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For a moment, Morgana smiled nonchalantly and quickly changed the subject of the conversation.


“Oh, Olia! Are herbs valuable to the servants?”






“You mentioned it before. You said it is burdensome to buy medicinal herbs.”


“Oh, of course. All nobles call priests, and if herbs age, it rots quickly, so if you want to prepare fresh herbs, the price is high. Without information, it is not easy to learn medicinal herbs. Healers regard information as their lives.” (Olia)


After she had finished speaking, Olia glanced at the empty room.


Covering her mouth with one hand, she whispered cautiously, “That’s why poisonous herbs are sold secretly at a high price.”


“Do you think there are people who sell poisonous weed?”


“Because it sells expensively. I’ve heard that people who are interested in medicinal herbs fall for it.” (Olia)


Are you saying that it’s difficult to access medicinal herbs that much?


Morgana chewed on the bread, which was still not soft enough, and asked, “Does the chef look very busy?”


“Is that so? The two ladies had a very high-class taste and the chef cared about it a lot.”


Morgana clearing her clogged throat by coughing, said, “Cough… Can you thank the chef for the soup and deliver the leftover herbal medicine I made yesterday?”


“Well, but why medicinal herbs?! That precious thing!” (Olia)


“There’s meat in the soup, right? Before, it was hard to have soup, let alone meat. At that time, it was fortunate to eat grass like this.”


“Miss…” (Olia)


Olia’s eyebrows drooped as she remembered the time when she would only put bread in Morgana’s trap room.


Perhaps this piece of this meat was reluctantly added to Olia’s request.


Olia nodded her head and answered sternly, “All right, I’ll make sure to tell him.”


Olia, who appeared motivated, quickly left the room.


Morgause and Elaine were extravagant. Neither of them had any powers, so they did not waste a single thing on what they ate and wore to avoid being ignored.


Because they were sensitive when the maid did not follow even a cup of tea.


If being the chef, it’s probably the closest to the fire, and there are many cases where you get burned while working.


Morgan mumbled with the hard bread again.


“If I want to sell it, I’ll have to distribute the sample first.”




Chef Fleck asked back, grimacing, “Who gives you what?”


Thinking he must have misheard. But Olia repeats her words over and over again and held out a pouch of herbs in the Chef’s hand.


“Miss Morgana asked me to tell you that the soup was delicious.”


“It wouldn’t be possible.”


Fleck tilted his head in disbelief, ‘Not only did it taste bland, but I only put the meat in because Olia asked me so much.’


Compared to what Duke Fay and the two ladies ate,  it was nothing more than a dog’s porridge.


Not long ago, after an attempt to poison the Duke, it was because of an order not to provide food properly for Morgana.


I didn’t even intend to take care of her after all the bad things I heard everywhere. But she’s giving me herbs because the soup was delicious. What’s wrong with her?


Barely grabbing the medicine pouch at the tip with his thumb and forefinger, he asked, “Don’t tell me that I’ll be found dead tomorrow after I write what I’m given, right?”


“I tried it yesterday after I spilled the soup. Look, there’s not a scratch on the burn.”


Olia confidently held out her injured foot.


Unlike yesterday, I couldn’t find any signs of burns.


Fleck swept off his chin in confusion.


“Right. You asked for the soup again, but…”


“She must have been poor and grazing when she lived out there. I feel sorry for her.” (Olia)


Did she start working as a maid to raise her little brother?


Perhaps that’s why he was particularly worried. Fleck cautiously suggested that she might have been mistaken for overlapping with her brother.


“It wasn’t a joke that’s what I’ve heard.”


“Isn’t everyone treating her too harshly because she’s an illegitimate child? Today, Lady Morgause also blew slapped her.”


Fleck, who always heard the harsh and truthful complaints of Duke Fay and the two ladies, strangely understood.


Half of the servants of Duke Fay couldn’t stand them and left. In severe cases, even healthy food was often thrown away depending on their mood that day.


On the day that even a guest came, it was truly a war. How angry they are when they catch a pod of something.


Every morning, from the maid to the butler, it was their job to check the mood of the Duke and the two ladies and deliver them to the servants.


I thought Morgana also inherited the same character as the Fay family tradition.


Olia asked, tapping, gently stroking the hem of her dress.


“So, take care of her food. I heard that Miss Morgana also apologized to the Duke.”


“Did she apologize?”


“Yes, didn’t the butler say that? I’m going to go get some dishes for the lady. From tomorrow, please take good care of her!”


Looking at Olia’s back, who greeted him lightly, Fleck glanced sideways to the herbal pouch in his pocket.


Still, there were often things to do. After a few days, it subsided again, and now it was an occupational disease I was used to.


Olia’s quick recovery was amazing because he knew enough to live with it.


“Certainly, yesterday’s injuries were fine,” Olia said.


When I opened my pocket carefully, I saw a small glass bottle. There was something in it that looked like ground plants.


Sniffing and smelling it, Fleck carefully placed the contents on the back of his burned hand.


For a moment, Fleck’s eyes widened in surprise. The cool sensation slowly calmed the stinging wound.


I just didn’t feel it because I got used to it, but the difference was clear as the pain disappeared.


Fleck couldn’t believe it, so he stared at the little bottle again.


“Is this really from Miss Morgana?”




From morning on, Olia was in high spirits.


Not surprisingly, there was the whole turkey on her tray.


“The chef loved it, miss.” (Olia)


“It looks like it.”


“So, you know, that… Is that burn-medicine expensive?”


Olia watched Morgana as she cut the meat herself with a knife.


She made a series of excuses first like she had been stabbed even though she didn’t reprimand her.


“Well, I know how expensive herbal medicines are, so I said no, but they asked me to ask for the price…”


“I’ve been waiting for you, Sir.”


Morgana answered with a smile brighter than ever, “In the meantime, I’ve done things that made everyone tired, so…”


Morgana held out her index finger to Olia, who was waiting for her next words, clutching the knife with both hands.


“1 silver.”


“Re– really? Can you just take that much?”


“However, it’s only for those who work in Duke Fay.”


There’s no need to raise the entry barrier by raising the price expensively.


In particular, the medicine’s ability to heal burns was not that great.


Literally, it would be faster for aristocrats to call for a priest once.


First of all, those who could not call a priest had to get used to herbal treatment.


With Morgana in a calm manner, Olia stamped her foot again and said, “No, are you sure you’re okay? I think you can raise it a little bit more…”


“Because when I came to Fay, the environment here was so different that I felt sorry for them.” (Morgana)


The fact that few people knew about herbs was the same as saying that uncultivated herbs were scattered all over the place.


Wasn’t the gardener willing to give away the herb that the chef coveted right away?


Morgana smiled and whispered in secret, “There are a lot of other herbs out there, too. They can help you get rid of fatigue, and there are some good ones for lowering a fever.”


“Well, are they all silver?”


“Yeah, but there’s a problem. I have to go out and look for herbs myself.


She deliberately blurted out the last words. Morgana’s room was in the annex. It was to avoid showing the illegitimate children of the Fay family when a guest visits.


Thanks to this, Morgana could only move within the mansion near the annex.


Olia, who understood this, nodded and sighed,


“Oh, there’s a low mountain at the back of the annex. Strictly speaking, it’s not the part of the mansion, but…”


Behind the annex. It was the best place for people to escape.


Morgan looked Olia in the eye instead of answering. Before anyone could say anything, they chuckled and laughed at each other.


It didn’t take long for Morgana to start saving money by using her knowledge of medicinal herbs.


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