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A year or so ago, I got out of bed.


The body, which had some trouble thriving, soon showed its limitations.


“Ugh, aha…!”


My wrist suddenly felt like it was about to be torn off, and breathing became difficult.


Cedric, however, gritted his teeth and held onto the blade.


He must always keep his grip on the sword.


He shouldn’t have displayed his frailty in that way, at least not in front of Ciel.


It was then. Sweaty hands were unable to grasp the wooden sword. The wooden sword fell to the ground after slipping helplessly.




Cedric’s disposition changed.


His vision blurred, and the blood on his body appeared to become cold.


As he reached for his broken wooden sword, his hand shook.


Even trying to lift his head was too difficult for him.


I was out of air, and breathing became more and more difficult.


‘There’s not a shred of talent in you for the sword. I gave birth to you, but I couldn’t believe it.’


The day I lost sight of the sword without being able to swing it, I didn’t have the talent for it.


Cedric’s mother used to say so.


‘So who would say you’re the Emperor’s real son?’


Those who are worthless for use are ruthlessly discarded.


Cedric’s mother adhered to this creed without exception.


‘You would be useless in the future.’ 


She went beyond her position as Empress after attaining it and attempted to usurp the Emperor’s throne by presenting a worthy successor.


She didn’t need Cedric, the prince of the Deamant Empire, who couldn’t wield a sword.


Instead of expressions of love or sorrow for her child, the Empress’s eyes, which were cast away at Cedric, who was much younger than he was now, were simply filled with hatred and disappointment.


Cedric feared that Ciel would take the same mentality as her mother the instant he raised his head because he hadn’t forgotten the look from his mother.


‘I’m anxious that the few individuals I like may leave me again.’


‘… No matter what, I ought never to have let go of the sword.’


The shame of being dismissed as useless and forsaken seemed to consume his thoughts.


I felt like someone was strangling me.


At that time…


The white little hands shivered as they clasped Cedric’s hand, which was holding his wooden sword.


“Your Highness Cedric!”


Although it was smaller than Cedric’s, it felt reliable for some reason.


“Come on, it’s okay, put down the sword for a moment—”


After that, she pulled a white piece of paper into a pocket-like form, wrapped it around the sword, and covered Cedric’s mouth and nose.


“It’s all right, Your Highness. Hold this with one hand. Now, let’s breathe out slowly.  Follow me, breathe in and out slowly.”


‘It’s okay’, At that one word, Cedric seemed to come to his senses.


“Okay, you’re doing great. One more time slowly. Let’s count to five seconds and exhale.”


It was the same voice as before, and the warmth in it was unwavering.


Before I knew it, my breathing returned to normal.


A worried-looking Ciel was clutching one of Cedric’s hands tightly as Cedric, who had clear vision, gently removed the paper.


“Are you all right now, Your Highness Cedric?”


“Huh? Yes…”


In response to Cedric’s answer, Ciel patted her chest and let out a deep sigh.


The realization that he had likewise let her down crushed Cedric’s heart.


Thinking that Ciel would soon let go of his hand, he swallowed the burning aftertaste in his throat.


“I’m glad you’re feeling better now,” said Ciel.


Cedric was taken aback by the voice, which grew more clearly than before and turned to gaze at Ciel.


Her smile was tender, and her silver hair, which resembled moonlight, fluttered over her face.


“It’s okay to drop the sword at any time. It’s okay to make mistakes any time.”


Unintentionally wearing a dazzling smile resembling a silver bellflower with dew in the morning.


“Because you can start again.”


Ciel still hadn’t let go of his hand.


“I’ll wait for you until then, so you don’t have to rush.”


At this moment, he was sure.


That this little girl wouldn’t abandon him like the others.




Last but not least, today’s swordsmanship lesson was performed similarly to an orientation.


Cedric’s health didn’t seem to be excellent at the moment, therefore it seemed vital to conquer his fear of the sword first.


“Come on, give me your hand. I’ll hold you for 20 minutes today.”


However, it occurred after class, and Cedric’s hands were hot from handling the sword.


Cedric closed his eyes, held out his embarrassed palm, and exhaled.


His face was painted red, his hair was disheveled on the ground, and even his clothing was a little unkempt and filthy.


In contrast to his typically modest appearance, it was very unkempt.


But even that figure was enough to put it in a frame like a picture.


‘He’s really handsome. How could a person be born like this?’


The painter devoted to the Imperial family of Deamant must have liked painting the portraits of the Emperor and Cedric as they are both sculpture-like magnificent.


Earning money and cleansing your eyes at the same time would be amazing.


“By the way, Your Highness. Do you mind if I ask you something?” asked Ciel.


“Huh? What is it?”


“Well, do you—”


As Cedric lay motionless, she cautiously opened her lips in his gaze.


“Was there any reason you kept hesitating when you held a sword?”


The long eyelashes trembled and the red eyes hidden behind the closed eyelids were revealed.




“Yes, when you held the sword and looked down at the ground for a few seconds, I could see that you often hesitated to wield it.”


“…you noticed that.”


His peach-colored lips let out a sigh.


The sigh seemed to contain years of ancient emotion, even though it was obviously coming from a 12-year-old child.


“It’s just, there’s no big reason.”


His voice seemed to convey the reverse of what he was trying to say, though, due to the depth of his emotion.


“I’m not good at handling mana, but I’m not good at handling the sword itself. Sometimes I wonder if Deamant’s blood was really flowing to my body.”




“When I hold a sword, people laugh at me.”


Saying so, Cedric turned to me and looked at me.


“I didn’t want to show you that.”


He was, in a word, cautious. He’s worried that people around him might leave him if he makes even a little mistake.


‘I knew that feeling so well that it broke my heart.’ thought Ciel.


“Maybe that’s why I kept faltering.”


Seeing the two red eyes looking at the ground seemed to dig deeply into her chest today.


They each had a distinct character and status.


They both grew out of quite different environments.


I was an extra who barely appeared in the book, and Cedric was a sub-male.


But why do I understand what he’s feeling at the moment?


Gently, I closed my eyes. Although my heart was filled with many words, I chose a few to say.


“It’s okay if you show me that.”


The strawberry-flavored candy-like eyes got slightly larger.


“It’s really okay.”


That was the only thing Ciel could say.


“So, you don’t have to hesitate. You could drop the sword, or you could break it.”




“I wish you could wield the sword with a little more confidence.”


I said with a bright smile on my lips.


“Because you’re good enough.”


Cedric looked at me blankly, then smiled as he closed his red eyes like a crescent moon.


“Thank you.”


“And, I’d like to make a suggestion.”


Cedric opened his eyes wide at my words and asked back.




“Yes, do you want to hear it?”




I opened my lips as I saw him nodding enthusiastically.


“If one day you become excellent at wielding swords, then I would grant you a wish.”


I loved the sword itself, so there was no problem in practicing swordsmanship in both previous and present life.


However, people like Cedric, who were burdened with handling swords, need to be motivated for now.






Then Cedric jumped up like a spring and said, clasping my hands in both hands.


In a moment of surprise, Cedric’s red eyes, which were dazzling and shimmering, approached in front of me.






“Are you going to grant me any wish?”


It was clear that if there were any restrictions on wishes, it would be less likely to work as a motive.


‘Come on, just don’t ask for anything weird.’


With that thought in mind, I answered, “Uh… Sure.”


Cedric’s face began to brighten at my words.


“Really? Really? It’s a promise!”


“Yes, I promise.”


“By the way, what qualifies for excellent sword handling?”


I put my finger to Cedric’s mouth and pondered for a moment.


“Well, I’ll assume you know how to use a thunderstroke.”




Cedric looked very disappointed.


“Thunderstroke is really, really, really difficult. The difficulty is too much.”


“That’s why I said I’d grant you any wish. And the bigger the goal, the better, right?”


“That’s true, but…”


I released his hand as I turned to face him and extended my little finger.


Cedric smiled as he regarded my small finger, which was intended for making a promise.


‘Oh, wasn’t this what a promise means here?’


So I quickly told Cedric while lowering my finger.


“Well, I’d like to make a promise. Was there a gesture in the palace that means a promise?”


Cedric didn’t put out his right hand until he finally understood what I meant.


“Yes, there is.”


Then he displayed a ring with a red ruby in the middle of his finger.


“You just need to kiss the ring the other person is wearing.”


I was surprised because it was more romantic than I thought.


“All right, could you give your hand to me?”


I pressed my lips against Cedric’s sheepishly extended finger.


My lips soon come in contact with the cold jewel on his finger.


With my lips removed from the ring, I smiled at Cedric, whose cheeks were red.


“Now, it’s a promise.”


Cedric’s smile was his brightest and most lively ever.


He glanced at me before turning his gaze toward the ring, and his eyes were dazzling.


The idea that he would be able to attend swordsmanship training in this manner temporarily made me feel relieved.


“Ciel, you know what? I’m going to practice more,” exclaimed Cedric.


He was already holding a wooden sword in his hand, but when had he picked it up? Even though he had faltered so much earlier. 


While gripping the wooden sword, his two eyes shone like stars.


The laughter that sprang from his lips was somewhat subdued by his shaking his head.


“No. That’s enough for today. Go back and take a break and have another class tomorrow.”


“No, I can do more.”


Cedric’s eyes twinkled with the promise to do more, and I battled to calm him down.


Still, seeing him actively practicing swordsmanship made me feel better.


‘What do you want to wish for so badly?’


I pondered as I observed Cedric’s clear eyes emitting a red light of excitement.




“I’m just asking. What do you mean, I’m better than Princess Persephone?”


After completing my first swordsmanship lesson with Cedric, I pulled out the sword in the Knight’s break room where nobody was present, and uttered the following,


“No, it’s frustrating. I told you already before. Hey?”


From swordsmanship classes, and magic classes to knights.


It was a rather busy life than before, but I was still trying not to miss the original story.


Through Caliberne, I constantly tried to figure out why the original work was twisted and if Caliberne knew the current state of Princess Persephone.


Although there hasn’t been a big harvest so far.


“No, I mean, why? In what way you can say that?”


“You’re so tenacious. You’re better off with your sword aspirations and your gift for mana, and you’re the best at handling swords among the candidates, so what should I do?” answered Caliberne.


Hearing Caliberne’s nervous words, I suddenly thought it was strange.


“I’m the best swordsman? That can’t be true.”


The fact that there was no fencing in this country means that I have, by far, the longest fencing career among the candidates.


However, in the leisure time I had in my prior life, I had just briefly studied the long swords that were frequently used here.


It was unlikely that I would be able to surpass Princess Persephone, who had been using a sword since she was a little child.


“What are you talking about, Persephone or whatever, I’ve never held a sword longer than anyone. I wouldn’t have been able to handle it properly, even if I had been chosen anyway.”


“What? Is that real?”


“That’s right. She has a very strong desire for a sword, too, so you should pay attention to it, but no matter how hard it is, I won’t be able into a kid who hasn’t held a sword before. Are you?”


No way…


‘In the original, it was said that she had been dealing with swords since she was very young…’


I’m not sure why, but Persephone doesn’t seem to have ever wielded a weapon in this life.


Caliberne, who was meant to be in Persephone’s body, was therefore evidently in mine.


“Caliberne, I need you to be more specific—”


Having been absorbed in the problems of how to live in this world, I didn’t notice the presence that was approaching me.


“What is a Caliberne?”


Startled by the voice I heard from my back, I dropped the sword I was holding with both hands on the floor.


A shrill, deafening sound rang, and the blonde, green-eyed boy behind me covered his ears and frowned.


“Who are you?”


But the boy did not answer. He’s just saying what he has to say.


“Oh, was the name of that sword Caliberne?”


If it becomes known that I have Caliberne, it’s over. I had to somehow make him forget the name ‘Caliberne’.


I cautiously questioned the boy, but he merely stared at the blade that had been tossed on the ground.


“Why are you talking to the sword? Don’t you talk to people?”


“Well, that’s not it–”


Then he alone nodded his head and spoke in a voice without the slightest hint of malice.


“Oh, I get it. You don’t have any friends to talk to.”


The boy’s face of sincere pity as he gazed at me left me speechless.


Not only did I notice, but I thought that my image had been abandoned far away in the inner core of the earth.


‘Who the heck is this kid…?’


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