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A new national fencing representative appeared like a comet. A gold medalist at the World Championships


Prominent Olympic gold medal candidate.


I used to be referred to like that.


“Miss Yu Hanul.”


The doctor’s voice, as it mumbled, was heard.


“It’s regrettable, but the injuries to your right arm and right leg sustained in the collision will be difficult to treat in the future. Since it appears complicated to carry on with everyday life, kindly forgo any rigorous activities going forward.”


No, that’s how the doctor explained that my life now was ruined.


“I don’t think it’s going to be easy to live as an athlete in the future.”


Until the day, Yu Hanul’s career ended.




Was it because I felt like I wanted to die at the time? Perhaps it was because I was considering letting go of everything.


I possessed an extra from the book when I opened my eyes.


Although it was a young child’s body, perhaps twelve years old, it was really satisfying to see that the limbs were in good shape.


‘Perhaps that’s why.’


Even before I got injured and realized I had become an extra character in the book I was reading, I hadn’t even heard the name of the kingdom in the story. 


And I was just relieved to realize that, since my name did not exist in the book, it was certainly the name of an extra.


Until a week after I took custody of this body, and when my lone mother left me behind in an orphanage.


A woman escorted me in front of the orphanage on a snowy day, then she went without turning back.


I thought I was accustomed to being abandoned because my parents had abandoned me in the past. I didn’t realize it until my right hand, which was tightly clenched, started to tremble. 


It’s not really like that, though.


‘Because there was no one I could really trust.’


I groaned as I stood in front of the well holding a bucket and thinking back to that particular day. 


I didn’t have time to feel melancholy over my mother’s abandonment.


The Orphanage was full of children eating soup for a meal, and all the teachers had to be busy to survive there, this place was not normal.


Otherwise, teachers would be harsh with any student, which would be detrimental.


‘I’m exhausted…’


I was trying to somehow keep the teachers out of sight with the military skills I got from my previous life for 23 years.


“Who’s in charge of water duty today?” the director’s voice could be heard at present.


I took a bucket and brought water.


‘I can’t even reach them with this body.’


However, since I was older than the other kids, it was relatively simple for me to walk while carrying a bucket of water.


Because of how deep the well was, small toddlers could fall in while walking.


Nevertheless, they are used to having children who were only five years old to bring water from the well. 


‘I should have run away immediately when I first noticed this strange feeling…’


When I realized that none of the teachers in the orphanage were normal, I tried to escape once.


However, after being discovered by the teachers, I was put back here.


It was regrettable to be stuck in a shabby orphanage at this age and to endure unreasonable teachers.


‘I wouldn’t have been able to keep my mouth shut in one room if it had been in my previous life.’


No, they wouldn’t have even touched me in the first place.


Considering that the orphanage’s teachers exclusively used strength against the weak.


Therefore, I wouldn’t have had to live this way if I were an adult with a body like I did in my former world.


‘I don’t know.’


I barely filled the quota and put the bucket down near the well.


It was something I had been doing before, but today I kept thinking for some reason.


‘In other novels, the protagonist was instinctive and strong. Why am I like this?’


Like an aristocratic lady, a nobleman, or a princess.


Why didn’t I become such a precious person and live a prosperous life?


‘If not…’


My fists were clenched. The horrific image of my arms slamming into the wheels of a vehicle and the doctor’s face, who had told me that my career as an athlete was over, flashed through my mind.


‘It would have been nice if I could at least be a knight.’


It was at the time when I was pressing and holding the thought of wanting to kick the bucket with water.


In the dense, overgrown grass around the well, I caught sight of something shimmering.


‘What was that?’


Although I believed I was mistaken, I wasn’t. Through the tall grass, something could be seen.


My legs stumbled through the grass as though I were possessed.


Surprisingly, it was a sword, glowing in the grass, with a blue jewel on its grip.


A silver-colored blade that sparkles and a handle covered with deep-blue stones.


It was a beautiful sword that I couldn’t believe was really a weapon, but an ornament.




Apparently, I wondered why a luxurious sword was left here.


The orphanage’s backyard, where filthy buckets were rolling and bushes were sprouting, was unsuitable for it.


‘Who might lose such a thing?’


The blade seemed ‘sticking’ amongst the grass because it was so polished.


Nobody would have been able to place such a wonderful sword in the yard of a rundown orphanage if they weren’t insane.


I pulled out the sword and carefully brushed off the dirt on the blade.


When I grabbed it, I thought it was considerably lighter than I expected.


“Oh…this is good.”


This sword was easy to swing.


‘Wouldn’t it be possible to sell it if it looks beautiful like this?’


My teachers wouldn’t be able to simply capture me if I had a weapon.


Furthermore, I could sell a sword like this for a lot of money and use the proceeds to secure a job and a place to live.


‘I’m a genius!’


As a result, I supported the sword’s blade with my left hand and grasped the handle with my right.


The well-cleaned blade gave off a cool glow, and the blue sapphire glistened in the sunshine as though it had been buried beneath the dirt.


“Oh, but it’s a waste to sell such a beautiful sword…”


[You don’t want to sell it?]


I looked around in surprise at the sudden voice.


“Who— who’s there?” shouted Ciel.


But there was no one.


[You, I like you.]


The jewel on the handle of the sword I was holding in my hand began to emit a strange light.


Soon, the light emanating from the jewel covered the entire sword.


When I attempted to get rid of the sword from my hand, it remained stuck to my hand.


A silver-black sphere of light was scattered in the following instant, and the fragmented mass of light entered my body.


And the light disappeared as it was.




Evidently, the blade was in my grasp just a moment ago, then vanished into thin air.


As though it were only a dream.


‘What was that?’


Up until that point, I had no expectations.


That it would alter my entire life.




Two days have passed since the day I picked up the unknown sword.


Life in the orphanage has not changed at all, and my physical condition has not changed much.


‘I wonder if the sword I saw that day was an illusion.’


Maybe I dozed off and dreamed of picking up a beautiful sword.


If I think about it, it didn’t make sense since there was such an expensive sword in the orphanage yard.


‘But it was so vivid…’


The touch of the sword in my hand, and the light that shone brightly.


It was so vivid that I couldn’t believe it was all in vain, and I could never forget it.


“Guys, please wait in line moving front. When you get your turn, place your right hand here. Okay?”


As a result, I was unable to pay attention to the words of the administrative officer when he arrived with a weird device and offered to measure our mana.


I couldn’t stop wondering about what the sword was and how the light shone on the stone. I was about to lose it when Ully, a four-year-old kid standing next to me, yanked my collar.


“Ciel, are you listening?”




Ully whispered in my ear as I pushed the blade out of my thoughts and looked toward the child who was grabbing me.


“This magical power test was specially conducted by His Majesty’s order! Nina did it once six months ago, and that’s why I’m doing it too!”


Somehow, I wondered why the administrative official came to such a poor orphanage, and there seemed to be such a hidden situation.


“Oh, really?”


“Yes! People who come out with high magical power this time may be called to the Imperial Palace and receive a magic swordsman training or a wizard education.”


Ully spoke excitedly and, unlike usual, had glimmers in his eyes.


‘It’s a magic-measuring test.’


If I had been a noble with high magic ability instead of an extra, I might have been able to become a magic swordsman.


It might have been plausible for me to use my favorite sword as much as I wanted, like in my previous life.


But it was too impossible for me now, I had no magic, no money to buy a sword.


“Sister, if you get selected for this examination, you may be able to see His Majesty the Crown Prince and get out of here!” shouted Ully.


Oh, it would be nice to get out of here, but I don’t want to see the Crown Prince.


‘Obviously, that Prince was the crazy sub-male of the novel!’


He was a typical tyrant-style sub-male who killed everyone he didn’t like. I wouldn’t want my favorite heroine to be with such a scary guy.


“Don’t talk nonsense, Ully.”


The harsh voice from behind me made me flinch.


Looking back, the director of the orphanage with a distorted expression looked down at us disapprovingly.


“Do you still believe such a ridiculous rumor? Do you think you can get out of here and live?”


Ully, hardened by the director’s scary words, hurriedly bowed down and said in a small voice.


“Sorry, I’m sorry…”


I hid Ully behind and glared at the director, thinking, ‘I really don’t like him.’


The orphanage’s director would kill an innocent child who had done nothing wrong in order to relieve her stress.


That’s not an adult thing to do, right?


“Where do you dare to stare with your eyes at an adult?”


The director bowed down and whispered in my ear.


Unfortunately, the administrative official, who was the only outsider present, was too busy inspecting the children’s magic to see what was happening.


“If you really had a special talent, your mother wouldn’t have abandoned you.”




“You want to go to the palace and become a magic swordsman? That’s ridiculous!”


The director stood up and said, ridiculing me, who could not answer.


“Wake up and stop dreaming!”


I stood in a daze waiting for the long line to end. She wasn’t even a human being to point out that I had been abandoned by my mother.


But in reality, what the director said was true.


“Now, you’re the last one. Put your hands on this measuring instrument.”


The official smiled kindly and pushed the gauge toward me.


Then the director intervened between me and the official and smiled pretentiously.


“Oh, I don’t think you have to measure this child.”


The director pushed the corners of her lips even higher as she saw the official’s startled expression.


“I don’t think she’s going to have enough mana to be measured anyway.”


For a brief period, it appeared as though she was getting back to me for earlier conversations I had with Ully.


Really, it’s too much…


“No, but I still have to do the test until the last child.”


Eventually, the director gave me a scowl and an unfavorable visage when the official announced that he would take the examination.


I put my palm on the measuring device despite the director’s piercing stare.


‘Well, it’s not like I’m hoping for something, but the director’s right.’


‘I can’t expect anything like a miracle to happen suddenly.’


I wasn’t the main character, I was just an extra.


It was then…


[What do you mean?]


The moment when I was surprised by the same voice I heard the day I picked up the sword, the voice spoke again.


[Show them! No, I’ll help you.]


“This! This mana…!”


The official shouted with a quivering voice and widened eyes.


The voice from nowhere resonated in my head as the mana meter’s scale climbed higher.


[My name is Caliberne. I’m the only sword of victory in the empire.]


And the dazzling blue light that fills the room envelops my hands.


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