An Angel Lives in the Academy Chapter 4 - The Angel in the Test (1)

Author: LyraDhani

Hongwol took Leffrey home. He was not completely out of danger, but as long as he had already found a house, she could visit him ‘at any time’.


After leaving the boy at home, Hongwol looked at his face once more, scanning through all the information about the boy.


‘This is really… I want to steal him.’


So Leffrey woke up intact.


“It’s a strange ceiling.”


That’s something I wanted to fix someday. Leffrey murmured as he looked up at the ceiling of the apartment he looked up to for the second time in his life.


“How did I get here yesterday?”‘


His memory was hazy. After he went to the convenience store to buy dinner, he found a pink cat… He fought with a man in a suit and lost all his strength and fainted.


And he didn’t remember.




What will happen to the captives who fought against a large guild? In general, in movies, it’s expressed as putting them in a drum and dumping them into the sea. That means you can’t die beautifully.


‘I’m getting goosebumps. It was really dangerous yesterday.’


Leffrey blamed himself for yesterday. Why the hell did he all of a sudden pretend to be against these guys? He never had this kind of personality in his previous life. Just a small citizen, just a coward.


I’ve only gained a little bit of power, and I have done something so absurd…


‘I just thought the man in the suit was a private spirit hunter and jumped on him. Besides, I was embarrassed when I first got the power of angels.’


Leffrey made an excuse for himself.


‘As long as I am home in good health. I don’t know what kind of big guild it is, but I guess it’s a place where you can show mercy.’


In fact, it was highly likely that they just let him go because it was annoying to deal with people. Leffrey decided not to think deeply. If he thought about it more, the answer wouldn’t come out anyway. And there was a separate problem that he had to think about.


<Exceeding the threshold of angelic power!>

<You can increase stats by consuming angel power.>


This was a real problem to think about. Leffrey, who used all his strength to save Pink, gained numerous angelic powers as planned. Much more angelic power than when he received power.


The result was this. Using up all the angelic powers that had broken the threshold and raising one stat. It was an essential ability for Leffrey, who had the same stats as ordinary people, or worse than ordinary people.


‘It’s a really fraudulent ability.’


In general, in order to raise a stat, an effort to sharpen bones or an expensive elixir was required. This did not necessarily raise the stats, so luck must follow.


But as long as he filled his angelic power up to the threshold, his stats would be raised for free. Of course, it was painful to use up all the angelic power that had risen to the critical level, but the fact that it was a fraudulent ability had not changed.


‘By the way, what do you put up?’


Strength: 7 Agility: 5 Mana power: 12 Paranormal ability: 5…


These were Leffrey’s stats, except for the angelic power. In fact, it was all pathetic and he wanted to increase everything one by one.


But life is a choice. You can’t always live the way you want.


‘First of all, in documentaries and books… They said it is better to aim for more stats that show strength.’


It was choice and concentration.


The strong stat that Leffrey had right now was mana. It was the only stat that exceeded 10.


“But magic is a little…’


Mana was literally the force needed to deal with magic. And it took a lot of money to learn magic. First of all, the price of a usable magic book was more than 100 million won, and it cost a similar price to find a good teacher.


It was the same in his previous life and now he was poor. Leffrey shook his head.


‘Mana power passes, then it’s strength or agility.’


Why was the paranormal ability not even considered? This was due to the peculiarity of the stat. Paranormal ability was literally a stat that controlled the superpower, and when this stat reached a certain level, the awakened person gained a new superpower.


Therefore, now that only one stat was raised by the angelic power, it was too stupid to invest this one stat in the paranormal ability. It didn’t get any stronger and it was throwing away all of his angelic power.


Leffrey pondered for a moment. And after a little hesitation, he fiddled with the status window.


<You have consumed all your angelic power to gain 1 strength stat!>


<Current Strength Level: 8>


Leffrey’s choice was strength. Among the four types of stats, the easiest was strength, and it was also the stat that best matched Leffrey’s power, ‘Angel’s Martial Arts’.


He felt a little stronger.


The boy clenched his fist.


“I really….”


A school site was displayed on the smartphone. The school’s name was Central Superhuman Academy, the most famous Superhuman Academy in the world. Of course, in such an academy, the level of the entrance examination was beyond imagination.


Obviously, there was no possibility of passing if Leffrey went through the regular method. Everything Leffrey had. Characteristics of Angel’s Race and the Angel’s Power. And if he used all his future memories, he would have a chance to win.


That, too, was rare.


Even if the odds were slim, there was no other way. Leffrey wasn’t just trying to get into the academy to defeat the Demon King. The reason why Leffrey was seeking admission was to realize a peaceful and well-off life that he had not enjoyed in his previous life.


Right now, Leffrey had no money, and his only connections were with psychiatrists, so his life was at the bottom. If he missed the entrance exam, Leffrey was likely to have no next chance.


The only entrance exam that Leffrey knew in detail was this year’s exam.


“As long as I graduate…”


If he graduated from the Central Superhuman Academy, he would be able to live a slightly warmer life in this harsh society. Maybe he could go to restaurants that cost more than 100,000 won per meal or have the luxury of traveling abroad.


“A successful life…”


Leffrey had a sweet dream. A dream that he’d never dreamed of in his previous life.




* * *


He wouldn’t admit it anymore, but… In his previous life, Leffrey had admired the heroes. He had longed for it, to the extent that he quickly memorized the knowledge of the Central Academy cadets who were the preliminary heroes, the school structure, the cradle of the cadets, and the entrance exam.


On an ambitious night, Leffrey in his past life collected information about them from entertainment shows, documentaries, Sprout Wiki, and sites about the Central Academy, and he even collected popular cadets’ goods. The goods of cadets who would likely become heroes.


Anyway, there was this content in the documentary that he had watched with admiration from his previous life.


‘The Central Superhuman Academy, funded by 25 countries around the world, has a difficult and dangerous entrance exam.’


The video began with a view of the Central Superman Academy. The huge urban-class educational facilities located in the former DMZ area, their huge scale, and the artificial world water located in the center of the facilities were impressive.


‘No, to be precise, it is said that the application itself boasts a tremendous level of difficulty.’


The Central Academy had crossed the line from how to receive applications. First, in order to file the application, you had to find the examiner infiltrated in each area, and after that, you had to find out the secret code and tell the examiner.


Of course, neither was easy.


No, it was really hard.


However, only three days were given to submit the application. Instead of challenging the entrance exam, most of the challengers lost their chances without submitting their applications.


But Leffrey knew an examiner was hiding in Seoul. Because the documentary said this.


‘While these applications are being discovered one by one, there are applications that have not been found until the end. Just in Seoul…’


A meat restaurant located on a back street. It was a store without a signboard that only regular customers would visit. Leffrey knocked and walked into the store.


“Anybody here?”


“We’re not doing business right now.”


It was a small store. An old man, who appeared to be the owner, grilling meat, said bluntly without even looking at Leffrey. Until now, it was exactly as the documentary told him.


He took a deep breath for a while


He said as told in the documentary.


“I need some well-cooked meat.”


“Hmm, already?”


The owner looked interested and murmured in disbelief without looking at Leffrey.


“It’s only been a few hours since the application began… You found me and you found the password? What the hell is the trick?”


“…Wizards hide their secrets.”


“That’s true.”


The owner grinned as if it was funny and ate a big piece of meat. Leffrey looked away, swallowing his drool.


“Then I’m going to apply.”


“Let’s take one more test. Then I’ll give it to you.”




“No? Then get out.”


This situation had never been seen in a documentary. Was’t it obviously just a matter of finding the examiner and handing over the application if the code is correct?


“…I’ll take it.”


But Leffrey had no other option. This was because only this entrance exam was recorded as a documentary, and Leffrey had a chance to win.


“Guess my race.”


The owner was still serving the meat with iron liquor, not looking at Leffrey. The scene of wrapping the ssam was superb.


“You want me to match the race?”


The owner looked like an ordinary man. Not too good, not too bad. The belly fat was moderate and there were little wrinkles around the eyes.


He was a human no matter how hard he looked at it.


To him, it looked like…


“I’ll give you 10 seconds. Hurry up and tell me.”


“Um… I think the owner…”


But Leffrey knew the answer.


“You look like an elf?”


This was because there was an interview with Lusa, an elf, a professor in charge of this exam, and an examiner in Seoul.


After the last test, an old man came out of nowhere and was doing an interview. How could an uncle he’d never seen in this documentary be interviewed at such an important moment? Leffrey was a little dumbfounded.


What was even more ridiculous, however, was the fact that the caption underneath read ‘Lusa Sherinan, Professor of Martial Arts at the Central Academy.’


‘You can feel that the last test is vicious. But don’t you think you’ll be called a hero if you see through this much?’


‘But no one could see through it.’


The man shook his head regretfully several times. Then, the stomach loosened and a beautiful elf with short orange hair appeared.


The elf said.


‘…That means there’s no more this time.’


That was how the interview ended.


Clang – a soju glass that broke with the sound.


The sound brought Lefrey back to reality. The owner, who had been ignoring Leffrey until now, was finally looking at him.


Of course, Leffrey felt pressured.


“Cute… Uh… No, this isn’t it.”


The owner immediately shook his head. Then he took a deep breath and asked again.


“How did you see through my race?”

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  1. Good thing Leffrey was obsessed with heroes before, otherwise he would spend a lifetime looking for the examiner kkkkkkkk

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