Chapter 96

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Author: lipzoldyck


Of course, Masha screamed as if she would faint at any moment.


[Why would you come here?! Even so, that person seems to be targeting you!]


“That’s right.”


I spoke in a monotonous tone.


“The reason he took you was because he wanted to talk to me. He doesn’t want money or organs, just talk.”


If he’d rather wanted that, I wouldn’t have to wonder what the hell was going on. I spoke casually, but Masha’s complexion turned pale.


[Why is he asking to talk to you…?]


“I didn’t know that either.”


As if she was saying, was it something to be said so calmly, Masha put on an expression that looked like she was going crazy because she was frustrated. But I really didn’t know anything, Masha. That’s why I’m going to ask you right now.


I looked over Masha’s shoulder and raised the corner of her lips slightly.


“Wouldn’t you tell me now even if I don’t have to be curious?”




Masha, who had been muttering puzzledly, belatedly noticed the presence and screamed. She looked behind her, and the communication tool for a moment as Masha stunned, causing the screen to scramble.


After passing through a gap for a while, when the communication tool became quiet again.




Masha was no longer visible in the communication tool, only a person wearing a black robe was there.


The background, which had been nothing but pure white, had also changed. Now, on the other side of the communication tool there is only a faint darkness in which one can barely identify people.


Looking at the darkness taking up even the place where the face should be, I opened my mouth.


“Have you moved?”


[Of course. Because it’s something that girl doesn’t need to hear. ]


The voice I heard again after a week was no different from the one I heard through the crow. It scratches and makes unpleasant noises, and even soft tones can be heard crackling.


I don’t think that figure is his body either.


[It was tearful to see you worrying about your friend.]


A soft speech mingled with laughter followed.


[‘I care more about you than anything else right now.‘… If I had been that friend, I would have been moved and cried.]


“Stop saying things that don’t even sound like you’re serious.”


I’m not even curious, but I keep talking about how I feel. Before hearing anything more useless, I cut off that line in the middle.


“Tell me why you want to talk to me.”


[Should I say that now? You’ve already made up your mind, and it won’t change if you see me in person.]


He mentioned what I had already talked about with Masha, and it seems he had listened to everything from beginning to end. Seeing how he said that I have already made a decision so leisurely.


However, I didn’t intend to give him the impression that it was being done according to his own will.


“No, it’s different.”


I didn’t look away, just nodded to my side.


“You’re dragging your words because you don’t want to tell Dante right now.”




“Is it true that you can’t beat Dante?”


Just like when I first saw the person standing behind Masha, I smiled faintly.


“I don’t know. Depending on how you respond now, it may make a difference whether or not your proposal is accepted.”




The playfulness that was mixed at the end of each word completely disappeared, and finally a voice was heard that revealed the other person’s ‘feeling’. I guess he doesn’t like my attitude.


But well, what does it matter to me.


[You don’t care about your friend’s life anymore?]


“Rather than not caring, I’m putting it off as a priority for a while.”


Of course, if I had been able to postpone it, I wouldn’t have thought of going to meet him in the first place. I had a husband who was holding my hand under the communication tool, not saying anything right now.


If I don’t care about my friend’s life, why would I run into a suspicious place, even tossing Dante? Even with how much he cares about me


However, it seemed to be enough to confuse those who didn’t know the circumstances behind it.


After a moment of silence, a tone of sincere curiosity was heard.


[Aren’t you afraid of me?]


It’s a word that doesn’t sound like something out of the blue.


[ Even though I’m holding your friend’s life, and you don’t know how I’ll harm her in order to talk to you?]


Is it because you blindly believe in the Master of the Magic Tower? As if he really couldn’t understand, he awkwardly tilted his head.


Well, of course I worry a little bit. It’s true that Masha’s safety is still not guaranteed, so it’s hopeless.


However, it’s not so scary that I tremble with anxiety and lower my posture as the perpetrator hopes now.


“Why should I?”


Rather than believing in Dante’s ability, it’s just the situation that catches my eye.


Do I need to be afraid?


“You’re the one who regrets enough to say that you can do anything.”


I couldn’t help but notice it even if I didn’t try to understand it with all my heart. Although there were few moments when we encountered each other, the attitude I felt was clear nonetheless.


The person who casually said he would take his hostage’s life even healed her cuts. I don’t think he has that kind of personality, but I keep trying to have a soft voice.


And even the appearance of someone who’s wondering if I’m not afraid, wasn’t threatening. Every action felt like someone taking care of my mood.


That person has a reason why he needs me, not anyone else.


The moment I thought that, I felt it so clearly that goose bumps ran through my body. The intense gaze that seemed to pierce me was directed this way.


He’s still shrouded in darkness and can’t be seen directly. The gaze that scrutinized me, and the eyes.


It resembled a maniacal interest, and maybe… 


However, before I could read his intention, I heard the sound of laughter like a sigh.


[That’s not an attitude I like.]




[But that’s right. The pity is on my side. Alright… What’s unfortunate…]


I seemed to see a reflection of the black robe staring into the air after turning his head, then the screen was suddenly covered with wrinkled hands.


With a voice that has completely disappeared from the crackle.


[I’m just curious about where you used to live.]


The screen covered by the palms was just black.


[You’re the only one who can tell me about that person.]


Where I used to live. The meaning of the words was clear, so I rolled the words in my mouth for a while.


It’s so far away that I can’t remember those days.


Why do people who are curious about it appear now?


Although clearly, there was more to wishing for than being curious, it was still annoying to end up only talking about half of it. But it’s better than not hearing anything at all. Yeah, better than that.


Just like when he first appeared before us, the man in the black robe spoke arrogantly as if informing.


[I’m just letting you know because you said you’re still worried, but the magic I cast on your friend will work itself out in two days.]


“Well, thank you for letting me know.”


A sneer was heard as if in response to my sarcasm.


[I’m quite merciful.]


With that answer at the end, the communication tool cut off with a pop.






Kade had noticed from the moment he arrived at the Magic Tower that they had only one day left in the week, that she didn’t have much time.


They, of course, only have about a day left before they can contact the degenerates, but since Ei has already decided that she’s going to meet him, the preparations will be made quickly.


Originally, using spirits should require that much effort. Unlike magicians who wield mana freely, elemental magicians only borrow the power of spirits that originate from nature.


However, as time was running out, Kade was thinking of helping the other party even by using expedient methods.


…If he came out to help like this, he wondered if he would be able to make up for what had ended in vain while hurting Ei’s feelings. He thought that it would be better to do his best beyond just helping.


But who would have known that the truth would be revealed so quickly.


Left alone in his room, before he even felt that she had returned to the Magic Tower, Ei, who had been away for a while, burst into his room without knocking.


The attitude that remained so difficult even if he tried to do so on purpose.


“Are you sure you got enough rest, Sir Kade?”


“You… No. What happens?”


Kade, who was about to say something angular like a habit, barely swallowed it, and obediently asked why Ei was doing that.


It would have been better if the other person had been kind at least half of what he was trying.


As usual, Ei just reported this with a nonchalant face, as if she felt annoyed by everything.


“We have to get ready to go. Right now if possible.”




“If you have anything to prepare, please prepare it and come out.”


Seeing her back quickly disappearing as if there was no time for further explanation, Kade felt a bit futile.


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Comments (2)

  1. “Ei just reported this with a nonchalant face, as if she felt annoyed by everything.”
    Well, her face is like that almost all the time sir. Don’t be mad

  2. Indeed, the merciful and not that bad a guy who led the people who killed a village full of noncombatant innocents as part of their plan to get ancient magic. I’m sure he’s a great guy who has a very good reason for that and it wasn’t gratuitous violence at all. I get really sick of the notion that only main characters’ lives count.