can’t mistake it.


A glob of sticky liquid ran between Dante’s fingers and crashed to the floor.


What is the same as the color of blood? For a moment, my anxiety about Masha’s safety almost came back, so I focused on breathing for a while.


It’s not human blood, it’s just a solution. Masha is still fine.


As if realizing what I was thinking, Dante continued his speech even more verbosely than before.


“It looks like he used a beast again to deliver this, but I put a spell around the Magic Tower so that no one can pass through it…”


Dante, who had been talking that far, awkwardly shut his mouth. Um, yes I know what he means.


It was a situation that made me very curious about what would happen if ‘anyone’ tried to pass around the Magic Tower, but I felt relieved just to hear that the liquid was none of my business.


I stopped paying attention to the shell and reached out to Dante.


“Give it to me. I’ll try to open it.”


“…Your hands will get dirty.”


I’ll open it. Immediately after hearing the extremely low answer, the contents of the box were quickly revealed.


A communication tool that seems to be a little smaller than the one I used and… a piece of paper.


Unidentified numbers were listed on stiff paper similar to a card.


“What’s this?”


Dante crumpled the paper before I could even read it all.


“Dying in peace seems like a luxury for this jerk.”




At Dante’s harsh tone, which I had never heard of in its full form, I awkwardly lowered my hand, which was going to take the paper.


Yeah, because Dante seems to understand what that is. Now that he knows who I am, there’s no need to waste my time.


I snatched the communication tool from Dante’s hand and tried to connect as I always did.






[…Ei? ]


I didn’t have to wait any longer, the screen immediately cleared and I saw a familiar face. Red hair, blue eyes. Even the quick blinking eyelids like a habit.


When I urgently called her name, I heard a normal voice with a slightly confused tone. There were no scars on the reflected face, and it wasn’t even a frightened expression.


I almost breathed a sigh of relief without realizing it, but I thought it was still too early to be relaxed, so I spoke to Masha.


“Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?”


[I have no injuries, all my limbs are fine, but…]


As if she still couldn’t understand the situation, Masha, who continued her words in a confused tone, suddenly jumped up and screamed.


[Now isn’t the time to say such things! Hey, I’ve been kidnapped! And I think the kidnapper is trying to threaten you with something with me! ]


“Threat… Yes, that’s right.”


Apparently, he didn’t give Masha a detailed explanation. Not only about his identity, but also why he brought Masha.


For a moment, I was taken aback by Masha’s shouting words, but then I thought that she was rather fortunate.


If she knows that someone who may have killed everyone in her hometown, including her family, is now threatening others with her own life…


Hmm. If Masha had known that fact, she might not have been in a condition to continue the conversation. She might have been lucky if the shock hadn’t caused panic.


I calmly organized it in my head, and decided that I should explain only the parts that I could explain to Masha as much as possible. While avoiding as much as possible anything that could further aggravate Masha’s condition.


“I care more about you than anything else right now. Masha, are you really okay? Are you not hurt anywhere?”


[Uh, yes. When I was first brought here, my arm brushed against a piece of glass…]


A piece of glass? Perhaps my expression hardened involuntarily at those words, Masha quickly finished her words.


[It wasn’t that someone stabbed it on purpose, it was because the window in my house was broken. Anyway, that left a scratch on my arm, and that also…]


A look of embarrassment. Masha, who seemed to hesitate for a moment, opened her mouth with difficulty.


[That person… he healed me with magic. As soon as he found me hurt.]


“I see.”


As someone who talked about having a conversation with me using Masha’s life, I was nervous because I thought ‘she’s fine’ meant ‘I’ll keep her breath’, but apparently that wasn’t the case. I wonder if it’s fortune or misfortune.


As soon as I made sure that no harm was done to Masha, I immediately went to ask another question.


“Then do you know where you are now?”


[That… I don’t know. I just closed my eyes and when I opened them, I was in an unfamiliar place, and I was trapped in an empty room.]


“In an empty room…?”


Come to think of it, nothing is reflected behind the communication tool. Belatedly, before she felt a sense of incongruity, Masha spoke in a weak voice.


[There’s a window, but I can’t see anything. Just like there is another room outside the room, there is really ‘nothing’.]




[It’s all pure white, and the room can’t be said to be a room, so I can’t see any furniture…]


Masha, who continued her speech, lowered and clutched her head.


[But the strangest thing is that I’m not uncomfortable in this room.]




[I’m just sitting in a chair, but I’m not sluggish or uncomfortable. I’m not hungry, I’m not tired, I just get sleepy sometimes.]


I could barely count the days because I was falling asleep. I could feel the fear creeping in Masha’s voice.


It’s as if her emotions came belatedly because there was someone to talk to.


[What if the strange one is actually not this place, but my body?]




I looked at Masha’s bewildered face and quietly called Dante.


Dante, who was standing behind me and staring at the communication tool with a dark face, looked at me, and then he whispered in a voice so small that Masha couldn’t hear.


“…It’s a spell that numbs the senses. However, as soon as the magic was released, the aftermath came… We need to release her as soon as possible.”


“Is there any way to reduce the aftermath?”


“There will be, but now…”


Dante couldn’t bear to say anything more and shut his mouth. Yeah, there’s no way he could use his hands when Masha isn’t even in front of us.


I felt the gradual complexity in my head, then looked at the communication tool again.




[…Huh? ]


Blue eyes that looked like they were going to cry any second, but held back their tears, looked at me. It’s scary and fearful, and she can’t be relieved with these words.


“Don’t cry, just hold on a little longer. Everything will be fine.”


[What does that mean?]


To Masha’s face, which wasn’t at all relieved and showed an uneasy light, I said as if declaring it.


“I will go there.”


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